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The Armaggedroid is the twenty-seventh episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open with a view of the skies of Galvan Mark II where the Proto-TRUK is ascending into the air in its ship form. After it takes to the sky and blasts off out of our view, we pan down to the surface where Frisbit flies on his frisbee towards Azmuth's tower. He arrives and is met by a Galvanic Mechamorph guarding the front entrance.]

Galvanic Mechamorph Guard: State your name and reason for presence.

Immediately, we hear a buzzing sound. The guard creates a head out of his back and reaches his hand to tap a small wall-mounted monitor, while the other head keeps a close eye on Frisbit who grows in impatience. We hear a voice.

Azmuth's Voice (through wall-mounted device): Oh, let the boy in already.
Galvanic Mechamorph Guard: Err, yes, Azmuth. He taps the screen once more and retracts his back head. He then merges with a portion of the wall to open the front door. Frisbit flies in and lands almost immediately after entering. Just as he is closing the door, the guard spots the Omnitrix symbol on Frisbit's frisbee as he replaces it on his back. The Mechamorph returns to his normal shape and taps the monitor once more. Azmuth, was that...was that Ben Tennyson?
Azmuth's Voice (intercom): Correct.
Galvanic Mechamorph Guard: Wow, I met Ben Tennyson!
Azmuth's Voice (intercom): Hardly.

We pan into Azmuth's tower, where on the first floor, Frisbit approaches a front desk where a familiar humanoid alien is standing.

Frisbit: Myaxx!
Myaxx/Humanoid Alien (fervently flipping around to face Ben): Huh? Do I know you? Frisbit removes his frisbee from his back and shows the Omnitrix symbol on its center. The Omnitrix? Ben?
Frisbit (replacing the frisbee on his back): Yeah, I'm here to see Azmuth.
Myaxx: Of course you are. Why didn't you just teleport into his lab?
Frisbit: I forgot the code, plus my Omnitrix has been acting up a bit.
Myaxx: Hmm...I see. Would you like me to take a look? Or is that why you're here to see all-high-and-mighty Azmuth?
Frisbit: I'm not here for that, but if you can check while showing me to Azmuth, then do it.
Myaxx: I can. Hand me that device on your back. Frisbit removes the frisbee from his back and hands it to Myaxx. Myaxx then steps onto a glowing circle on the floor just behind her. Are you coming?

Frisbit steps onto the circle.

Frisbit: Oh, I get it! It's an--He is cut off as the two fade away and are teleported elsewhere. We move to the top floor, home of Azmuth's main quarters, where Myaxx and Frisbit reappear on another glowing pad. Elevator.

Frisbit begins to walk forward in the direction of Azmuth's quarters as Myaxx stays close behind, tinkering with the Assault Omnitrix until she finally accesses its dev mode by tapping in a code on the hourglass face. Several green circles appear around the silver ring of the Omnitrix indicating the activation of dev mode.

Myaxx: Alright, I've got it.
Frisbit: It's fixed?
Myaxx: No, but I'm deep within the Omnitrix's core, basically.
Frisbit: I see.

Myaxx begins tapping buttons which causes a hologram featuring alien text to appear over the Omnitrix badge as the watch speaks.

Omnitrix: Reading read-only file: op-settings. Version; Power 0502145, out 1270134; Samples: 1,000,926; Speed: Maximum; Kim12. Now reading read-only file: d-settings. Myaxx: By the way, you're free to keep going, just make sure you don't go too far. I want to know if you're going to teleport over here if you need to.

Frisbit nods.

Omnitrix: A001: XYEGH896; A002: FFE236858; A003: 1382GHBC8621002; A004: 286RG--
Frisbit: Is this going to take long?
Myaxx: I have to go over at least 29 repositories and we've only done 3 and a half.
Frisbit: Is there any way you could do this without me having to listen to all of it?
Myaxx: Well, Mr. Impatient, I can. Just decouple your Omnitrix.
Frisbit: No, thanks. Are you sure you can't just, like, download it to Azmuth's computer.
Myaxx: Well, that's absolutely absurd.

Myaxx rushes over to Frisbit and begins to tug and pull it with the rest of Frisbit to Azmuth's vacant lab where she stops Frisbit in front of Azmuth's computer.

Frisbit: What--what are you doing?
Myaxx: Your idea, which in the scenario it works is considered my own idea since I'm making it work.

Myaxx pulls out a wire from Azmuth's computer and plugs it into one of the circles on the Omnitrix's silver ring. She removes the wire, leaving just the plug head in the Omnitrix.

Omnitrix: Connection detected, wired 20; ID: AZM. Bookmarking read of d-settings at A003.

Myaxx begins to rapidly type in a password. She then taps in a code on the Omntirix and the sizeable contents of the d-settings file are sent immediately.

Myaxx: Send to Myaxx's computer. On the computer screen, we see a large message in white text reading "DONE," before reverting to rapidly scrolling through the contents of the d-settings file. Myaxx at the same time begins to skim the file as fast as the text rolls by. Over time, her eyes widen until they practically bulge out of her eyes. She stops at this point. I know the problem.

Myaxx dashes out of the room, the main entrance shutting after her.

Frisbit: Wait, no! Frisbit lowers his head as he questions what to do next, just as the vault door behind him is swiftly opened and closed. Frisbit spots a Galvan walking out with a diminutive clipboard in hand. Happily: Azmuth?

The Galvan looks up to Ben.

Galvan (familiar voice): If you're referring to me, you're a bit off.

Frisbit's body slouches.

Frisbit: Oh, it's just you, Azon. Where's Azmuth?
Azon/Galvan: How should I know?
Frisbit: What do you mean, "how should you know?" He's your dad and your boss, ultimately the most important person in your life!
Azon: Not necessarily; my mother is the head of this planet's technocracy and, you know, is my mother!
Frisbit: Alright, so where is he?! I'm in a bit of a rush since I need to see a friend.
Azon (snickering): A *girl* friend?
Frisbit: A friend that's a girl, yeah.
Azon (sarcastically): Yeah, suuure.
Frisbit: Hey, I--He is cut off by the opening of the room's main entrance. A blinding light obfuscates Frisbit and Azon's view of the figure that steps in. A green crystal is shot into the room, missing Frisbit only due to quick reflexes which came about as the crystal became visible in the light. Hands flat over his eyes to try and protect himself from the light, he speaks. Tetrax? The light from the source of the crystal is dimmed. Someone in Azmuth's old suit, which had long disguised his diminutive Galvan appearance from even Azmuth's closest assistants such as Myaxx up until Ben's arrival seven years prior, steps into the room. Azmuth?


Part II

[We reopen in Azmuth's room where Frisbit grabs his frisbee off Azmuth's computer, removes the plug left in it by Myaxx, and launches it at the attacker, who now barrages Frisbit with green crystals. The attacker attempts to dodge the frisbee, but it comes right back for him and straps to the attacker's back, unbeknownst to them. The attacker continues to hit Frisbit, who flashes away and appears on the attacker's back, who now realizes the frisbee and Frisbit's weight upon him. He struggles to keep up as Frisbit presses a button on the frisbee which engages the Vena Contra Plug-like impairment feature. Frisbit leaps off of the attacker's back and stands before him as he is substantially weakened before his eyes. The attacker cries out in pain.]

Frisbit: Don't worry, whoever you are, that thing can't kill you. Only weaken you till you go unconscious.
Attacker (familiar voice): GET-GET IT OFF OF ME, BEN!
Frisbit: Tetrax? Oh, man, is that you?

Frisbit remotely lifts his frisbee off of the disguised Tetrax's back, disengaging the impairment program and maneuvering it to his own back. He then walks over to Tetrax who falls onto one knee with the other bent standing on its foot, and with one arm kept in a fist touching the floor to keep him up. Heavy breathing can be heard as Frisbit kneels at the bowing Tetrax's side.

Frisbit: Tetrax--
Tetrax: It's fine, it's fine. I was not expecting such a defeat in your form, but you did well. The face of the suit opens up and Tetrax looks up to Frisbit. You appear to have evolved that device of yours from its base form. Then again, your kind is known for being quite intelligent, maybe even comparable to that of Azmuth.
Azon (in the background): Unlikely. Azmuth's the smartest galaxy in several galaxies, including the one where this alien comes from.
Tetrax: Comparable can mean that his kind stands just behind Azmuth in that race.
Azon: Hah, I stand immediately behind Azmuth, Shard.
Tetrax: We've faced a Galvan foe who has shown his ability as a smarter Galvan than you, Altrazon.
Azon: Doubtful, but sure.
Tetrax: Ben, help me up.
Frisbit: On it. He removes his frisbee from his back and holds it in the air just underneath Tetrax's head. He proceeds to remotely lift the frisbee into the air, pushing Tetrax's body upward, while using his physical body to hold Tetrax's hands up to a standing position. There you go.

