Appearance in Ben 10

Thanatos is Pluto's messenger, god of death and collector of dead soul. He appeared in Devil's Triumph (2). It seems that Thanatos has rivalry with Saturn to replace Pluto's throne. Thanatos became Plutopolis East Duke and Saturn became Plutopolis West Duke and reconciled. Thanatos and Saturn became members of Ethereal Plumbers.


  • Mana
  • Staff of Hades
  • Shape Shift
  • Immortal

Primary Power: Thanatokinesis

As the god of death, he can use this power over opponents. He rarely used this power because, there is the Law of Morai that the person should die under their orders. With this power he can:

  • Stop the biological functions of the dying person
  • He usually do not have to go the people to make them die, he can use a death wave to do so.

Ben 10: Ultimate Omnitrix 1 & 2

Thanatos returns. He has black clothing with blonde hair. It is also shown that he has rivals with Phobus.

Appearance in Ultimate Omnitrix 2: Christmas

He made cameos in the Christmas special but in the end, he is seen standing at the doorway saying "You see everything's fine" and then he disappeared.


Ben 10: Ultimate Omnitrix - The Video Game

He can fight, it is a little hard because, he doesn't have a finishing move. He finds with purple mana like energy. His moves are Wild Wind, Kinesis, Stone Henge, Fire Spin and Bright monster. In Wii, use the nunchuck to make Thanatos spin.


(In How to Kill a Opposite Necrofriggian)

  • Zeszon: I feel Terrible, Doom, Disaster and Blamed ugh!!! (saying to Thanatos) (after releasing Nonsez)
  • Thanatos: Don't look at me, I didn't brought them.
  • Zeszon: Brought who?
  • Thanatos: What you said, Doom, Disaster and Blame.
  • Zeszon: (stares Quizzically)
  • Thanatos: I meant they are my brothers and I didn't bring them in the Headquarters.
  • Zeszon: No, Doom, Catastrophe ahh!!!
  • Thanatos: I told you, I didn't bring them (thinking he is refering to his brothers) (Thanatos's family are all woes of Human life)

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