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Bink: Where are we?

Jack [reverting]: Looks like the Evan Billion page.

Omi: Let's fight the villains right here! Hi-ya! [Omi turns into his Terrageonian form and drilled through the page.] Where are the villains?

Jack: Weren't you playing any attention? They left.

Omi: Oh yeah. Okay, let's make plans.

Bink: Maybe we can convince some of the bad guys to become good. Hopefully all.

Omi: Now how in the name of schnitzel are we supposed to do that? [Tank now appears from behind the infobox.]

Tank: I have an explosion mark on my sleeve. Can someone rub it off?

Everyone lined up to try to rub it off, but no one could.

Tank: They must be really offensive with their explosions.

Bink: Hey, I have an idea.

Bink transformed her limbs to Cheetah Limbs, then got all fours and started running. Running created wind, which made the mark turn into dust.

Tank: Stop running! I'll need the mark! [Bink stops running a breathes a sigh of relief.]

Omi: Why do you need it?

Tank: To track! [He slaps his Trix.]

Tank (Wildmutt): RAWR! [He uses his enhanced smelling to smell and try to track the villains.]

Omi: I think he's trying to track down the villains. Is it working? [Tank shakes his head yes.]

Rex: Maybe I can help? [Rex controlls the nanites in the dust to amke the villains easier to track.] Is that good? [Tank shakes his head no. Rex and Tank then try to communicate with each other.]

Rex: Use your words! [Tank slaps his symbol.]

Tank (Ultimate Wildmutt): ULTIMATE WILDMUTT! Try making it back to what it used to be. After that, move up a little. [Rex controlls the dust's nanites so it was what it used to be, then makes it more personal. Tank sniffs it]

Tank: I tracked them! Follow me! [Tank is about to lead them to another page when Bink speaks up.]

Bink: Wait, we need an action plan. Rex: No we don't.

Bink: Kinda do.

Tank: Right, um, how about Rex and I go in a direct invasion and Omi and Jack can attack them from behind. Bink, you can try and figure out where they are.

Bink: Got it!