The frisbee flies onto Frisbit's back.

Tetrax: Thanks, Ben. Though I wouldn't be in this painful position had it not been for your attacking me.
Frisbit: Hey, you came in here and started attacking me for no reason.
Tetrax: It was a training exercise, Ben. You did well, by the way.
Frisbit: Uh-huh.
Tetrax: So what are you doing here, by the way?
Frisbit: I'd ask the same thing to you.
Tetrax: Except I asked first.
Frisbit: Yes, you did. I'm looking for Azmuth. You look like you know where he is.
Tetrax: How so? Frisbit raises and curves a part of his head-wrapping eye to simulate raising a brow. Tetrax looks down and analyzes his body then looks back up to Ben. I see. This suit was used by Azmuth years ago, yes, but I got it from Azmuth as he was in the middle of work. He keeps bouncing back and forth between rooms in the building, but he continues to return to his main lab. I can take you there assuming you don't know the way.
Frisbit: Couldn't you just lock in one of his devices on my Omnitrix and we track him that way?
Tetrax: I could if I knew the codes assigned to his devices as the well as if I had a device that could scan for such high-tech things as what he carries around. I don't even think your Omnitrix can track him.
Frisbit: Why not? It's supposed to be a useful tool; it should be powerful enough.
Tetrax: A useful tool, yes, but you forget that Azmuth didn't have your uses of the Omnitrix in mind while creating it. Newer versions or not, he's not going to create a weapon that could be misused greatly if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Now, would you like me to take you to Azmuth?
Frisbit: Hmm...I don't get many tours around this place, so you're going to have to.
Tetrax: Obliged. He turns around, making a small tube filled with a green liquid visible. Come on.
Frisbit: What's that on your back?
Tetrax: Huh? Frisbit dashes over to Tetrax and removes the tube. Tetrax half turns around and observes the content of Frisbit's hand. Oh, that. He takes it from Frisbit and clenches it tightly. The tube extends at both ends and finally at its head, two pipes appear through which energy beams can exit. The lower end touches the floor. It's nothing more than Azmuth's old staff. He created a more mobile version of it for me, knowing how I am with mobile technology.
Frisbit: Oh. Tetrax shakes the staff at its center, and it shrinks back to its normal tube size. He sticks it onto the center of his back and begins to walk forward, Frisbit following suit just before the door shuts. While in the hallway, the two begin to engage in conversation. So, how are you actually able to have that suit on you, Tetrax?
Tetrax: What do you mean?
Frisbit: I mean, it's made for Azmuth. I do believe there was a seat in there or something for him to pilot the suit from, back years ago.
Tetrax: Oh, that. He discarded all the pieces and is using them in a new project, the source of his rather confusing jumping around the place at the moment. He said I could have the suit if I wanted, and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have a creation from the smartest being in many galaxies.
Frisbit: You still sound excited to talk to him, like he's some famous person you don't know personally.
Tetrax: Hmm...your vocabulary is surprisingly as that transformation, Ben, whereas your personality seems to have been downgraded to Azmuth level.
Frisbit: Untrue, I have feelings.
Tetrax: I didn't say you didn't.
Frisbit: Well, you implied--
Tetrax: Nothing was implied. I said your personality's lacking. It's less like you, you know?
Frisbit: I suppose.
Tetrax: Think about it.
Frisbit: Alright. So what's this new project Azmuth's working on?
Tetrax: Don't know; won't tell me. What I do know is he has in an old friend who is also doing a great deal of the work.
Frisbit: A friend working as an assistant. The relationship seems a bit odd.
Tetrax: Will you stop acting like that, Ben?
Frisbit: Like what?
Tetrax: Like a linear robot. I'd like to have a conversation, but I'd at least like if it weren't talking like this.
Frisbit: Well, then you're going to need to talk to the actual me. He removes his frisbee from his back and holds it in his hand. He then smacks down upon the center Omnitrix symbol, reverting to human.
Ben: Whoa.
Tetrax: "Whoa," indeed. Felt like I was losing you there, Ben.
Ben: Same here. Not Ghostfreak-style, but still.
Tetrax: Ghostfreak?
Ben: You haven't heard of Ghostfreak, have you?
Tetrax: I assume he is one of your aliens.

Ben sighs.

Ben: I've got a *lot* to fill you in on.
Tetrax: Care to begin.
Ben: Not now. It's a long story. Another time, alright, Tetrax?
Tetrax: Of course. Here we are. Tetrax walks up to a nearby large, round door. By only standing in front of it, he is granted clearance. The door slides open. Give clearance to Ben, too.

A small part of the wall just above the door flashes green. Tetrax then walks in with Ben following suit. When the two enter, they scour the room which is comprised of three desks for Azmuth, but they do not find him.

Ben: Guess he's not here.
Tetrax: We will then have to wait until he comes back.

Tetrax walks over to a corner of the room onto a circular pad. He stands there, and a small robotic arm is released from the wall that pushes a normally unreachable point on Tetrax's back. Tetrax raises his arms and holds them out straight.

Ben: What are you doing?
Tetrax: Nothing, nothing. From the top of the head of the suit to the crotch of it, the suit is opened from the center. Tetrax in his classic black short-sleeved uniform steps out from within the suit, one of his hoverboards visible in a mobile form on his back. Just getting a bit of air.
Ben: Do you even need air?

Tetrax simply stands there for a moment with an odd look on his face.

Tetrax: So why have you come to see Azmuth, exactly? I assume it's related to Omnitrix, which I may be of assistance with the repair of.
Ben: Yeah, you might, but there's no problem with the Omnitrix.
Omnitrix: Active mode deactivated. Scan Mode queue is full.
Tetrax: Uh-huh?
Ben: Well, there wasn't a problem before!
Tetrax: Let me see it. Hold your arm out. Ben holds up his arm in front of him. Tetrax removes gloves from his pocket with glowing blue fingertips then dons them. He approaches Ben. You may want to lay your arm on something; this could take awhile. Ben nods and moves over to the side of a nearby table, keeping his arm out straight as he walks over. He seats himself on a high chair and drops his arm on the table. Tetrax approaches the front of the table, beginning to analyze the Omnitrix. Do you remember what the error message was?
Ben: "Scan Mode queue is full," I think.
Tetrax: Hmm...ask it how many aliens are in the queue.
Ben: Umm...Omnitrix, how many aliens are in the queue?
Omnitrix: Max capacity for queue is 6. Current count of aliens queued for scanning: 6.
Tetrax: And the aliens? There is a moment of silence. Ben!
Ben: Oh, sorry. Omnitrix, which aliens are in the queue?
Omnitrix: Thep Khufan, Revonnahgander, Galvanic Mechamorph, Chimera Sui Generis, Galvan, and Petrosapien samples are currently in queue for final sampling.
Ben: And why aren't you--

We hear someone approaching the room. Tetrax and Ben divert their attention to the entrance door, which opens as the tall Myaxx steps into the room, having to bend her neck before entering the door which stood lower than herself. She holds a clipboard which she pays attention to, paying absolutely no attention to those in the room.

Myaxx: Azmuth, I've just completed a diagnostic based on data from the Omnitrix, and there is vital information about Ben's Assault Omnitrix I must talk to you about. She raises her head to see Tetrax and Ben. Where's Azmuth?
Ben: We don't know. We're waiting here for him.

Myaxx sighs.

Myaxx: Well, as opposed to you two, I know his codes. I'll find him myself.

Myaxx turns around and leaves the room, the door closing only after she'd left.

Ben: We could've gotten the codes from her, couldn't we?
Tetrax: We would still need something powerful enough for scanning, which I doubt your Omnitrix is.

Ben sighs.

Ben: Alright. So, hey, you never said what you were doing here?
Tetrax: Me? I come here and help him with projects every now and then, and he'll come to help me with the installation--or even invention on his own part--of new parts for my ship. Azmuth and I are friends, in a way. He wouldn't admit such a thing to anyone he was friends with, seeing as how he refuses to really use his emotions, but I know how he feels about me.

