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Season 1, Episode 15
The 4 Pieces of the Universe


Air date 7/30/12
Written by SCI


Directed by SCI
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The 4 Pieces of the Universe ( Part 1 )
The Hero Of Light Rises PART 1

This Episode is dedicated to Sklei, all Anons, Dyloxx, Ultimate, Toon, Jack, Mark, and Zon ( hope you all enjoy it )

Also, this episode is in memory of a BTFF user, Jury Trigger. May you rest in peace.

A Brave New World[]

3 Months later….[]

The mist covered the woods, before revealing a lake and a cliff where a German castle was. The Castle was in ruins. Pebbles and rocks covered its floor. The Carpet was stained with the blood of the ancient germans. There were flags that were ripped and torn. Vines covered the walls, Water poured in the middle of a hall, in a fountain.

Crickets went across the woods, and the waves nearby were moving faster and faster. Grey clouds went across the sky.

A dark figure stood on the edge of the cliff.

“After 3 months…order is soooo close. “ Kanker said.

He thought above everything that happened.

Finally, Order for the Human Race. Finally, Revenge for Aliens taking my parents. I might never see them again, but at least I’ve created the perfect world. For them. And for the Greater Good. Always For the Greater Good. He thought.

He grinned as he remembered his achievements…..

1 month after THE PREVIOUS EPISODE….[]

Thru Black smoke, suddenly, 2 planes flew above the Sagrada Famíla. A huge Riot was going on. The citizens of the city of Barcelona where fighting against the soldiers of Kanker. Each side was throwing Tear Gas and fire bombs. The Planes dropped small bombs, shelling the citizens of the city. Chaos was the word of the year.

“ Ready, Aim…FIRE!”

10 Soldiers immediately killed 5 Citizens, and 5 Policemen.

“ DIE YOU FREAKS! GET OUT OF OUR CITY! DIEEEE!” 1 man screamed at the top of his lungs.

From a nearby building, a man sent a rocket out and it crashed into the middle of the protesters, killing 100 of them. A Scream of fright and distress came from the crowd, before the fighting continued. More bombing occurred, as they slaughtered each other. More Planes came and shot another rocket at the protesters. As the Chaos kept going on, one man from the protestors took out a gun and tried to shoot the Soldiers, but failed, before being captured by them and executed swiftly. Another man, this one on the side of the soldiers, cut someone in the stomach, then slit their throat, grabbed their head, and used it to kill another rioter.

More rioting appeared as in space, Kanker’s Space Station orbited above Spain. Kanker’s Beast, which hadn’t gotten its promise, looked at the group via VideoCam. The Spaceship suddenly moved a bit and revealed a giant ray shooter that Kanker’s Beast would use if needed. Suddenly, the video camera changed to a Special Report.

“ This is Thomas Shay coming live from the Sagrada Famíla in Barcelona. I’m in a helicopter seeing this chaos happen. The Riot has been going on for 2 full days now. NATO is trying its hardest to get in, but Kanker’s forces will not allow them. With the Chaos going on, the Vatican itself is relocating the Pope to a safer location. Also, the Pope, understanding that this is a dark time has given the United Nations permission to nuke Barcelona if there is no other way. The Same response came from the King of Spain himself. This is a tragic day in World History, since today is the 10th Anniversary of Making Barcelona the Capital of Spain. Other Countries fear the worse as well. Officials in Portugal, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom have gone into hiding. Only selected officials know about their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Kanker’s force appears to be winning. Having taken over 5 states in America, and Germany already, Spain is the next target. I fear that if NATO doesn’t get here soon, our fears will come true. Earth’s Heroes are missing…the attackers…are…ahghhgh!!!!”

Suddenly, at that last sentence, a plane launched a rocket, hitting the Helicopter’s propellers, and making it explode, killing the reporter. Up in Space, one of the Soldiers contacted Kanker’s Beast.

“Beast, proceed with Plan C. “

The Robotic Animal grinned, and pressed a button. A giant ray of light came from the ray shooter, and a ray beam came down quickly. All of a sudden, all of Kanker’s Soldiers suddenly disappeared. The Rioters looked up, and saw a big beam of light. The Ray Beam struck the Sagrada Famíla, and a huge explosion occurred. All of the glass on the church flew out, stabbing people. The Land shook , a shockwave went across the entire city. In a flash, the land got ripped apart and 5min. after the ray beam hit, Barcelona was gone.

2 Months after the PREVIOUS EPISODE….[]

“It’s been almost half a year since Kanker’s Attack on Highwood Middle School. Now, since Kanker has become an international threat, and taken over 3 countries, the UN is now meeting in New York City. “ A reporter said.

“PEOPLE. PEOPLE…. WE ARE MEETING TOGETHER. CALM YOURSELVES. NOW….we all knows that Kanker is a great threat. Based on recent events, we have kicked Spain, Germany, and Greece from the United Nations until he is captured and killed. Now, may we please have some order people! “The leader from China said.

Everyone was fighting before, arguing about what action to take. Once he had spoken, they all quieted down.

“Now. This is a special meeting. Normally we have ambassadors come to the UN, however, in this case….we must talk. As Leaders and allies. Now, as you may know, the United States is still under investigation. Alan Gordon and his Vice President have been missing for almost 3 Months now. So, here is the current acting president of the United States of America, the Speaker of the House, Bruce Parks. “

A round of applause came, as Bruce Parks came up and started to speak.

“Thank You, for letting me come here. Now, as we all know, sicknesses, fighting with different countries, they aren’t the big issue right now. You say the big issue is Kanker. Well I can tell you this people; Kanker is not the big issue. The Issue is you people. I lied. Sicknesses, wars, crime, and chaos. This World needs a better type of Government. And we are going to give it to them! YOU HEAR ME!”

“What are you? A Terrorist? “

“Even Better. A Leader for a Brave New World. “

Suddenly, the body of Bruce Parks shifted. It changed, made it change shape, color, and everything. Suddenly, the person standing where Bruce Parks stood was Randon.

The Doors opened on one side, and then a Police Guard suddenly fell. A Gunshot came into the air, and everyone turned around. At the door was the big man himself, Kanker.

“ We made it. Good. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. We are Tonight’s Entertainment. “

5 Goons followed him. Also coming were American Soldiers.

“ Kanker, that line is over used. “ Randon said.

“ Quiet. “

“ Look at all of us. Wonderful what happens when you walk into the United Nations Building, huh? Anyway, I have come here to bring to bring order to our world. I AM YOUR FUTURE. I AM YOUR RULER. I AM ORDER, PEACE, AND JUSTICE! “

“ YOU ARE A FREAK! A TERRORIST! AND YOU ARE DEAD!” Said the leader of China.

He took out a grenade and threw it out. Kanker took out his hand, and revealed the gem glove. He used one of the gems and blocked it, then sent it towards the window. When it hit, there was a quick explosion, and more smoke came.

Kanker then created papers and pens. He also created Joker cards and sent them across the room.

“ Now, you all will sign these papers or else….” He started.

The Villain suddenly squeezed his hand together, and 3 Politicians died from the Cards.

“ That will happen. To each of you and your people. Now Sign. “

Everyone realized that the war had already been lost. They realized it was useless. They had been trapped. Fooled, and now unlucky. With deep regret, they forcefully signed the paper.

Kanker grinned once more.

“ It’s a Brave New World. “

The Forge of Creation[]

Hean stood there, unsure about what to do. He knew that Kanker had stolen the gems. Everything after that was blurry. He’d seen thousands of aliens, wandering in space, as spirits, dead. Within one month, he realized that he also was a spirit. His mind was clouded with confusion and sadness.

What happened? Did I…. did we all die?

But by the end of the second month he had realized that in the battle, Kanker must have killed him. His Enemy had succeeded. Traveling thru out Space-Time, he’d seen little “ hot spots “ where he could hear the words and thoughts of the living. One came from a reporter in New York City.

“The Sagrada Família has invaded by protesters; shortly before the city itself was blown…” a woman said.

With these Hot Spots…. Slowly, Hean discovered the truth behind what happened. After he died, Kanker used the Gems to kill ALL ALIENS. So, once he succeeded in that, he proceeded to attack places on Earth to gain control over the planet and make a peaceful world full of order and justice. Barcelona was a victim of his rise.

Is there anything I can do? He thought.

That answer finally came when Hean was traveling outside of the Milky Galaxy. He saw a living figure walking thru time. He had black hair and Caucasian skin. He looked to be about 30 years old. That’s when Hean ran towards the man and entered the Timeline.

“Hey…” Hean started.

“ Hello. “

“ Um….what are you doing? “

“ Just traveling thru time. Time Time Time… is that word so…amazing? “the man asked.

“ Sure….”

“ OH…your….a spirit. I’m so sorry for you dying at an early age. What happened to you? “

Hean then explained EVERYTHING that had happened. From His Father’s Death to his own Death.

“ Hmm… It seems like Kanker used the gems to wish all aliens dead. You were an alien at the time, so … you are dead. And Without the gems…. You aren’t whole. If you aren’t whole….” The man said.

“ I can’t go back to normal!” Hean shouted. “ Is there any way I can change back? “

“ Well…possibly one way. But it’s too risky….” He started.

“ WHAT?”

“ We head to the Forge of Creation. It has some of the most powerful beings in existence. I can’t go there normally… but this is a special case. Kanker might accidently cause multiple collaspes of universes. So….I’ll head there with you. “

“ Good. Wait, what was your name again?”

“ Paradox. “

Hean used what little energy he had as Super-Duper, and made some oxygen for Paradox. The Two of them traveled thru out space, as Paradox lead him towards the Forge of Creation.

( Much Later on )

The Two of them arrived at a blue nebula. He looked at it and saw stars and little black things. A Loud voice came and went across space-time.


Hean then realized it sounded like a boy and girl talking as one.

“Celestialsapiens… I do Apologize for coming here…. But I have good reason. One universe has life on ONLY 1 Planet and 1 Dimension. The Fabric of Space-Time is being disrupted. The Fate of multiple universes may depend if you let us enter. “

“ Space is an eternal force. Time is an eternal force . As long as we exist, there shall be life. “

“ But even the Forge is at risk. “

There was a slight pause between the mighty alien and Paradox. Hean knew this was a crucial point. Everything would change once the next words were said.

“ You may proceed. However, Paradox, and guest…. You are about to enter the Hall of Voices. It is where all personalities of our species stay for extremely important issues. This is such a case. But all you shall remember is information that will help you. You will forget that the Hall even existed. Proceed thru the doors. “

At that moment, the nebula’s clouds created a solid door. Paradox obviously had never heard of the hall, so he was in shock. But the two of them walked thru the door, where everything changed.

