Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 4, Episode 3
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Architect is the 53rd episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode starts off in space with a space vessel passing by at high speeds. Lasers also shoot out towards the vessel, fired by a much larger ship; heavily armored, almost massive. On board the smaller vessel, an alien with silver skin and yellow hair tends to the controls which spark up violently; he wears a red cloak tied by a brown rope with a blue uniform and brown shoes.

Alien: Oh dear, oh dear... this isn't good.

The ship rocks back and forth as an explosion occurs.

Alien: The ship is taking far too much damage towards its rear sectio- The cargo bay!

The alien rushes towards the back, dodging past loose cables which spark electricity and machinery knocking over. He gets to an open doorway and sees a medium-sized cargo bay with only one crate in its center. He's about to the enter but another explosion occurs, this time breaking through the hull of the ship. The cargo bay is then breached, sucking out the crate into vastness of space. The alien is about to get sucked in but the door shuts automatically, keeping him from ended up like the crate.

Ship Interface: Hull Breached. Lockdown procedure initiated.

The alien gets up from the metal floor and goes over to the door. He looks out the port window, seeing the crate drift off at increasing speeds.

Alien, banging at the door: No, no, NO! The Immensity Crystal... He turns, his eyes shifting back and forth in thought. He then rushes to the controls once again, attempting to pilot the ship in its worse for wear condition. Alien: The crate has a graviational fail-safe, attracting it to the closest planetary mass. Interface, where the crate projected to land? Prehaps we can get there before he does. Ship Interface: Immensity Crystal projected to land on Sol-3. Alien: Then that is where we shall go. Ship Interface: Warning! Ship hull status is increasing low. Immediate repairs are advised. Alien: There is no time, Interface! The fate of everything hangs in the balance. The alien pushes the controls forwards. The ship speeds ahead, going deeper into space.

Theme Song

On Earth, specifically at a movie theater, the team can be seen waiting on a long line.

Sarah: Remind me why we're waiting on a long line again.

Brandon: Because we're about to see the most ultimate movie experience ever. United Heroes: Battle Forever is the most anticipated film of all time and getting tickets wasn't easy.

Coco: Did you flash them the hero card?

Brandon: No. Is that actually a thing?

Coco: Dude, just tell them you're famous.

Brandon: No way! These tickets have to be earned.

Coco: But you earned your hero card.

Brandon: I guess that's a fair point.

Coco: All I'm saying is we could be right past this line and have front row seats.

Sarah: Usually I wouldn't be okay with this but my feet are getting tired over here and it's late. Like really late.

Brandon: You guys don't understand. This is an experience. The line waiting, the popcorn buying, the trouble of finding your seats. It's all-

Both Coco and Sarah: -part of the experience. We know!

Brandon gives an annoyed look when a faint boom sound can be heard in the distance. Brandon turns his head and looks up, seeing a fiery streak fly by and then crash into the distance. The streaks also gave off a crashing sound, similar to a failing engine.

Sarah: Was that a-

Coco: Crashing ship? Looks like it.

Brandon: Aw man... We should investigate.

Coco: Good idea.

Brandon: But...

Coco: Here we go.

Sarah: Brandon.

Brandon: But, the movie-

Sarah: Brandon...

Brandon: It's just that- the experience would be-

Sarah: Brandon Lewis Tennyson, get off line right now.

Brandon: Gah! Fine! I was gonna go anyways... You guys just didn't want to wait on line.

Coco: We'll take my car, it'll get us there quicker.

Brandon: You guys drive. I have a better idea.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He undergoes a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs enlarge and his muscles increase. His stomach starts to split open, with a black void filling it and a green substance appearing within. Armor plating starts covering his shoulders and a helmet forms around his head, finishing the sequence with the visor lowering from the helmet, covering his eyes. Within a flash, Brandon transforms into a Nova.

Nova: NOVA!

Nova hovers in the air above Coco and Sarah.

Nova: Yeah, I can fly.

Nova then takes off, soaring through the air and becoming a streak himself. Through the air, Nova can be seen holding his arms out ahead of him as a green glow emanates over him. Pretty soon, he arrives at the crash site. He then stops flying and hovers in the air, looking down and giving off a pretty surprised look. The ship is mostly destroyed and at the center of the nearly formed crater. Nova flies down and touches down before the crash site. He steps approaches the wreckage.

Nova: Hello? Is anyone there?

Some coughing can then be heard. Nova then rushes over to what looks like a doorway. He then grabs onto the sides and pulls but it doesn't do much.

Alien, from behind the door: It's no use pulling on it. The door is deadlocked. Resistant to any attempts at forced entry.

Nova: Okay, I have an idea but I need you to stand clear, alright?

Alien, from behind the door: Ye-Yeah, okay.

Nova then takes a step back and readies himself.

Alien, from behind the door: Okay, I'm clear of the door!

Nova then charges up a blast and fires it at the door, knocking it down. As the smoke clears, Nova can be seen entering the crashed ship. He looks around, his natural glow lighting up the dark interior, until he sees the alien on the ground, coughing. Nova then goes the alien man and lifts him up, over his shoulder.

Nova: Hey, don't worry. I got you.

Nova then heads out of the ship with alien over his shoulder and starts climbing up the crater.

Alien: Wait... the ship, it's going to-

The ship then explodes all of sudden, with debris flying over the area. The force of the explosion then starts to expand at an incredibly quick pace. As soon as Nova reaches the top of the crater, he swings around and throws his arm up, releasing green energy before him and forming an energy shield of some kind. The flames from the explosion and the debris maneuver and bounce off of the shield with Nova pushing against it with all his might. Eventually, the explosion diminishes and Nova lets down his shield. He breaths in heavily then turns to the alien man.