The door to the room opens once more, with Azmuth and one other familiar Galvan entering the room, speaking and laughing with each other.

Azmuth: Oh, they fit like a charm, old friend, as if your suit was built for the innards of my own.
Galvan: I'd have to be a fiend to have been able to do something like that intentionally, but of course, great minds think alike, Azmuth.
Azmuth: That they do, old friend, that they do. Azmuth looks up to Tetrax and Ben, who stare down to Azmuth. Tetrax, Ben, what are you doing in my lab?
Ben: We--
Myaxx's Voice (outside the room): Azmuth?

Myaxx comes rushing into the room.

Azmuth: What is it, Myaxx?
Myaxx: Great Azmuth, I performed a diagnostic based on the Assault Omnitrix's protected data and--

Myaxx looks up to see Ben staring intently. She squints at him then opens her eyes wide as she bends over and whispers something to Azmuth. She rises back up when she is done speaking, Azmuth left with eyes widened.

Azmuth: Ben, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
Ben: But I came here to get you to unlock my aliens. Scarogus is back, and I need them.
Azmuth: Scarogus poses no threat so long as the Tritadagen, the Armada's ultimate goal, is in the hands of that so-called "Safeguarding One," which I can confirm it is and always will be. Now, I ask that you be escorted out of the building promptly. Tetrax, you take him.
Tetrax: But Azmuth--
Azmuth: But nothing.
Myaxx: But something, actually. It's effecting Ben's ability to scan aliens.

Azmuth sighs.

Azmuth: Override proximity jammer.
Omnitrix: Override complete. Now scanning aliens in queue.
Azmuth: There. Tetrax, take him out of the building immediately. I want you and everybody else on the team in this building now, and that includes Max Tennyson.
Ben: What do you need with Grandpa?
Azmuth: That is currently none of your concern, Benjamin. Go about the rest of your day. I'm still waiting, Tetrax. Tetrax sighs then gets up onto his feet and yanks Ben by his arm to the door. Ben then walks ahead on his own, angrily looking back at Azmuth as he heads back down the hall. The door to the main lab shuts.

[We transition to Azmuth's quarters where Azon stands facing opposite the door from his position near Azmuth's computer. The door opens and Azmuth's old Galvan friend enters the room. In the background, out the window, we can spot Rook's Proto-TRUK descending to the surface. Azon turns around and spots the Galvan. In the background we hear faintly reports from the Proto-TRUK's police radio.]

Azon: Oh, hello. You're Azmuth's old friend, right? Erm, I don't believe I caught your name earlier.
Galvan: I never said.

Azon's eyes fly open and the clipboard in his hand falls to the floor. Azon becomes paralyzed, then falls onto his back, unconscious. The sound of the Proto-TRUK's Plumber radio becomes louder, allowing us to hear.

Plumber radio: Be on the lookout for the Galvan known as Slix Beta, charged with attempt at murder and escaping Incarcecon NV. Last spotted in the Galvan System.

The sound of the radio is toned down to faint chatter once more as we overhear Azmuth calling to his quarters.

Azmuth's Voice (yelling): Slix, are you coming?
Slix/Galvan (yelling): Yes, of course, Azmuth. He turns around and exits through the still-open door which shuts tightly after he leaves.

[We pan down to Azon's body lying motionlessly on the floor.]


Part III

[We open on Galvan Mark II, as Tetrax waves to the ascending Proto-TRUK from his place at the doorway of Azmuth's tower. He steps back and the Galvanic Mechamorph guard shuts the door. We pan back to a view solely of the Proto-TRUK as it blasts off. We transition to a view of Rook and Ben seated in the front seats as if we are seated staring from outside the front windshield. Rook nervously looks over to Ben, who is staring out the window. Rook looks back to the open outer space after Ben blows some of his air upward while looking out the window but is quick to look back to Ben afterward. Somewhat nervous, Rook speaks to Ben.]

Rook: Ben, I do not believe I have formally handed off my condolences for your loss a few months back. As former partners, and to a degree, friends, I do not know what held me back previously, but I just want you to know--
Ben: Thanks, Rook.
Rook: Your cousin had informed me you were rather beat up about it, but it seems you've found someone to take Ms. Yamamoto's place.
Ben: Yeah, I mean--Ben pulls up his head and looks to Rook. Rook, Mercedes is my friend. We just met, like, five days, and just like me, she's not looking for anyone, except a friend.
Rook: Oh, well that is good, too. You are at least finding something that will occupy your time to keep Julie off of your mind.
Ben: I was hoping doing something like this or for the Plumbers would do the same thing, but you people are seriously not helping.
Rook: Err, apologies, Ben. Ben sighs then begins to slouch in his seat, looking straight outside the windshield. So, a question, about actual Plumber duties: did you see any suspicious-looking Galvans while on their home world?
Ben: No, not really.
Rook: Are you sure? This escapee is quite dangerous, and--
Ben: I'm sure, Rook.

Rook sighs out of his nose, then returns full focus to space. We speed forward to a little over 30 minutes later, as the Proto-TRUK begins its fast approach to the huge blue planet Earth up ahead. Rook, after having refocused long ago on where he is headed, turns to Ben, and after a barely audible sigh, speaks to Ben to Ben.

Rook: And, another question, in regards to Azmuth--
Ben: You can meet him if you want, Rook. I'm pretty sure he'll be glad to after we saved him so many times.
Rook: Uh, no, Ben. I was going to ask how the brilliant Azmuth took the information regarding the Thep Khufan Scarogus. And, another question coming truly from your grandfather, if you were given back your older transformations for use in battle.
Ben: Oh. Well, to the first question, he knew already.
Rook: What? That is not possible. Information could not have spread that quickly. This is private information.
Ben: While we were in Azmuth's lab, Myaxx, one of his assistants, told him something, and he suddenly got serious and kicked me out. But before I let him, I told him about Scarogus, and he just said already knew.
Rook: That is quite peculiar. I am interested to learn what this "Myaxx" informed Azmuth of in full, and where she got her own intel. And so what about my other question?
Ben: Oh, he didn't. He said Scarogus doesn't have anything like the Tritadagen to try and take over the universe with, so the aliens I have now, all 17 of them, should work if he shows his face again.
Rook: Who knows what other powerful device he may use to attempt to destroy everything, Ben? I do not believe Azmuth has made the wisest of choices.
Ben: He's the smartest alien in over 20 galaxies. We're just gonna have to trust him, I guess.
Rook: Agreeing with your elders, namely Azmuth and your grandfather, is not something inherently present in you, not something that I've ever seen from you. Are you the real Ben Tennyson?
Ben: What kind of--? Of course, I am!
Rook: I am merely checking. You are not acting like yourself.
Ben: Well, I am myself. And not like Grandpa, Azmuth didn't go completely berserk when I told him about Scarogus.
Rook: Are you sure? Your grandfather at least let you leave; Azmuth sounds to have thrown you out by force. Ben does not even attempt to make a rebuttal. A call comes in through Rook's onboard computer. He taps the screen to accept it immediately. Hello, Magister.

Ben's eyes widen at the sound of the greeting.

Caller (familiar voice): Hello, Rook. Where is Ben?
Rook: He is right here, Magister.
Caller (familiar voice): Let me talk to him.

Rook taps a button on the computer that leads it to slide to the right over to just in front of Ben's passenger seat.

Rook: You can now, Magister Tennyson.
Max/caller (caller): You needn't address me by my title after every sentence, Rook.
Rook: Apologies, Mag--umm, apologies.
Max (caller): Better. BEN! We get a view of Ben, whose focus has returned to out the passenger window. Ben, you better talk to me right now. What did Azmuth say while you were on Galvan Prime? Ben, look at me when I'm talking to you! Ben looks over to Max. Answer the question, Ben.
Ben: He said nothing important.

Ben presses down on the screen of the computer, ending the call and returning the monitor back to its center place in the center console. Ben returns to looking out the window.

Rook: Ben, I do not believe that was among your smartest ideas.
Ben: I don't care, Rook. I just want to get back to Earth so I can head to that amusement park with Mercedes.
Rook: You would rather hang out with a person you met four days ago than pay attention to and respect your grandfather and leader of the Plumbers?
Ben: I'd rather that than get yelled at, Rook. Now, please, just fly the ship. Rook attempts to speak one more word, but Ben cuts him off upon spotting the bare movements of the Revonnahgander's lips. Fly, the, ship.

