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The 4D Battle Tournament
Ben 10: The Next Generation
Tournament Information
Season: 1
Main Hero Team Team Omniverse
Main Villain Teams

Team Death Stars & Team Vilgaxia

Host: Azmuth and Galvans
Episode Featured Enter the 4D Battle Tournament!
Episodes Involved: 4 - TBA

The 4D Battle Tournament is a major Tournament in Season 1 of Ben 10: The Next Generation.


Azmuth knew that if there wasn't a Tournament, his enemy Toku, a Tokustar will kill him. But he also wanted the Plumbers' Representive to win. So he created it. He chosen the Legendary 3 from Generations, which finally let to Team Omniverse.


Team Omniverse - Main Team (Ben (Captain), Alex, Rex)

Team Death Stars - Co-main Villain Team (Gwen (Self-proclaimed Leader), Kevin (Toughy) Ken (The "Ben" of the team))

Team Vilgaxia - Co-main Villain Team (Vilgax (Villainous Leader), Zs'Skayr, Aggregor)

MORE TEAMS COMING (Comment to create teams!)