Brandon 10: Alien Force
Season 2, Episode 20
Brandon BFEP2
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Battle For Earth Part 1
Conquest of the Conqueror Part 1
The Battle For Earth Part 2 is the 30th episode of Brandon 10: Alien Force.


Narrator in Brandon's Voice: Previously on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

A light sparks the sky and tears open what appears to be a purple gateway. Then, hundreds to thousands of big and armed spaceship fly out from the gateway and begin to terrorize the city. The citizens run in panic.

Techno, coming in from the door behind the Elderly Electron: Father!

Elderly Electron/Techno's Father: I know...

Voice: We both know how this is going to end.

Techno's Father is silent for a moment.

Techno's Father turns to face the voice again. The laser destroys the building a few seconds later. Meanwhile on the spaceship that sent the laser...

Zonarian: Tower Destroyed Sir. The Planet is now ours.

Zonarian Commander 2: Excellent...

Techno: They appeared from the sky and destroyed everything. I had to leave my father and take my brother with the remaining of the planet. 

Coco: They?

Techno, turning to Coco: ...the Zonarians.

Brandon stares.

Sarah: Brandon...

Brandon: I know.

Shows Jordan as Freezefire chases Zonarians

Unseen Coco: And how are we going to do that?

Shows Tyler as a hologram from the Capture Zone

Brandon: ...We need a team.

Shows team heading out to the Main Base

Brandon: Look, What we're doing is not for just us but for the Earth.

Shows part of battle

Brandon: From now on, we are a team... and we are doing this right now... together. (activates Omnitrix and slaps it down)

Zonarian, to Commander: You do know what he's doing right?

Zonarian Commander: Yes...

Zonarian: Our energy levels are full.

The Zonarian Commander quickly looks up and turns towards the Zonarian.

Zonarian Commander: ACTIVATE IT! We have NO time to lose.

The Gateway then powers up. Way Big turns his head to face the gateway. An electric charge surrounds the gateways which electrocutes Way Big. The inside of the gateway fills with a portal and a large beam is fired through it which hits Way Big and sends him flying through the air and crashing down which forms a large crator. There is a flash within the crater.

Red Lightning strikes from the Gateway and thousands of spaceships fill the sky.

Jordan, looking up at the spaceships: We're... too late.

A large shadow flies slowly over Brandon, Sarah and Coco. Sarah and Coco look up to see the Commanding Vessel of the Zonarian Invasion.

Coco: They're here...

Sarah: I know...

The camera cuts to the thousands of spaceships continuing to fly out of the Gateway.

Theme Song

Thousands of spaceships are hovering in the sky as red lightning strikes around them. The team is surrounded by the Zonarian Xs.

Sophia: We're doomed.

Amy: Everyone calm down.

Back at the Way Big-shaped crater, Sarah and Coco are looking above at the Zonarian ships ready to invade.

Coco: Well it's all over...

Sarah: I hope that...

Brandon's lifeless body comes back to life and coughs.

Sarah, turning back to Brandon: Brandon? Are you alright?

Brandon: Yeah... (coughs) What happened?

Coco: We're too late dude. (points to the sky)

Brandon looks up and sees the ships.

Coco: They're already here.

Brandon, looks back at Sarah and Coco: Not if I can help it.

Sarah: So what's the plan this time.

Brandon: Remember that plan we tried before the invasion?

Coco: The one that almost got us killed?

Brandon: Yep. A direct attack at the commander himself. Force him to call of the invasion and the world is saved.

Coco: Ha. You make it seem so easy.

Brandon: Because it IS easy.

Sarah: So let's go.

Brandon: Right. Time for a little Jetray!

Brandon pulls his jacket sleeve down and attempts to activate the Omnitrix but it glows green and flashed.

Brandon: Come on...

Omnitrix in Brandon's Voice: Omnitrix is on low power. Recharging...

Brandon: Er... Change of plans guys. We need to get to the command tower without some extra help.

A roar is heard from outside the crater.

Sarah: What was that?

Coco: Trouble...

Back outside the crater, the Zonarian Xs are getting closer to the team.

Amy: Ok ready?

Techno: Yes.

Jordan: Yep.

Tyler: Yeah... whatever.

Tyler punches a Zonarian X and then uppercuts it and then grabs ahold of its neck. Jordan turns into alien form and blasts ice beams at the second Zonarian X and then Techno electrocutes it while it was distracted. Amy whistles with her fingers and the third Zonarian X turns to Amy and prepares to attack her.

