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The Avengers
General Information
Original Airdate Unknown
Series Devil's Bounty
Season One
Episode number 1
Overall episode number 1
Franchise episode number 57
Written by Brywarrior
Directed by Brywarrior
Episode Guide
Previous episode Revelations: Part Two
Next episode One of Their Own

"The Avengers" is the first episode of the first season of Bryce Bowman: Devil's Bounty.


Times' Square
New York City 12:00 PM

A crowd has gathered in the square, as is the usual for New York. The citizens are bustling around. Trying to make lunch times with family members, or return to work, or make it to the shops for a sale. Everyone is minding their own business. Then, abruptly, a black cloud forms over the center of the square. The cloud looms over the city, green flashes of light bursting from within it. The cloud begins sparking with green electricity rippling all over its black mist. The cloud's electricity brings with it thundering booms, rattling the bodies of the New-Yorkers below. A huge gathering of the electricity brings a bolt of green lightning down, striking the ground and sending small tendrils out from it. The lightning forms itself into a man-shaped, green energy being. The being is kneeling on the ground, when the lightning ceases, and the cloud disperses. The being's electrical properties slowly fade, all the electricity being pulled into a black watch on the left wrist of a man who now has taken the being's place. The man looks up, confused by his current surroundings. He stands up quickly, and takes a few looks around. The man looks at all the people, staring at him like he has just crashed a wedding- uninvited. The man, all six-foot-three of him- fully grown in muscle to match is towering height- wears a black jacket- with a green stripe that extends down the front of the jacket, and a black shirt underneath. He wears blue jeans and black and blue shoes. The man looks down at his hands, then flips his wrist over, eyeballing the watch on his wrist and its red hourglass symbol fading behind a mirror-like faceplate.

(The Confused Man): The... Omnitrix?

Suddenly, a web-like string of what feels like steel cable hurls through the air and strikes the man's right arm, knocking him off his feet and pinning him to the ground. The man struggles, but is unable to break free of the sticky substance.

(Young, Male Voice): You think you can threaten my city? (A young man in a red and blue, skin-tight suit- detailed with spider-web designs and a spider symbol on the chest- leaps down from the sky, as it seems.) Not a chance.

The Spider-suited man stands up, as the crowd applauds.

(Crowd): Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Spider-Man!

(Spider-Man): Please, I don't deserve- Well, maybe I do!

Spider-Man turns around to face his adoring fans, and bows- rather sarcastically. While he does this, he doesn't notice the man rolling backward onto his feet, then using all his strength to pull on his right arm. He tears a chunk of pavement out of the road, unable to separate from the webbing.

(The Confused Man): What is this stuff? (He says while eyeing the peculiar substance trapping his hand to a block of asphalt.)

This catches Spider-Man's attention

(Spider-Man): Uh... webs... duh?

(The Confused Man): Does this shit come out of you?

(Spider-Man): What?

(The Confused Man): I really don't think I need to clarify that question.

(Spider-Man): Dude, do you not know who I am?

(The Confused Man): No. And, frankly, I don't care. Get this off.

(Spider-Man): I'll do you one better. (He snarks, snarkily, while proceeding to fire two more blasts of web from his wrists, trapping both of the man's arms.)

(The Confused Man): That is so not- whoa!

Spider-Man rips the web strings back, whipping the confused man straight toward him. The man quickly flips in air essentially onto his back, and kicks at Spider-Man as he gets close. Although he seems taken off guard, Spider-Man dodges the attack with ease, bending backward as his knees. He springs back up as the man lands on his feet and slides to a halt. The man jerks his own arms back, trying to draw the web-slinger in. Spider-Man nonchalantly releases the webs from the silver bands on his wrists, making the man's attempted attack useless.

(The Confused Man): Dude...

He charges forward, deciding to just brute force his way through Spider-Man's defenses. Spider-Man simply leaps out of the way, casually, like he literally put no effort into it. The less confused now and more agitated man gets an idea. He slaps his hands together, getting the webs stuck to each other, then pulls with all his strength and is able to tear the traps off.