Inside the hall was a marble like room. There was millions, billions, even trillions of voices talking and debating in the hall. The Voices were talking and talking. One voice rose above all of the others, and out came a scream.

“ SILENCE!!!!!!!!!” said a voice of rage.

All of the voices became silent. The Voices were green faces, either female or male. The Leader Voices, 2 of them, were red. One was a girl, one was a boy. The Boy was the voice of rage.

“ Now… as you can tell… we have an issue. A… weakling somehow is threatening to destroy multiple universes. This is including ours. We have our guests… the Time Traveler and the Hero. They shall present their case and we shall decide what to do. SPEAK HUMANS. “

Hean, slowly walked up, trying to figure out what’d he say.

“My Universe is at war. An enemy known as Kanker, one of my own species, is threating to destroy our universe and maybe others if he gets the chance. His agenda is clear. Kill all non-humans and make the human race have order and justice, the way he sees it. He has already killed all of the non-humans outside our planet in my universe. I am a hero who becomes other species. I was stuck in this form when he did this. Now I am dead, but now I am before you. All I request is that you bring all of the non-humans back to life, including myself, so I can try to save my universe and maybe others. Please, do this so life can flourish. “

“Celestialsapiens, I ask that you help him. Please. For all of our sakes. “

The Voices looked at him, and then the red female one said,

“I have seen your universe. I helped shape it myself. You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything.”

Hean looked at her, and replied,

“Not everything….Not yet.”

The Voices quietly debated, then stopped, and all looked at him.

The Red male voice shouted,

“ FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 10,000,000,000Millennia, 1,000,000,000,000 years, we have agreed….. “

Hean looked at them, hoping that for once, they would agree to undo Kanker’s Wish.

“ To Allow you to come back to the realm of living existence. For 24 Human Hours. “

“ What?”

“ Celestialsapi….”


At that moment, they agreed to mute the time traveler for the rest of the meeting.


Paradox was silenced, and Hean turned from him back towards the red voices.

“ Hean, we give you 24 Hours to Live. If you can reach the Gems that killed you, well then, you’ll stay alive after the 24 Hours are up, and the wish will be reversed. If you don’t, then we will destroy the single universe. One Universe’s Destruction will not cause long-lasting effects. Will you accept this challenge?”

Hean looked at them. He realized that he didn’t have any choice.



“ Then….”

Hean’s Inner being changed, his body felt like something was being reborn. His Soul gave him energy. Then, he felt his heart pump again and again. His Head ache, and then, his eyes blinked.

“ I’m Alive! “

“Fulfill your destiny Hean. The 24 hours begins now. “

A bright flash appeared, and then Paradox and Hean were traveling thru a wormhole. Suddenly, the memories of the Hall of Voices disappeared. All they remembered was that Hean was alive for 24 Hours.

“ Where are we heading? We need to head to Highwood! “ Hean shouted.

“ Actually… I think I’m getting advice from the Forge via visions. They’re telling me that your destiny is at Paris. That’s Where you’ll fight. Kanker is heading there now. If you don’t get the gems back, you’ll die in … 22 Hours and 25 min. “

“ What? A Whole Hour and 35 minutes has already passed? “ Hean shouted, shocked.

“ I can’t help you, this is your own fight. But I think Waroline is also heading towards Paris at the same time. “

Suddenly, they arrived in a street in Paris.

Hean took 3 steps, then turned around and asked one question before Paradox disappeared into the Wormhole.

“ What about Keoff?”

Paradox looked at him and replied,

“He has his own battle. “

The Battle for Freedom[]

Rising Tentions[]

One Day Before….

Keoff was sitting in a giant underground base. He looked at the other seats in the conference room, and thought,

At last, maybe the vice president will actually get us to start fighting.

Since Hean’s “ Death “, Highwood had literally been destroyed. Kanker had kidnapped Linda, Waroline, and Keoff just for fun. But Keoff was able to escape with all 3. But in the escape, Linda had to be put in a hospital, and Waroline decided to go to her brother in New York City. Keoff went his way, joining the Rebellion in Virginia. Once Randon had become the leader, the vice president, the only Government Official in D.C not to be controlled by the Nanochips, fled. Now the Vice President was leading a rebellion against Kanker. The Rebellion wasn’t just in Virginia however. That was just a small piece of it. The rest was in Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Australia, Costa Rica, India, Cuba, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, and small pieces of the rebellion in each state of the US.

Man….I wish I was just skateboarding with Hean. But now…. Things have changed. He’s dead… and I have to fight… at least so others can have a better life.

Hean watched all of the other leaders and military people come into the room, and sit down. A woman came to Keoff.

“ Sir… we have received new information concerning Kanker. “

Keoff looked at a note the woman gave him. A grave look of concern entered his face, before he quietly said,

“ Thank You Christine. “

The Last one who entered the room as the Vice President of the United States.

“ Please… .sit down. I know we have a lot on our mind, so let’s get to it. “ he started.

Everyone looked at him, including the leader of China.

“ Now, for 3 months we have been forming our rebellion. We have been preparing for the rise of Kanker. One month ago, that happened. It has been a dark month for all of us. Now, at last…. It is time to strike. We have trained, fought, and planned. But if we don’t get to the actual missions…. Soon Kanker will use that… evil Death Ray that is above us and blow us up. We MUST FIGHT. That is why I am starting Protocol 10.”

“ Excuse me? Protocol 10? THY PROTOCOL OF ALL PROTOCOLS? “ The Italian leader asked.

“ Yes. “

A man entered the room, and put a book on the table.

“ In the RISE AGAINEST KANKER Guidebook, section 5, Chapter 15 – Protocol 10: This Protocol is to be activated if all leaders agree that it is time to attack Kanker’s forces and start a full war. The Rebellion shall be divided into different teams and travel across the planet. There, they shall strike against each government and take over, killing the leaders in a kill or be killed manner. Once half of the old United Nations has been reclaimed, then Protocol 11 shall be begin… in which we will do anything to kill Kanker. If Protocol 10 fails…. Then the rebellion will end, and we shall most likely be executed for our betrayal”.

Then the Prince of England suddenly jumped up and shouted at him.

“ YOU RELAZIE ALLLLL OF US HAVE TO AGREE ON THIS… AND ONCE WE START THIS… THERE AIN’T ANY GOING BACK. Kanker’s changed things. As soon as we strike, he’ll attack us…. Like a viper. “


The Prince slowly sat down, as they all looked at him.

“ I propose…” started a Russian General.

Keoff looked at him, worried that Protocol 10 wouldn’t begin.

“ … that we sign the paper that will active protocol 10. I agree with you Heath. “

“ Thank you. “ the vice president replied.

Within the next 6 minutes, the whole group had signed the paper.

“ Now… it is time for our friend to take the stage. Ladies and Gentlemen… Keoff. “

Everyone started clapping as Keoff stood up.

“ Thank You, Thank You. Now… I can tell you that I’d rather be skateboarding then planning the biggest battle of the century. “

Everyone chuckled, then remained serious.

“ Now… there’s alot of things we have to dicuss. Recently… Christine just gave me a note. We have received new information… that Kanker will be leaving Germany and head to France. This will change the plans for France and Germany… but its not like he’s figured out our location. Now… for our defence…”

Suddenly a screen appeared and a projector turned on, revealing some weird costume thing.

“ For our defence in the battle… we’ll be using these Warsuits. They are Nomex Survival Suits, along with Leather pockets, titanium armor, and hardened evlar plates on titanium-dipped tri-weave fibers. Three is other armor, that features a evlar bi-weave that can stop slashing weapons and can also deflect any bullet short of a straight shot impact, and reinforced joints. The Suit’s … ah… pockets… can carry Bullets, grenades, knifes, and even a small gun. “

“ Heath… you’re making us wear the Batsuit?” the Mexican leader asked.

Everyone started laughing at the fact that this was like a bat suit.

“ Well… you don’t see a cape or utility belt do you now? “ Keoff replied.

Everyone laughed again, and then silenced down.

“ So… in the event that anyone comes against Kanker himself… you need to know him. He’s a psychopath. Take Bane and Joker and mix them together. That’s Kanker. Kanker’s really strong like Bane but acts insane…. Like Joker. He always tries to say quotes that the Joker has said. Like… “ Why So Serious? “ . He has many … many weapons at his diposle. Besides the space station with the death ray, the tanks, the nukes, the planes, and the Helicopters… “ Keoff started.

Everyone chuckled for a second.

“ Kanker prefers Knives and Guns. He also can use swords, grenades, acid, bombs, bazookas, missiles, and rockets. So… we’l spilt up. Heath and I will be heading towards D.C. Others will go everywhere else. ITS TIME TO RISE!”

“ RISE! RISE! “ one of the men said.

“ RISE! RISE! “ another man said.

“ RISE! RISE! RISE!.... RISE! RISE! RISE!” A third man said.

Soon…. The next day…

“ RISE! RISE! RISE! RISE! “ the rebellion army chanted, standing on the border of D.C.

“ RISE! RISE! RISE! RISE! “ another rebellion army chanted, standing outside of Big Ben.

The Entire Rebillion was chanting “ RISE! RISE! RISE! RISE! “ across the whole planet. They were chanting it next to the Great Wall of China, on warships on the Nile, Outside the ruins of Barcelona, chanting outside of St. Petersburg, and many other places across the planet.

Inside Washington, 2 Tanks came up to Capitol Hill, and one appeared on the White House. Planes started flying across the city, and one man walked from the shadows of the Lincoln Memorial, as another man took a dead body away. The Shadowed man came into the light, and revealed himself as Randon. Randon held a sword in one hand, and was wearing something similar to the War Suit. He looked across D.C and smiled.

“ Attack Them Now. “

3 Planes sent missiles at the Rebellion’s army, and 40 people were instantly killed.

The Battle for Freedom had begun.

The Battle of Washington D.C[]

“ CHARGE!” The Vice President yelled.

The Army ran across the Arlington Memorial Bridge, charging with their guns, swords, knifes, and fists. A bunch of thugs that stood on the other side charged at the Rebellion, and the two sides clashed in the middle of the bridge. The Vice President met a thug and knocked him to the ground. Keoff clashed with a serial killer, and took a knife.

“ Sorry Dude. “

He punched him in the stomach, kicked him down, and then stabbed his leg.

“ Got to Run. “

Keoff walked down to an empty space, and then saw another thug, and knocked him down. The Vice President and Keoff met each other, almost knocking each other out, and then ran off of the Arlington Memorial Bridge.