Nova: Are you-

He then suddenly transforms back into Brandon who drops to his knees. He holds out his hand and takes a breath.

Brandon: Are you alright?

Alien: Y-Yes. I am. You, you changed. You must be the legendary space changer, Brandon 10.

Brandon: Y'know- (huffs) I never get tired of hearing that. Thank you.

Alien: No, it's I who should be thanking you. You just saved my life.

Brandon: You mind telling me what you were doing in a crashing ship to begin with?

Alien: Well, it wasn't always crashing. It's just- I was hunted down and attacked by an alien warlord who wanted my precious cargo. And in the attack, my cargo was flung into the depths of space. Naturally, I went after it and, according to the ship's calculations, it should have landed around here on this planet.

Brandon: Right, that doesn't sound great. Well, we could call up the Mechanics, set up some sort of Witness Protection thing for you and they could do a search for your crate.

Alien: I must insist that you do exactly the opposite. I have to locate the crate myself and I know that Brovin will be upon this planet to fetch it himself.

Brandon: Right so no time to call the Mechanics. Guess we have to handle it ourselves.

Alien: I'm afraid so.

Brandon: Well, if we're gonna work together to find your crate, do you have a name I can call you?

Alien: I am- (grunts and holds chest) I am Tyro. I have to say you're not like what the stories say you to be.

Brandon, surprised: Oh no?

Tyro: No. Well, I expected you to be taller.

Brandon: (sigh) Yeah, well, I thought I would be after traveling through space so much.

A car is then heard approaching. Brandon and Tyro look over and see Coco's Car drive up close to them. Coco and Sarah then get out of the car and approach the two.

Coco: Heh, you weren't kidding about getting here first. I've never seen you go that fast flying before, dude.

Brandon: Yeah, he's a keeper. Oh! Guys, this is Tyro. He's the guy in the crashed ship.

Tyro gets up and bows before them.

Tyro: Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Sarah: We're honored.

Coco: Sup.

Sarah elbows him.

Coco: Ow! I mean, what she said.

Tyro: As much as I would love to spend time socializing with you three, there are more pressing matters at hand.

Brandon: Yeah, turns out an alien warlord knocked this guy out of the sky and is after his cargo.

Coco: Sounds rough. What type of cargo were you carrying anyway?

Sarah: Please don't tell me it was a person.

Coco: Yeah, the last thing we need is for a Bounty Hunter to try and blow up another reactor.

Sarah: I just meant 'cause y'know their life might be in danger.

Coco: Of course. That too.

Tyro: No, it was not a living being. But it was something potentially dangerous. The Immensity Crystal.

Coco, surprised: No way.

Brandon looks clueless. He looks over at Tyro then at Coco.

Brandon: The Immensity what now?

Coco: The Immensity Crystal, it's like one of the most powerful artifacts in the galaxy. I've only heard stories about it from my days with Prokun and Gadget. Seen a few fakes though.

Tyro: Yes, it is quite the tale. Forged in the Forever Falls of Gilane VII, the Immensity Crystal was created to grant whoever might be worthy to wield it the power of a god. To be able to change the universe at a whim. It is such an artifact, that it can not be seen by ordinary men. That it can only be held by those who possess great power.

Brandon: Whoa...

Tyro: Yes, it is intend very Whoa-y.

Coco: I was heard that it was created by the Architect.

Brandon: Who's the Architect?

Coco: Some all powerful being that creates really powerful stuff. He has a whole collection full of items that people have only heard stories of. That's why I didn't think the Immensity Crystal could even exist. I thought it was all stories.

Tyro: Well, sometimes- stories are true.

Coco: So if the Immensity Crystal is real then you must be-

Brandon: The Architect?

Tyro: Yes, I suppose I am. Being such a powerful figure, I'm trying not to give away by identity to just about everyone in the universe. But you have uncovered my plan, it would seem.

He gives a chuckle. Coco crosses his arms and gives him a look over.

Coco: Oh, well, it's great meeting you, I guess.

Sarah: Do you have any idea where this artifact might be located?

Tyro: I had a sensor on my ship but it had just exploded so...

Brandon: Don't worry Coco can repair it.

Coco: I can?

Brandon: Sure, dude, I believe in you.

Coco: I don't know.

Sarah: I could always give it a try and take all the credit for it.

Coco: I can do it.

Sarah: In other news, we should probably get him checked out. You don't look too good, Tyro.

Tyro: I'm fine. Just a flesh wound. (coughs)

He then sits down again, continuing to cough more.

Brandon: Well, never hurts to be sure.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the available transformations. He then stops at one hologram and slaps down the face plate. Within a flash, he transforms into Heal-X.

Heal X: HEAL X!

Heal X heals down before Tyro and places his hands on his chest. He closes his eyes and tilts his head up slightly.

Heal X: It feels like you have some minor burns of the first degree variety and partial lung damage, probably from inhaling so much smoke. You don't exactly require immediate medical attention but I would advise medical practice as the lung damage is worsening at a oddly quick pace.

Sarah: You really need to work on your bed side manner.

Heal X: Sorry, I haven't played doctor since I was kid. (to Tyro) Alright, I'm gonna need you to stay still for me.

Tyro: Uh- will this hurt?

Heal X: Well... it'll definitely hurt less than the burns and lung damage. (to Sarah) How's that?

Sarah: Surprisingly, better.

Heal X presses more on Tyro's chest. He gasps for air. Heal X then lets go of him and Tyro gets up, looking at his arm which used to have burns but slowly begin to heal before his very eyes.