(The Man): God, finally! (He twists the dial of the Omnitrix, which raises the core, and lifts his hand slightly over it while maintaining eye contact with Spider-Man.) Man I have been waiting for this! (He slaps the dial back down and is met with a rise of energy followed quickly by a depressing dooooo) What? (The dial has returned into the device, but won't activate.) Maybe it's still recharging.

(Spider-Man): Hey, guy, did you forget we were fighting here?! (Spider-Man goes to sling another pair of webs onto the man's hands, but he rolls to the side and avoids being struck.)

(The Man; fiddling with the watch): Why won't this thing work?!

Spider-Man flings a web up onto a streetlight and uses it to slingshot himself toward the man. Once close, they both aim to punch their opponent. Spider-Man effortlessly catches the man's fist in his palm, catching him quite off guard. The man goes for another punch, this one also caught by Spider-Man. He then flips over Spider-Man and twists to tangle his opponent's arms together, landing on his feet behind him. Spider-Man releases the man's hands, untangles himself and leaps upward to try and sling a web onto a near-by lamp post. However, his ankle is caught by the man, who then throws him over his body into the pavement on the other side. When Spider-Man bounces off the ground, the man uppercuts him, sending him flying across the open intersection. He flips over and lands on his feet with one hand down on the asphalt and one arm out for balance. He skids into a halt very quickly. The man cracks his neck and his knuckles.

(The Man): I gotta tell ya, kid, you're putting up a good damn fight- (He is interrupted by an arrow whizzing right by his face.) What the hell?

He turns to where the arrow came from, only to be blindsided by a hail of small bullets, pellet-like bullets being fired at him. He turns to see a red-headed woman in a black, skin-tight suit shooting at him from a device on her wrist. He takes a few steps toward her, before flinching at another arrow grazing his arm. He is then shot in the back with two energy blasts, while being hit in the back by a metallic shield that bounces right off, both of which force him forward. A huge bolt of lightning strikes him down from a cloud that seems to have come from nowhere. The man looks up at his attackers from the ground, Spider-Man is surrounded by the red-headed woman, a man in red and gold armor, a man with long blonde hair- who seems to be wearing viking armor- a man with short, brown hair- wielding a bow and arrows- and a man in what could can only be described as a “star-spangled”, super-suit.

(The Man): Who are you?

End Scene
”The Avengers”

(The Man): Who are you?

(Man in Red Armor; his voice slightly robotically altered): Are you kidding? We're the “Avengers”!

(The Man): “Avengers?” (He then thinks to himself) That's kind of a stupid name.

(Man in Red Armor): Kid, get over here!

Spider-Man does as he's instructed.

(Star-spangled Man): Thor, hit 'im again.

(Thor, the viking): Are you certain?

(Man in Red Armor): He can take it.

Thor builds a powerful electric charge through his body, then aims the top of his short, but quite large, hammer at the man, who's still on the ground, firing a small bolt of lightning that strikes him, and instantly knocks him out cold.

Unknown laboratory
New York City 15:00

The man from the beginning is lying on an operating table. There is a man, in his lower forties, who wears a goatee, Tony Stark, sitting beside him on a swiveling chair. The man on the table is surrounded by holographic computer monitors, each displaying different information. Tony is typing on a holographic keypad, looking puzzled.

(Tony): I don't get it...He's human- I mean he has all the right DNA to be human, but he's definitely a mutant...

(Disembodied Voice; English and mildly robotic): What makes you say that?

(Tony): Parker said he caught a punch or two from 'im. But only barely.

(Disembodied Voice): What about his skeleton?

(Tony): What do you mean?

(Disembodied Voice): His skeletal structure is fused with a very strong metal. I'm analyzing it now.

(Tony): He's got metal bones...? This guy just keeps getting weirder.

Then, a scrawny, rather geeky man walks into the room through sliding, glass doors. Dr. Banner wears glasses; a white, collared shirt; and purple, formal pants.

(Dr. Banner): What's the word?

(Tony): J.A.R.V.I.S. says this guy has metal bones.

(J.A.R.V.I.S.): I cannot find an exact match, but the properties are very similar to adamantium.