Amy: Come on boy... Come on...

Right when the Zonarian X puts his arm in the air to attack Amy, a green laser is shot from the unseen air which stuns the Zonarian X. Amy looks up from the stunned Zonarian X and sees Sparky in Spaceship mode.

Sparky as a Spaceship: SPARK! SPARK!

Amy: Good boy, Sparky!

Amy turns her head and sees Brandon, Sarah and Coco climbing out of the crator.

Amy: Brandon!

Amy runs up to Brandon and hugs him.

Brandon: Oh hey.

Amy stops hugging Brandon.

Amy: You're ok.

Brandon: Yeah. I guess I am.

Sarah, behind Brandon with Coco: Ahem.

Brandon: Oh yeah, right. Us three are going to the command tower to stop the commander. We need you guys to take care of the ships.

Jordan, stepping in: But that's too many.

Sarah: We just need you to slow them down until we could stop the commander.

Amy: Ok... We'll see what we could do. Come on guys.

Sparky lands close by. Amy is about to get on aboard.

Kayla: Wait.

Brandon: Yeah?

Kayla: That thing you did with the Omnitrix; that turned the Zonarians into Humans.

Brandon: What about it?

Kayla: We can use that formula to revert the Zonarians into Humans.

Brandon: Yeah but the Omnitrix is charging so there's no way to fix the Zonarians without it.

Kayla: Not exactly. I saw how the formula worked and I might be able to recreate it.

Kayla activates her powers and all the close by scrap technology swarms around her and forms into blasters with the symbols from the side of the Omnitrix on the side of the blaster. The blasters then softly land on the ground.

Kayla: There.

Coco picks up one of the blasters.

Coco: Does this really work?

Tyler: There's only one way to find out (grabs a blaster)

Coco takes another blaster and now has two. Tyler quints.

Tyler: Show Off... (walks off) I'm taking the ground level.

Techno: As will I with the mechanical child.

Sophia: What the blob said.

Amy: And me, Sparky and Jordan will slow down the ships.

Jordan: Me?

Amy: Yes you. Come on.

Jordan: Oh...

Amy grabs a blaster as well as Jordan, Techno, Sophia, Kayla, and Brandon.

Brandon: Eh... not much of a blaster type of person.

Coco: Says the guy that made tons of them.

Brandon: Hey. I was young. I was running out of ideas and names.

Sarah: Hello? World at it's near end here. Let's go.

Brandon: Right.

The trio get in Coco's car and the rest of the team head out to their newly assigned posts.

Brandon: Well what are you waiting for?

Coco: Do you remember all those times I spent fixing my car up?

Sarah: This isn't the time, Coco.

Coco: Well I've been putting in a few upgrades so let's see if we can get to the Command Tower faster.

Coco presses a button on his stereo and the compartment by the gear shifter opens to reveal a lever. Coco pulls the lever down and the car's engine flips over to a more powerful one, the sides of the car pull out to reveal rocket launchers, the wheels grow bigger and the trunk opens and two thrusters pull out.

Brandon, checking the car out from the window: Whoa...

Coco: Oh you haven't seen anything yet.

Coco shifts the gears into drive and stomps on the pedal. The car's thrusters engage and the car drives quickly away. Meanwhile, Tyler walks around slowly and shoots down every Zonarian that crosses or attempts to alter his path. Sophia and Techno merged with a small body suit carrying Kayla follow from behind.

Sophia: Man, that guy is pretty grumpy.

Suddenly some Zonarians comes in front of their path. Sophia shoots two down and they revert into Humans. More Zonarians come though. Kayla with Techno gets in front of Sophia and fires an amplified beam at the Zonarians were reverts multiple Zonarians into Humans.

Sophia: Thanks sis.

Kayla: No Problem.

Techno as Suit: Nice Work Team mates.

Sophia and Kayla stare at the suit for a short moment.

Kayla: Ok that's a little bit creepy.

Suddenly a Zonarian X comes and surrounds the two and Techno.

Sophia: Oh no.

Right when the Zonarian X is about to attack, he is shot by the revertion gun from above. Sophia and Kayla/Techno look up and see Amy on Sparky from above with Jordan and blasters.

Amy: I got it.