Tyro: Incredible. You truly have a gift, Brandon 10.

Heal X: Now let's just hope Coco's gift kicks in.

Coco: I'll take a look at it. Believe it or not, this hasn't been the first time I repaired something that was destroyed.

Coco glares at Heal X before entering the crater. Heal X looks at Sarah, confused.

Heal X: Why was he- Oooh- he's talking about his car... That explains it.

Heal X places his hand on the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms back into Brandon. Brandon then reaches out and helps Tyro off from the ground.

Brandon: How are you feeling?

Tyro: Better but, despite my health being restored, my condition remains the same. Brovin will be upon us soon and he has equipment far superior than my own, especially now that the sensor is destroyed.

Brandon: Hey, we'll find the Immensity Crystal before this Brovin guy does.

Coco emerges from the crater, holding a very destroyed looking device in his hands. He's also in his metal form.

Coco: Alright, got the sensor. I think. It's sorta hard to tell when it looks like this.

The scene then fades over to the Interceptor, flying over the area. On board, Coco can be seen seated at one of the computer stations, attempting to repair the sensor. Brandon is seated in the pilot seat, watching Coco, with Tyro in the co-pilot seat and Sarah at her usual seat by the other computer station on the opposite side of the cockpit.

Coco: It's no good. This thing is kaput.

Tyro: No, no, no. If Brovin gets to the Immensity Crystal first, it could spell disaster for the entire universe!

Sarah: Is there some other way to locate the crystal?

Tyro: I'm afraid not. It emits a specific energy that can only be tracked by highly advanced equipment or, at the very least, devices attuned to its unique energy signature.

Coco: Which we don't have.

Brandon, stroking his chin in thought: No... but Brovin does.

Coco, looking over: Uh oh, I've seen that look before. What are you thinking?

Brandon: I'm thinking we let Brovin get to the crystal first.

Tyro, surprised: W-What?! That's insane!

Brandon: Relax, Tyro. It's all part of the plan. If we can't track the crystal, we'll just have to track the guy who can. We'll just keep an eye out for any ships entering the atmosphere and follow him. He should lead us straight to the crystal and we'll be there to stop him from getting his hands on it.

Tyro: Oh, I see. A cunning strategy.

Sarah: And a reckless one, at that.

Brandon: It's our only play. How long do you think before Brovin gets here?

Tyro: Not long.

Brandon: Then there's no time to wait around. Sarah?

Sarah: I'll access any satellite readings and set up a virtual perimeter around the Earth. We'll know if anything gets through and we'll be able to follow its trajectory until he's in sight.

Brandon: Nice. So uh Coco, auto-pilot seems to be working and all but we might need a real person behind the wheel when Brovin arrives.

Coco: Alright, I'll get there as soon as I'm done with this.

Brandon: Well, you could take your time with that and I could always-

Coco: Let me stop you right there. It ain't happening.

Brandon: Darn it.

A beeping is then heard.

Brandon: I didn't do it!

Sarah: It's not you- it's the proximity alert.

Coco: Already?

Tyro: Brovin wastes no time or resources in finding what he's after. He's quite the legend himself. Some say he has destroyed entire planets to get what he wants.

Brandon: Well, that's not going to happen here. You got a read on him?

Sarah, checking the station: Yes. And it's definitely Brovin.

Brandon: How can you tell?

Sarah, turning to Brandon: It's moving incredibly fast and seems to veering off course, like a ship rather a meteoroid or some space debris. But it doesn't seem like a ship, it seems smaller...

Her eyes shift slightly until she turns her head, looking out of the window.

Sarah: And then there's also that. (points)

Brandon turns around and looks out of the window. A red glare overlaying their faces slightly. Outside, a fiery flare is seen streaking ahead of them at high speeds. It explodes with a boom, sending it even further ahead.

Brandon: Coco!

Coco, pushing the sensor aside and getting up from his seat: On it!

He rushes over to the pilot seat and takes control of the ship. He flicks some switches and pushes the wheel in with all his might. The ship then boosts ahead, accelerating at high speeds. The Interceptor is then seen coming up along side the fiery streak.

Brandon, looking out of the window: What kind of ship is that?

Tyro, terrified: That's not a ship... it's- Brovin.

The flames around the figure then diminish, revealing a big, muscular and bulky humanoid alien with blue skin, wearing thick emerald armor. He looks ahead, determined as he continues soaring at his high speeds.

Coco: Looks like he's getting lower to the ground.

Sarah: There's a construction site in the nearby area.

Brandon: That must be where the Immensity Crystal is located. Can you get us above there?

Coco: You know it, man.

Coco lifts the wheel, causing the Interceptor to veer off and fly upwards while Brovin continues getting closer to the ground. Back on the ship, Brandon can be seen heading towards the back of the ship through the Interceptor's corridors, followed by Tyro.

Tyro: I need to come with you.

Brandon: I thought you didn't want to be around Brovin.

Tyro: I don't but I do need to be with the Immensity Crystal.

Brandon: I already told you that we would get your crystal back to you but I can't have you getting involved in this fight. You could end up hurt or worse. Besides, Brovin might attack you and want you to make another crystal for him.

Tyro: You think of me as a liability but, I assure you, I have my uses.

Brandon: I'm not doubting that but all I'm asking is you leave the fighting for the legendary Brandon 10 and stay here on the ship until I get the crystal back for you.

Tyro: Brovin is a worthy opponent. He is already really powerful but with the Immensity Crystal in his possession, he will become unstoppable.

Brandon: Not unless I get it first.