“ Man…. What’s Kanker got? “

“ Dude. All those guys on the bridge, they’re just a tiny slice of pizza compared to the rest. But I have to admit … it’s a lot more since the mini-war. “

The Army was starting to get past the thugs, and enter the city. The Two leaders looked at the sky, as a rebellion army plane entered the city’s sky. The Plane shot rockets at the buildings, attacking the United States Department of Transportation as it passed the Washington Monument. Glass exploded, as fire entered the building. The Plane started heading towards the Capitol Building. The Two Tanks attacked the plane, hitting it. The Plane started spinning, and accidently sent out two rockets. The Rockets hit the building. One was on the top of the building, another in the middle of the rotunda. The Plane hit the bottom, and killed the pilot. Fire came from the building, as Randon in the Lincoln Memorial smiled.

“ Sir, we need to protect the monuments and documents that are in the city…” a goon said.

“ Forget about them. So long as Kanker holds the gems… we can recreate EVERYTHING. “ Randon replied.

A lot more of the Rebellion’s soldiers crossed the Arlington Bridge, as the thugs started to get killed and knocked out. One thug took his gun and shot at the solider. The Bullets defected off of him, and the guy shot the thug in the face. Quickly, ¾ of the Rebellion had crossed the bridge.

“ YESS!” The Vice President shouted.

Suddenly, a plane flew from the Capitol Building and sent a rocket at the bridge. A bunch of other thugs revealed grenades and threw them down. The combined explosion made part of the bridge, the middle of it collapse into the water, bringing some people with it. The Same happened to the other bridges, and D.C was separated by part of the Rebellion.

“ No….”

Keoff ran towards the Capitol Building with the rest of the rebellion. They charged at the thugs, crashing into them.

The Scottish and Ireland leaders catapulted into two Kanker thugs, but got shot by two upcoming other thugs. A Government Official ran for his life as he had two black guns, one in his right hand and one in his left hand as he shot whatever was in front of him.

As Keoff realized that his rebellion was dying by the minute, he multiplied as fast he could, duplicating by 20s, 40s, 80s, then 160s, then on and on.

They all formed the shape of the statue of liberty as they started to run for the Federal USDA Building .

"Oh!!!!!" 3 Keoffs yelled.

They rammed into it, smashing half the building to pieces. The vice president screamed as he looked at the destruction of the Federal USDA Building.

"Yeah, this is going to go well."

The pieces of the building flew left and right, as huge fires started erupting, too. The Keoffs swirled around as they changed shape. This time, they became a gigantic bull as they rammed into 50 thugs. The fire started getting bigger, as more destruction was occurring.

On the other side of the Capitol Building, one of Kanker’s Giant Cars was heading towards the building. However, there was a knock above the driver. He opened the door ( which was above him ), and suddenly, a shadowed person jumped into the car.

The fire started getting bigger, as more destruction was occurring. One Keoff was taunting a black and grey thug, as he got thrown off the ground by an explosive fire explosion.


He got thrown into a crowd of Kanker goons, as a helicopter from the air force swung in and picked him up.

The pilot smiled,

"You save our lives, we save yours, hero."

Keoff grinned and found a rifle in his brown rucksack. He took it out and multiplied by 5 as they all had rifles, shooting into the crowd. Big clouds of fire blew from the shots, as the goons and thugs started appearing less and less.

The Mexican leader laughed, as he kicked a goon right in the face and elbowed him in the chest before killing him.

Suddenly, the same giant car as before was being driven by a rebellion general. He drove over the trees and sent 2 rockets at the ground. They killed 35 Thugs, and the rebellion general celebrated in his car. He send another rocket at a tank that was nearby the Washington Monument, and knocked it over.

On the steps of the Capitol Building, there where Thugs standing there. One of the them ran out of the Capitol building, and went right, standing on 1 knee, with a bazooka. He looked at the car, and shot it. The Bazooka hit the Giant Car, flipping it over as it crushed people, and gave some bruises and cuts to the general inside. It flipped to its normal position, when the dude was about to send another one. A Rebellion’s helicopter suddenly passed the Washington Monument and sent a rocket at Capitol Hill. It hit the columns in the center of the building, destroying 3 of them. From the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institution Building, two bullets were shot at the wings of the Helicopter. A few more were shot, and then the helicopter started to act up.

“What…WHAT’S GOING ON?” the pilot screamed.

All direction was lost in the Helicopter, as it spun around and around. A rocket from a tank made the plane go the opposite direction, as it head towards…. The Washington Monument.

“ Oh No… No…. Noo!

He tried to gain control, but it spun at its target. The Helicopter hit the Obelisk, and went into flames. Two Tanks sent rockets at the Helicopter to make sure the guy was dead.

“What are they thinking? NOOO! STOP IT! “ Randon shouted from the Lincoln Memorial.

But it was too late. Cracks formed on the Monument, and then….


A Huge explosion came from another part of D.C, on the border. A huge earthquake started, maybe a 6.0 from the bomb. It is a stronger version of the one that destroyed the school. Capitol Hill shook, as everyone stopped fighting. The Flagpoles around the Memorial fell down one by one. The Lincoln Memorial started shaking, as marble fell down from the roof, almost hitting Randon. Cracks formed on Lincoln, as the cracks changed his face, making him smile.

The Washington Monument cracked all around, as it was set on flames. Huge chunks of marble hit the ground, and then… the top half of the Monument went to the left, and it crushed 50 people, debris killing 20 others as well. Keoff was flung to another part of the area, and by the time the smoke went to the air, and Keoff stood up, … the Washington Monument had fallen.

Suddenly, a plane came above the White House. The Cargo Hold opened, and Roar suddenly jumped off, and crashed into the Oval Office. Roar knocked over a candle, and suddenly … as Roar ran out of the White House… the building had flames on it. Keoff developed a bunch of clones and started punching a bunch of the thugs. The Thugs started to shoot the Clones in the head. Keoff found a crowbar on the ground, picked it up, and knocked out a guy.

2 of Randon’s Planes bombed the rebellion, before a helicopter shot a rocket at the planes, blowing them up, and a piece of one plane hit the ground, killing some people.

In the Newseum, a bunch of rebellion soldiers entered. They fought against the thugs, beating them. One of the thugs sent a bazooka at the Berlin Wall area, blowing it and the watch tower up, sending it across the Newseum. The Thugs fought in the Gift Shop, before one of the thugs accidently pressed a button.

“ Oh no….”

More people realized what had happened and ran.




“ IT’S THE END!!!!!”

The Button was for a bomb that they had placed the building as a last measure of defence. Suddenly, the bomb exploded, killing everyone as the Newseum and all of its history of media collapsed, destroyed forever.

Keoff knocked out a solider, before he saw Roar run up to him. Kanker took a crow bar and hit the beast in the neck.

“ Why….friend of Hean…. I’ve been looking for you. We started our fight in Highwood. Now, LET’S END IT!”

His claws almost hit Keoff, as he made 2 clones. The Clones took weapons and started beating the creature. With one slash, the clones were killed and the real Keoff was cut in the arm. The Robotic Animal attacked him, nearly killing the hero. Keoff grabbed a soldier’s gun, and shot the robotic animal’s eyes.


With his crowbar, he used all of his strength, and hit the creature’s neck, making the head become nearly-unattached to his body. He struck the head one more time, and the head fell off, as liquid came down. Nuclear Waste poured out of the robotic animal, and the mutations the creature had disappeared. Roar fell down, dead at last.

Meanwhile, at the Capitol Building, some of the Rebellion’s men charged up the stairs. The Thugs on their came up and started punching them. The Vice President ran up the stairs and took a sword. With the sword, he cut and stabbed different goons, and then took a gun and killed one that came from the entrance.

In a basement in D.C, Julie Shay, Thomas Shay’s Sister was reporting.

“ I’m in a basement under Washington D.C, where Rebellion forces are attacking Randon and his army. Across the world, these rebellion groups are attacking many countries… and taking back the world. I fear the worst for these citizens. “

Three more thugs ran up the stairs. The vice president only had one bullet left. The thugs were all at different places. With the last bullet he blew the first one’s brain out. The second one he jammed the gun into his guts and the third one tackled him. The vice president kicked him off then threw him down the stairs, breaking his neck.


In the Library of Congress… the glass windows at the top shattered, as the roof started to burn. Thugs entered the building and started to burn the library down.

Rebellion soldiers arrived at the Korean War Memorial, charging with Randon’s elite soliders. 6 of the RS’s were shot in the head, and 3 of Randon’s were killed within the first 2 minutes. One of Randon’s elite had a sword, and one of the Rebillion soldiers also had a sword. The Two clashed, and one of the blades cut off one of the Korean War Memorial’s Statue’s head off. As more destruction occurred, a grendade was thrown, and it blew the part off that said …

“ Freedom is not Free. “

Keoff stood up, and looked as the City of Freedom fall into ruins. He couldn’t believe what he was looking at.

“ Why does this have to happen for us to be free?”

Suddenly, a thug hit him, and Keoff hit the ground, crashing onto the ground, and becoming unconscious.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Waroline was on a plane reading a bunch of posts on Facebook about the Rebellion’s attacks with an Ipad. She then left the internet, put the Ipad away, and opened up a magazine which on the front page had her destination on it. She was heading to the City of Love.

A few hours later… Keoff woke up. Thousands of the Good and Bad Guys had been killed, and a few hundred still were fighting. Keoff got up, and found a sword stabbed to the ground right next to him. For some reason, Keoff felt like he was supposed to get that sword. He grabbed it, and felt like he needed to head to the Lincoln Memorial. He started running there, unaware that the Celestialsapiens had keeping him alive and given him the sword and the direction he needed.

As he was heading there, he looked around. The Capitol Building was in ruins, and so was much of Washington D.C. The White House was covered in smoke, and the bridges were still collapsed. Fires and dead bodies were everywhere. Keoff walked up to the Lincoln Memorial, slowly climbing the steps as he limped. He was limping from a cut he had received while in fighting on his leg. He looked at it and assumed some guy had put acid on it and cut him.

Keoff got to the top of the steps and putting his back to a column …. Was Randon.

He opened his eyes, smiled and walked to the center, where he looked at Keoff.