The Zonarian X begins to get up; unreverted. Amy gets a shocked look on her face but then shoots the Zonarian X some more until the Zonarian X reverts back into Human.

Amy: Phew. That's was tough. Those Zonarians take up nearly all of the blaster's powers.

Jordan: What do we do?

Amy: We slow them down.

Jordan: Right.

Jordan fires some ice blasts at the rest of the Zonarian X's and it temporally freezes them. Coco's upgraded car drives fast past the frozen Zonarian Xs.

Sarah: They're still slowing them down.

Brandon: Then we still have time.

Coco: We should be there soon.

At the commanding tower...

Zonarian: Sir!

Zonarian Commander: What could it be this time? The Earth is nearly at our disposal.

Zonarian: It's the boy.

Zonarian Commander: WHHHHAAAAT?

The Zonarian Commander gets to the window of the tower and sees the oncoming car getting closer and closer.

Zonarian Commander: So he survived the electrocution.

Zonarian: What should we do sir?

Zonarian Commander: They're distracting the troops... Fire from the tower.

Zonarian: But sir. The beam may affect the gateway.

Zonarian Commander: DO IT! I just want to destroy that little piece of flith before I take control of this rock.

Zonarian: Yes sir.

The Zonarian pushes some buttons and pulls a lever down. A beam from the sniping tower is fired at the car but misses. However it creates a massive crator that could cause the car to fall in.

Brandon: Whoa!

Coco: Everyone hang on!

Sarah: You've tested this before right?

The car drives off the side of the ground sticking out and flies across the crater.

Coco: See... We made it.

The car flies out of the smoke from the fire and the ground is seen getting closer and closer to the windshield.

Brandon: Gah.

Sarah shields the car in her energy shields and flips it over slowly to the right position and gently lands it on the ground.

Sarah: There.

The car reverts to it's original form.

Coco: Oh man. The upgrade system ran out of juice. We're going to have to make it there on foot.

Brandon, getting out of the car: Something tells me it's not going to be a long walk.

The tower is only a few feet away.

Back at the Commanding Area, the other Zonarian Commander appears on the monitor.

Zonarian Commander #769: Commander #972.

Zonarian Commander #972: Yes?

Zonarian Commander #769: What is the meaning of the Gateway desortation?

Zonarian Commander #972: There was a threat that was needed to be taken care of.

Zonarian Commander #769: Impossible. What creature has the abiltity to become a threat to the Zonarians?

Outside the Commanding Area...

Coco: Are you ready dude?

Brandon: Yeah.

Sarah: Are you sure that we're going to beat the Zonarians this time?

Brandon: We have to. If we don't Earth and many other planets will fall to the hand of the Zonarian... or whatever they have.

Sarah: But what if-

Brandon: Nothing is going to happen except the plan. Now...

Brandon activates the Omnitrix.

Omnitrix: Omnitrix is now ready for use...

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix and undergoes a transformation sequence. He transforms into Loch Ness.

Loch Ness: LOCH NESS!

Loch Ness frys the door controls with water and the door slides open and the trio walk in. The Zonarians turn and stare.

Zonarians: SPIES!

Loch Ness: Hey guys. "Wat-er" you guys going to do without me?

Loch Ness splashes the controls around the Zonarians by the controls and they get electrocuted. Coco and Sarah handle with the rest.

Zonarian Commander #972: Tennyson...

Loch Ness: Hey Commander. I was thinking. How about you stop the invasion for a few infitinties?

Zonarian Commander #972: How about I crush your head into nothing.

The Zonarian Commander grabs Loch Ness by the neck.

Loch Ness: GAH! Hey, let go!

Sarah: Brandon?

Zonarian Commander #972: This is the end of you, Tennyson.

Loch Ness: GAH! No. Wait...

The Zonarian Commander slices Loch Ness and Loch Ness' headless body falls to the ground.

Sarah, with tear in eye: Brandon... NOO!

Zonarian Commander: Finnally...

Sarah gets ferious and begins to glow pink. The Commander turns around to the now bright pink light coming from behind him and his eyes widen to what he sees. Sarah is revealed to be a floating pink humanoid alien. She uses her energy and throws the Zonarian Commander out of the tower. Coco sees Sarah.

Coco: Whoa... Sarah...

Sarah: Coco! What's happening to me?

Coco: I don't know... I think this is who you really are.

Sarah: But I don't want to be like this Coco and.. and... and Brandon's gone again.

