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A gang that might appear in Figy 10. They are seperated into diffrent teams based on their specialties. Each

The Assassin Gang


Team Sneak, Team Powerhouse, and Team Hack

Team Sneak Alien Species'

XLR8, Big Chill, Goop, and ChamAlien

Team Powerhouse Alien Species'

Rath, Humungousaur, Terraspin, and Jetray

Team Hack Alien Species'

Upgrade, Grey Matter, Eye Guy, Echo Echo

Team Sneak Nicknames

Turbo, Frost, Slime, and Cloak

Team Powerhouse Nicknames

Rage, Muscle, Heli, and Plane

Team Hack Nicknames

Overload, Brain, Watchout, and Dup

Leader of Team Sneak


Leader of Team Powerhouse


Leader of Team Hack


team has a person for a specific reason.

Team Sneak[]

Leader: Frost (Also Transportation)

Second in Command: Turbo (Also Transportation)

Transportation/Battler: Cloak (Battler)

Newbie: Slime

Team Powerhouse[]

Leader: Muscle

Second in Command: Rage

Transportation/Battler: Heli (Transportation and Battler)

Newbie: Plane (Also Transportation)

Team Hack[]

Leader: Overload

Second in Command: Brain

Transportation/Battler: Watchout (Battler)

Newbie: Dup (Also Transportation)