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The Moving Plan[]

All from Roads' Blog. YET ANOTHER UPDATE: March 21st! It seems MyWikis is the best choice for now. It's got the same default skin as Wikipedia. I'll see what it's like and make the decision of whether or not this would be the destination should we actually move. ANOTHER UPDATE: March 15th!I decided maybe Referata would be a better choice. It features both Monobook and Vector, Wikipedia's default skin. It features a cat-picture-selecting captcha, and no mandatory email address or over 13-ness. And uploads don't have to be enabled by staff there!

SUB-UPDATE: Oh wait, it needs an email after all...

UPDATE: March 15th!I say if we decide to move, the users will be met with a choice: either move your things to the new site, or move to ET's wiki that I jokingly call the Confederate Fanon of Ben 10. This wiki will be deleted with the reason of a "perfectly good" other wiki. It cannot remain here.

Well, I was thinking that maybe we should move to another wiki farm. For one, Wikia almost doesn't qualify to be a "wiki" farm anymore. (The staff don't get the fact that a wiki isn't a social network...) That, and the whole age thing. (The law, I think, says that nobody under 13 can give out personal info online, but that Wikia goes one step further to prevent it.) So yeah. I found another MediaWiki wiki farm called EditThis, and I'm checking it out.

Disadvantages of the New Wiki[]

  • No chat, but we can still use the old Xat chat room.
  • No WYSIWYG editor. But hey, with that, nobody will learn how to really edit a wiki. I have never seen any other wiki with a WYSIWYG editor.

People who diagree to move[]


If roads makes us move, which he can't make us, only suggest that we move, then he will move us to off-Wikia