“ I didn’t think you’d make it this far. “

“ Yeah… neither did I. “

“ Hmmh. Always Amusing yourself aren’t you. I know that you are one of the leaders in this … rebellion against me. “

“Against Kanker and his morals. “

“ You think Kanker is the enemy? He is trying to save our world! He is trying to save lifes in the future by getting rid of imperfection, like you. Besides, Hean is dead…. So why even bother to fight? Aliens are dead also. “

“ I’m doing this cause it’s the right thing. Sure… the world may not be perfect…. And its our job to make it perfect… but not like this. Not by taking over the planet and killing thousands. War is not the answer. “

“ And Yet you fight. “

“ Only because it was necessary. After today, Kanker’s reign will end. The World will unite… and be much better then before. “

“ No… if you win… then you doom us all. “

“ I never trusted me. You lied about the bill. “

“ Well of course. I burned it right after you left. “

“ What I don’t get is why you would join Kanker in the first place? “


Randon revealed a sword and charged at Keoff. Keoff reacted by charging at Randon. The Two swords met each other, sparks forming from the force of the strike. The Two Men stand in one place, then quickly strike for each other. Once again, the blades hit each other, and then Keoff ducks down, goes behind Randon, and points the sword at him. The Villian turns around and hits the sword.

“Excellent form ... But how's your footwork?”

Randon goes for Keoff’s legs, but Keoff flips up, dodging the sword, jumping on it, cracking the sword. Keoff then attacks Randon’s arm, but it doesn’t work. He quickly looked at Randon, who says,

“ Warsuit. “

Keoff jumps off of the sword, and the two of them start dueling again. Randon twisted his rapier, and aimed for the head, but Keoff missed the blade by an inch. Keoff went for Randon’s arm, but Randon pressed the yellow core on the handle of his sword, and scallops appeared on the metal gauntlets. It blocked the sword, and forced the sword to Keoff’s thorat. Randon kicked him to the floor, right in front of Abraham Lincoln’s statue.

“ Keoff… you’re nothing more then a dumb kid… and that’s all you’ll ever be. “

Randon reached into a pocket, and revealed a tube of acid. He poured it on Keoff’s Chest.

“ AHHHHH!” Keoff screamed as the acid went thru the warsuit and into his skin.

Randon took out a butcher’s knife and stabbed him, but not far enough to any organ. Randon took out more acid and poured it on Keoff’s right arm.

“ AHHHHHHH! Oh my Gosh… AHAHHAHAHH!” he cried out.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the battle, a plane’s rocket hit the memorial, causing part of it to hit the ground. The Emancipation Proclamation on the left side of the memorial shook, and part of it broke from the wall and crashed down. Soon, the words…

“ Four Score and Seven Years ago…” no longer existed in the memorial.

Randon stabbed Keoff again, ripping the skin open, and carving the letter K into his skin.

“ See What happens when you fight for the wrong cause?”

“ I would die for…. The right of Freedom. And I would die… for Hean… if he was still alive. “

Keoff kicked Randon in the groin, then grabbed his sword and looked back at Randon. Randon looked at Keoff… and then smiled.

They dueled once more, as the blades clashed. Keoff ran towards Randon, and grabbed the acid bottle, and threw it to the ground. Randon went for his head, and left a small cut, but that was all. Keoff lifted his weapon, and hit Randon’s sword. The Force of it shattered the sword, and it broke into pieces. Randon looked at his sword’s remains. Keoff pointed his own sword at Randon and said,

“ Surrender. “

In the midst of the silence between the two of them, the memorial shook.


Lincoln’s second inauguration speech shook, and then parts of that almost collapsed, much like the Emancipation Proclamation.

Randon then laughed as he lifted his glove. Suddenly a giant brick appeared from the glove and hit Keoff, sending him to the feet of Lincoln. Randon stood up, and gloated.

“ You think I wouldn’t have a backup plan? When Kanker got the gems… he had me test them for safety. Luckly…. That gave me time to find a way to be able to use the gems without putting on the glove. So… “

He revealed a Diamond with Nano robotic lines on it on his glove.

“ I created a Nano robotic diamond that was able to access the gem’s powers and use them without putting the gem glove on. Kanker doesn’t even know about this. And after today… I’ll kill him and become the ruler of the world. MWHAHAH. Then I’ll be able to use the gems and the Dream Gem and bring my wife back to life! “

Keoff grabbed his sword, got from Lincoln’s feet and quickly Randon used the gem to take marble from the floor and threw it at him. Keoff dodged, as he went to the right of the Memorial, and Randon went to the left.

Randon threw part of the floor at Keoff as he dodged. It crashed onto the floor, shattering. Keoff went behind a column as Randon kept throwing more pieces of the marble floor towards him. Keoff stood up, and threw his sword. Randon froze it in midair, spinning it in mid-air as he threw it to the column Keoff was behind him, going thru the marble, and almost stabbing Keoff’s head. Keoff took out a gun and started shooting at Randon, as he sent all of the bullets away from him. Keoff grabbed his sword from the other side of the column, and ran to Randon. The two of them put the blades together, holding them together as one tried to overpower the other. As Randon looked at Keoff, he saw Keoff’s rage in his eyes. As Keoff looked at Randon, he saw fear in his eyes. The Two stepped back and Randon took some marble from a column and threw it at Keoff. Keoff went behind the closest column. Randon ran over there to find Keoff, but he wasn’t there. Suddenly, acid went down his suit and skin and then…. A blade struck thru his back and into his heart. Randon cried out in pain, and fell to his knees.

“ No…”

He fell down… as drool came down the steps. Keoff took one step back from Randon’s dead body… with a bottle of acid in his hand.

“ I also brought acid… Randon. “

Keoff looked at Randon… and realized that he’d kill two of Kanker’s allies. He smiled, and then looked at the president, sitting down, watching the battle for Freedom happen.

“ Hope you’re proud of me… Honesty Abe. “

Meanwhile… closer to the Capitol Building, there were 3 tanks in possession of the Rebellion. At that moment, the Vice President called for rocket attacks.

“ Ready!” he called.

“ Aim!” the Chinese leader shouted, doing the same as the vice president.

“ FIRE! “ the King of England shouted.

At one time, all of the rebellion groups launched missiles and rockets at their enemies. The Prince of England fought against the Dictator in Buckingham Palace, dueling him with swords. The Prince missed the Dictator’s head, and then the Dictator left a cut in the Prince’s left leg. In a rage, the Prince pushed him down, and stabbed him in the head, killing him.

In China, a bunch of missiles and rockets struck the wall… making some of them collapse. One hit Kanker’s minion that had ruled China for a month, and killed him, freeing China.


In a Plane fight above Russia, the evil ruler and a general in the Rebellion fought against each other, shooting bullets in the sky. The General accidently pressed a rocket launcher button, and the rocket hit the plane. The machine exploded, and killed the evil ruler.

One by one, many countries fell, and their rightful rulers took control again. Kanker was flying towards Paris, and saw on his computer a map of the earth. The Red countries were the ones in his control, and the blue ones were the Rebellion countries. Quickly, more and more countries were becoming blue. Kanker looked at the screen with shock, and then raged.


He pushed everything on the table to the floor, unbuckled his seatbelt, and found one of his goons.

“ Sir?”

Kanker took a gun, and shot the goon in his rage.

Kanker's Downfall[]

Hean Returns[]

Hean ran towards the Louvre, w that Paradox had left. Paradox had teleported him to the PETIT PALAIS, PARIS –FR. Hean was only a little bit from the Louvre. He didn’t understand why he felt like he needed to go there, but he did. Suddenly, he saw a Tank come into the area. Surrounding the tank was two motorcycles. They noticed him immediately.


“ What?”


“ Man…. This is going to be a while. “ Hean replied.

Suddenly, a woman, who was in black clothing appeared from the shadows. She took out a rapier and stabbed the two cops. Then…. As Hean looked at her attack them… she put something on the tank. She ran towards Hean.


She tackled Hean, knocking him to the ground. At that moment, the tank exploded, and flipped over. The Tank went into flames… as the two of them got up.

“ Who are You? “

“ I’m… Ralph. “

Hean lied about his name… since he knew something was wrong.

“ Well… follow me Ralph. “

They walked over to the Luxor Obelisk, where she pressed a hieroglyph. Suddenly, the Obelisk glowed, and the obelisk moved backwards, revealing a hidden tunnel and a bunch of steps.

“ Whoa. “

They went down the steps, as the obelisk went back into place. A bunch of torches lit the stairwell, allowing them to see the steps.

“ First off…. You don’t need to lie about your name. Like your name is Ralph. Second of all…. You chose a bad time to come here Hean. A really bad time. “

“ Who are you?”

“ Julie…. I once dated Ben Tennyson. “

“ Oh. Where are you taking me?

“ Underground. To the Rebellion. “

“ Rebellion?”

Julie didn’t say anything for a while… before saying one last thing.

“ A lot of things have changed Hean. A lot of things have changed. “

As the stairwell curved, she started talking again.

“ 3 Months ago…. This very day…. Kanker destroyed Highwood. The World had learned about you after one certain …. Situation. Anyway… Kanker gloated on your death and revealed he had kidnapped the president of the United States of America, Alan Gordon, and the Vice President. The U.S was in panic until Bruce Parks, the Speaker of the House took over. Or so we thought. In reality... a man named Randon took over the Government for Kanker, but kept it a secret. One month later, Kanker was quickly taking over the world with his death laser on his space station in space. He destroyed Barcelona, and the rioting going there. That’s when a few nations started receiving letters. It was from the Vice President. Apparently… he was trying to form a rebellion. RAK. Rise Against Kanker. We didn’t understand why he would start a rebellion. We had the UN. That’s when everything broke apart. Suddenly…. There were raiding’s, shelling’s, bombings, missile attacks, it was chaos. Kanker attacked the UN, and revealed the US was under his control. With his gems…. Within a few minutes…. The world was his. With old methods… we contacted leaders from across the world, and formed a world secret rebellion. The Vice President lead us, along with a boy from Highwood. “

“ Keoff?”

“ Yep. We’ve been growing our armies ever since. So…. Tell me why Kanker said you were killed, but you’re alive? “

“ He used the gems to wish all aliens were dead. I was an alien at the time, but I’m really a human. This mixture made me lost in space and time. I didn’t actually die. Kanker thought I did though. “

Hean and Julie reached a door. Suddenly… she put her eye to a strange circle in the door. It scanned her eye, and then she stepped back. The Door slowly opened, and then….

“ Whoa. “

Then, at that moment, two planes landed at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. A Delta airplane landed and went towards a gate. Waroline was on that plane. She took her bags and stuff and waited for others to go ahead of her.

Hean… I miss you.

She looked over at her window, to get a quick view of Paris, when she saw the other plane .There was a tank right next to the plane. The Door opened, and a set of steps were put in front of the door. Her jaw dropped as suddenly, a familiar figure appeared. Kanker went down the steps. Kanker went down the steps as a giant car also arrived. Kanker went into the Giant Car, and drove away.

It’s him…. He killed Hean.