Rook shuts his mouth.

[We pan away to outside of the Proto-TRUK as Rook accelerates towards Earth. We reopen on the surface, just in front of Ben's house as the sun begins to near the horizon in its descent, pinkish lights shining all along streets, homes, and various other visible buildings in the area. The Proto-TRUK now descends to the surface, transforming into a regular truck upon touchdown. Ben pushes open the passenger door almost immediately, but before stepping out, he is met with a hand lightly touching his shoulder. Without turning around, he questions the gesture.]

Ben: What, Rook?
Rook: Ben, we are friends, correct?
Ben: Yeah, I guess.
Rook: It is a yes or no question, Ben.
Ben: Yeah, yes, Rook, we are.
Rook: And friends help each other, correct? And the one not helping is the one being helped?
Ben: Yeah...
Rook: So if a true friend was helping another true friend, would it not be wise for that friend being helped to take that other friend's advice.
Ben: It would, Rook. Don't worry, I'll take to Max later.
Rook: You should really talk to him now. You are simply allowing him to climb the ladder of anger as you delay this.
Ben: I'm going to talk to him, Rook. He leaps out of the passenger seat, and just before closing the door, he turns back to Rook. But thanks.

Rook puts the hand once on Ben's shoulder back at the 2 o'clock position on the steering wheel.

Rook: Just get to him before he gets to you. That is all I am saying.

Ben nods, then shuts the passenger door. The truck begins to rumble a bit as Rook begins to drive off at slow speeds down the street. Ben then unlocks and boards the DX Mark 10, which had stood immediately behind him. Upon entry, he is quick to start up and heat the car, then drive off in Rook's direction to the three-way intersection up Ben's street. After reaching Rook, he salutes him from his seat with two fingers, then turns and accelerates at speeds the Proto-TRUK in truck form only wishes it could reach without raising suspicion.

[We reopen outside of Bellwood as Ben races by in the DX Mark 10 through empty night roads. As he drives, he passes by the pier, where he spots several couples enjoying cotton candy and the various rides at the amusement park-like location. He slows his car down and reverses to the entrance, where he begins to reminisce. Looking into his memories, we see Ben leaping away from a rogue ride with Galvanic Mechamorph patterns; we see Jetray dashing over the water just outside of the pier after the rogue ride stealing Julie. But then very abruptly we rewind to the very beginning of the date, as the two walk and are seen observing the wide open area. They look to each other and laugh. We fast forward a bit to Ben holding two pieces of cotton candy in hand--one pink, one blue. Julie is given the choice of either one and grabs pink. Ben then takes a bite out of one and leaves himself with the blue cotton over his teeth as he smiles, and Julie laughs in response. Then we fast forward more as Jetray is in the air, watching the Mechamorph ride take off with Julie. We move forward and find Jetray revealing himself to Julie, who takes the news lightly. With a final transition, we watch as Humungousaur protects Julie by hugging her, completely shielding her from an explosion. Afterward, he awkwardly steps away as she asks him to move away at that point. The flashback ends as Ben hears a horn in reality. He looks in his rear-view mirror to find a car with one male and one female in the front seat honking at him. He moves from his parked spot at the side of the street in front of the entrance and speeds down the road. After less than a half-mile of driving, he finds himself at the entrance of an amusement park. We move forward a few minutes after Ben has parked his car, as he enters the amusement park on his own. He is stopped by a human male ticket counter.]

Ticket counter: Ticket please.
Ben: Err, what?
Ticket counter: Ticket, please.
Ben: I don't have one, but my friends were in here earlier. They know I'm coming; they have my ticket.
Ticket counter: Ticket.
Ben: But my friends--
Ticket counter: Ticket please.
Ben: Look, has a girl named Mercedes come in here lately?
Ticket counter: Ticket and we'll see.
Ben: Can't you just tell me?
Ticket counter: No. Ticket, please.
Ben: Look, I don't have any money, and I don't have a ticket. If you could just call my friend over here--
Ticket counter: If you do not have the funds to pay for a ticket or an available ticket in hand, you must be on a private friends list of an active employee to enter this place. Now, ticket please or name of employee.

In the background, we see Mercedes and Kai appear and look to the ticket counter, spotting Ben and the ticket counter. Mercedes and Kai rush over to the entrance.

Mercedes: What's going on?
Ben: Oh, here. She has my ticket.
Mercedes: Umm...about that...
Ben: Mercedes! I paid last time, so it's your turn!
Mercedes: Oh, c'mon, you must have some money on you.
Ben: I've got lint and a penny in my pocket.
Mercedes: How much is a ticket?
Ticket counter: $10 for anyone under 13, $15 for anyone over 13.
Mercedes: Alright, you just need $14.99 more.
Ben: Or you could just give me *your* ticket and I go in and enjoy the rest of the rides.
Mercedes: Ben!
Ticket counter: If you know any employees here, you may--
Ben: I don't know anyone who works here! C'mon, I'm Ben Tennyson! Why can't you just let a superhero in just this once? I'm sure you guys'll have a lot of people crowd in here to see me as soon as I come in.
Ticket counter: I know who you are. It does not amuse me meeting a superhero.
Mercedes: I'm so sorry, Ben.
Ben: You owe me. I was so ready to go on the Fire Yelper.
Mercedes: Maybe next time?
Ben: Yeah, sure...

Ben turns around and begins walking off back out the entrance-exit, but is stopped by someone's yell.

Kai (yelling, to Ben): Wait, Ben!

Ben flips around and sees the ticket counter, Mercedes, and Kai with their arms wrapped around each other.

Ticket counter, Mercedes, Kai (in unison): GOTCHA!
Ben: What?

Mercedes whips out a ticket and hands it to the ticket counter.

Ticket counter: A pleasure, Mercedes.
Mercedes: The same, Rex.
Ben: Rex? Wait...Kai's boyfriend, Rex? That Rex?!
Kai: Yep.
Ben: Oh, you know I'm going to get you back for this.
Mercedes: Of course we do, but you're definitely not going to top us.
Ben: Said the 16 year old girl to the 17 year old with a watch that can turn him into any alien in this galaxy, and in some out of the Milky Way.
Mercedes: Pfft, that won't help you.
Ben: We'll see. Ben walks in, high-fiving Rex. Good one, Rex.
Rex: And you're a good sport, Ben. Enjoy the rides.
Ben (stopping in his tracks as he begins to enter with Mercedes and Kai): Wait, wait, wait!
Rex: What?
Ben: Why are you working here? What happened to Uncle Bob's?
Rex: Someone else takes weekend shifts, that way I can work here on Saturdays. It's way easier taking Kai out like this, 'cause as soon as my shift's over, the weekend really begins.
Ben: I see. So, you're not coming in?
Rex: Later, Ben. Have fun, everybody.
Kai: Rex, I think I'll stay here a bit, okay?
Rex: It's pretty boring manning this place. You sure?
Kai: I'm sure. When we're together, nothing's boring.
Ben: Oh, eww, come on, guys.
Mercedes (tugging Ben ahead): Oh, c'mon, Ben!

[We transition to Ben and Mercedes as they board the front seats of the Fire Yelper rollercoaster after paying their tickets up to someone in front of the entrance. The person manning the entrance halts the continuation of the line ahead of him, locking the door as he begins to work the controls just beyond the entrance.]

Male Manning the Rollercoaster (unenthusiastic tone): Keep your arms and legs inside the Fire Yelper rollercoaster at all times and hold tightly onto the bar, or not. Just don't come crying to me when you all die or fall out or something.

The person manning the controls flips a lever with a large green ball atop it, and the rollercoaster begins its slow start along a straight hill, before beginning a speedy ascent, then immediate descent, with everyone onboard the Fire Yelper raising their arms as they do so. They begin to twist and turn along the tracks of the attraction, but at one point, the attention of one is stolen by a member of the crowd exploring the area in the amusement park. This particular member is Ben, whom we focus on. He begins to squint down into the crowd below, spotting a fairly tall person in an overcoat and a black hat. They straighten their hat to protect their identity, at which point Ben, who had been mimicking the arm motions of everyone on the Fire Yelper by simply watching Mercedes at the corner of his eye, stops and stands atop the seat on the attraction. Everyone gasps. People in the crowd below even begin to point, stare, and whisper. Cries of "he's gonna jump" are heard, but they quickly transition into "Wait, that's Ben Tennyson!" and "That's Super Ben!"