The two then enter the cargo bay. Tyro looks around, seeing both the Mach 10 and Coco's Car fastened down as well as a couple of crates laying around, also fastened. Brandon hits a panel on the side with his fist which seems to activate the cargo bay doors.

Brandon, turning back to Tyro: You might want to stand back.

Tyro hesitant for a moment but watches the door open slowly then takes a moment to head back inside the ship's hallway. Brandon then turns back and sees the construction in the distance, below the ship, through the doorway. Brandon looks out for a moment and takes a couple of steps back. He then lets out a breath and dashes forwards, leaping from the cargo bay and falling forwards. He reaches for his Ultimatrix as he falls through the air and activates it. On the ground, Brovin can be seen touching down. He walking slowly through the construction site. He looks around, a faint beeping coming from his gauntlet. He raises his arm and examines the holographic screen that appears before him. The screen shows a map of the area with a red dot, most likely indicating the location of the Immensity Crystal. He then taps the gauntlet and the screen, along with the beeping noise, fade away. A green flash then occurs above him and a grey figure crashes down before Brovin, who stops. As the dust settles, Shredder can be seen standing before the warlord.

Shredder: SHREDDER!

Brovin: You dare stand in my way, Terenut?


Brovin: A Terenut. I know your people build up strength and dexterity to make up for your lack of intellect but I can not believe that one would fall so low as to forget the name of his own species.


Brovin: In summary, yes. Yes, I did.

Shredder trembles with rage.


Shredder rages forwards, practically launching himself at Brovin with metallic claws drawn. But before Shredder can get a single slash in, Brovin taps his gauntlet again, which activates a force field around him. Shredder slashes at Brovin but his force field practically makes him untouchable and unaffected by the attacks. Shredder soon becomes tired out.

Shredder: HAD... (huffs) ENOUGH?

Brovin: Hardly.

Brovin grabs Shredder by the head and starts to crush him.

Shredder: GAH!

Shredder slashes at Brovin's arm, causes him to let go. Brovin holds his arm up, examining the scratch inflicted on him. He then begins to chuckle. Shredder flips up from the ground and lands on his feet, hunched over. He then swings around, bearing his teeth at him.


Brovin: It amuses me that you think you have a chance at defeating me. I assume you've heard the stories of Brovin the Accumulator.

Shredder: NO, I HAVEN'T! HA!

Brovin: A pity but it only builds up my reputation further. Those who come across me don't often live to tell those stories.


Brovin: What?


Shredder races forwards, aiming for another strike.

Brovin: That... made no sense to me.

Brovin evades the attack by Shredder, then the next one, and the one after. He continues to maneuver around Shredder, dodging his every move in a calculated and precise motion. He then grabs Shredder's arm in one of his many strikes and pins it to his back. He then kicks Shredder onto the ground and starts to walk away.

Brovin: You've wasted enough of my time, Terenut. I have other business to attend to.

Shredder: We. Aren't. FINISHED YET! RAAH!

Shredder gets up, rushing ahead for yet another attack against Brovin. Brovin grabs a nearby forklift and hurls it over at Shredder, who leaps up and slices through it without much difficulty. He then touches down and continues running as if nothing happened.

Brovin: Pitiful fool. You will soon know the true power of Brovin.

Brovin leaps up, high into the air, and comes right for Shredder, who stops and looks up. He readies to strike but Brovin crashes right on him, grabbing his throat in the process and slamming him to the ground. Shredder tries slicing but, with his head pinned down to the ground, he has plenty of difficulty reaching for him.

Brovin: I would have never guessed a Terenut would have so much spirit. You truly must be one of kind. Perhaps once I have the Immensity Crystal in my possession, you'll find a place alongside me.

Shredder fails to be able to speak but his grunts are rather aggressive and volatile. While Shredder continues trying to shout more at Brovin, Brovin, himself, surveys the area until he finds the crate, amongst some knocked over construction equipment.

Brovin: Finally.

Brovin then lifts up Shredder and slams him against the ground again, causing his squirming to cease. He then gets up, dusts himself off and approaches the crate. Shredder then transforms back into Brandon, who lays on the ground, bruised and unconscious. As Brovin approaches the crate further, the Interceptor can be seen landing in the short distance. Brovin then opens the crate, a bright light of various colors shining across his face.

Brovin: Yes... More beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Tyro: That isn't meant for you, Brovin!

Brovin turns his head and sees Tyro among Coco and Sarah, who look ready to fight.

Brovin, closing the crate: I have heard enough from you, Tyro. The Crystal is mine now.

Coco: Yeah, we're not going to let that happen, big guy.

Brovin: Insolent fools. The Immensity Crystal rightly belongs to me now. (to Tyro) You may have convinced these creatures to aid you but no amount of resistance is going to stop me from doing what must be done.

Brovin grabs the crate with one hand and lifts it from the ground with ease. Sarah's hands light up and she shoots out energy discs at Brovin, which actually affect him and even hurt him. He looks ahead, his eyes burning with anger.

Brovin: You have no idea who you're messing with!

Coco: Try us.

Brovin: Like your heroic friend back there?

Sarah turns and sees Brandon laying on the ground not too far from where Brovin is.

Sarah, concerned: Brandon?

Brovin: You don't understand how this works but soon- (chuckles) soon, this will all become clear to you. And when it does, it'll be far too late for you, your loved ones and even your entire planet. The whole universe will know the whim of the Accumulator!

Coco: I'll be honest, I've heard worse names.

Brovin: You continue to deny me what's mine. Very well. You leave me no other choice then.

