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The League of Heroes
Season 1, Episode 1
Production Code: 101
Airdate: August 17th, 2012
Written By: Jack, Sci
Directed By: Jack
Season 1 Guide
"The Captured"

The 10 is the first episode of the first season of LoH.


Galvan Mark
/Galvan Prime

Azmuth was on a hovering platform, passing by scientists of all species. Myaxx took a test tube and poured it into another, causing it to change color. An Amperi was testing static electricity with zapping a metal rod. It made a soft hummuning sound. Azmuth went into a corridor and hovered passed it. He look's out a window and looks down silently at Mecomorph. Azmuth hears a sound and turns around. "Paradox." "Ah yes my small little friend." "Do not call me a friend. We had our times, you know about the ALPHA." Azmuth said. Paradox responded, "Why yes. Now if you don't collect them the ALPHA will take control of this timestream, and the Multiverse." Azmuth looked at him. "The Multiverse is impossible to control. It will destroy any one in it's presence." "Do you know of who is in the ALPHA? Regaon, Jadan, Kanker." "Kanker is no more of a pitiful old human!" Azmuth shouted. Paradox looked at him, "He has conquered three timestreams on his own. Regaon has taken over seven and Jadan has taken over nineteen. I still cannot find the information on who is their leader."

Azmuth shouted, "Isn't it obvious?! A chronian, otherwise the antagonists won't be able to travel through timestreams." "Eon has been defeated. No Chronian dare try to rule." "One does." "No, that isn't supposed to happen for centuries!" Paradox said. Azmuth turned around and starred at the window. "Millenia."

Paradox looked at Azmuth. "As you know, they gave me enternal immortality. They are my masters. They sent me here to kill you." His hand glowed blue as he blasted a blue time ray. Azmuth hovered away and called Mecomorph in. Paradox sent more beams at the Mecomorph but they went right through him.

To Be Completed