Coco: I know Sarah. But we need you. You just to calm down.

Sarah: I.. I...

Coco: I need you.

Sarah closes her eyes and her Human form reforms around her and she wakes.

Sarah: What happened?

Coco: I honestly don't know.

Loch Ness: Hey. Are you guys going to chat all day? We have to H2"GO".

Sarah: Brandon! You're alive!

Loch Ness turns back to Brandon.

Brandon: Well yeah. I chose this guy for a reason. Regeneration powers.

Sarah: Oh yeah. I guess I just forgot.

Sarah hugs Brandon. But suddenly the Zonarian Commander gets back into the room and prepares to attack them but is shot down by a laser and falls over stunned slightly. Brandon, Sarah and Coco look up and see Uncle Bill riding on a Red Winged Alien from the Capture Zone with Falgar.

Uncle Bill: Hey kids. I thought you mind need some help.

Brandon: Uncle Bill?

Uncle Bill: Yep.

Sarah: But I thought you were helping out aliens in the Capture Zone.

Uncle Bill: Well I was when I heard some a little bird alien that the Zonarians were invading Earth so I thought you mind need a few extra hands.

Brandon: Well I'm glad that you can help out Uncle Bill. The others could use some help slowing down the ships while we stop the Commander.

Uncle Bill: Ok. You kids don't get into too much trouble.

Uncle Bill and Falgar take off.

Brandon, to the stunned Zonarian Commander: Ok last chance. Call off the invasion or else.

Zonarian Commander #972: You're already to late. There are millions of Zonarians ready to attack, hundreds of ships standing by and only humans to defend this rock.

Brandon: Call. It. Off. (shows Omnitrix)

Zonarian Commander #972: I can't Tennyson! There are over a thousand Commanders but the real Zonarians in charge are at the heart of our home planet which you could NEVER get to in time to stop us even with your allies slowing us down.

Brandon: Ok... Thanks for the help.

Sarah: So what now?

Brandon: You heard him. We're going to the heart of their home planet.

Coco: But it would take us too much time for us to get there in time to stop the invasion.

Brandon: Why use the long bridge when the express road is already open for us? (faces the gateway)

Sarah: You're kidding?

Brandon: Nope.

Coco: But that thing is unstable without a ship.

Brandon: Who said we didn't have a ship?

Brandon whistles and Sparky as as Spaceship hovers by the shattered window.

Sparky as a Spaceship: SPARK! SPARK!

Brandon smiles confidently.

A short time later, Sparky as a spaceship is hovering right in front of the Gateway. The Trio and Amy are sitting inside.

Amy: Alright we're in position. Now what?

Brandon: Now you get off.

Amy: What?

Brandon: I'm sorry but this could be dangerous.

Amy: He's my friend.

Coco: He's also the only way of stopping the alien invasion.

Brandon: I just don't want to get hurt. We'll be back.

Amy: Ok... You better.

Jordan flies by the ship.

Jordan: What are you guys doing?

Brandon: We're going to stop the Zonarians... hopefully.

Amy: Hey. Mind if I get a lift?

Jordan: Sure. Hop on.

Amy gets on Jordan's fire rock.

Brandon: Alright go help the others. And be careful with my girlfriend.

Jordan: Gotcha.

Amy: Wait. Did you say girl-?

Jordan flies away with Amy. Sparky closes the hatch.

Sarah: You know what you said right?

Brandon: Yeah... Just in case I don't come back.

Coco: Come on dude. We're coming back right after we kick those big ugly Zonarian Commandos' alien butts.

Brandon: Yeah. Alright.

Coco: Now... How do you fly this thing?

Sarah: You've flown a spaceship before right?

Coco: Yeah. It's just been a while.

Brandon: Riiight.

Sarah: Well even with a spaceship, going through the Gateway the wrong way may be a bit difficult.

Coco: Don't worry. The best driver in the area knows what's he's doing.

Brandon, looking around sarcastically: I wonder where he is.

Coco presses a few button and pulls the steering wheel out. The thrusters engage and the ship flies into the Gateway. Everything is going smoothly for a bit until the turbulence kicks in.

Sarah: See?

Brandon: Coco, can't you do something?

Coco: I'm trying. I'm still getting used to these controls.

Brandon: No time. Omnitrix, Brainiac.

Brandon instantly transforms into Brainiac.

