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Solo: Here we are!

King Wiki: And welcome to the end of Ben 10 Fan Fiction as you know it! Squadron, FIRE! [All the snipers perched on a high top fire at the heroes. Rex generates the Block Party and redirects the attacks. Tank transforms into Cannonbolt.]

Cannonbolt [Tank]: Cannonbolt! [He ultimizes]

Ultimate Cannonbolt: Ultimate Cannonbolt [He charges at the soldiers and starts randomly attacked them, pretending to lose energy as he goes along. Bink activates he cheetah limbs and runs up to soldiers attacking them as well. Omi fires his laser and soon every hero is attacking the soldiers. After a few minutes of an all out brawl...]

Weegee: Master, Should we join the fight?

King Wiki: Go knock yourself out!

Weegee: Yes, master! [He fires lightning at the heroes, who now, having beaten the soldiers, turn their attention to the villains.]

Ultimate Cannonbolt: I'm going to crush you! [He charges at Weegee who suspends Tank midair with a lightning bolt, sending him into Omi. Bink then forms her Owl Neck and Canary voice box and screeches in a full cirlce, causing everyone to collapse on the ground.]

Rex: Bink, you've got to stop. [She stops and veryone gets up, but then Bink collapses on the ground (faking her unconsiousness). Rex activates the Slam Cannon and fires a chunk of rock at Weegee, but Glasol steps in fornt, knocking it away. He goes to attack Rex while Shipey helps him. Solo sends a lightning blast at Weegee who counters with a blast of his own. While the two are locked in a lightning duel, Tank gets up and, with the help of the rest of the heroes, starts attacking Evan. Meanwhile, mroe soldiers come in to help the villains. Tennant now appears and helps Evan attack the heroes. Now, all the villains, minus Weegee, and all the heroes, minus Solo and Bink, are in another all out brawl. After the brawl has been going on for a little bit longer, Tank and Rex come out on top of the heroes. They go over to Weegee and Solo to help out. Eventually, Weegee knocks Solo into Rex and Tank knocking them on the floor.]

Weegee: Face it, you cannot win

Solo: You're right, we surrender! [Weegee now makes a suprising face.]

Weegee: What? [whispering to Tank, Rex ,and Solo] I was going to use a really emotional speech to betray King Wiki.

King Wiki: Don't think i didn't here that! Traitor!

Weegee: Well i guess this gig is up. Villains, to me, it's time!

Evan: Yes!

Glasol: Yes!

Tennant: Sure...

Weegee: Attack! Heroes, join us if you will. [All the heores and villains attack King Wiki]

King Wiki: Fools, you can't win even with these traitors. [He sends a wave at them and teleports them to Alien X Fan Fiction Wiki.]