Kanker sat in the giant car as he looked at his Ipad. More and more countries were turning blue, and Kanker’s rage grew bigger.

Hean entered the underground base. There were on the top floor, and there were 10 more floors below him. He looked over the edge, and saw planes, tanks, a few missiles, and A LOT OF SOLIDERS.

“ Follow me. “ Julie told him.

She led him to a glass elevator. A man in a black suit carried a grey suitcase with him, and entered the elevator as well. The Doors shut, and they went to the bottom, Level 10. As he went down, he looked at a map of the base that was on one of the elevators. There was a hospital, a weaponry, barracks, a conference room, a lab, a café, and many other places as well.

“ This base was constructed after the American 9/11 Attacks. The UN realized that criminals were becoming smarter and more deadly than we had thought, so they constructed these bases in secret, in case the impossible became possible. “Julie told him.

Soon, they reached Level 10. The Three of them exited the elevator, and entered the Conference room. Hean saw a few generals and leaders. Julie, Hean, and the mysterious man took a seat, as the French General came into the room.

“Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats. “

The rest of the people sat down within the next few seconds.

“ I have returned from the attack in London, helping the Royal Family. Now it is time for France to be saved. War has started people. The Rebellion must rise now if we are to defeat Kanker. I just got news that he arrived in Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. He’s coming to Paris. Julie….”

“ We are outnumbered by Millions. Kanker’s forces are strong in the major cities, including this one. Randon’s Nano chips were used mainly for the control of the US, however, he may be using to control citizens. So don’t kill unless it is the only way to save lives. This means if the only way to save an innocent child is to kill the person, then … you must. “

The Mysterious man stood up, and opened the briefcase. It revealed a giant hologram showing a map of Paris.

“ We will attack here, here, and here. “ he said as he pointed certain places on the map.

“What do you want me to do?” Hean asked.

The French General, and the other man looked at him.

“ Who is this?” the general asked at Julie.

“ Hean. Kanker lied. He is alive. “ she replied.

“ How many times have you fought against Kanker… Hean?” the man asked.

“IDK. A lot of times. “ he replied.

For a minute, there was silence in the room. No one talked at all, the suspense was killing everyone in the room. Then, the French General spoke.

“ Hean…. You’ve fought against him more then we have. It’s up to you to save the world . You are the secret weapon. “

Everyone looked across the room, at each other. They knew this was it. The Biggest Battle of their lives was coming up.

Quickly… Hean ran up the steps and the Luxor Obelisk moved, revealing the buildings of Paris. Julie and other pilots quickly got into planes and exited out of another opening, and heading towards Paris. Tanks rolled towards the City of Love, and Hean just walked to the Louvre… knowing that the Rebellion was about to attack…. And that a battle was about to begin.

Hean walked under the Le Louvre - Arc du Carrousel and towards the Le Louvre - La pyramide inverse.

“ I remember this… it was in …. Oh… the Da Vinci Code. “

Hean then saw an entrance to the Louvre, and entered it. However, Hean wasn’t aware that Kanker had entered the same building moments ago…. And was close to Hean.

A plane arrived at the ruins of the Jefferson Memorial. It was a black plane that resembled some of the Rebellion’s planes. The Door and a figure exited the plane.


He took a few steps, then fell down.


The Figure got back up, and took out a gun.

“ I will bring order to this world, and everything will be fair. “ the figure said, now talking more sanely.

Alan left the plane, and headed to the Capitol Building…. With a dark plan.

Hean walked into the Louvre, entering an area full of paintings.

“ Oh Wow…”

He stared at all of the pictures, paintings with amazement.

“ I never thought I would be here…”

Hean passed by the most famous painting of all.

“ The Mona Lisa. “

Meanwhile, Kanker walked with his gang of thugs in the museum.

“ Why are we here, sir?”

“ Because…. The Louvre is our base for combat. I can sense trouble is sure to come to Paris. The rest of the world is at war, so why shouldn’t we be in war? “

Hean saw him, and then hid in the shadows. He spotted Kanker’s hand, and on the hand, the glove with the gems on it as well.

“ The Gems….”

Suddenly, old words rang in Hean’s head at the sight of the gems.

“ Fulfill your destiny Hean.”


At that moment, Kanker turned his head from the paintings towards a painting nearby Hean. He got a strange look on his face, as if he was suspicious.

“ Who is there? The Rebellion? “

That’s when everything happened so fast . Hean ran from the shadows and punched a thug in the face. He grabbed the thug’s gun and shot the rest in the leg, as they fell down.

“ WHAT? NO…NOT POSSIBLE. “ Kanker shouted in shock.

Hean took the gun and hit another thug in the face, before punching Kanker and sending him to the ground.


Hean grabbed Kanker’s left arm, and suddenly, a green glow came from the two of them. The Building shook, and at that moment, a burst of energy filled Hean. Kanker’s glove returned to Hean’s left hand, and suddenly…. Time froze up for the two of them. Hean shrunk in size and height, and strength as well. The Forevtrix appeared, and Hean felt NOT Like one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Grey boots disappeared into middle air, and soon the armor on the legs started to digitally disappear. Hean looked at his left hand, and saw black gloves with some grey armor leave. On the armor, the four gems disappeared. The Armor digitally made the chestplate disappear, before the top of the chest also disappeared, with the green symbol not there. Little extra pieces of armor to protect his ribs and other parts of the body then started to digitally be destroyed. . Green fluid and energy started disappearing in the armor, going across his body. He felt like it was the energy that made him so strong, now that it was leaving. At that moment, both sides of his head that was covered in armor then wasn’t there, and the top wasn’t on too. His face turned to normal. Time resumed, and Hean was alive, completely, as well as all other aliens, and this time… Hean was just a human.

Kanker looked at his mortal enemy, and shouted out in pain as he yelled.


At that moment, a huge explosion rocked the museum. The roof shook, and everyone looked around in surprise. Outside, planes, and helicopters were sending missiles at the buildings and roads of Paris. The French Rebellion’s army charged into the city, as the city of love burst into flames.

The Battle of Freedom was about to come to an end, but the Battle of Morals was about to begin.

The Battle of Morals[]

Kanker’s Rage reached its boiling point.


He took a gun and shot a bullet at Hean. Hean dodged it, and started running from Kanker. A Bunch of Goons came from the other direction towards Kanker. One had a Bazooka launcher, and two others had Bazookas.

“ GIVE ME THAT! FOLLOW ME! “ Kanker shouted at them.

He took the bazooka launcher and started chasing Hean. He ran, nearly tripping many times, with this two goons behind him. He pressed a button and launched the bazooka at Hean, almost hitting him. The Bazooka hit left to him, and he stopped for a min. Then he kept running away as Kanker chased him. One of the goons gave Kanker another bazooka as he tried putting it in the launcher. He turned a corner, as he sent another one at him. Once again, it failed to do anything.


He turned one last corner, and that’s when Hean saw the exit.


Kanker sent one last bazooka at Hean, and it hit in front of him, blocking him from exiting the museum. Hean fell down from the explosion, and then turned around. Suddenly, Kanker punched Hean in the face. Kanker then kicked him in the stomach, and he fell down. Hean round house kicked Kanker, and he also fell. The Two of them got up, and Kanker took out a long knife. He screamed as he swung the knife at Hean. First the knife was swung at Hean’s head, then his left arm, and then his chest. Kanker made a deadly blow as he stabbed Hean in the arm. Hean took it out and dropped it. Blood spilled on the floor, as it poured on the floor.

Kanker took out another knife and tried to go for Hean’s heart, but Hean grabbed the knife and the two of them were in a stand still. Hean pushed Kanker and his knife to the wall, where it stabbed the painting of the Mona Lisa. Hean punched Kanker in the face, and transformed into Super-Duper once more. He created the Green Motorcycle using the form gem, and rode out of the Museum. Kanker’s goon stopped the fire, and Kanker ran after him, leaving the Mona Lisa damaged, forever.

Kanker ran out of the Louve as Hean tried something new.

“ Let’s try to fly. “

Suddenly, the Motorcycle shifted. The Back Wheel turned into jet engines, and within 30 seconds, the motorcycle had transformed into the Green Plane, and flew off into another part of Paris.

Kanker watched as this happened, and the Rebellion attacked Paris. Kanker made his hands into fists, raised and them, and made a vow.


As Hean flew above Paris, other planes flew near him. They were fighting each other, shooting bullets and rockets at each other. Hean pressed a button on his plane, and suddenly his plane created a little machine gun and started firing. He shot at the thugs on the street, killing at least 20 of them on Rue de Clery ( Clery Street ). Meanwhile, Julie’s plane flew towards a tank, rolling down Bd Haussmann.

“ Boys…. Let’s reveal our second secret weapon. “

Suddenly, the tank shot out a black object with green lines on it. It transformed into a giant ship, bigger then the one Ship had used during Julie’s Teenage years. It had 5 Engines, a bunch of missiles, lasers, and other weaponry.

“ Man…. I’m actually glad that we were almost invaded by the Alroanis from the Andromeda Galaxy. “

Ship flew above Paris and started sending missiles and rockets at all of the thugs, killing many of them. Hean saw Ship do this, and decided to go the opposite way, since they had this part of the city covered. He flew over the Pont d'Arcole, destroying it with one missile, and then destroying 2 of the other bridges.

On the Notre Dame, stood a girl watching another city fall into flames.

“ Not again…. Not to Paris….” Waroline cried.

Suddenly, she saw Hean’s plane fly past the Notre Dame, destroying one of Kanker’s Giant Cars. It was green, and she thought she saw….

“ Hean? That’s not possible… he’s dead… isn’t he?” she said to herself.

The Plane turned and she good a clear view of the pilot. She saw the Forevtrix symbol on the pilot’s chest.

“ It is Hean…. HEAN! HEAN! HEANNNNNN!” She shouted.

The Hero heard Waroline’s Voice, but thought to himself …

Is that Waroline? No … it can’t be. She’s in America…. Right?

Hean saw Waroline ,and then rejoiced in cheer.


He flew the plane towards Notre Dame, and once he was close enough, destroyed the plane and transformed back into normal. He jumped onto Notre Dame, and almost fell. But, he quickly stopped himself and got his body fully on Notre Dame. He went to Waroline, and hugged her. She replied the same thing, and both of them were glad and shocked.

“ How are you….”

“ Alive! Why’d you come…”

“ I was so worried that you…”

“ Died! I thought you were ….”

“ Destroyed by Kanker …. I was “

Both of them stopped talking at the same time, and laughed for a moment.

“ I said How are you alive? I was so worried that you had died because Kanker killed you. Hean… we were … oh the horrors. “ Waroline asked.