Brainiac: BRAINIAC! Now if you would excuse me, I can successfully navigate this living vessle through space and time while at warp speed.

Brainiac tap among the controls and Sparky as the Spaceship returns to regular position. Then it picks up on the warp speed. Brainiac begins to get pushed back to the back of the ship.

Brainiac: Omnitrix, Spidermonkey!

Brainiac instantly transforms into Spidermonkey.

Spidermonkey: SPIDERMONKEY!

Spidermonkey climbs the floor to get to the seats are the front and hangs on.

Sarah: OOOOOH! Pretty colors!

Coco: AHHHHHH! Blue Monkey!

Spidermonkey: What is happening right now?

After a short moment, the ship reaches the end or front of the warp. They land at the Commanding Station's Docking Bay.

Sarah, holding her head: Oh my head.

Coco, holding his head: What just happened?

Spidermonkey: You went crazy?

Techno appearing on the screen: Before you leave, I want to warn you that there might be effects from flying through the warpdrive in such a ship as "Sparky".

Coco: Well thanks for telling us when we land.

Spidermonkey turns back into Brandon.

Brandon: How come it didn't effect me.

Techno, on screen: Well you're alien transformations were protecting you. However you SHOULD be slightly affected. I wonder what had happened?

Brandon hunches over a little, holds his stomach and then goes behind Sparky and a vomiting sound is heard.

Techno, on screen: Oh there it is.

Brandon, walking out: Gross...

Techno, on screen: The Commanding Station should be right in front of you. There you should see the great and powerful Zonarian Emperors.

Brandon: Alright. Let's do this.

Sarah: Stay Sparky.


The three go inside to confront the Zonarian Emperors. They walk through the empty corridors and pass the empty rooms.

Sarah: Where is everyone?

Coco: They're all probably on Earth.

Brandon: Which leaves the Zonarian Emperors defendless.

They apporch the giant doors leading to the central commanding center. The doors then open and the team enter the room to see 6 Zonarian Emperors 5 times taller than a regular Zonarian Commander.

Brandon: Whoa...

Zonarian Emperor: Who dares distrupts the Zonarian Empire on Soveronna?

Brandon: Brandon Tennyson with my friends: Coco and Sarah.

Zonarian Emperor 4: If you have come to stop the invasion, then you are already to late.

Brandon: We're never too late.

Zonarian 3: You're tactics are no good here. For even if you destroy us, the command will never cancelled.

Coco: Now what?

Brandon: I'm going to try something but you guys arn't going to like it.

Sarah: What is it?

Brandon: There's an alien in the Omnitrix that grants me whatever I want but I have to choose it wisely or I'll get trapped in a space somewhere forever.

Sarah: That could be too risky.

Brandon: But if I don't do anything, the Earth will go too.

Sarah turns to Coco and Coco nods. Sarah turns back to Brandon.

Sarah: Ok.

Brandon: Right.

Brandon activates the Omnitrix and selected a hologram and slaps it down. He undergoes a transformation sequence. He transforms into a New Alien.

New Alien: ALIEN X!!!

Sarah: Is that the right alien?

Coco: I don't know.

Zonarian Emperor 4: This Human can transform.

Zonarian Emperor 2: We can use the resources to adapt.

Zonarain Emperor 6: No. Only to survive we must remain pure.

Zonarian Emperors: Remain Pure. Remain Pure. Remain Pure.

Sarah and Coco look at each other and back at Alien X.

Coco: How come he isn't moving?

Sarah: I don't know.

Coco pokes Alien X.

Sarah: Don't poke him.

Coco, to Alien X: Hello? Anyone home?

The camera zooms into Alien X's eye which is zoomed into Earth from space which is thrown back galaxies away until it reaches an unreachable part of the universe. Brandon awakens there.

Brandon: Whoa! I'm in space! But I'm still breathing... Hello? Zen?

Female Voice: Greetings Human.

Brandon: Who said that?

Male Voice: Ugh. This is so slow.

Two Green Faces appear. One face is the face of a man and the other the face of a woman.

Brandon: Oh hello.

Female Face: Greetings. I'm Unisa and this is...

Male Face, taking a while to answer: ...Abhorus.

Brandon: I'm Brandon. Brandon Tennyson.

Unisa: We've been expected you Brandon Tennyson.

Abhorus: I prefer the other one with the grey hair.

Unisa: Abhorus please.

Abhorus: Fine.