Sarah: If you're going to fight us, just do it already. We're getting real tired of hearing you monologue.

Brovin: Fight you? No. I'd rather not waste any more of my energy today. But I will be more than happy to end you right where you stand.

Coco: With what? You don't have weapons.

Brovin: Do I look like I need any?

Brovin activates another function on his gauntlet, by giving it another tap. His ship then uncloaks itself and appears behind him. Coco and Sarah are then surprised by the scale of his massive ship as its shadow overcomes the entire construction site.

Coco: Dang...

Brovin activates yet another function on his gauntlet. The weapon systems on the ship then activate and the start to fire upon the three of them. Brandon then awakes, holding his head.

Brandon, groggy: Quit it with the jack hammers, I'm trying to get some-

He turns his head and sees the massive ship firing with Brovin standing before it, laughing.

Brandon, coming to: -sleep?

He turns his head to the left and sees Coco and Sarah in the path of the oncoming fire.

Brandon: NO!

The sand from the construction site gets hit along with the three of them, causing dust to cover the scene. Brandon watches but can't make out what had happened. He turns and sees Brovin approaches his ship, which opens a bridge for him to walk up. Brandon ignores Brovin and approaches the dust cloud.

Brandon: Guys? Guys?!

Sarah, voice muffled slightly: We're okay!

The dust then starts to clear, showing the three of them inside of one of Sarah's energy bubbles.

Sarah, voice slightly muffled: We're alright!

Coco, voice slightly muffled: We're fine, get Brovin!

Tyro, voice slightly muffled: Save the Universe!

Brandon looks slightly surprised but then nods with determination. He turns back to Brovin who is entering his ship and starts to run after him. The bridge starts to close, with the ship taking off. Brandon pushes himself harder and leaps up, just barely making it as he grabs onto the ledge of the platform with one hand. The platform is, however, still closing. Brandon pushes the Ultimatrix activation button against the platform, causing it to activate. Platform still rising, getting close to closing on his fingers. The ship is also getting higher and higher from the ground. Brandon uses the edge of the platform to turn the dial.

Brandon: Come on, come on.

Back on the ground, Coco, Sarah and Tyro watch Brandon.

Coco: He's not going to make it.

Sarah: He has to.

Coco, turning to her: Sarah...

Sarah stops and looks at Coco. She then looks down in thought. Back up there, Brandon finally stops at the hologram he wants and slams the face plate against the back of his other hand. Within a flash, he transforms into Size Man.

Size Man: SIZE MAN!

He then starts to shrink down, increasing the room for his hand and giving him more to hang onto. However, the platform is still closing. Size Man starts to crawl up but the ship starts to launch forwards, causing Size Man to lose his grip and fall.

Size Man: AAHH!

As Size Man continues falling, he closes his eyes as he impacts with something. However, he opens his eyes and looks around, finding himself on an elevating energy disc.

Size Man: Thank my Tennyson Luck. Alright, now to climb aboard this space ship of his and put an end to his schemes once and for all.

Size Man leaps up from the rising energy disc which soon starts to fade away. He then grabs hold of the platform and makes it inside just as the platform closes. He then grows back to normal size and looks around.

Size Man: No sign of Brovin. He must be at the controls by now. And I can't do anything at a larger size or I'll split the ship apart. And I can't do that with the Immensity Crystal on board. (sigh) I guess I gotta do this one as a small fry.

He then shrinks down and runs off to the side, climbing up a grate leading up to a vent. Later, Size Man can be seen walking through the vent. The sound of Brovin's voice can be heard faintly, echoing through the vents. Size Man finally reaches another vent, seeing Brovin examine the Immensity Crystal in the control room.

Brovin: At long last, the Immensity Crystal... is mine.

Size Man: There he is, probably coming up with some plans on taking over the universe or something.

Brovin: And now, with this power, I can finally... add it to my collection.

Size Man: Wait what?

Brovin: A noteworthy deal. I would definitely do business with him again if he had not suggested this to be our last bargain. A shame but one Immensity Crystal to gain is all I need to look the other way. (chuckles)

Size Man: A deal? Hm... I think I'm starting to have an idea.

A moment later, Brovin returns to the control room, with a device capable to withholding the power of the Immensity Crystal. He places the crystal within the chamber of the device and secures it. The device then lights up, powered by the crystal's energies. This brings a smile to Brovin's face.

Size Man: Brovin.

The sound of Size Man's voice brings a frown upon Brovin's face. He turns his head with an anger building up and sees Size Man growing before him to normal size.

Size Man: We need to talk.

Brovin: I am in no mood to speak with you, Py'em Partilo.

Size Man: Well, you should cause it's important.

Brovin: I am not interested. You want the Immensity Crystal, yes?

Size Man: Yes.

Brovin: Then there's only one way you can get it from me.

Brovin arms himself with the device and fires it at Size Man, who shrinks down, dodging the blast. Brovin looks around, rage can be heard in his tone.


On the ground, the shrunken Size Man thinks for a moment.

Size Man: Okay, I have to think about this one. If size is my advantage here, then what's his? His strength, his durability. Possibly the emerald armor with the advanced tech stashed inside. There's no way, I'll beat him in a battle of strength. And I've stayed in this form too long to be able to short circuit his armor. Besides, I'm sure there's fail-safe protocols preventing me from doing so. Okay, Brandon, think. Think. I can't beat him... but then again, I don't have to.

Brovin starts firing the device at different directions.

Brovin: I said FACE ME!

Size Man, in a small voice: You wanted to fight me? Then how about you fight-

Brovin looks down, seeing Size Man running towards him. He then leaps up, slapping his Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and, within a flash, growing to full-scale Crusher, striking Brovin in the face, and knocking him back. Crusher drops down to the floor.