Mercedes: Ben, what are you doing?
Ben: Watch my seat, will you? Ben jumps off of the seat, and the cries of "Oh no!" begin in anticipation of a painful drop for Ben, who just before landing swiftly pops up the Assault Omnitrix tower, smacks it down, and transforms into Frisbit. He manages to remove from his back and mount his frisbee within seconds, blasting off toward the crowd member, who begins to dash away from the general crowd into an unoccupied area of the park, where the figure is met with a dead end. Frisbit lowers to the floor.
Frisbit: I know that's you, so why don't you just show yourself.

The overcoat figure turns around and just barely lifts his hat to show the devilish smile upon his Thep Khufan face. Even in the dark shadow from his hat, the Thep Khufan's purple eyes glow.

Frisbit: I knew that was you, Scare. You make yourself about as obvious as a hippo among ants. Don't see why you're smiling either, since you're about to lose. He prepares to jump off of his frisbee, but he finds himself reverting to human.
Ben: What? He looks down and finds a long thread of paper receding back into Scarogus. As Scarogus begins to fully turn around to face Ben, Ben pops up the Assault Omnitrix tower and smacks it down. He finds the dial now appearing red. Ben attempts to run out of sight, but Scarogus quickly catches him offguard and unleashes a large purple blast in Ben's direction. As the focus turns to Scarogus, we see the Thep Khufan dash off into the night.

[We pan down to Ben, unconscious and lying on the floor, his clothes ripped along various spots, and new burns and cuts now visible along unsleeved parts of his arms, legs, and most prominently, his face.]


Part IV

[We open with a view through Ben's eyes from a laying position of a rather confined white room with two doors with windows just at the foot of whatever he is laying on. He pans around the room to find numerous pieces of advanced alien medical equipment, and soon enough, his friends Mercedes, Kai, and Rex surrounding him, as well as one caucasian blonde Human female paramedic.]

Female Paramedic: He's coming to.

Kai, Rex, and Mercedes focus themselves on Ben.

Kai: Ben, you alright?
Ben: Fine, yeah. Where's Scarogus?
Female Paramedic: Scarogus? You saw him?
Ben: He's the one who fried me. I don't know why he didn't just waste me there. He was able to cut through Alkamine pretty well before.
Kai: Maybe your skin's stronger?
Female Paramedic: Doubtful. 'Ben sits up straight. Ben Tennyson, you are seriously injured. There are wounds all over you that have been patched in the quickest way possible. We need to get you to an Plumber facility pronto.
Ben: You're gonna end up taking me to Grandpa before you take me to that facility. I want to drive on my own, or better yet,--He pops up the Omnitrix dial and immediately presses it, before the paramedic is even able to reach out her arm and stop him.
Frisbit: Fly there.
Female Paramedic: There are still scratches and cracks all across that alien form. You are hurt, Ben, please stay.
Frisbit: No, thanks. I know the way to the infirmary at HQ that doesn't involve passing by Grandpa. He removes his frisbee from his back and throws it right out of the back doors, breaking them open without damaging them (much), and leaving the frisbee to go airborne. Frisbit salutes the paramedic who tries to keep Frisbit from leaving as well, but he teleports away to his frisbee.

[Outside the ambulance, we pan over to a small black circular device laying on the outer wall of the ambulance. Its center is beeping red, but now turns green. We follow green waves sent out from it invisible by the naked eye to around the back of a nearby skyscraper. A heavy man seated in his van sits before an array of computers in his vehicle, now beginning to speak into the black headphones over his head. We pan to the place where his contact is: the top of the skyscraper. We find a radio tower at the very top of the scraper. We enter the highest room in the building belonging to a news station. There we find two news correspondents, the left being female and the right being male.]

Female Correspondent: And so after three months under constant watch in an attempt to spark her memories back, the rich and famous Ron Reymann's daughter Stacy Reymann has finally recovered from full amnesia. By her side has been someone said to be a long-time friend, Vincent Rogh, who is said to have recently become romantically involved with Reymann. Boy, isn't it a great time when we're able to have such a happy ending, Jeremy?
Jeremy/Male Correspondent: Yes, it is, Hanna. Who said the princess needed to kiss a frog to break her curse? Jeremy holds his finger up to his earpiece, and after a moment's silence, he speaks again. We have just gotten word that the alien mastermind known as "Scarogus" has resurfaced, making his second appearance this week. He recently appeared at the Wallabee Park just outside of Bellwood where he is said to have taken on and very easily defeated Ben Tennyson. As the story develops, we will fill you in here, Channel 9, Gar News.
Hanna/Female Correspondent: We will hopefully be able to do so at 11 o'clock, but until then, Gar News concludes for the day. That's a good night for those of you who can't join us for our later show, and see you later for those we can.
Jeremy: This has been Gar News. Jeremy Hackett.
Hanna: And Hanna Bére.
Jeremy Hackett: See you soon and good night.

We pan away and move downwards through the floor to yet another channel's room. A single chair lies behind a wide desk. The cameramen for this show appear at the site and the lights in the room are thrown on. The host of the show walks into view, our own view changing to that of right behind the suit-wearing male. He seats himself and as he begins to speak, we pan around to a front view of him.

Show Host: Hello, and welcome, people of America, to the Will Harangue Nation, 9 o'clock edition. I'm your host, Will Harangue, and we'll be diving into some "juicy" information. Some developing news is happening right in Bellwood, or rather, just outside it. I mean, where else would it happen with the presence of the ever-arrogant Ben Tennyson right in our area? Now, what we've got is the return of the infamous alien menace "Scarogus," who's been appearing quite the amount recently. Suspicious, seeing as Ben Tennyson only recently got his alien watch back as well. Connections can be made, and I say this double-crossing--err, I mean, national threat is no more than the treasonous Ben Tennyson. You can, of course, weigh in on our threat online. Back to the point, though--

As Will continues to speak with his voice becoming quieter, we pan out and find ourselves watching a TV. A businessman in a great suit is watching the news on one of many TVs behind a glass display outside of a store.

Frisbit's Voice: How could he think that's me?! I save lives! I thought Scarogus was out of the way until he appeared again on Tuesday!

We pan out further to find Frisbit, floating on his frisbee, having been right there behind the businessman watching TV. The businessman flips around.

Businessman: AHH, IT'S BEN TENNYSON!

The businessman grabs his suitcase laying idle on the floor then dashes away.

Frisbit: Wait, I didn't--He is stopped after a can makes impact with his head. Ow. He turns around to the source of the attack, a middle-aged black-haired extremely dark-skinned man also in a suit. Hey, what was that for?
Middle-Aged Man: Killing innocent people, and in your territory! You're just a monster! You're no hero!
Frisbit: Do we have to go over this every time Harangue accuses me of something like this?
Middle-Aged Man: Well, he's never wrong! You're a threat, a menace, just like he said! An alien bent on destroying us all!

Frisbit rolls his eyes and flies off on his frisbee. After paying attention only to the man on the streets behind him, when he looks back to what direction he was headed, he finds himself slammed into the front of a Plumber ship, his frisbee continuing off under the ship.

Frisbit: Umm, sorry.

The sole Plumber piloting the ship inside nods to Ben. The pilot pulls down one of the windshields.

Plumber Pilot: Come inside. I'll take you back to an infirmary.
Frisbit: I'm fine. I'm going there myself.
Plumber Pilot: I can get you there more safely.
Frisbit: I'm fine.
Plumber Pilot: No, you're not. Your vitals are severely low and you need healing immediately.
Frisbit: I said, I'm FINE! He teleports away to his frisbee, which sits just feet away from the back of the ship, which lays idle as Frisbit stares at it from behind. Omnitrix, credentials.
Omnitrix: No internal files match. Is access to Plumber files permitted?
Frisbit: Yes.
Omnitrix: Scanning...No match. May need full view of target.
Frisbit: He's not a target, Omnitrix...not yet. He flies over to the back of the ship then puts his hand to his chin, thinking. How could I get in silently, catch him offguard, see who he is? Frisbit's gonna make a lot of mess, and I want to break this thing if he's legitimate and I just don't have sufficient data. Wow, extensive use of this transformation truly does result in a great advance in vocabulary, setting aside this entire statement. But hmm...who? Brawn's too big, Combustiball might just burn through the place, Alkamine can get in subtly enough, and all I can do is break my way in through the back door. But that might be too loud...He removes his hands from his head as his eyes widen. He grabs his frisbee from underneath him and attaches it to his back, beginning to fall from the air. Soon enough, we see a green flash originating from Frisbit's frisbee-based Omnitrix symbol. Rising up to the back of the ship is none other than--

Streak scratches a portal in the air and enters. We pan over to the interior of the Plumber ship, just behind the two pilot seats. Streak walks into the room through a portal that appears just as he enters. The solo pilot casually turns around in his chair to spot Ben.