“ Kanker never completely killed me… he just thought I did. I said Oh my Gosh… you’re Alive! Why’d you come to Paris? I’m sorry that it looked like I was destroyed by Kanker. “ Hean asked.

“ I came to Paris to get away from the states for a while. But clearly the battle has followed me. “ Waroline replied.

“ Look Waroline… you have to try to get out. Its War here…. And this time… the good guys won’t hold back. This city might even be nuked. “


“ I want you to be Safe Waroline…. That’s All I want. “

“ HEAN! I’M NOT LEAVING YOU… NOT AGAIN. Let’s Shoot these Guys. “

Hean stood there, surprised by her determination to not leave. He wanted Waroline to be safe, but he realized she want to fight, and she wanted Revenge for the three months without him.

“ Fine… I don’t like it… but I guess we have no other choice. “

Suddenly, a bunch of Goons burst thru the doors of the church. They attacked all of the children and adults hiding in there, and a priest came to one of the thugs.


Suddenly a crowbar hit the Priest’s head, and he was killed. Once the thugs killed all of the people, they placed devices on everything.

“ The Bombs are set. “

Back on the top of Notre Dame, Hean knew that it was time to leave.

“ Come on….”

Hean transformed back into Super-Duper and then created the plane, but now with enough room for two people. Hean and Waroline got into the plane, and the top came down.

“ My Mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men. “ Waroline said as she buckled her seatbelt in.

“ This isn’t a car. “ Hean replied.

Suddenly the plane spun around, and then flew off the church. Meanwhile, the thugs exit out of the church and one holds a device. He presses it, and laughs. Suddenly, two different parts of the floor exploded, then 4 different glasses, two on the left and two on the right suddenly exploded. 2 Columns send rumble to the ground, and one of them collapsed. On the upper parts of the church, the roof had multiple explosions, sending material to the dead bodies below. The Angels of the church shook as they died. The Spiked Tower in the middle of the roof, suddenly burst in flames as it came down. Inside, more columns fell as the Chandelier’s chains snapped and fell to the ground. The Giant circular glass window exploded as flames came from the ruins of a church. The Flames were 20 feet high, and then…. One of the iconic towers burst into flames, and fell to the ground. Moments later, the whole church collapsed, and Church of Notre Dame was no more.

Hean traveled on his plane with Waroline, shooting the goons. Waroline’s seat turned to the right, where she shot goons in that direction with some buttons. More and more goons when Hean’s eyes caught something. He noticed 3 giant cars and a giant truck traveling down the road, trying to not act suspicious.

“ What’s in that? Waroline, let’s check it out. “

“ Okay!”

The Plane flew down to the cars and truck as they took a turn. There was a solider in one of the giant cars holding a gun. Then, he looked at a mirror and saw the plane behind them.

“SIE LUNATIC, muss der Held USA gefunden. Sag den anderen! Männer ... SHOOT schießen und zu töten! DREHEN!” the man spoke in German.

The Car opened the door as they sent bullets at the plane. Hean sent a missile at the car, blowing it up. Then, Hean scanned the truck, and saw….

“ An upgraded Death Ray…. More powerful than the one above us. “ Hean said in shock.

“ Oh no…. if they hook that up to the space station….” Waroline started.

“ We’re all doomed. “ Hean ended.

Waroline stayed quiet, then came up with an idea.

“ You take the plane and finish off Kanker. I’ll deal with these guys. “

“ How? “

“ Make the Motorcycle for me, and let me use it, while you use the plane. “ Waroline suggested.

“ What that’s impossible… well…. Maybe not. But you’ll leave me. “

“ I know what I said… but you have other things to worry about. Let me handle this. “ she asked.

“ But….”

“ Please. “

Hean then was quiet for a while, before saying something.

“ Get ready to drop. “

Suddenly the area around Waroline changed. She lost the back of the seat, and the buttons. Instead she got green wheels and a few machine guns.

“ Good Luck. “

“ Hean…. He’s going to kill you. He’s going to destroy everything. “

Hean knew Waroline meant Kanker, and replied with one last sentence.

“ Not if I kill him first. “

Suddenly the floor below Waroline dropped and the Green Motorcycle reached the ground. Waroline pressed a button and started driving on it.


Hean was confide that Waroline would be fine, and flew off. Waroline drove towards the giant cars and shot bullets at the giant car on the left of the cargo car. It flipped over, and Waroline pressed a button. It made the motorcycle fly, and go over the car. The one on the right drove a little behind the truck, and the door on the top opened. Two gunmen appeared and started shooting at her. She curved the motorcycle, turning it at a 90 degree angle… and sent a small rocket from the motorcycle to the car. The Car flipped over, crashing into a café and store, both of which exploding.

She curved again and followed the giant truck.

How do I stop it? She thought.

In Washington D.C, Keoff walked over to Capitol Hill. He looked at all of the dead bodies, with deep sadness. He had been forced to break his one rule, the same rule Batman would never break. It was a rule that could never be taken back. He was glad that Randon, Roar, and a bunch of Kanker’s forces were gone, but still… the fact that he had to kill burned with guilt in him.

“ Did I do the right thing? Or the wrong thing? “

Suddenly, he caught the eye of a shadow fleeing. Keoff went to the right side of the capitol building. There was a car in ruins, and Keoff went to the back of the car. There, he saw a body.

“ What the… Alan?”

Alan suddenly jumped up and attacked Keoff. All that was heard was a quick scream, and then silence.

Hean was flying on his plane shooting at the thugs. Kanker was on a roof of a building with a bazooka. He sent a missile at the plane, and suddenly… the Plane started spinning all around. It exploded, and Hean fell onto the roof of the building, and reverted back to normal. He tried to stand up, but that’s when Kanker grabbed him and pushed him to the chimney.

Kanker grasped Hean's neck against it, but was too weak to suffocate him right then and there.


"Oh ya know; I'm inspired by lots of things that push me to do what I do. Spiderman, Batman, Superman. Things that I read in comics."

Hean said as he kicked Kanker in the chest, and flipped out of his grasp.

Kanker stepped back a few steps, taking in the blow, and then looking at Hean. He stood up straight, and dropped the bazooka launcher.

“ Hean… How desperate are you? You force your girlfriend to fight and kill for you. You depend on the Rebellion to save everyone’s lives, and you call on such lost creatures to defend you. “

“ Kanker, you have made me very desperate. You have threatened every person in the world with possible execution, you have hoped to control everything with the gems, try to control something that you don’t understand. I don’t understand a lot either, but at least I know how to use them. You’ve killed millions, but you claim that you want peace, order, and justice. You will do anything and everything to kill me and get your goals. “

“ Not Everything. Surely now you remember Sug? And how he was planning to destroy everything? He is pure evil. I admit … I did join Sug, an evildoers. But I only did that so I could get rid of evil. “

“ Evil VS. Evil? What would you have done if they killed me? Hmm? You would have failed to kill me, and if one of them had killed me, it would have meant they were more powerful then you. You had no hope of destroying me and them. No hope at all. How are you not different from them?”

“ I will go to great lengths to complete my plans. But I will NOT go so far as to destroy all humanity and maybe even the earth. When I’m done… I still want a world to rule. “

“ You want to rule the Earth now? “

“ Only because everyone else is unfit for control. They’ve failed, I haven’t. Your little rebellion is attacking the entire planet. Hong Kong, London, Rome, Moscow… even Washington D.C. Your friend is in D.C right now. Fighting for an unjust cause. “

“ Keoff.... “

“ And now…. I will be revealed as the true hero. “

“ KANKER! YOU THINK YOU’RE A HERO! YOU’RE A MONSTER! I WASN’T THE ONE WHO BLEW UP A SCHOOL! WHO KILLED INCOCCENT PEOPLE! WHO LET HIS THUGS KILL 6 YEAR OLDS AND SENIOR CITIZENS! Kanker…. Look at what is happening. One of the most beautiful cities in the world is being destroyed. Let’s end the fighting. Look, I want the same things as you do. I want Order, Justice, Peace, all of that! But you should be attacking the Criminals, the Mob, NOT SOCIETY! YOU THINK I WANT MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS, ALAN, AND EVERYONE DEAD? NOOOO! I WANT THEM ALIVE! I WANT A WORLD WITHOUT TERROR! WITHOUT EVIL! BUT NOT LIKE THIS….. NOT LIKE THIS. “

Kanker ran towards him and pushed him to the side. Hean fell over, and Kanker jumped after him. The Two of them were about to die, but a giant car came right under them at the same time. Hean tried to get up, as Kanker stood, with a knife in his hand.


Waroline was still driving on the Green Motorcycle behind the giant truck. She was trying to figure out a plan when she noticed that there was a warehouse with fireworks in there. She knew the fireworks were in there, cause there was a huge banner that said that.

I know what to do She thought.

She started speeding up, going past the giant truck. A gunmen was in the passenger’s seat, and opened the window. He took a M240 medium machine gun and started shooting at her. One bullet almost killed her, but she had changed lanes. She made a U-turn and shot at the left wheels. The Wheels popped, and the truck flipped over right in front of the fireworks warehouse. Waroline drove away from it, as the truck exploded. The men were killed the first second of the explosion, and then the death ray was destroyed. Suddenly, all of the fireworks suddenly exploded, sending all tentacles of sparks and fire. Suddenly, other houses started exploding as well. Waroline realized that there was an entire block with fireworks. The whole thing went into flames as she drove towards a bridge. One of the fireworks’ sparks got too close to a house, and set that on fire. When all of the explosions stopped, at least 10 blocks were on fire, and a huge cloud of smoke went into the air.

Only a few streets away, Kanker and Hean could feel the heat as they punched each other on the moving vehicle. Kanker punched Hean in the stomach, grabbed his left arm, turned him around and kicked him in the back. Hean fell down, and struggled to get up.

I’m not sure if I can take any more of this Hean realized.

Hean punched Kanker in the face, and then round house kicked. Kanker took out a knife and Hean grabbed it, stabbing Kanker in the leg with it.


“ Yeah! That’s what you get for messing with me. “

Hean pushed Kanker off of the car and jumped off. Kanker got up and took out a gun but Hean grabbed him.

“ It doesn’t have to end this way. “

“ Oh, but it must. You have to end this way. Only one can live, and that’s me. “

Kanker takes out Acid and throws it at Hean. Hean ducks, but some of the acid hits the Forevtrix. Suddenly, it starts blinking lights like crazy.

“ What the …”

A bright glow appears, and suddenly… Hean and Kanker aren’t there anymore.

