Teviv is a city located in the south region inside Wall Via in Attack on To'kustar on Earth-404. Its citizens are known as Tevivites. It is one of two primary settings for the first season, along with Ateria.

Physical layout

Teviv is a circular and relatively flat city, just like Ateria to the south. It is surrounded by a massive wall like many other cities, however there is a gate in the south part of the wall allowing for easy entry. The city contains many different sections, including residential areas and a commons. There is a coliseum in the city, which was used for unknown purposes, but is abandoned as of the To'kustars' return. There is at least one tavern in the city, and though it was destroyed in an explosion, it is plausible that there are more.

The city has one police station and two secret Forever Knights' bases, though both of the Knights bases have been destroyed, requiring the Knights to operate out of Maxwell Wagner's personal house in the city.

Important history

Early history

Battle of Teviv

Main article: Battle of Teviv

Known Tevivites

  • Ryan Thames
  • Logan Fitzpatrick
  • Prescott Martin
  • Susan Quell
  • Pryor Hade
  • Nico Valencia
  • Rachel Stone
  • Sophia Faraday
  • Trevor Faraday
  • Olivia Faraday
  • Maxwell Wagner


  • It is likely named after the city of Tel Aviv, in Israel.


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