Plumber Pilot: I had left one window open for you, Ben. You could have entered through there rather than attempting to intrude upon my vessel.
Streak: I see that. Regretting it already. He raises his hand and points to the pilot with his index finger. Who are you?
Plumber Pilot: A Plumber.
Streak: I know; what's your name?
Plumber Pilot: Are the facts that I have my own vessel as well as the standard garbs not convincing enough for you, Ben? Here, why don't we just head back to HQ and we'll talk there?
Streak: No. Now show me your badge and I'll be on my way.
Plumber Pilot: I killed your grandfather.
Streak: WHAT?! The Plumber pilot removes his badge from his back pocket and hands it to Streak. What did you just say? The pilot gestures with his head for Streak to use the badge by pointing to it. Streak presses down on the badge given to him by the pilot, while continuing to look back up at the pilot to make sure nothing suspicious is being done. A hologram appears over the badge, with a bio on the badge's owner. A hologram to the left displaying the badge's owner features Max Tennyson in his Plumber garbs, with his transparent helmet held in hand. Streak drops the badge. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?
Plumber Pilot (smiling): I killed, your grandfather. I thought I had enunciated well the first time, but maybe you're just hard of hearing. Streak's eyes widen and at the same time form a part of the angry expression on his face. He draws a portal that is thrown at the pilot, throwing the pilot into his portal. We pan away to outside the ship, just underneath it, where the portal opens and the pilot is thrown out. He shows no emotion, simply falling stomach-down with a smile on his face, and his eyes closed simply taking in the wind from the fall. Streak appears through the portal now, flying down to the pilot's side. So you're just going to kill little old me? Ben Tennyson, a killer. I would have never thought it possible. Then again, you've already taken a life before. One purposely, one by accident. Both undeserving of their deaths, just as I will be momentarily.
Streak: I didn't kill anyone on purpose, and I'm not to blame for Julie. Plumber Pilot: Aww, such a beautiful lie. D'you hear that from one of your friends to comfort you? I was there when you were there. Just as much of the blame has to be put on you for her death as Albedo, whom you broke. You tore through him like he was nothing. The serenity of a To'kustar, the peacefulness of the giant species, always made misinterpretable when you use the form. You kill with that form, whereas regular To'kustars would want you dead for even touching someone.
Streak: I don't care what you're trying to do. Now, what did you do with my Grandpa?!
Plumber Pilot: I'm going to fall to my doom shortly, anyhow, so what does it matter? Just say bye to my son for me.
Streak: What?! What son? Who are you!
Plumber Pilot: Devin Levin, of course. Who else? You know my son, right?
Streak: What?! Streak tears open a portal below the pilot, which he falls into followed by Streak. We fly down to the ground where the pilot and Streak arrive on the ground, the pilot still on his stomach believing he's falling. The pilot opens his eyes, then dusts off his Plumber suit before getting up back to his feet. He throws off of his opaque white helmet revealing his face, that of which definitely belongs to Devin Levin. That's not possible, you're dead!
Plumber Pilot: You are correct.

The Plumber pilot smacks Streak in the face with a fist, then begins to run off through an alleyway. After looking back up to the escaping pilot, Streak rolls his eyes, opens a portal, and walks in, only to find himself being punched immediately upon appearing in front of the pilot. Knocking Streak back and blinding him, the pilot turns left in the alleyway into a large factory.

Streak: Oh, I swear if I'm going to get tied up in here again. Better be safe and get something that can get through a rope in case it's intangible-proof or something.

[We transition to the interior of the factory, which features an orange glow from an unknown area beneath the floor. Rolling into view is Combustiball, who stops once into the factory, unrolls, and begins to walk around. He looks ahead and spots Devin Levin, standing with his arms out over a gap in the room.]

Combustiball: Devin, if that's really you, stop! Don't do that! You have a son, who wants to meet you.
Plumber Pilot/Devin: You're a silly fellow, a very gullible one, actually. He begins to lean back in an attempt to fall into the gap behind him. Combustiball races up to him, seeing that the gap is filled with lava. He rushes to grab onto Devin's left wrist and pull him back up to a standing position. Devin cries out in pain, with Combustiball impulsively removing his hand from Devin's wrist, revealing a burn that went through Devin's suit and skin. Devin grabs his inflicted wrist tightly with his other hand. AARGH!
Combustiball: Oh, man, Devin, I'm so sorry.
Plumber Pilot/Devin: There's that extremely gullibility, Ben.

Devin smiles and releases his hurt hand. Extending his arms out once again, he jumps backwards, with his back now floating over the lava gap. Combustiball ponders grabbing Devin and pulling him back, but he remembers the pain he caused, even in spite of Devin's reaction afterward. Devin falls in this time, slowly dipping back-first into the lava, the fire encompassing his body quickly spreading across his suit.

Combustiball: DEVIN!

Almost immediately, Combustiball himself is knocked into the lava. He swiftly enters flight mode before falling, but a fan from up above manages to send him straight back into the pit. He reverts to his walking form before falling, due to space restrictions in the pit that don't allow him to fit without breaking his wings. He falls into the lava, at which point we pan over to the culprit, that which had pushed Combustiball in. We look at a large navy blue ball with a long red glowing band wrapping around its head. We zoom in on the band, his eye, which simply stares ahead.


Part V

[We open with our view fixated on the robotic ball's red eye band. We pan out to see it sitting there, watching the lava pit. Suddenly, Combustiball comes bursting out of it, drenched in the lava. The ball rolls backward as Combustiball comes landing in yo-yo form onto the platform next to the pit. He stands up straight, with the lava upon him beginning to fade into his body.]

Combustiball: You didn't think you could defeat a fire guy by throwing him in lava, did you? If I had Big Chill with me, I think I'd even test if you'd throw him in a freezer and say he can't escape, that'll he die before he can go intangible. No response from the robot. Silent guy? What are you, an antisocial robot? C'mon, tell me something. Tell me about your plan, robot.
Robot (deep voice): No.

As if from nowhere, rocket launchers emerge from either side of the robot. Each launcher is packed with 20 rockets, arranged with 4 to each of the 5 rows.

Combustiball: I don't think you understanding my powers. Let me repeat, in case you didn't hear me the first time. The robot's red eye band flashes then it blasts all the rockets at once at Combustiball. Combustiball attempts to roll away, but they quickly turn to follow him, eventually splitting up and catching up to him. After a huge explosion, smoke clears from the area revealing an untouched Combustiball. That...kinda hurt. If anything, it was just a scratch.
Robot: A scratch to add onto the abundance already present in all of your forms.
Combustiball: Yeah, the ones that Devin did to me, not what your rockets did. The robot says nothing. This again. Alright. Combustiball speeds towards the robot, who moves away at the very last moment, forcing Combustiball to continue on, almost falling into the pit before a largely metal humanoid robot emerges from the lava, covered in the viscous liquid, and smacks Combustiball back to the robot ball. After attacking Combustiball, the robot is disassembled and all parts fly toward the robot ball and merge with its shape seamlessly, the ball shape being maintained with not a single angle allowing one to spot the robot parts. Wha-what?
Robot: A distraction.
Combustiball: You don't talk much, do you?
Robot: I do not have to.

The robot grows several arachnid-esque legs. The lower part of its ball shape falls to the floor, making its appearance less circular. The same occurs with its head, revealing a set of three adjacent rocket launchers atop his head as well.

Combustiball: You're one of Vilgax's drones, aren't you? Yet again, no response from the robot. Alright, I'm getting sick of getting no response. If you're gonna be a classic bot, then I'm gonna need a classic combatant. He parts his yo-yo sides revealing the metallic bar within. His Omnitrix symbol flashes green, with the robot immediately firing at Combustiball as he transforms. All rockets explode upon impact, leaving smoke again. We hear the sound of crystals shifting in position. Emerging from the cloud of smoke is Diamondhead.
Diamondhead (calmly): Diamondhead.
Robot: Hit me with your best shot.
Diamondhead: Oh, you're definitely a talking version of Vilgax's drones if you're gonna repeat my line like that.

