Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date 12/6/16
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Flight in the Night
Test of Might is the seventeenth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


On the road, traveling away, the sky is seen mildly bright with a shade of orange, indicating that its sometime in the afternoon, with a few clouds overhead. As the view lowers, trees are now seen, standing by the side of the road with many leaves at their feet. The road, itself, is broken up but still mostly together, with grass growing from between its cracks. The news van is seen passing through the area, driving along the road.

November 21, 12:34 EDT

Inside the van, Drake is seen laying on the bench, in the back, looking up the van's ceiling, thoughtfully. The view then pans towards the front of the van, showing John, driving, and Kate, with her eyes closed, leaning towards the window. John's eyes shift back and forth as he drives, looking out at the road ahead of him.

Drake, calling from the back: John.

John, driving: Yeah?

Drake is seen, still looking up at the ceiling.

Drake: How much more until we get there?

John, unseen: Shouldn't be that long now. Should be up ahead, actually.

The scene then cuts to the outside, where the van is seen pulling up to a small space in front of a facility. The van then comes to a stop in front of the view, showing off the front bumper, as the van lights cut off. The driver's side door then swings open with John stepping out, onto the ground, and making his way around the front of the van, to the passenger side door. John stops in front of the door and looks in through the window, seeing Kate, still with her eyes closed, leaning towards it. John taps on the window, softly, which seems to awake Kate. She opens her eyes and looks around slightly, groggy-like. She then sees John through the window who gives a little wave with his hand, smiling slightly. Kate stretches in the car and opens the door, causing John to move out of the way as the door opens.

Kate, getting out of the car: What's going on?

John, as the sound of a door closing is heard: We're here.

Drake is then seen moving into the view, looking up at the facility. He's wearing his new suit, with the googles on but the hood is lowered. There is a logo on the front of the building reading "Aerospace Innovations" but some of the letters are damaged and hard to make out. The facility, itself, is similar to the previous Aerospace Innovations building except this one appears more abandoned. Drake is still seen looking up at the building while John is seen talking to Kate in the background, closing the passenger side door as well. Drake then goes inside. Inside the facility, the lobby is seen but it appeared more wrecked and overrun than the previous building.

Drake, calling out: You both might want to see this.

Drake continues looking around, walking forwards until he steps on something that makes a crunching sound. He looks down and sees a shattered sign with the Aerospace Innovations logo "AI" printed on it. John then rushes in and looks around.

John: Wow. They really changed the place up.

Kate walks inside, looking around, as well.

Kate: Looks like someone ransacked the place.

Drake picks up a small object from the ground, between some of the glass fragments, and looks at it. It looks similar to a black, curved nail belonging to an animal. Drake then looks up, gets up then proceeds to move to the back of the facility. From within a small area, a muffled pounding is heard, getting louder and louder, until the wall busts down, showing off the lobby. Drake then makes his way inside with his ax form activated. He turns down the hallway, deactivating his form. When he makes it to the end of the hall, unlike the previous facility, there is no elevator. Drake then stands there, practically stunned. John and Kate then follow and see Drake standing there.

Drake: It's gone.

Kate: What's gone?

John: The elevator leading to their base...

Kate, turning to Drake: Well, maybe it's somewhere else. This isn't the same facility, guys.

Drake: Kate, that was our only lead. If- If we can't find their base, then it might not even be here.

John: (sighs) I'll get my tablet. I can do a scan of the building, see if there's any signs of activity that we could intercept.

Kate: Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

John then proceeds out of the hallway. Drake continues staring at the blank wall while Kate moves towards Drake.

Kate: Hey... We'll find him, alright?

Drake: Yeah... I know we will, Kate. It's just- this was our only lead.

Kate: So we'll find a new one.

Drake: You make it sound easy. If it's anything like the last time, it's going to take a while and I'm not sure if Owens has that time.

Kate looks down, as if trying to think of something. A creaking noise is then heard from above. Drake and Kate look up.

Kate: Did you hea-

Drake: Sh.

Silence. The noises continue, sounding similar to someone walking above them.

Drake: Something's here.

Kate: Maybe it's John.

Drake, heading out, putting his hood up: Maybe it's not.

Drake then leaves the area and looks up. He sees some stairs leading to the second floor. Drake then decides to climb the stairs and enter a room, he looks around and sees furniture knocked over, more broken glass and broken machinery. Drake readies himself and he continues through the dark room. In the corner, there is a oddly shaped figure. Drake then grunts and tackles the figure.