On the Eiffel Tower, on the observatory, a bright light similar to the previous one appears. Kanker and Hean appear, and punch each other. Hean grabs Kanker and pushes him to the wall.

“ You will never learn…” Kanker said.

He took out a sword and Hean transformed quickly into Super-Human and started fighting. At the same time, Waroline was driving towards the Eiffel Tower with the Green Motorcycle. Suddenly, she saw a giant car.

You know what…. Time for an upgrade Waroline thought.

Waroline pressed a button on her motorcycle. Suddenly, a beam of light came from the motorcycle. It scanned the giant car, and suddenly Waroline was driving a huge Car that had missiles to shoot.

Meanwhile, Hean was fighting Kanker on the iconic building. Hean used his same moves, getting more tired every second.

“ Very Chameleon, but do you have anything new?” Kanker taunted at Hean.

“ How ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!” Hean shouted.

He punched Kanker in the legs, then grabbing him and knocking the villain to the ground via punching his back really hard. Kanker stood up and looked at his nemesis. He glared at Hean, crunching his hands to make fists. They kept fighting as Waroline drove even closer to the Eiffel Tower, trying to beat up some thugs.

Waroline was drving when she detected Hean’s Forevtrix nearby.

“ Hean’s near…. He’s…. on the Eiffel tower!”

Kanker by this point had lost his sword and was still punching and fighting against Hean. Hean transformed into normal when Kanker pushed the hero down and took out a knife.

“ You are just a fool. You are just a dumb kid and that’s why you can’t stop my army. “ Kanker taunted once more.

“ Who said I wanted to stop your army?” Hean replied.

Kanker started in confusion, as Hean suddenly gained strength, and flipped over, pushing Kanker to the ground.


Waroline arrived in front of the Effiel Tower, and looked up. She saw 2 people fighting, and realized they were Hean and Kanker.

“ Oh my gosh….. This might be it. “

In her awe, she accidently pressed a button. A missile came from the giant car, and went towards the Eiffel tower. The Missile hit the Tower, and shook the building. Kanker and Hean got distracted as Kanker bounced up. Hean punched Kanker once, and then Hean stood next to the wall.


Hean ran towards Kanker, and the two of them fell off of the Eiffel Tower. Hean and Kanker fell down the tower, bending their arms up to slow them down. Hean moved towards Kanker, punching them, and then Kanker took a knife and tried to stab him. However, the knife was knocked out of Kanker’s hand and the hero punched Kanker’s nose, making some blood come out.

Some of the Rebellion’s planes flew by the Eiffel Tower, as the two of them fought in midair. Hean and Kanker grabbed each other, Hean grabbing Kanker’s face and stretching it. Kanker accidently touched the forevtrix, suddenly making it blink again. Suddenly, as they were about to hit the ground, the forevtrix glowed, and they disappeared.

A huge explosion occurred, similar to the one in the mini-war that occurred 7 months ago. A huge yellow shockwave followed it, spreading across Paris. The Shockwave’s power however caused it to destroy only little things, like people and vehicles. The shockwave hit Waroline’s giant car, destroying it. A Huge explosion occurred, sending Waroline across the city. All the neighboring cars were destroyed, and then in the midst of the riots and fighting, all of the rebellion members and the thugs were sent across the city. All of the windows shattered, and different parts of buildings were suddenly destroyed.

A bunch of cars and buses suddenly collapsed, and the city received damage. Waroline was laying her back on a tree, when the shockwave ended. She looked at the Eiffel Tower, traumatized by what had just happened. She looked at the Eiffel Tower and noticed cracks in the metal. Precipitously, the puddled iron that had been used to build the lattice tower started to break, pieces of the iconic landmark breaking apart and crashing into the ground. The tower began to lean away from Waroline, and more parts of the Eiffel tower broke apart, and crashed into the ground. The Thugs under the tower were crushed with the pieces, as more damage came.

Oh no…. the shockwave damaged the tower…. It’s about to fall the Heroine realized.

Rapidly, the tower leaned more and more the opposite side of Waroline. The People on the Pont d'Iéna panicked as they fled towards the Palais of Chaillot, Paris. At the same time, Julie and the leader of France, under command of Kanker fought on the bridge. Julie used her silver sword with the gold hilt against the leader’s sword. The Blades hit each other, sparks flying across the city. Julie was quickly able to stab the leader, and his body fell down. However, she looked up and saw the tower coming at her. With one last breath, she closed her eyes and accepted her fate. The Eiffel Tower fell down, crushing Julie and the Pont d'Iéna. Waroline looked in shock, as she looked at the city of love, without its icon anymore.

Meanwhile, in space, Kanker’s space station watched the battle in Paris occur. One of them saw the Effiel Tower come down.

“ Oh man… not that. I was hoping to see it live. “ one of the head thugs said.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise behind the control room’s doors. The Head thug turned around as the doors exploded. Suddenly, a bunch of plumbers burst into the room, shooting at least 4 of the thugs and robots.

Magister Landor, the man who gave Amex his instructions came into the room and met the head thug.

“ Hey… this is for Amex! “

He took a giant bar and hit him in the head, killing the thug. He took a small blade and stabbed the controls, making the power core in the space station become unstable, making the ship countdown to its self-destruction, in 20 seconds. He took out a grappling hook and sent it thru the glass window, breaking it. All of the plumbers had their oxygen masks on, and held hands with Landor. Landor’s hook hit a Plumber ship, and the plumbers were flung out of the station and into space as the station started counting down. The Ship went past the moon, as another thug got up and looked at the controls. He saw the countdown as it went from 5 to 1.

“ Oh my g-“

Suddenly, the space station exploded, starting with the pore core generator and ending with the death ray.

In Paris, the fight was going on, when suddenly a bright light appeared in the sky. A giant aurora appeared, catching the attention of all of the citizens and warriors.

“ What is that?” one of the citizens asked.

In Washington D.C, the vice president was watching the rebellion pick up their fallen warriors when the aurora appeared above them.

“ Whoa. Solider, what is that?”

The Solider started typing on his laptop, and then found the results.

“ Sir… the space station. Oh my gosh…. It’s been destroyed!!!!”

“ What?”

The Vice President looked at the laptop, catching the video the people in the International Space Station caught of Kanker’s Space Station being destroyed.

“ Amazing… just amazing. “

Suddenly, a bigger, brighter light appeared in the Aurora. Part of the wreckage of the space station came from the sky and crashed to the ruins of the Smithsonian Castle. The Vice President grabbed his motorcycle and started driving there.

Within minutes, he arrived at the ruins of the Smithsonian Castle. He passed the flowers and reached the wreckage.

“ Oh wow….”

Suddenly, a hand tapped on his left shoulder. The Vice President turned around, and suddenly, a dark figure attacked him, and everything went dark.

Meanwhile, everything was burry. There was a giant door in front of the person, who was just waking up. The Person stood up, and his vision cleared. A light above him turned around, revealing a tired and injured Hean. Hean then felt the roof shake, and realized he was underground Paris. Abruptly, he went thru the doors, not expecting what was in front of him.

Hean was looking around what appeared to be a military theater in ruins, which somehow had sunk to the ground. Then, Kanker’s Voice echoed across the whole base.

“ What’s the matter, Hean? No witty comeback? No threat? Then I’ll provide the narration….”

Then, a projector turned on, and the light went to a screen.

“ I’ll begin with how I peeled back the layers of Alan’s Mind. Oh, he bravely tried to fight it at first. You would’ve been proud to see him so strong. But eventually… the damage from the death and pain of his family was all too much for the president. Soon…. We had to sedate him every 5 hours with all of the madness going on inside his head. “

He showed a black and white footage of the moment where Alan was tied up, and watched his family die. Hean opened his mouth and stepped back a few steps… horrified at the footage.

“ And then there was your family. “

“ No…. “ Hean said quietly to himself.

The Screen then showed Hean’s house in ruins, and 4 figures in the living room, before showing each person being tortured.

“ I tortured them, made them squeal in pain, especially your girlfriend. Keoff was quick… easy for me to torture him by doing the old stretch the arms and legs to the breaking point idea. Your Girlfriend’s experience was a lot more painful. I placed her in a hole 20 feet deep, and every 30 minutes added 1 foot of water. She begged me to stop it, or at least make the process of death quicker. I quickly killed that boyfriend that your mother had… he was soo annoying. But your mother…. I put her in the electric chair. But all too soon, the shocks and the serums took their toll, and your family and friends began to share such secrets with me. Secrets that are mine alone to know… pal, Waron, Heanline, son. “

Hean’s head turned around and he saw Kanker above him in another compartment with a glass window, looking at him, and the screen narrating to a microphone.

“ It’s True, Hean! I know everything. The Divorce… the chance of having a brother that never came true…. All of it. And kind of like the kid who peeks at his Christmas presents, I must admit, its sadly anti-climactic. Behind all of the bravery and aliens, you’re just a little boy crying for daddy. It’d be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Oh, I’ll laugh anyway. HAH HAH HAHAHAH AHAH HA HA! “

At that moment, Hean’s rage reached its peak. He transformed into Super-Human and used his strength to jump and hit the glass. He broke it and punched Kanker, before kicking him thru the door, over the side, and onto the floor.

“ AHHHH! Ow….” Kanker complained.

Hean came down and proceeded to punch Kanker in the face again and again. Then, Kanker copied his powers and used his strength to throw Super-Human to the wall.

“ I’LL CRUSH YOU A LITTLE BUG!” Hean shouted.

Hean kicked Kanker in the groin, and then the villain ran towards a light switch, and shut the lights off. Hean was blinded with darkness, and couldn’t see anything. He transformed back to normal, and the light of the transformation allowed him to see a door. He ran to the door, and went thru it. He shut the door, and the lights came back on. Still looking at the door, Hean slowly turned around and saw Kanker, walking up towards him.

“ Mr. Solman….”

Behind him was what appeared to be a nuclear reactor, but Hean wasn’t sure.

“ LET THE GAMES BEGIN!” Kanker said.

Hean walked up to Kanker, and tried punching him, but Kanker grasped his fist, and kicked him down.

“ Crime cannot be allowed in the world Hean… that is why you must die. You are the reason the world is in destruction. “

“ Well then…. You’re not helping your cause either, are you?”

Kanker growled, as they started fist fighting once more.

“ Hean… all I wanted was Justice, Order, Peace, and Revenge. I wanted a world without terror, or madness. Without evil itself… and I also wanted Revenge. Revenge on all aliens, so my parents could be avenged. But you….. you had to fight, and you had to accept not to die. YOU HAD TO RETURN ONCE MORE AND DEFEAT ME, DIDN’T YOU???” Kanker yelled at the hero.