(Dr. Banner): Adamantium bones? I thought we only knew one guy like that.

(Tony): Apparently not. But, I don't think he's a mutant.

(Dr. Banner): Logan's metal bones aren't his mutation.

(Tony): Right, but the claws and healing are. This guy here...he doesn't have any kind of mutation- genetically.

(Dr. Banner): So what, you think he's some kind of lab rat?

(Tony): Bingo!

(Dr. Banner): Okay, but what about the teleportation?

(J.A.R.V.I.S.): I've been thinking about that... Look at the device on his wrist.

The two scientists look at the x-ray of the man's body, and find an odd series of cables, strung from the Omnitrix to the man's brain.

(Dr. Banner): You think think his watch has something to do with it?

(J.A.R.V.I.S.): Possibly. It is made of an element I cannot quantify. Maybe it's alien?

That last word hits Tony deep in his gut.

(Tony): I want to run a few tests on it.

(Dr. Banner): Fine, but, be careful.

Just then, four people enter the room. The red-headed woman; Natasha, the brown-haired man; Clint, a blonde man; Steve, and Thor, who now is wearing a sort of “powered-down” version of his earlier attire.

(Steve): Stark, what is this? Running experiments on the poor guy.

(Tony): Poor guy? He attacked Manhattan with a bolt of green lightning. I think that classifies him as a terrorist.

(Natasha): We don't know what that cloud was or the green lightning, but it didn't do any damage to the city.

(Dr. Banner): We still need to figure out what this guy is all about. Before he wakes up and causes any more headaches.

The others nod in agreement, so Tony moves toward the Omnitrix with a couple tools. After a couple seconds of nothing happening, Tony looks around at the group.

(Tony): It's not breaking... The watch won't come off.

(Dr. Banner): It's attached to his brain, did you think you could just rip it off?

(Tony): I figured I could at least make a scratch on it. But J.A.R.V.I.S is right, this this is not from Earth.

Suddenly, the man takes a huge breath in and wakes up. He leaps from the table, pushing Tony back as he does. Natasha rushes in to stop him, but he is too fast. The man and Natasha get into a short-lived fight, ending with the man blocking her hits and pushing her down. He then jumps to Clint, taking him out in a few punches. He spins around, blocking a hammer-fist from Thor, then countering and throwing the viking to the ground. The man then jumps into the air and spins, coming down at Steve with a powerful punch. Steve holds up a red, silver, and blue shield, taking the punch. The shield absorbs all the force of the punch, and reverberates sending the force of the punch- in its entirety- back to the man's arm. The man is flung backward, spinning out of control. He lands on his feet, and proceeds to attack the shielded man again. This time, and fist fight ensues. The man is able to maneuver himself in such a way that he slips the shield from his opponent's arm, then uses it as a Frisbee- throwing it into Steve's stomach. The man remains in a fighting stance for a moment, before relaxing, and preparing to walk away. He is stopped by Dr. Banner, who looks him in the eye.

(Dr. Banner): Please, we're just trying to help you.

The man can sense the severity in Dr. Banner's voice, so he sits down and relaxes. The others get up. Not hurt, but their egos are bruised.

(Steve): What was that?

(The Man): A lot of training. I hadn't remembered it until just then. Must be instinctual.

(Clint): How the hell do you just forget that you're some kind of ninja-freak?

(The Man; puzzled): I...don't know...

(Natasha): Can you tell us why you are here?

(The Man): No... (He starts to get a little more confused.)

(Dr. Banner): At least tell us, what's your name?

(The Man): No... I...I don't know

End Scene

(The Man): I don't know...

(Tony): Amnesia. Probably from when Thor zapped you.

(JA.R.V.I.S.): He has no signs of head injury. Actually, he has no physical signs that he was ever in that fight.

(Steve): How is that possible?

(The Man): I heal really fast. I know that much.

(Tony): You can remember that, and how to fight... Can you tell us about the watch?

(The Man): Yeah... it's called the “Omnitrix”. I can use it to transform into different aliens. I'm not exactly sure how many, but I know there are more in there than I have unlocked.