Drake, grabbing the figure: What are you up to?!

A growling sound is then heard. Drake looks up as a much larger figure rises up, which knocks over some furniture blocking the windows. As the light bleeds into the room, the figure that Drake has in his grasp, is actually a tail which is connected to the larger figure, a large, furry Mutant with claws, sharp teeth and wide eyes. Its fur is black mixed with white. The Mutant looks down at Drake, its mouth unhinges, releasing a roar, showing off its rows of teeth.

Title Sequence

The lobby of Aerospace Innovations is seen, with Drake being thrown through the wall of the second floor and onto the glass on the lobby floor. He curls to the side, in pain, from the impact. The Mutant then busts through the opening in the wall, roaring out at Drake. It then pounces down on him, pinning him down. Drake then throws his legs up, kicking at the Mutant in its stomach, pushing it off of him. Drake then gets up as the Mutant circles around. Drake joins in the circle, attempting to intimidate the Mutant, only for it to growl at him. Drake strikes the Mutant in its nose twice only for it to respond in smacking Drake across the room, crashing into some knocked over chairs. Kate then runs out of the back of the facility.

Kate: Hey, what's going-

Kate then stops as the Mutant turns to her, snarling intensively. Kate backs up slowly as the Mutant continues to advance towards her. It then stops and prepares to pounce only for Drake to tackle it with his ax forms ready.

Drake, tackling the Mutant: RAH!

The two then crash through the window, shattering the glass, and escaping into the front of the facility. The Mutant shakes it head, knocking some pieces of glass off. It then continues to snarl down at Drake who is seen kneeling in front of the facility. He looks up, bearing his teeth. He then charges for the Mutant who attempts to strike him down with his claws but Drake dodges the strike and swings his ax at the Mutant's side, pushing it over with the ax's side rather than its sharp front edge. The Mutant tumbles over, crawling at the road in order to remain upright. The two stare each other down until the ground shakes slightly. Drake looks around as the ground shakes a short moment later. The Mutant looks up, sniffing the air, as if sensing something, as the ground shakes once again. The shaking then stops momentarily only for a humanoid figure crashes between Drake and the Mutant from above, creating a small dust cloud upon impact. Drake is thrown back, onto the ground. He looks up as the dust settles and sees a man standing there in an armored suit. His boots are black, his leggings are of a dark green color with black sides, his top is yellow, sleeve-less but there are straps around his arm. He is also wearing black finger-less gloves and a helmet, showing only his eyes and mouth. The Mutant gets up and strikes at this person only for him to grab the Mutant's arm, struggling slightly but managing to throw it over. Drake jumps out of the way as the Mutant is hurled in his direction, crashing into the news van. The Mutant then lays on the floor, against the van. Drake then gets up, looking at the van, then turns quickly to the man who dusts his hands off.

Man: And that's- (putting his hands on his hips) is how it's done.

He looks up and sees Drake, looking at him.

Man: Oh hey. Didn't you see you there. Well, I mean I did see you fight that badger. At least, I think it's a badger. It could be a badger or something badger-y.

Drake, sounding impatient: Who are you?

Man: Who am I? (chuckle) I'm a superhero.

Drake: What?

Man: Well, I'm trying to be a superhero. (noticing Drake's suit) But it seems like I'm not the only one.

Drake, looking down at his suit: I'm not a hero.

Man: If you say so. Besides, I think I handled that much better than you and your ax arms.

Drake: By throwing it into a van?

Man: Van? What are you-

He looks up and sees the Mutant leaning against the news van.

Man, to himself: Aw man... That's the second time this week.

Drake: You want to tell me what the heck you're doing here?

Man: I was going to ask the same thing. Just less vulgar. I train here sometimes. And since these monsters like to hang around here, for some reason, it's the perfect place to test my abilities in the open. Now why are you here?

Drake: That's none of your business.

Man: So you're going to be like that? Fine, Mister Hooded Guy. But you seriously don't know what you're- wait. Hooded guy with arm weapons. You're not-  The Mutant from New York, right? You're the Vigilante, aren't you?

Drake doesn't respond.

Man: I don't know why you're here but I do know that you've been causing nothing but trouble in your city and I'm not going to let that happen here. I hope we can settle this peacefully, Vigilante.

Drake then stands ready.

Man: I guess not.

Drake then charges for the man with his ax form but the man stops Drake's arm from completing the strike. Drake looks down at his arm then looks up at the man who smirks. Drake then attacks using his other arm but the man grabs that too.