Crusher: CRUSHER!

Brovin looks up, rubbing his chin. He smirks.

Brovin: A Poueverian. You'll make a spectacular punching bag.

Crusher: As long as I'm still standing, you haven't won yet.

Brovin: Then let's fix that, shall we?

Brovin charges forwards, armed with his device powered by the Immensity Crystal, while Crusher charges forwards, relying on his own strength mostly. Crusher manages to get in a few punches on Brovin before he gets a shot from his device at Crusher, knocking him back. A few pieces of rock break off from his skin. Laughing can then be heard as Brovin approaches Crusher slowly with his device.

Brovin: You have many forms and a great spirit, I'll give you that much. But did you honestly believe you could defeat me?

Crusher: No. I need to buy some time.

Brovin: Time to save yourself?

Crusher: No. Hero Time!

Crusher smacks down the Ultimatrix symbol which spikes out. A wave of energy extends from the Ultimatrix and spreads over his body, transforming and evolving him into Ultimate Crusher.

Ultimate Crusher: ULTIMATE CRUSHER!

Brovin looks taken aback by this.

Brovin: W-What is this?

Ultimate Crusher: This is me buying time.

Ultimate Crusher charges forwards. Brovin fires a beam from his device but Ultimate Crusher starts building up a rock formation between him and beam. The beam eats away at the rock but, with Ultimate Crusher constantly building it up, it gets him enough space between it in order to approach Brovin. Brovin tries to disengage the beam and strike but before he can manage to do that, he is slammed back by the rock formation and thrown into the controls of the ship, which spark up now.

Brovin: No... What have you done?

Ultimate Crusher: It looks like I damaged the controls.

The ship then starts to swing back into Earth's atmosphere after getting a short distance into space. Brovin attends to the controls while Ultimate Crusher stands there, arms crossed.

Brovin: So this was your plan? To distract me and attack me with my defenses lowered? I expected more from you, shape changer.

Ultimate Crusher: You're wrong. It's like I said before-

Ultimate Crusher hits the Ultimatrix symbol again, transforming back into Crusher, then back into Brandon.

Brandon: I just want to talk.

Brovin: Speak fast, boy. These controls will be repaired more you know it.

Brandon: I heard you back in the vents. You mentioned a deal. Does that mean someone gave you the Immensity Crystal?

Brovin: I struck a deal with an outside source who said the Immensity Crystal was as good as mine. He had given me the planned route for Tyro and had known exactly when the crystal was in bound for delivery.

Brandon: Okay but just because he told you it was yours doesn't mean it actually is, right? You still bombarded his ship for his cargo. You stole it.

Brovin: I didn't need to. Apparently this person, this source of mines, had quite the amount of resources put together. He had called in every favor just to make sure the Immensity Crystal is as good as mine. Don't believe me? Check for yourself. The rights for the Immensity Crystal are on my holographic projection; it's the button on the third panel of my gauntlet.

Brandon looks at him with hesitation but goes over to Brovin as he tends to the damaged controls. He taps on his gauntlet in a certain area which brings up a holographic projection of some kind of digital contract.

Brovin: Like I said, I didn't need to steal it. In fact, stealing it would have made it even more difficult to acquire.

Brandon: And why's that?

Brovin: Because no one knows where the Architect is located. His museum of prized artifacts is only known to a select few gathered across the universe. But the deal was struck through less official channels and a meet up was made between me and the deliverer. But he refused the original deal. He wanted more for the crystal. And for that, I blasted his ship until it could hardly function.

Brandon: No, wait- then that means... (sigh) Okay, that's one thing I'm going to have to deal with. But right now, I have to deal with you.

Brovin: You wish to fight me again?

Brandon: No. I've been thinking. Fighting you in a test of strength isn't going to do me any justice but I can fight you in an area where we're both inexperienced.

Brovin: And what's that?

Brandon: Bargaining.

Brovin: You've come to bargain?

Brandon: In a matter of speaking, yes. To put it in other words, what do you want for the Immensity Crystal?

Brovin looks at Brandon but then soon after starts to smile. Back on Earth, Coco and Sarah are sitting around in the Interceptor, with Tyro seated in the back.

Sarah: It's been about an hour, Coco. We still haven't heard back from him.

Coco: I'm sure he's got it.

Tyro: Or Brovin could already have his hands on the Immensity Crystal. This is just as I had feared would happen.

Sarah: Calm down, Tyro. We'll call in some assistance from the Mechanics and fly over and give Brandon a hand. And if we can't do anything, at least we can hold him off until the authorities arrive.

Tyro: Surely there is a better way to do this than calling the authorities. You are great heroes, are you not?

Coco: As much as I would love to live up to the legends, Brandon might need us. Alright, I'll get the Interceptor ready to take off.

A weapon is then heard priming.

Tyro: I said no.

Coco turns his head, seeing Tyro with a explosive-like device armed.

Sarah: Tyro, what are you-

Tyro: All you had to do was heed my instructions. No Mechanics, No trouble. All I need is the Immensity Crystal and safe passage. Now that my ship is destructed and the Immensity Crystal is taken, I'm going to have to go after it myself and take your ship.

Coco: You really think we'd let you do that, dude?

Tyro: We'll you either surrender the ship to me or I use this primed Garnodon to blow this entire ship up.

Sarah: But you'll get caught in the explosion.

Tyro: A price I have to pay. So do we have a deal?

Coco glances over at Sarah who gives him a look. Coco then lowers his head and sighs. He then looks back up at Tyro and is about to say something but then the sound of a ship settling down can be heard.