That word. “Alien”. It, again, seems to hold a different effect on Tony than the rest of the group.

(Tony): That's a lot of detail to slip through some amnesia. Is anything coming back to you?

(The Man): A little. I remember a piece of my name. “Bowman”, I think. That shouldn't be all of it...

(Natasha): Unless you're a god, most people have two names.

(Bowman): Why is that the only name I can remember?

(JA.R.V.I.S.): I'd like to point out the microchip connected to your spinal cord, it has a port of some kind on the back of your neck.

Bowman feels the back of his neck. The port is slightly broken and a little singed.

(Bowman): That must have been for the training... I'm guessing the chip is a memory unit which would allow me to keep my regular mind separate form my combat mind, so I don't get distracted in a fight.

(Steve): And that's just a guess?

(Bowman): I don't know... that just...feels right...

(Male Voice): Why the hell is this man not locked up?

They all turn to a dark-skinned man who's just walked in. He wears a black trench coat and an eye-patch over his left eye.

(Steve): Fury.

(Fury): At ease, Captain. Stark, I thought I told you to lock this guy up!

(Tony): Yeah, I thought about doing that, but then I decided not to.

(Fury): You can't just decide not to. I gave you a damn order!

(Steve): Actually, Fury, I told him not to. (Fury looks at Steve, a little apprehensive, but trusting) He seems like a good kid. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(Fury; pressing him): What brought you to that decision?

(Steve): Like I said, he's a good guy. Bowman's not evil, he just needs help.

(Fury): I guess... (He hesitates for suspense) If you're okay with him, then I will let him stay.

(JA.R.V.I.S.): I hate to interrupt, Mr. Stark, but Mr. Parker is about to arrive, in costume.

Tony stands up, just as a teenage, brown-haired boy runs into the room, wearing the Spider-Man costume, aside from the mask.

(Parker): Mr. Stark, there's something happening downtown, can I go?!

(Dr. Banner): Twice in one day... What are the odds?

(Tony): Yeah, but take the new guy with you.

(Bowman; caught off guard): Me?

(Steve): Yeah. Good chance to see what you can do.

Bowman nods in agreement. The group, aside from Dr. Banner, all run out of the lab and out into a living room of sorts, then out onto a balcony. Steve puts on his costume, then attaches his shield to a magnet on his back. Thor grabs his hammer from a table on his way out, and Parker slips his mask over his face.

(Tony): J.A.R.V.I.S., my suit.

(J.A.R.V.I.S): Certainly, sir.

Mechanical arms reach out from behind panels in the floor of the balcony that slide way, and begins building red and gold armor over Tony's body as he walks to the edge of the balcony, where Spider-Man has leaped off; swinging on webs attached to buildings, and Thor has flown off of; gaining his armoring from lightning that strikes his body. Natasha and Clint jump onto black, high-tech motorcycles off on the lower side of the balcony, which slides down, like an elevator, taking them all the way to the ground. Bowman catches up to Tony, now in his Iron Man armor, his gold mask not over his face yet.

(Iron Man; he turns to Bowman): Stay back. Stay out of the way. This is Peter's fight. (His faceplate slides down).

Iron Man flies off the balcony, headed in the same direction as the others. Bowman rolls his eyes, then activates the Omnitrix. He slams the dial down on Jetray's hologram, the dial returns into the base, but doesn't do anything for a second. Then the Omnitrix sparks with green electricity before bursting with green light.

The Omnitrix is pulled into Bowman's arm as his skin turns green and his fingers are
morphed into three black claws. Four eye stalks burst from the sides of Bryce's head,
while black lines creep up over his face. He spins around, two large wings, four
insectoid legs, and a tail with a large blade break through his back. He spins, the
Omnitrix lights up on his forehead, for a second only. Stinkfly beats his wings

Stinkfly takes flight, rocketing toward the center of the city. Spider-Man lands on his feet, as he does, and faces a mutant who appears to be a mixture of a rhinoceros and a man. He is digging his foot into the ground repeatedly, as if preparing to charge.

(Spider-Man): Hold on now, Rhino, I don't want any trouble. I just wanna talk.