Man: That'll be enough of that.

Drake: You think so?

Drake then deactivates his ax form, escaping from the man's grasp. The man looks at his own hands, confused, only to be punched in the face repeatedly by Drake. The man stumbles back as Drake takes his hits, he shakes his head only for Drake to swing in with his other arm, knocking the man on the ground. The man holds his nose and shakes his head again while groaning slightly.

Drake, readying his fists: Get up.

The man looks up at Drake.

Man: Sure thing.

The man then puts his hand on the ground while looking up at Drake. Small pebbles around his hand start to move as the ground vibrates softly. A look on concentration is seen beneath the man's helmet. He then releases his grasp and launches straight for Drake, leaping into the air with him. Above the facility and the trees, a city can seen in the distance which Drake looks at while looking around at their current height. Gravity then takes its turn as they both drop to the ground, the man, still grabbing Drake, leaning him to the ground until they impact with it, leaving behind another dust cloud. As the dust dissipates, Drake is seen lying on the ground with the man standing over him. Kate then runs out of the facility and sees this.

Kate: What's going on?

The man then turns and sees Kate. He looks surprised.

Man, to himself: No, no, no. I'm not ready for this...

Drake groans as he tries to pick himself up. The man looks down at Drake.

Man: This isn't over, Vigilante. Consider this a warning.

The man then walks towards the news van and grabs the Mutant Badger, struggling slightly to pick it up with both hands. When he manages to, he turns to Kate, still confused by the current situation.

Man: You might want to get somewhere safe... and I'm sorry about your van, miss.

The man then leaps, launching through the air, with the Mutant in hand. Kate looks up, slightly confused, and sees the man soaring through the skies. She then looks down and sees Drake barely getting up on his own. She goes over to him and tries to help him.

Kate: Hey- Hey! Are you okay? What happened?

Drake: He happened. (groans while holding side)

The scene then cuts over to the inside of the news van with John patching Drake up with some bandages. The suit is currently in its display so Drake is wearing just his shirt along with his casual attire. Kate is also in the back of the van, looking at the process.

John: How does that feel?

Drake: Better...

John: You should heal up soon but, even with your fast healing, it could take a while. That must have been some Mutant you fought. It wasn't a- one of those things, right?

Drake: No. It was a guy. He said he was a hero of a city or something like that.

John: Like a real superhero?

Drake: There's no such thing as heroes, John. He's just a man trying to be something he isn't.

Kate: Well he has powers. Maybe he's just trying to use them. Maybe to help people.

John: Well he didn't help Drake.

Drake: He recognized me as the Vigilante. Said our fight was a warning, that he doesn't want the trouble I started in New York to go over to his city.

John: The only city nearby is Philadelphia. That's probably wear he hangs his suit up. Speaking of which, you wouldn't happen to remember any specific details about the suit he was wearing, right? I might be able to make your suit just as durable as his.

Drake: That's not the important thing right now, John. What really matters is stopping this guy from hurting anyone.

Kate: What about Owens?

Drake: Kate, you saw the facility. Owens isn't here. Besides, this other guy said he's been here before. He might know something we don't.

John: And even if we were to go looking for Owens, we can't. Whatever you two were doing messed up the van.

Kate: Can you fix it?

John: Probably, I don't know. It was a miracle to even get it all upgraded in the first place, and in one day too? Yeesh! Yeah, I can probably get this thing fixed. I mean I'm no automechanic but yeah. It'll probably take me some time.

Drake: Okay, just try and hurry it up. We need to stop this guy but we need to find Owens too. While you're doing that, me and Kate-

Kate, playfully correcting: Kate and I.

Drake, slightly annoyed: Kate and I will go to Philadelphia and find this Mutant.

John: Since they're not like Mutant Mutants, we could call them something else like In-Mutants or Meta-Mutants.

Drake: We can talk about that later.

Kate: You should take the kit, Drake.

Drake: ...Fine.

John: I've been meaning to ask. What exactly is the kit? Is it like a secret weapon you've been working on?

Drake: Something like that.

The scene then cuts to the city, overhead, where the buildings stand tall and the clouds pass by. The barriers are visible around the edges of the city including gateways blocking off the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers.

November 21, 14:55 EDT

Inside the city, people are seen passing by casually. Among the crowd is Kate, with her red satchel and Drake, in his alter ego disguise, looking slightly more refined than before. The glasses appear to suit him better and he's wearing a buttoned shirt. The rest remains more-or-less the same. While they are both walking forwards, Kate seems distracted by the city while Drake is still attempting to adjust his glasses.