Tyro: What is that? (to Sarah) You, check your sensors!

Sarah goes over to the computer station and checks the exterior camera. She sees Brovin's ship landing close to the construction site.

Sarah: I don't believe it. It's Brovin, he's back.

Tyro: N-No. That's impossible. (grunts) No matter. Now is my chance to retrieve the Immensity Crystal from him. Everyone outside... Now!

The scene cuts ahead with Brovin, still armed with his device powered by the Immensity Crystal, walking ahead with Brandon by his side. Tyro leaves the Interceptor, approaching Brovin and Brandon while using Coco and Sarah as hostages, in a way.

Brandon: So this is the thanks we get, huh?

Tyro: You want my thanks? Get me the Immensity Crystal and then you'll have your thanks.

Brovin: Your idle threats do nothing to me, Tyro. My armor would protect me from the explosion. Activating that would only anger me.

Coco: You're not the only one.

Tyro: Silence! Give me the Immensity Crystal.

Brandon: No. It doesn't belong to you, Tyro. I figured it out when Brovin explained how he happened to acquire the crystal through back-alley methods. You're the Architect at all, you're just the delivery boy. You stole the crystal from the Architect's collection and tried to get a profit from Brovin. But your biggest mistake was thinking you could get more out of the deal.

Tyro: I did what I needed to! I was never going to survive doing what I usually had done, working with the Architect. No. I needed this deal. And once I have the Immensity Crystal, I was going to return it. Act like nothing had happened. But now, I think I'll use it myself and change the universe to how I see it.

Brandon: That's not going to happen, Tyro. Just stop this now. This doesn't have to get any crazier.

Tyro: You're wrong, Brandon 10. And now, I'll just have to take the crystal from whatever remains!

Tyro attempts to activate the explosive but it fails to function.

Tyro: No! What- how is that possible? You stopped the Garnodon!

Voice: No.

Tyro turns around, seeing a tall alien, wrapped in a dark cloak with a blue glow surrounding him.

Figure, floating over to them: I did.

Tyro trembles in place and drops the Garnodon in his hand.

Tyro: It's you.

Sarah: Wh-Who is that?

Brandon: The one guy who could handle this situation.

Figure: I am the Architect.

Brandon: I called him from Brovin's ship. Apparently, he's had the tech to reach out but he just didn't have anything of interest to say. Bringing up Tyro and the Immensity Crystal being stolen did, however, manage to get his attention.

Coco: You- called the Architect?

Brandon: Yeah, (chuckle) I guess I did.

The Architect: Tyro, you have failed me. I only want to know... why?

Tyro: Why? I'm tired of being your apprentice, Architect! I want greater things. You make so many things of great power yet all you do is store them away. You could be using your power to control everything, to make as much profit as you want, to become all powerful!

The Architect: If that is all you see in my work then you haven't been paying attention. Or perhaps it is worse than I have thought. Perhaps, you never truly understood the concept of being the Architect. It's a shame, really. I desperately wanted to give you my position, to hand you my collection. I thought you were ready but... it seems I was wrong.

Tyro: No, No! I'm ready! I've been ready! Please!

The Architect: The only thing you are ready for is exile. And dealing with the galactic authorities, may just be the punishment you deserve. Now, I believe I still have further business to discuss.

Brovin: Yes. A pleasure and an honor to finally meet someone such as yourself, Architect.

Architect: I heard you appreciated my collection, Brovin. While I am not particular about your methods, your passion is quite extraordinary. So, let us further discuss our bargain.

Sarah: Bargain? What's he talking about?

Brandon: Brovin wasn't going to give up the Immensity Crystal easily. I had to make a tough call and trade him the Immensity Crystal. I bargained with him.

Coco: So what did you give him in exchange? Please don't tell me it was the Ultimatrix.

Brandon raises up his arm, showing the Ultimatrix on his wrist still.

Brandon: Not quite. (lowers his arm) I offered him a chance to meet his hero. He wanted something powerful given to him by the Architect but he didn't really say what exactly.

Sarah: So now he gains a super weapon and uses it to destroy more planets?

Brandon: He's done some bad stuff, yeah, but in the long run, he's not some destroyer of worlds and dominator of the universe; he's just a collector. I guess Brovin the Accumulator has more than one meaning.

Coco: So he's basically a big ol' hoarder for intergalactic treasures. Nice...

Brandon: Yeah, I'm sure him and Pursgain the Hunter hang out on weekends.

Sarah: So we just let him walk? This doesn't seem right.

Brandon: Like I said, he's done some bad things but, right now, he's the victim here, surprisingly. I don't feel too good about it either but it's the right thing to do. The only other thing to do.

The Architect: Brandon, we have spoken. And we have decided.

Brovin: I will become the Architect's apprentice and learn his ways. Hopefully, I am worthy enough to take over your position. All this time, I was inspired by the legends of the Architect, to collect the most powerful treasures in the galaxy. To retrieve them, no matter who stood in my way. But while I stopped to take the time to notice their beauty, I haven't appreciated the meaning behind it.

The Architect: As I was telling Brovin, the Immensity Crystal wasn't forged to be used as weapon of mass destruction nor as a priceless galactic jewel. It was meant to be art. The Immensity Crystal was built to take the natural energies from someone, the soul of a person, and project it upon others. It was, quite literally, a reflection piece. But the shroud that I have cast over me and my collection have lead to nothing but miscommunication of the message behind the crystal. Perhaps taking on a new apprentice and evening opening up my collection to others, would allow both of us to change the error of our ways and improve upon the art.