Diamondhead places his hands next to each other and faces his palms to the robot. He transforms his hands into one jagged pile of crystals. He begins to barrage the robot with crystals until the robot finally emits a ring-shaped blast that sends Diamondhead into the back wall. The robot seemingly absorbs every crystal that had impaled him. It then approaches Diamondhead, down on the floor who weakly puts up a protective wall over him as the robot targets him. The robot blasts through the crystalline wall, continuing to do so even after the wall is broken. It stops after a minute of firing, finding that there simply lies a hole in the floor now, rather than traces of Diamondhead's heavily impacted body. It stands up straight. We look over its 'shoulder' to find Streak, who punches the robot at the back of its head. The robot, however, is unaffected. While still having felt the attack, it turns around undamaged and unhurt to see Streak holding his hand that had painfully attacked the robot with no effect. The robot turns around.

Robot: This form is unaffected, Amevon speck. But you will be.

From underneath the robot, several green rockets seek Streak out, and after reaching him, their heads open up from their nose and send out 3 green gel sacs that stick to and begin to burn through Streak's skin. He looks up to the robot with a devilish grin then becomes intangible, the sacs falling off of Streak's body and him falling through the floor. The robot begins to hectically scan the room for heat signatures, but Streak's own begins to bare the same signature as the walls and floor. In a second, though, he emits another red beam that forces Streak up onto the surface, now tangible.

Streak: What just happened?
Robot: Your Amevon powers have been neutralized. Stay still as you cannot escape this time.

The robot immediately blasts Streak,who hastily transforms into Alkamine, with green gel sac rockets. The robot steps back as Alkamine begins to manipulate the very rockets back to it. The robot closes up all of its weapons, returning to its base ball shape as the rockets impale him. Several holes begin to make their way into it all across its body, breaking through the tough navy blue layer of his structure. The sacs soon break loose and attempt to break into the next layer, a silver one which the sacs are completely incapable of breaking through. Alkamine pulls the sacs back into him.

Alkamine: You were saying?
Robot: You had to retreat just now. In less than a second, the navy blue layer of his body is spontaneously regenerated. He stands back on his arachnid legs and returns his rockets to view. As I was saying, you cannot escape.
Alkamine: Hey, who just rolled back into a ball? There is no response. Thought so. He begins to slither over to the robot, who rolls back into a ball and rolls out of the way. Standing feet away from the gap of lava, he turns to face the robot, the gap to his back. You just gonna run then?
Robot: No.

The robot emits another red wave. Alkamine smiles, awaiting the wave to reach him. A foot away from it, however, Alkamine transforms into Combustiball who rolls into the air in yo-yo form. Overhead the robot, Combustiball unrolls, his arms and legs becoming visible. He holds his right arm back in preparation of a clawed attack of the robot, who soon realizes its chance to escape. The robot rolls out of the way, with Combustiball quickly reverting to Alkamine before landing on the floor. Upon landing, Alkamine begins to fire more acidic sacs, which the robot continues to dodge.

Alkamine: I'm not going to keep playing this game with you. He transforms into Frisbit, who runs on foot to the robot. Even while rolling around the room, Frisbit makes turns, advancing past where the robot is headed until finally catching up to it and holding tightly onto it. Frisbit attaches his frisbee onto the robot's front and zaps the bot. The robot's eye simply flashes green then returns to its red color across the band.
Frisbit: What in the--? The robot transforms its left rocket launcher into a flat flexible hand that stretches and grabs the frisbee. Hey, what are you doing with--? It crushes the frisbee with one hand. All of Frisbit's senses are affected by the destruction of his frisbee. Frisbit falls onto the floor, reverting to human before even reaching it. The robot stretches and picks up the weakened Ben Tennyson. The robot throws Ben into the air, sending him straight into the vat of lava. The robot simply watches, but very abruptly, its red eye begins to glow brightly. In the dark distance on the other side of the factory, we see a figure appear that quickly disappears back into the shadows. Even Ben manages to open his eyes for a moment to see the figure. The robot now emits a strong wave of energy that propels Ben past the lava pit onto the other side of the empty factory, near the shadows. Ben, an extreme burn now present on his arm that he simply covers up by wrapping it in a ripped portion of his shirt, works to get up onto his feet. He looks to the robot on the other side of the factory, who rolls quickly to the vat of lava, leaps over, and lands right in front of him.
Ben: let me live...?
Robot: I am instructed to leave you alive.
Ben (weakly): Too bad I can't say the same for you for killing my Grandpa.
Robot: That was a lie, you gullible fool. Your grandfather is fine, currently residing on Galvan Prime.
Ben: I don't believe you.
Robot: Then call your grandfather.
Ben: I don't *trust* you. You're just saying you won't kill me so when I'm not looking you'll take me out.
Robot: If I could kill you without being destroyed myself, I would do it right now. I'd rather have you suffer before you keel over in pain rather than let it be something silent, subtle, and unexpected.
Ben: I don't trust you. Nothing you do will make me.

Ben runs after the robot as best he can with one arm holding the other then pounds into the robot's shell with one fist. He steps back soon after, his fist in a great deal of pain.

Robot: You tried that trick already, or have you forgotten?
Ben: 'Was hoping I was stronger than Streak.
Robot: Hmm...feasible. Now surrender.
Ben: I don't think so.
Robot: You are too weak, too feeble, to even attempt to escape. Face it, you have met your match, Tennyson.
Ben: I've faced way worse guys than you, sometimes even before breakfast.
Robot: A joke before your doom. You have become known for this. The robot points its right rocket launcher arm to Ben. These will seek you in particular if you attempt escape. And I should remind you that your Amevon form will remain disabled until I so choose. Not even your Omnitrix "timing out" will save it.
Ben (dropping to his knees): Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? And I thought you said you were to leave me alive.
Robot: For one thing, these will neutralize you, rather than completely kill you. And now, I am the Armaggedroid, an old friend of Azmuth's...and Albedo's. Ben's eyes widen. Yes, the one you met earlier today. The one who could've slain Azmuth's son, but didn't. The one with knowledge of every transformation you've used and ever will use. But you never caught my name, now did you?
Ben: You're the one from the news..."Slix Beta." Where are you really? Where you are controlling that robot from?

The robot bangs its chest with its left hand.

Slix Beta/The Armaggedroid/Robot: Right in here.

Ben looks up to Slix with a grin.

Ben: You bad guys have really got to stop talking. The Armaggedroid's eye flashes red. All of its rockets are unleashed upon Ben. After a haze of smoke clears away, we find Ben protected entirely by a mana bubble. After the bubble fades away, we find a female Anodite flash into the room. She returns to her human form, which bares an extreme resemblance to Chelsey Tennyson's. Thanks, Jen.
Jen/Female Anodite: This is really fun, Ben! She puts on a straight face as she blasts several balls of mana at the Armaggedroid. I gotta do this more often with you guys!
Ben: Just don't tell your sisters about this. Jen: Not even Chelsey?
Ben: I'll tell Chelsey. Call me when she gets back from her trip.
Armaggedroid: Your mana attacks do not affect me.

The Armaggedroid emits yet another wave of red energy in the room. While Ben is able to lay down flat on the floor, the blasts approaches Jen without warning. Before Ben is able to call her to tell her, though, she bends just her upper back back, then lifts it up to stand up straight after the wave has passed.

Jen: I took Gymnastics for ten years, by the way.
Armaggedroid: It's too bad gymnastics won't allow you to beat me. And as a matter of fact, I don't believe I was instructed to leave anyone but Tennyson alive.
Jen: But I am Tennyson.
Armaggedroid (reverting his left arm to a rocket launcher and repacking his right set with new rockets): I mean, Benjamin Kirby Tennyson.

Before the Armaggedroid fires, Ben transforms into a new alien with an all white body, featuring a white round head that stands atop a very thin black neck. His eyes are small and green, with his mouth also being a small black line on his face. His arms appear thicker than they should be considering his size which is equal to or even below Frisbit's.

White Alien (tightening his fists, high-pitched voice): PLASMODIC! The Armaggedroid's eye flashes. I believe that means you're surprised. I thought you knew all the aliens I'd ever unlock, or was that a lie and you only know about the aliens you've seen me use before?
Armaggedroid: I know all. I am just surprised you would rise up to your feet even after the pain you've endured.
Plasmodic/White Alien: I'm still hurt, pretty sure I'll faint or die after I'm finished, but I'll at least stop the villain whose name is "Armaggedroid," which by the way isn't the most menacing name.