Hean tried punching at Kanker in the face, but Kanker missed. Unexpectedly, Kanker round house kicked Hean, knocking him to the ground. The Hero got up, Kanker uses some of his remaining power from when he touched Super Human and gained his powers, to throw him to the floor. At the same time a wall comes down, from the battle above. Hean punches Kanker, but the foe kicks him in the stomach, and Hean falls down. As Hean tries to rise, Kanker pushes him down. Kanker laughs as Hean starts to lose energy to try to fight. Hean transformed into ….


Immediately, Kanker got out of there. He started running from Hean as fire hit the ground. Then Kanker took out a knife and thru it at Hean, the knife stabbing his leg. Hean took it out, and then transformed back to normal.

“ Kanker… I’ve saved my mom from drowning, fought against man-eating aliens, rescued my best friend, saved a few lives from the mini-war we had, saved lives in the Memorial’s attack, and down a ton of heroic things… yet you believe I’m evil. Have you seen me destroy entire cities? Have you seen me being cruel? No…. I’m the HERO HERE! BUT WHY WON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?”

Kanker bumped into the reactor, then proceeded to tackle Hean to the ground. Meanwhile, the Reactor suddenly turned on, and started making lots of energy. Hean pushed Kanker to the wall, and that moment, suddenly felt like his destiny was about to be achieved. Suddenly, he flashed back to everything. The Day he last saw his dad…. When he found the Forevtrix, when he froze the Lizotizonans, when Spyke died, when he first met Keoff… the mini-war at his school and the explosion, when he almost drowned, the dream, when he met Randon and battled with the Nanochips, when he battled against Sug and Kanker, all of it. Back to reality, Kanker grabbed him, and the two of them turned around.

That’s when Hean realized the Reactor was on.

I know what to do. He thought to himself.

Hean charged at Kanker, and pushed him to the reactor. Suddenly, Kanker was stuck to it. Kanker screamed as Hean backed away. Kanker’s body was being pulled apart, sucked into the reactor. Kanker stretched his arms out as he tried to escape the Reactor’s pull… but then… as Kanker reached his hand at Hean, he was pulled into the reactor, screaming….


Hean saw quick glances of a purple world with grey rocks and creatures of the unknown, before the reactor glowed too bright for Hean. Kanker disappeared, and as the Reactor started overloading, suddenly a hand grabbed him and pulled him away from Paris along with Waroline. Suddenly, as they teleported away from Paris, the reactor exploded, and a huge explosion occurred.

In Paris, the fighting was almost over. There were dead bodies everywhere across the city.

Sadly, the rebellion was losing. However, the land under the ruins of the Effiel Tower exploded, sending a huge nuclear explosion across the city. A Huge shockwave destroyed everything, including the Louvre, and the rest of Paris. A Huge light appeared and in a flash…. Paris was literally wiped out.

Miles outside of what once was Paris, Hean, Waroline, and the mysterious third figure appeared. Hean got up, and saw Waroline.

“ What the….”

At the same moment, Waroline saw Hean. She was as confused as he was.

That’s when they realized there was someone else as well.

They turned around to see Paradox.

“ Sorry about that… I had to save you two. You have bigger things to deal with. Anyway, I have to fix the timeline with the rest of the universe. Cherrio!”

Paradox flashed, and disappeared.


The President's Finale[]

At that moment, Hean realized something. He realized a truth, and he spoke it in 3 words.

“ Kanker … he’s dead. “

“YESS!” Waroline screamed

At that moment, Hean and Waroline hugged each other, so happy that they finally had gotten rid of him.

But then, as they danced in enjoyment after Hean’s Victory, his phone rang.

“ Keoff? “

“ Hean….Come to Washington Now. The White House. You have 4 Hours. Or else the Vice President, his family, Keoff, and your mommy are going to die. “ a haunting voice said.

Hean would know that voice anywhere.

“ Alan…What…What have you done?”

“ What is for the Greater Good. “

The Phone hanged up, and Hean immediately knew Danger was here. Transforming into Super-Duper, he created his Energy Plane and the two of them went into it, flying towards Washington D.C, the Fallen Capital of Freedom.

At the Ruins of the Fallen City of Freedom, Hean and Waroline arrived at the Capitol Building, or what was left of it. They started running towards the White House, with only 2 min. left.

“ HHEAAAANNNN!” a female voice screamed.

“ BE QUIET. “ Alan screamed.

“ Alan. “

“ Hean. “

Hean and Waroline had arrived, and saw the Vice President, his daughter, his wife, Keoff, and his Mom gagged up and tied up.

“ Alan….it doesn’t to end this way. “


“ If you want to kill anyone, kill all of the terrorists, and the mob people, the criminals, and his soldiers but don’t, don’t kill them. “


“ I WAS TRYING TO SAVE PEOPLE’S LIVES!” Hean shouted back.


He took out a small coin, and Hean finally made the connection between him and Harvey Dent, from THE DARK KNIGHT.

“ Hean, you go first. “

The Coin went up into the air, and landed on Alan’s foot. Before Hean could move, the once sane president threw a knife into Hean’s Leg, making him fall down.

“ Mr. Vice President… you next. “

He picked the coin and repeated the process.

“ You live. You get to watch your family die. “

“ Nooo…please Alan. You were in Germany. He Took over too fast. I wanted to know where you were but ….”



“ Fine. Her Turn Now. If the coin says she dies, then you die instead. “

“ Alan…ahhhhh….don’t do this. For Susan, and Alex, and Erica. “ Hean begged.


He spun the coin one last time, and then everything happened so fast.

Hean attacked him, beating him up, and fell down. But the VP knocked Alan to the ground as he tackled him to the White House Marble. Alan Took a knife out and tried stabbing the vice president. However, it released his bonds, and in a swift act, with great sadness, the only way to save his life, and others, was a single bullet. The single bullet came out of the gun, and landed in Alan’s Heart.

The President at that moment died.

The Vice President quickly freed the bonds of his family, and Hean’s friends and Family, with Waroline’s help. Then, he returned to the body next to the White House itself.

The Hero Falls[]

The Vice President of the US looked down.

“Kanker won this time. The President had finally gotten rid of ½ of the crime in the country, poverty had started disappearing, and then bam. Everything he fought for….undone. Any chance you gave us of fixing our cities dies with his reputation. People will lose hope. America will die because of one man’s dream of a perfect world. “He said.

Hean stood up, and took the knife out his leg. Limping, he said,

“ They Can’t. They must never ever know…what happened to him. “

“Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, Berlin, Part of London, Highwood, Los Angles, all gone. Millions of people dead. You can’t cover that up Hean. It’s impossible. “The VP replied.

“ But, even if … Kanker is dead… he can’t win the battle for Humanity’s soul. America…it needs its true hero.”

“ No….No…Hean….”

Hean said,

“ Harvey Dent from THE DARK KNIGHT said, “ You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. “. I can be that, because I am the true mastermind. I used the Forevtrix to blow up the school, to destroy the cities, to kill those people. You Understand?”

The Vice President shook his head in shock as he yelled,

“ NO!!! YOU …. Saved all of us by killing Kanker. “

“ Call the cops, get the FBI to get here now. “

“ They’ll chase you, hunt you down like a dog, until they get you. “

“ Fine….hunt me. You’ll just condemn me…set the dogs….the dogs on me. “ Hean replied.

Meanwhile, a mile away, they got the call.

“ OKAY PEOPLE. MOVE IN! MOVE IN! CAPTURE AND ARREST HEAN!” A cop yelled as they started heading that way.

( View’s Alan Gordon’s Funeral a day later )

“ Alan Gordon was a fine and great American Hero, and President. He may have not been the hero we deserved, but he was the one we needed right now. “ The Vice President said.

“ Sometimes, the hero must face times of Darkness so that the people he cares for can live in a time of Light. “

( Views Hean’s mom in a hospital, healing as he says that )

“ Sometimes, we must make the hard decisions to make the right ones. “

Hean walks over to Keoff, and shakes his hand.

“Goodbye Friend. “

Keoff stood there, in shock as Hean moved on. Hean then looked at Waroline.

“ I’LL MISS YOU!” she says.

Only then, the two of them hugged each other, holding each other tightly.

“ I look forward to that date. “ he tells her.

(She smiles, then frowns as he runs far away, transforming into Super-Duper and then driving away)

Then the VP’s daughter asks,

“Daddy…Why is he running from us?”

“Because… he’s chosen his path. The Path of the fallen Hero, so we have to chase him. “

“He didn’t kill anyone. He isn’t a boogeyman. “She replies.

The Vice President looks on, and says …

“ No… he’s the hero the world deserves, but NOT the one it needs right now. So, we’ll hunt him, because with those aliens, even for a 13 year old, he can take it. You see, he’s our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A Watchful Protector. A Hero of Light. “

The Mask Revealed[]

A Dark Figure walked in the room, shocking one of the minions working on a computer.

“ Lord Zarmos, You’ve returned after 3 months. “

“ Yes….3 long painful months. We thought that our plans were ruined. No….I knew Hean will save us. “

He left the room, and entered another room where 8 screens were on the wall.

“ Now that I am in charge of Kanker’s Organization, we are once again free to operate with impurity. “

Then, he stepped out of the shadows and revealed his face. Not his mask, but his true face. His face was white, with blue lines on it. His hair was blue. His body was pure ice. He held his mask in his hand. It was revealed that what looked like Human Skin was Actually PART of the Mask.

Meanwhile, the screens revealed 8 aliens. All looking the same as Zarmos, only older.

“Father, Mother. “

“ Son” two said in unison.

“ And Soon…. The Invasion will Begin. “


To Be Continued… in Season 2 of HEAN 10!


  • Hean
  • Keoff
  • Waroline
  • Kanker
  • Zarmos
  • Randon
  • Roar
  • James Goodrick
  • Alan Gordon
  • The Vice President
  • Linda Solman ( Hean's Mom )
  • Julie
  • Others


This Episode and the following were inspired from the following:








Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: The Dark of the Moon








BEN 10





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  • Only Super-Duper, Scrocher, and Super-Human are used in the episode
  • This is one of the most violent episodes in BTFF
  • This is one of the most sad episodes in BTFF
  • The end is similar to the end of THE DARK KNIGHT
  • In this episode, the good guys take control of Earth, but the bad guys win by forcing Hean to become a fugitivie.
  • Kanker is believed to be dead by the end of this episode.
  • Randon and Roar are confrimed to be dead by the end of the episode.
  • This episode is one of the longest episodes in the wiki
  • This episode is the longest episode in the series as of 7/30/12
  • This finale has a soundtrack and a game. 
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