Brandon: That sounds amazing.

The Mechanic ships are then seen landing soon.

Brovin: It would seem the authorities are arriving. We should take our leave soon, Architect.

The Architect: Yes, perhaps. But before we go, I would like to offer a gesture of my thanks. Keep the Immensity Crystal, Brandon. Its power is way too much for one man to have handle. I think in the possession of an organization like the Mechanics, it should be safe from endangering the universe, itself.

Brandon: Don't worry, Architect, we'll make sure it's in safe hands.

The Architect: Thank you. And do be careful with it. The stories were quite literal about it not being held within non-worthy hands.

The Architect levitates the Brovin's device and hands it over to Brandon. He struggles holding it up at the start but manages to get the hang of it.

The Architect: Take care, heroes. Perhaps, we shall see each other again.

The Architect then starts to teleport away with Brovin. The Mechanics then arrive on the scene and arrest Tyro.

Tyro: This... this can't be happening.

Coco: Looks like he's going to the archives, aka a prison cell.

Sarah: Really?

Coco: What too on the nose?

Brandon hands the crystal to one of the Mechanics.

Mechanic Officer: Is-Is this what I think it is?

Brandon: Yeah, you might wanna be careful with it.

The Mechanic turns his head, looking at another one. He turns back to Brandon and nods. The Mechanic then walks off back to the Mechanic ship with the crystal.

Mechanic Officer: Alight, I need this crystal in containment. No one sees it or even touches it.

Mechanic Officer 2: You got it.

The Mechanics are about to put the crystal inside the ship with a helicopter can be heard approaching them. Brandon and the team look up, seeing the helicopter approach the area. It then touches down and Mr. C's assistant, along with a couple of soldiers and, what looks like a government official, step off the helicopter and approach the Mechanic ship.

Brandon: Uh, what's going on?

Coco: That looks like a military helicopter and with military guys.

Sarah: What are they doing out here? And why are they talking with the Mechanics?

Brandon: I don't know but I've got a bad feeling about this.

Mr. C's assistant and the government official approach the two officers.

Government Official: We're here on behalf of the U.S. Government. We recognize your galactic authority as the Mechanics, is that correct?

Mechanic Officer: This is a simple extraction. We're here to take a prisoner and put an item into containment. If there's something you need from us, you can contact one of our Magisters.

Government Official: Between you and me, our exchange doesn't have to go up the chain the command. For both our sakes.

Mechanic Officer 2: To put it frankly, what do you want?

Government Official: We're just here to remind you of a few times the government had looked the other way and allowed the Mechanics to slip up. We would hate to bring those up again.

Mechanic Officer 2: (sigh) Like I said, what do you want?

Mr. C's Assistant: We need the crystal.

Mechanic Officer: Not happening.

Government Official: This is simple, son. You either give us the crystal or the Mechanics become a public threat.

Mechanic Officer 2: It's a misunderstanding. The Mechanics will sort it out in due time. You have nothing to threaten us with.

Mr. C's Assistant: Let's say you do manage to clear this up. By the time the Mechanics do so, the government will already have run your name through the mud, so to speak. The public will not only know of your interference and secretive operations on Earth but they will despise you for it. You won't be able to get anything done on Earth.

Mechanic Officer: Why are you doing this? We've had a mutual understanding for years.

Mr. C's Assistant: What people understand change over time, so I've been told. Now, we want the crystal. You can either give in to our demands or leave the face of the planet forever.

The Mechanics look at each other. The scene then fades off to the movie theater. Brandon and the team are then seen leaving the theater. Brandon, still wearing his 3-D glasses, throws his hands in air and cheers.

Brandon: That. Was. AWESOME! He was all like- pew pew. And the other guy was like- whack kapow! I can't believe this movie even exists.

Sarah: I didn't really follow it but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Coco: You can never go wrong with something about super heroes.

Brandon: Now we gotta see it again!

Sarah: Oh no, I'm not waiting on any more lines. I don't care how good the experience is.

Brandon: Alright, alright. We'll just have to wait 'till it comes out on DVD then.

Mechanic Officer: Brandon?

Brandon turns and sees the Mechanic Officer.

Brandon: Uh hey. Is everything alright?

Mechanic Officer: No. Not exactly. The Immensity Crystal, I know you told us to keep it safe, out of people's hands but- there's been some complications. The crystal is... it's gone.

Brandon, taking off his 3-D glasses: Gone? Wha-What do you mean gone?

Mechanic Officer: It went... missing from our inventory. I wish I could tell you more, I- I really do. But we no longer have the Immensity Crystal.

Brandon looks at him surprised, with similar expressions on the rest of the team. The scene then shows them standing in front of the movie theater with the Mechanic Officer, at the night.



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • The Architect (First Appearance)
  • The Mechanics
  • Mr. C's Assistant (First Appearance)
  • Government Official (First Appearance)
  • U.S. Military
  • Citizens


  • Tyro (First Appearance)
  • Brovin the Accumulator (First Appearance) (Formerly)

Aliens Used


  • Originally, this episode was meant to just be about an alien known as the Architect who needed to get a device that landed on Earth but then it would fall into the wrong hands. However, with the recent release of Avengers: Ininity War lined up for the same date as the original air date for this episode, the writer decided to base this episode off of that since the plot was similar enough.
  • All the aliens used in this episode was based on/inspired by Marvel superheroes, in either a major or minor way.
  • Crusher, and Ultimate Crusher by extension, were considered to not be added to the ending of the episode but it would have cut out another fight scene between Brandon and Brovin and it would have undermined the usage of the evolved forms.
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