The Armaggedroid fires at Plasmodic, who begins to scurry away, managing to walk on the walls while leaning his back hand onto it to stay stuck to it, with the rockets following him as he does so all around the room multiple times.

Armaggedroid: You do not even know what that transformation does.
Plasmodic: I don't, but you don't either, "Armaggedroid."
Armaggedroid: You don't like the name? Alright, how about Bloodshed, since that's about to be what you are doing.
Plasmodic (still running around the room): Doubtful, but okay!
Armaggedroid: Stand still.

The Armaggedroid creates an arm that he blasts like any other rocket at Plasmodic, that locks on and sends Plasmodic flying in Jen's direction. As soon as Plasmodic comes close enough to Jen, though, Jen moves to the side and captures Plasmodic and herself behind a basic mana wall.

Plasmodic: Thanks, but as soon as the rest of those rockets get here, I can't say you'll be able to hold up so well. I already can't after just a punch.
Jen: Oh yeah? She peeks out of the side of the wall and begins to shoot small mana blasts at the many rockets headed toward her, but many still remain coming closer. She returns to refuge behind the wall, attempting to make it bigger for protection's sake. Many of the rockets begin to touch down onto the wall, soon beginning to crack through the wall. Don't know how much I can do here, Ben.
Plasmodic: Then I guess it's time for me to figure out how to use this guy. He faces his two hands forward at the wall. He attempts to blast something out of his hands but nothing happens. He then inhales deeply and attempts to exhale some form of energy from his mouth, but again, nothing. The rockets finally break through Jen's wall, knocking her down onto the floor. JEN! His eye color transitions to forest green. He points his hands to the remaining six neutralizer rockets and unleashes a light green form of energy at them, blowing all of them up in one hit. Plasmodic then turns to the Armaggedroid. In a slightly deeper voice: You're just like all the rest. You want to just kill my friends. So I'm not going to spare any expense in killing you just the same, if not far more painfully and in an untimely manner. He lunges at the Armaggedroid, who attempts to move out of the way, but is held down by something. He begins to punch through the shell of the Armaggedroid, but the robot suit continues to regenerate. That's the game you're playing? Alright. I know you're in there, so you've got to come out if it gets too uncomfortable inside. He begins to unleash his plasma rays upon the head of the Armaggedroid suit, very soon melting through it. Your suit must not be meant for this guy. I guess not even NRG and Alkamine combined could stop you, but this guy's stronger. This guy's got something burning going on in him, and in a second, so are you. He intensifies his plasma ray until he entirely rips off the head of the suit. Oh, I remember now. This suit is that project you and Azmuth were working on. I don't know he didn't know you were evil, but what I know is he's going to find out (he bends down to the stomach of the robot suit) as soon as I tear through the same place where Azmuth's old suit had him held. He burns through the center in mere seconds, finding Slix Beta, removing him and tossing him onto the floor next to Jen. Plasmodic then pushes the Armaggedroid into the lava vat then walks up to Slix. Any last words?
Slix: You've got to be the most evil superhero in the world. It's gonna cost me a fortune to get the nanochips back to rebuild that armor.
Plasmodic: NANOCHIPS?! You're involved with Elena, aren't you? Just like Albedo; you're no different. Plasmodic unleashes from his eyes his radioactive plasma rays. There is a blue flash in front of him that brings Professor Paradox into view. Plasmodic stops firing, after accidentally burning through a portion of Paradox's lab coat. We look to Plasmodic's face, where his forest green eyes revert to their standard green color. Weakly: Paradox? Plasmodic faints, falling onto his back and reverting to human, revealing his various injuries yet again.

[We reopen through Ben's eyes as we watch in the background a duo of humanoid Plumbers moving a neutralized, unconscious Slix in a small suit into their Plumber ship. Paradox stands over us, staring straight at us.]

Professor Paradox (raising his hand out to Ben): Need a bit of assistance, Benjamin? Ben nods and extends his arm halfway to Paradox, who pulls Ben up. We move to a third-person view of the two. Ben fails to stand up straight, immediately falling forward onto Paradox. Everything will be alright, Ben. You'll be moved to a Plumber infirmary in no time.
Ben (weakly): And Slix?
Professor Paradox: Being transported.
Ben: With who?
Professor Paradox: Cooper Daniels and Karin Frikton, friends of yours. They will also be transporting you to the infirmary, in case you do not feel they are trustworthy enough specimens.
Ben: It's not that, it's...

Ben begins to slouch further, almost falling off of Paradox.

Professor Paradox: Preserve your energy, Ben. You'll need it in the future.
Ben: Jen...where's...Jen? Professor Paradox: In safe hands. She was not too hurt and has already been returned to her home. The effects of those neutralizer rockets the Armaggedroid sent out will leave her asleep for 12 hours, but rest assured, it's only Saturday. No school will be missed. Ben: I wasn't worried for that reason...but okay. And...your labcoat...?
Professor Paradox: Oh, mishaps like this occurs at least once every five or so decades. They are easily replaceable, Benjamin, don't you worry.
Karin's Voice: C'mon, Ben. Ben looks to his right to see Cooper and Karin there. C'mon. Professor Paradox lifts Ben up a bit, allowing Cooper and Karin to hold him by his feet and arms respectively, moving him into their ship.

[Fast-forwarding a minute, we see Professor Paradox waving to the Plumber ship belonging to Cooper and Karin. With Ben laying passed out in an extra chair pulled up to the cockpit between Cooper and Karin's seats, the piloting Plumbers wave back to Paradox, close the boarding ramp, and blast off. We look to Paradox's face for a moment to see, after the Plumbers have left, a straightened face, almost angered. He teleports away.]

[Hours later, after dropping Ben off at the Plumber HQ in Bellwood underneath the Max's Plumbing hardware store, we see Cooper and Karin taking off into the skies. We pan into the Plumber's ship as Karin and Cooper look into their rear mirrors.]

Familiar Male Voice: Is it clear?
Karin and Cooper (in unison): Yep.

The overcoat Scarogus enters the cockpit from the shadows.

Scarogus: You have performed well, mainly the bot.
Karin: The Armaggedroid, or the other constructs that pained me to see broken?
Scarogus: All of them, but mainly this one. Scarogus lays his hand on Cooper's shoulder. It's a great accomplishment to have these androids on our side, Elena. Might prove to be more useful than Sii.
Elena: She's a suckup, Scare.
Scarogus: Which is why I'm proud to have her on our team. She'd never break rank. She wants Tennyson just as much as we.
Slix's Voice (in the shadows): And what about me?
Scarogus: Unfortunately, we must drop you off on Incarcecon for the plan to evolve properly.
Slix's Voice: You've refused to tell me the full plan, so I can't allow for that.
Scarogus: How unfortunate.
Slix's Voice: For you, yes.

Slix emerges from the shadow with a makeshift gun in hand pointed at Scarogus, who simply rolls his eye. Scarogus blinks, and the rear boarding ramp is thrown open. Slix is pulled out of the ship, falling into the depths of space but quickly entering an Incarcecon dump entrance. The boarding ramp then closes.

Scarogus: I am quite proud of your seamless teleporting invention as well. We went from Earth to Incarcecon in a matter of seconds; not even that Galvan recognized the transport.
Karin: Getting thanked for a job? I guess I stopped being so used to that after being with the Commander.
Scarogus: But, I am the Commander, Elena. That new leader will not see what's coming to him when I become involved.
Elena (disguised)/Karin: As you say, Scarogus.
Scarogus: Dismissed.
Elena: We're in a ship, and you're not the one who's supposed to be in this room. What am I supposed to do when you say that?
Scarogus: Do nothing. Simply understand what it will mean very shortly, when I truly am the Commander. He flips around and walks back into the shadows. He takes a seat somewhere in the shadows and faces this direction. We zoom in on his eyes, which begin to glow purple yet again. They shut and all is now black.



Courtesy of an old enemy, Ben battles an alien in a suit of nanochip-based armor.

Major Events

Assault Omnitrix Alien Debuts

  • Plasmodic
  • Diamondhead (reunlocked)



Aliens Used (by Ben)

  • Frisbit (x3; first time: offscreen transformation)
  • Streak (x2)
  • Combustiball (x2; first time: offscreen transformation)
  • Diamondhead (first re-appearance since Recalibration)
  • Plasmodic (first appearance)

Disguises Used (by Elena)

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