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Flame 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 4/23/12
Episode Guide
The Clock Ticks

Major Events[]

Azmuth gives Flame his new Omnitrix.

Ben became evil.

Flame uses his first aliens.


Flame was going to his school but Paradox took him to Galvan II. Azmuth thanks Paradox and says he owes him one. Paradox telaports away. Flame tries to attack Azmuth by stomping on him. Azmuth transforms into Rath. Flame is amazed that he turned into a alien. Rath transforms into Azmuth. Azmuth explains that Ben Tennyson is going to rule the galaxy. Azmuth says that Vilgax made Ben really strong. Azmuth takes Flame into Albedo's lab. Albedo explains that Flame will die if he doesn't have a Omnitrix. Azmuth says Flame is a chosen one. Azmuth gives him the Omnitrix. Azmuth takes Flame into the practice room. Azmuth turns into Cannonbolt and rolls into several Practice Drones. Flame sees the Practice Drones that they are evil. The Drones shoot at Flame. Flame turns into Echo Echo. He uses sonic waves on most of the drones. The Drones fire bombs. Flame turns into Fasttrack and runs away from the Drones. Azmuth is already outside Galvan ll. Fasttrack runs out of the practice room. Paradox telaports Fasttrack into Earth. Flame turns into Fasttrack and goes back to his school.




Professor Paradox



Ben Tennyson (mentioned by Azmuth)

Vilgax (mentioned by Azmuth)

Practice Drones

Aliens used by Flame[]

Echo Echo  (first appearence)

Fasttrack 2x (first appearence

Aliens used by Azmuth[]




Azmuth: Welcome to Galvan ll.

Flame: What the heck are you?

Azmuth: I'm a creature from Galvan.

Flame: That is it, im totally killing you.

Azmuth: (transforms into Rath)

Rath-Azmuth: Hey kid want to kill me now? C'mon and kill Rath you dumb little human.

Flame: ......

Rath-Azmuth: That's what I thought.