Brandon: So what are you two here for?

Unisa: We all play the role of putting Alien X together.

Brandon: Alien X?

Unisa: Yes. I play as the voice of peace and harmony.

Abhorus: And I play as the voice of rage and aggression.

Unisa: And You are the voice of reason.

Brandon: Me?

Unisa: Yes, Brandon Tennyson. We can do whatever we disire.

Abhorus, mocking Unisa: But only if we work together.

Brandon: Something tells me that I'm going to be here for a while.

Back at the Main Base, the team is still slowing down the ships. One of the ships fires a laser at them. They missed.

Jordan: They're attacking.

Techno: We don't have much time. They'll get through the forcefeild soon.

Amy: Don't worry guys. Brandon is stopping the invasion right now. (looks back to the Gateway) I hope...

Back at the Soveronna Centeral Commanding Center...

Zonarian Emperor 5: Tell Us why we shouldn't kill you?

Coco: We don't have much of a reason.

Sarah: Coco...

Coco: Opps.

Zonarian Emperor 4: Perhaps they should live.

Coco, to Sarah: See? No problems.

Zonarian Emperor 4: They'd make excellent ways of showing what happens when someone comes across the Zonarian Emperors.

Sarah: Great... Let's just hope Brandon is making some progress in there.

Back in Alien X Space...

Unisa: Now let's begin our first discussion.

Abhorus: Great...

Unisa: Now should we let the dinosaurs live?

Abhorus: No. Those creatures deserve what's coming at them.

Brandon: Wait. Discussions?

Unisa: Yes. As a Celestialsapian, we have to agree on the fate of the universe but we must always start from the beginning.

Brandon: So I have to be here until the discussions get from the dawn of time to now?

Unisa: And till the end of time itself.

Brandon: I've got to get out of here.

Back in the Emperor room...

Sarah: Why won't you just stop the invasion?

Zonarian Emperor 3: Because foolish Humans that you fail to notice the purpose of every planet's resources.

Coco: Which is?

Zonarian Emperor 1: We are fatally ill.

Sarah: You're dying...

Zonarian Emperor 4: Yes. We harvest the essesence of the planet and digest its resources to expend life.

Coco: There are other ways.

Zonarian Emperor 2: Ways that require change. That is what we arn't looking forwards to.

Sarah: But you'll die anyways.

Zonarian Emperor 5: When all the planets are wiped from the skies, then we'll see who lives or dies Humans.

Back in Alien X Space...

Unisa: ...But why not?

Abhorus: Because!

Unisa: Because what, Abhorus?

Abhorus: Because I said so Unisa.

Brandon: Would you guys stop arguing?!

Unisa: But we have to. It's part of the discussion.

Brandon: Yeah. Well maybe there shouldn't be a discussion.

Unisa: But there's always a discussion.

Brandon: Yeah? Well I don't want to "always" be here with you two.

Unisa: Why are you saying such hurtful things Brandon Tennyson?

Abhorus: Yeah. Why don't you bother some other Celestialsapian!

Brandon: What? But you did it.

Abhorus: Because I'm the voice of rage. You're supposed to be your part.

Brandon: (sighs) Ok. I'm sorry. But I just don't want to be stuck here forever. I have a life to live and an Earth to save. Plus people are counting on me.

Abhorus: People are counting on us too, selfless Human.

Brandon: You know what? If I was the other one, I could've done three things: Revert every Zonarian to a Human again, Destroy the Zonarians forever or make a wish for myself.

Unisa: So what path would you take? Peace?

Abhorus: Or Hate?

Brandon: Neither. I just realized that I don't need an alien with powers to do anything in the universe. I can do this on my own.

Unisa: But-

Brandon: No buts. I want out. Now.

Unisa: Such demanding violence, Abhorus.

Abhorus: Meh. I never liked him anyways.

Brandon glows green and disappears.

Unisa: So. Should we let the dinosaurs live?

Back at the Central Commanding Center, Alien X reverts back into Brandon.

Sarah: Brandon, you're back.

Brandon: Yeah. Turns out that wasn't the guys I wanted after all.

Coco: Did you do it?

Brandon: No. Turns out that we can this on our own.

Zonarian Emperor 1: You're too late, Human. Your forces will be annihilated and your planet will fall to the hand of the Zonarian Empire. There is nothing that you can do to stop us.

Brandon: Who said anything about stopping? (to Omnitrix) Omnitrix, you still there?