Kate, trying not to sound excited: Drake, wow. I can't believe we're actually in another city!

Drake, adjusting his glasses: Yeah... me too.

Kate, stopping and turning to Drake: This is going to be great. Especially for my story.

Drake, still attempting to adjust his glasses: What about the Mutant guy?

Kate: It's called multi-tasking, Drake. As a reporter, you need to be able to master that skill. Like feeling excited about this new opportunity and- (fixes Drakes glasses for him) helping you.

Drake: Thanks... (looks around) This place is... bright.

Kate: It's probably the glasses.

Drake: About those. Do I really need- this?

Kate: Yeah. Drake, we've been over this.

Drake: Yeah, yeah. I get it but I meant the shirt, Kate. What is this?

Kate: It's reporter-y, Drake.

Drake: I like my shirt.

Kate: Well reporters don't wear that shirt.

Drake: Good thing I'm not a reporter.

Kate: Well you are to the public especially around me. Well, training. You're my protege. (smiles)

Kate walks off, looking around at the new city.

Drake, confused: What's a protege?

Drake follows after Kate, as a bike rider drives by on a red bicycle. The scene then cuts over to a small park. Drake and Kate are seen sitting at a small table while Kate is checking her phone.

Drake: What are you doing?

Kate: Just checking up some Central News stuff.

Drake: I think your putting your job before the mission, Kate.

Kate stops then looks up at Drake.

Kate: Drake, the only reason I'm out here is because of my job. Without doing it, being here wouldn't make much sense, now would it?

Drake: So you're here just because of your job?

Kate: That's not what I meant.

Drake: No, I get it. You have your things to do.

Kate: Right... Well, I did also check the news while you were finding us a table.

Kate removes a newspaper from her satchel, its name being "National News" and its main headline being "Barrier Expansion Still Considered?". Kate points to a smaller topic at the bottom of the front cover reading "New Vigilante in Philly! See pg 4" with a small image of a humanoid figure, however the image is blurry.

Kate: Apparently, he's been around for a weeks, stopping small crimes but causing damages to the city as well.

Drake: Doesn't say much except that he lives here. Guess we're just going to have to catch him when he's out. As long as you're not too busy.

Kate, seeing something: Actually, I might have already found my story.

Drake gets up slightly and sees the article that Kate is reading in the paper, showing an image of a building in the city along with the heading "Party at Murphy Tower". The scene then transitions to the actual building, later on. The sky is also darker, getting close to evening.

Murphy Tower
November 21, 18:34 EDT

Inside, there are various people dressed in suits and dresses, along with people in tuxedos serving drinks and small foods to the guests. Music is playing, very upbeat and of the pop genre. The elevator then dings and as the doors open, Drake and Kate step out along with a couple of other guests who make their way into the party. Kate has an eager expression on her face.

Drake, noticing: You have that look again.

Kate: Sorry. (after a short moment of trying to cover it) Okay, I'm not sorry. I'm just so-

Drake: Excited? You said that for the past few hours.

Kate: Drake, you have no idea what's it like to be somewhere else for a change. To experience this.

Drake: Yeah, I do. But it doesn't make me feel excited, it makes me feel- different.

Kate: I didn't realize.

Drake: Yeah, well, I got used to it.

Kate: You should probably hang around here. Maybe get something to eat.

Drake turns to her, about to say something.

Kate, stopping him: And no, it's not poisonous.

Drake: Fine.

Drake then walks off towards a counter. Kate looks around, seeing some guests talking with each other, she moves throughout the room. Kate then finds herself at a railing with shows a lower level accessible by stairs and a stage in front of a small area which the guests are using as a dance floor. A man then makes his way to the stage, he is wearing a tuxedo. His hair is slicked back, brown and he has a five o' clock shadow. His eyes are also brown. He moves up a microphone stand, tapping against which releases some type of feedback, catching the peoples' attention.

Man, voice echoing across the floor via microphone: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's about time to introduce the host of this party so he can begin his discussion for the future of his company. Now, without further ado, please welcome Mr. Murphy.

Most of the guests clap and cheer while others stand, waiting or appearing unamused and uninterested. The man in the tuxedo moves away from the microphone stand as a teenage boy in a dark navy suit steps onto the stage, waving at the guests, smiling. Kate leans against the railing, interested.

