The Assassin VS The Sludge is the 2nd episode of the 1st season of Kai 20:Aliens In Danger.


-Shows A Normal Green House-

Kai(Knocks on the door):"Hello?Anybody home?"



Johnny(Opens The Door):"Sorry for that...You know how sometimes she...."

Kai:"I understand..."

Johnny:"So do you brought your stuff...?"

Kai:(Shows Backpack):Yup!

Both:(Both run to the couch):"Sleepover!Ok first we play videogames the whole day."

Kai:"I got my contro-"

(Television changes to the News)

Will Harangue:"Attention everyone a giant creature is destroying every single house maybe looking for Ben Tennyson and will punish him for his acts!Who knows stay tooned!"

Kai:"Hmm...Care if I..."

Johnny:"Just go...I mean it's the third time this week what could go wrong...But at least take me with you!"

Kai:"Sure!Oh an thanks"

(Kai selects an alien and slaps the Alfatrix turning into a Kinceleran)


Johnny:"Why do you give them names..."

Speedster:"To be honest I don't know I like to do it...It pushed my imagination."

Johnny:"Yeah just hurry up."

(Speedster would run and grab Johnny then they both stop on top of a burning building with a armored Storaggian destroying the whole place)

FourFour:*Weird language*

Speedster:"Ok let's see if this works-"

*Alfatrix*:"Multi-language traducer activated please stay in range to translate"

FourFour:"I knew the signal he gave me was right you really are here..."


FourFour:"You will know in times the preparations are not ready yet..."

FourFour:"I am FourFour by the way...and I am here to KILL YOU!"

(Alfatrix times out)

Kai:"Hummm....Yeah....No chance...!"

Johnny:"Are you sure you can handle him,I mean the other aliens you fought were all criminals only wanting money,not assassins with wierd faces..."

Kai:"Whatever!Just you watch!"

FourFour:"It seems your watch timed out....Now its time...!"

(FourFour would blast a laser torwards Kai,but Johnny jumps to the front to protect him,the blast almost fails still causing Johnny to fall down the building)

Kai:"Oh no!Grrr...I still don't know exactly who you are but you will pay for this...!"

(Kai turns into a Lenopan)


(Sludger jumps off the building and turn into a mass of blob causing Johnny to fall with no problems)

Sludger:"Rest bud...I will take care of him...."

Johnny:"Ok...Go ahead I'll be ok..."

(Sludger jumps back to of the building)

Sludger:"Get ready...."

FourFour(Smiling under his helmet):"That's how I like it.."

(Sludger throws sludge to FourFour's helmet,causing him to lose balance,then Sludger punches him,also breaking part of his armor)

FourFour:"Agh...My armor!!This costed years to make!How dare y-!"

(Sludger punches him once more,interrupting him)

FourFour:"H-how rud--"

Sludger(Punches him again):"You're more talk then fight...I you're nothing...Learn how to dodge..."

Sludger:"The Final Blow!"

(Then Sludger Kicks him into the fire)


(Sometime later)

Kai:"The plumbers are here they will take Ugly face here to his new home,a nice worm cell,so are you ok?"

Johnny:"I guess,there is still time wannna...?"

Both:"Go over to your/my house to continue to play some videogames?"


(Ends with Kai and Johnny both going by,foot,home)

(Shows a Shadow Figure talking to a servent)

Servant:"S-sir...The Assassin has failed...."

? ? ?:"Grrr....That kid is starting to annoy me..."






Minor Characters



Shadowy Figure

Aliens Used


  • Originally instead of a Lenopan being the one unlocked it would've been a Polymorph.

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