Omnitrix: Master Control grants the Omnitrix full vocal recognition.

Brandon: Omnitrix, Are there any signs of mutanted DNA?

Omnitrix: Scanning...

A yellow beam comes from the Omnitrix and scans the area. The beam stops at the Zonarian Emperors and begins to scan them.

Zonarian Emperor 1: What is the meaning of this?!

Brandon: Just scanning for any mutanted or missing DNA in the nearby area.

The beam then stops and goes back into the Omnitrix.

Omnitrix: Scan Complete. There is missing DNA in the nearby area. Would you like to fix the DNA?

Brandon: Yep.

Omnitrix: Re-creating DNA...

The beam shoots from the Omnitrix again but this time affects the Zonarian Emperors.

Zonarian Emperor 1: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

There is a flash. The team looks up and sees the outcome. All 6 Zonarian Emperors are in different colors now instead of pale white.

Omnitrix: Omnitrix Charging...

Zonarian Emperor 1: What... Did you do?

Brandon: I overheard the conversation about dying so I decided to help you.

Zonarian Emperor 4: But we are unpure now.

Brandon: You don't need to be pure to be who you are.

Zonarian Emperor 6: We are no longer fit for the throne.

Brandon: Maybe not for the old conquering one but you can restart. You don't need to destroy planets and species anymore.

Zonarian Emperor 2: Then we have no purpose.

Sarah: You can just live as regular species do.

Zonarian Emperor 1: But we are supreme!

Voice: Not anymore, my lords.

The team turns around to see Zony.

Brandon: Zony?

Zony: Yes. BrandontennysonbutyoucancallmeBrandon.

Sarah and Coco stare at Brandon for a moment.

Brandon: It's a long story.

Zony: I felt that I had betrayed my species but I was actually the begining of my own. Why fight for our own needs when you already have it. BrandontennysonbutyoucancallmeBrandon gave us the strength we need; not to fight but to live.

Brandon: It's time to change Zonarians. We all have to go through tough decisions.

The Zonarian Emperors huddle up and discuss for a moment.

Coco: Anytime now. It's not like the world is at stake.

Sarah: Coco...

Coco: What?

The Zonarian Emperors turn to face the team and Zony.

Zonarian Emperor 1: It is decided.

The team waits in silence.

Zonarian Emperor 1: The Zonarian race shall live on. Thanks to Brandon Tennyson.

Sarah: Woo!

Coco: Yes!

Back at the Main Base, the ships fly back through the Gateway.

Amy: They're leaving! He did it!

Jordan: WOO!

Sophia: Yeah!

Tyler looks from left to right and backs off into the darkness.

Back on Soveronna...

Zony: Thank You. Again for saving the Zonarian race.

Brandon: No problem. It's sortof what I do.

Zonarian Emperor 6: Wait. Before you leave, what powers do I get?

Brandon: Um you sort of look like Aqualad. So you should get some water powers.

Zoanrian Emperor 6: Interesting...

Brandon: But you might want to look out for Number 2 over there. He's either Ro-Warasaur or Stinkfly.

Zonarian Emperor 6: What is wrong with "Ro-Warasaur" ?

Brandon: Nothing. It's Stinkfly DNA that you might want to look out for. (imitates pluging nose)

Zonarian Emperor 1: Thank You Again for showing us the wrongs of our doing, Brandon Tennyson.

Brandon: Not a problem.

Zonarian Emperor 1: On the behalf of the Zonarian race, I want to present to you this badge of honor.

Brandon: Thank You.

Zony: It may take time to convince the others.

Brandon: You have a bunch of time. It's your planet. I'm sure you'll figure it out in the end. Well Goodbye.

Zony: Until we meet again BrandontennysonbutyoucanjustcallmeBrandon.

Later at the Main Base, Sparky flies through the Gateway as a spaceship and lands in the center of town where everyone is meeting. Brandon, Coco and Sarah walk out of the ship and the Sparky reverts back into normal form.


Amy: You guys did it.

Jordan, in Human Form: Yeah. The Earth is saved.

Uncle Bill: Way to go Brandon. I knew you had it in you.

Brandon: Thanks Uncle Bill. But I couldn't have done it without everyone here.

Sophia: The world is saved!

Kayla: But what about the Zonarians still on Earth?

Jordan: Don't worry. I've been handling them every since you left. I can handle a few more.

