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Tank: Come on, maybe we could find them by using the Random Page bar.

Rex: Not now.Try tracking them, again.I mean, you still have that burn, right?

Tank: Well, maybe.It just like, dissepeared somehow.Nothing touched it or anything, but I have a feeling that it hasnt really dissepeared, but is just invisible something.

Tank: I can still try and find there scent, though. [transform] SHRASFBASFAFDS! [evolve] ULTIMATE WILDMUTT!

U.Wildmutt: Well, the burn mark is gone.But the villians' scent is still on me, for some reason... [He sniffs himself, intill he grabs a tracking cube off of himself and throws it onto the ground.] [unevolve] [untransform]

Omi: What do ya think it is?

Bink: A tracking cube.We need to get rid of it, or set it off.But I have a feeling it wont be that easy.

[Omi smashes it with his foot, but it is surrounded by a forcefield.The cube glows red, and an alarm goes off.]

Omi: Ok..Maybe you were right.Maybe it WONT be that east.So what now, Tank?

Tank: ...Run.Definatly, run.

Solo: Dont run.I can get it.

Tank: Huh? Who are you?

Solo: The name is Solo.Nice too seeya.I assume youre Tank, leader of the resistance against King Wiki.I want in.

Tank: Whatever.

[Solo sets off the tracking system.]

Solo: Now get outta here. The villians will be here any time now.

Tank: Whatever.I could have done that myself.

[The gang gets away, when suddenly the tracking cube explodes.]

Bink, Omi, and Rex: SOLO!

[Suddenly, Solo runs to them.]

Solo: Dont worry, im fine.Now get going, quick!

Tank: We dont have to go quick if we already have a quick transportation.Come on, guys!

[Tank taps the Random Page bar, and they are all teleported to a different page.]

Rex: I vote Solo should be the new leader.

Bink: Yeah.


Tank: Ugh, fine. [Thanks alot, so called Solo. Tank thinks in his head.]