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Alter Ego: Jacob
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date April 5, 2012
Written by Jacob Tennyson
Directed by Jacob Tennyson
Episode Guide
"The Hidden Past"

The Birth of a Hero is the first episode of the first season of Alter Ego: Jacob


A 10 year old boy named Jacob Tennyson lived in a broken dimension that was falling apart and his Earth was about to be destroyed, but a mysterious stranger sent out a morphing device in the appearance of a watch throught the galaxy to find a planet that wasn't destroyed and so it found Earth in it's worst hour. There was a project going on called Project Alpha 1 Nanite, nanites are microscopic machines that were created by the many international scientists ,but there was an explosion of nanites infecting every human even Jacob little did he know about it he became infected and started morphing into something else. But the mysterious strangers device saved Jacob and his planet. Meanwhile on a another planet a being named Vilgax took his ship to the more healthier planet which was where Vilgax planed to land his Ship and just about when he set foot on Earth but he did not know he was not far from the nanite event damaging him and his ship, but there was a vortex that came out of no where and was strong enough to suck Earth into a different dimension. When it left Earth in suspended animation in the other dimension Jacob told his careless grandfather whom was watching television thinking the whole event was an earthquake was shocked when he saw that Jacob had the Omnitrix the strange watch device, and that was when Jacob's Grandpa revealed to him that he was not just any retired old man he was a retired plumber.