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[On the Gumball 10 page, Evan, Ancy and Weegee find King Wiki and all of his minions.]

King Wiki: It's about time you arrived

Weegee: Yes, yes, sorry we're late. We ran into a little trouble back on KrisTen.

King Wiki: Yes, a page of no significance, that's why I'm going to destroy it!

Ancy: You're going to destroy it?

Weegee: You can't do that!

King Wiki: Or can I? [Now, Tank, Rex, Bink, and Omi make there way onto the Gumball 10 page]

Tank: There you are!

Weegee: Now Rex, I love this page decour, but why are are there a cat and fish?

Ancy: I heard that they made this really bad show where...

Rex: It's not a bad show!

Weegee: And I didn't ask you Ancy, I asked Rex.

King Wiki: Yes, yes, I think we've had enough waiting around. Time to destroy this page. Soldiers, attack!

Soldier: But we don't want to...

King Wiki: If you were a hero would you say, 'but we wan't to let the villains win?'

Soldier: No

King Wiki: Then attack!

Bink and Omi: Attack!

Rex: Ooh, somebody's 'bout to flip a table!

Tank: Rex, not the time! [All the heroes argue while the villains help set up the explosives.]

King Wiki: SILENCE! I'll like to show you a new friend of mine... {He presses a button on a deivce on his wrist and a gaint metal robot appears.]

All Heroes: What is that?

King Wiki: Just a little suprise a whipped up for you

Weegee: I know! This is awesome! It's going to destroy you. [laughs maniacally.]

Evan: Now, let's go. The explosives will do their jobs.

Ancy: We still have 2 minutes to watch the show. I could just kick back, get some popcorn, and watch. You get my drift.

Weegee: No I don't get your drift. We're leaving.

Ancy: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

King Wiki: Yes, yes, the time to kick back is nmot now, we only have 90 seconds. Oh, and Rex. I HATE YOU! You should have joined the villains.

Rex: If you wanna hate me, I can't stop you. But it's not gonna stop us from doin' our jobs. You wanna know why?...

All Heroes: Because we're awesome! [The Giant Robot starts to fire a giant laser out of his chest but Omi counters with a laser. Bink activates her Lizard Scales and runs up to Ancy, scratching him in the face. He screams out in pain:]

Ancy: ...

Narrator: You were supposed to scream out in pain!

Ancy: Maybe I didn't because I didn't feel any pain. [Meanwhile, Weegee fires one last charm at Tank, which causes his ice powers to go wacko, freezing all the heroes. King Wiki then teleports the heroes to a random page to escape the explosion. The roboots knocks all the heroes across the page as far as he can, which unfreezes them.]

Bink: We're too late.

Tank: No!

[Between Pages]

King Wiki: 3

Ancy: 2

Evan: 1

Weegee: Detonation!

[Back on Gumball 10, the heroes are all unconcious on a blank white slate.]

Bink, weakly: Can we just talk this out? Wait, where'd they go

Tank: The villains left, remmeber!

Rex: Yeah, but the robot is gone, too.

Jack: And that's why you have me! [He mentally changes his species to Celestialsapien.]

Jack [inside Alien X]: Look I need your help.

Serena and Bellicus: Yeah whatever. We'll just give you a freebie.

Jack: Page teleportation. Motion carried [He teleports the group to Evan Billion.]