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Ancy: Why are we on my userpage?

King Wiki: I have to tell you guys something. The random page button doesn't just take you to a random page. It takes you to wherever your destiny takes you to.

Ancy: Then why are we here?

King Wiki: Because it's in my destiny to destroy this user page thus killing you.

Ancy: What?!?!?!?!? Really?

King Wiki: Would I ever lie to you?

Weegee: Sir, you can't kill him.

Bink: Yeah, you can't kill him. Oops!

King Wiki: Sorry, but Ancy's user page is part of the Wiki's cerebral cortex, if I destory that, it will be so much easier to destory the Wiki.

Bink: NO!

Ancy: You can't do that to me.

King Wiki: What are you going to do, betray me?

Weegee: We just might?

Evan: Yeah, we just, wait, what?

Weegee: I meant Ancy, you know?

King Wiki: Yes, you're too late. Ancy, I'm sorry, I truly am.

Weegee: Ancy, you have to go to another wiki and escape.[ Without talking, Ancy wipes a tear off his eye and runs up the top of thep age, clicking on a link to the Alien X Fan Fiction Wiki Just before he goes to the other wiki, the explosives detonate and Ancy screams out in pain, before disappearing.] Did he make it?

Evan: Or is he dead? [He know notices that King Wiki has teleported them to Ben 10: Bio Squad, while the heroes have escaped to Kirby 10: Captured.]