Uncle Bill: Whoa there. There's going to be more than just a few running around. I'm thinking about getting an old group of mines back together.

Sarah: Group? What group?

Uncle Bill: Oh nothing. That's a story that I'll have to tell another time.

Jordan: So you're in some sort of super team? Mind if I join?

Uncle Bill: Eh. Sure. Why not? You look like a kid with a lot of talent.

Sophia: I wanna be in a super team too.

Uncle Bill: You're going need some training first. But all right. I can't forget my grand kids.

Kayla: Awesome.

Falgar: Are you sure, Protector?

Uncle Bill: They're just kids. What could go wrong?

Brandon: Have you seen us, Uncle Bill?

Uncle Bill: Eh. You kids turned out all right.

Amy: Well I've got to go feed Sparky. It's already past mid-night.

Brandon: Oh alright.

Amy: See you later?

Brandon: Always.

Amy and Sparky leave as well as Uncle Bill with Jordan, Falgar, Sophia and Kayla.

Techno: I must go as well. My planet may have fallen but we can always rise back up.

Brandon: Good luck dude.

Techno: As to you too, Brandon Tennyson.

Techno teleports away.

Coco looking around.

Coco: Wait. Where'd Tyler go?

Sarah: He must have escaped. Again...

Brandon: Don't worry guys. We'll catch him.

Sarah: I'll call the Space Police. Mind dropping me off home, Coco?

Coco: Actually I wanted to take you somewhere special?

Sarah: Like a date?

Coco: What?! No. Like a thing.

Sarah: Where?

Coco: A car show.

Sarah: Coco!

Coco: What?

Sarah and Coco get in the car.

Sarah, to Brandon through the open window: Hey. Do you want to come with us?

Brandon: Nah. I still a Master Control to figure out.

Coco: Don't get into any trouble.

Brandon: I can't promise anything.

Sarah: See you.

Coco drives off.

Brandon: Alright Omnitrix. Let's go. (slaps Omnitrix but nothing happens) What?

Mysterious Voice: Sorry about that.

Brandon: You again?

Mysterious Voice: It doesn't last pretty long if you're going to turn into an alien with Omnipotence and then repair the DNA of 6 Zonarian Emperors.

Brandon: You were there.

Mysterious Voice: I'm everywhere.

Brandon: Weird...

Mysterious Voice: You might not have Master Control anymore but I think you'll be just fine with what you have.

Brandon: But how do I get Master Control again?

Mysterious Voice: Don't you want to find out yourself?

Brandon: ...No. Not really.

No response.

Brandon: Hello?

No response.

Brandon: Oh well...

Brandon activates the Omnitrix and a hologram comes up.

Brandon: Whoa. It never showed that guy before. I never even seen these guys before! (stops on a certain hologram) Well this one looks good! It's Hero Time!

Brandon slaps down the Omnitrix and the green flash is seen and the episode ends.


Major Events

  • The Invasion Ends
  • Brandon uses Alien X for the first time
  • The Zonarians are no longer considered villains
  • Brandon unlocked a new alien at the end


Aliens Used


  • Zonarians
    • Zonarian Commanders (Re-Formed)
    • Zonarian Xs
    • Zonarian Emperors (Re-Formed)


  • This is the last episode of the second season of Brandon 10: Alien Force.
  • This is the last episode of for the Zonarian Invasion Arc since they are now peaceful.
  • Brandon uses Alien X for the first time.
    • He uses mistakes him for 10 X
    • With Master Control on the Omnitrix, Brandon can be able to select any transformation without any accidental transformations yet he accidental transforms into Alien X instead of 10 X. This is probably because he slapped down the Alien X hologram and believed that it was the 10 X hologram.
  • Bill and Falgar escape from the Capture Zone to assist Brandon with defeating the Zonarians.
  • Brandon is shown to remember 10 X in this episode despite him losing his memory in The Tenth Alien.
  • Brandon uses the Omnitrix to repair the missing DNA links like in Stuck Together with Zony.
  • Earth Invasion is a game based off of this episode as well as the first part.
  • Brandon refers to his pervious aliens: Aqualad, Ro-Warasaur and Stinkfly in this episode
  • The line Brandon says when he figures out that the Omnitrix has some new aliens is the same line Brandon says in A Hero Returns Part 1 when he figures out that the Omnitrix has some new aliens except revised a bit.
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