Rhino calms down a little, but is still on edge. Spider-Man walks forward, his hands raised to show his pacifism. The other heroes arrive behind him, shortly after, all remaining calm. Stinkfly arrives quickly, and notices Rhino. He flies down and reverts in front of him. Rhino backs away, startled.

(Bowman): What's up with him?

(Spider-Man): His DNA was spliced with a rhino's, so he acts like an animal some times. Bright lights scare him, but I think he can tell that you're not going to hurt him.

(Bowman): If he's so easy to control, just by being calm, why'd you ask if you could handle him?

(Spider-Man): He can be the exact opposite when he's upset. And Mr. Stark's kind of my mentor.

Spider-Man takes another step toward Rhino, but then Bowman puts his hand on his chest, stopping him. Bowman walks forward, quickly at first, but then he slows down when Rhino gets startled. Rhino slowly lets Bowman approach him, not being too trusting, but still allowing him to walk forward. Bowman makes it to Rhino's arm-length, successful in keeping him calm.

(Bowman): I don't want to hurt you... I'm going to use my powers to try and allow you more sentience, okay? (Rhino snorts cautiously.) Okay...

Bowman makes toward the Omnitrix, when, suddenly, the dial pops up on its own. The Omnitrix releases a loud alarm, the faceplate alternating between green and red violently.

(Bowman): (He sighs deeply.) Shit.

Rhino smacks Bowman with the back of his hand, throwing him into a nearby wall. Bowman walks out of it, his skin healing rapidly, the Omnitrix's dial has returned to normal. Rhino slams his hands into the pavement preparing to charge.

(Bowman): Alright, you little bitch, let's go!

Bowman slams the dial of the Omnitrix down.

Bowman's veins expand around the Omnitrix while it glows brilliantly. The veins keep
expanding, up his arm, while orange fur starts to grow out of the creases in between
his veins. This continues up his arm and to his face. His mouth opens in pain, while
his teeth sharpen and elongate. He roars, powerfully, while his head is taken over by
orange fur. The knuckles on his right hand, now totally covered in orange fur, split
and a black claw tears through the skin. Rath spins around and poses with his arms
out to the side, fingers flexing, and roaring at the top of his lungs. 

(Iron Man and Steve as Captain America; in unison): Whoa!


(Clint; as Hawkeye): Hey, Bowman, wait for a sec-

Rath leaps forward and punches Rhino, throwing him down and forcing him to skid across the ground. Rhino gets up and spits some dust out of his mouth. He turns around and faces Rath. The two animals charge each other, colliding with their fists. The punches create a huge sonic boom that rips through the road and shatters glass in the general area. Rath comes out victorious, and stands with his hands on his hips.

(Rath): That's right, bitch, Rath's got it all under- hey, why does my hand feel wet? (Rath looks down at his hand, seeing it bleeding and broken.) AH!! I broke my hand!

(Iron Man): If you took a second to listen to us before charging in, we could have told you he has skin that's basically Kevlar. You're lucky you didn't break more than your hand.


The Omnitrix blinks red and beeps in a succession of five beats, descending in tone, and at the end it explodes in red light, leaving Bowman in Rath's place.

(Bowman): Sorry about that. I...(he cringes for a second, fighting back a headache) I haven't used that transformation before. His personality kinda took over.

(Natasha; Black Widow): Don't worry about it. Come on, let's get back to base.

(Iron Man; to himself): Ugh, they're really falling for this crap?

(J.A.R.V.I.S.): What do you mean, sir?

(Iron Man): He's clearly a spy or something, you don't just pop up out of nowhere with powers like his.

(JA.R.V.I.S.): Maybe, but Captain Rogers trusts him.

(Iron Man): Yeah, well, Steve doesn't control me. (He flies off, back to the Avenger's tower.)

The End




  • Nick Fury (first appearance)

A.I. Units

  • J.A.R.V.I.S. (first appearance)


Aliens Used

Major Events


  • It is clear that Tony doesn't trust Bowman.
  • For an unknown reason, Bryce calls the Infinity the "Omnitrix".
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