Mr. Murphy: Hello everyone. I just would like to say, thank you for attending this party. It shows me how many of the amazing citizens of this city are interested in what my company and I have planned for this city and how we are prepared to change in order to suit the greater good.

The clapping continues as if in agreement and respect for what the boy is saying.

Mr. Murphy, continuing: Murphy Industries has been a strong-standing company for years, well before the barriers were put in place. And while I and a few of us may not know what life was like before then, my parents did. They hoped that this company would be able to supply the people with resources to help them live a better life and that is exactly what I want to continue. However, production has been cut short because of regulations to the business and while this has set us back for a while, it won't stop me. But in the meantime, while I may not be able to support the people through my company, I will still lend my hand by donating to 10 million dollars to the Citizen Aid Services.

The guests clap louder than before.

Mr. Murphy: Now before we get our party on, I would just like to bring up something that I've been thinking about saying for quite some time now and that the people of our fair city should probably know before they end up hearing it from somebody else. I'm-

He then sees Kate on the railing, looking down at him.

Mr. Murphy, after a short moment: Uh- (clears throat) I'm hoping that you all have a great time here tonight. (smiles)

The music then resumes as Mr. Murphy moves off the stage, talking to the man in the tuxedo from earlier. Kate continues leaning on the railing, looking out at Mr. Murphy, while the rest of the guests presume their activities from earlier. Drake goes over to Kate, with a tray of small sandwiches. He takes one and eats it.

Drake, with food in his mouth: Hey.

Kate turns to Drake. She looks down at the tray.

Kate: That's a lot of sandwiches.

Drake, eating one more: Sandwiches... Yeah, they're sandwiches.

Kate: Mhm... I didn't know they gave plates like that to guests.

Drake: They didn't give it to me. One of those guys put it down so I took it.

Kate: ...Okay no. (taking the tray)

Drake: Kate. What are you doing? Kate, my sandwiches. Kate-

Kate: No. You can't do stuff like that at a party.

Drake: I never been to a party before.

Kate: Which is why you're going to follow me and do what I do, just to play it safe.

Kate then proceeds downstairs, followed by Drake. Kate is then seen approaching a group of guests.

Drake: What are you going to do?

Kate: Interview them. It would probably be better if you question some guests also.

Drake: How do I do that? Should I just interrogate them instead?

Kate: No! (calming down) No, don't do that. Just introduce yourself by giving your name and the company's name, and ask them questions about a topic you're interested in. And use your full name.

Drake: My name is Drake, Kate.

Kate: No I mean like a last name. Just make one up and don't use mine. My dad will freak if people thought we were related.

Kate turns to the group of guests. Drake watches from a close distance.

Kate, introducing herself: Hi, I'm Kate Wilson with Central News. What's your stance on Mr. Murphy's donation to the CAS?

Guest: Well, I certainly think it's-

Her voice trails off as Drake turns around, looking at the guests. He then walks away. The scene cuts over to the balcony of the building. Mr. Murphy is seen leaning against the edge, looking out at the city.

Voice: Quite the view, isn't it?

Mr. Murphy turns around and sees a man approach him. This man is wearing a dark purple coat over a white suit with matching pants. His hair is black, neat and he also has a goatee. His eyes are green.

Mr. Murphy: Mr. Reeves. I didn't expect you to be joining my event.

Mr. Reeves: But of course. I, along with everyone here, was interested in what you had to say especially about your company.

Mr. Murphy: If this is about your proposal then we can discuss it some other time. This party is pleasure not business.

Mr. Reeves: Business... is what I pride myself on. Besides, why make a notion about your company at a party for pleasure only?

Mr. Murphy: I just wanted the people to know that I'm still trying to do something.

Mr. Reeves: You wouldn't be in such a predicament if you would let our companies merge, Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Murphy: Again with this? Is this about funding because if you need funding-

Mr. Reeves: I'll have you know funding is not an issue of mine.

Mr. Murphy: Then what could you possibly want with my company? I know that your stocks are depleting despite your ability to produce.

Mr. Reeves: This isn't about what I what. I'm just trying to help you and your company suceed. With our companies merged, you can produce through me and both our stocks will rise. That is the only thing you should be concerning you. All you have to do is agree to my terms. It's as easy as that.

Voice: Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Murphy and Reeves turn around and see Drake approaching them.

Mr. Reeves: Didn't anyone teach you any manners? We were in the middle of some very important business.

Mr. Murphy: Actually I don't believe we were. Party for pleasure, remember, Mr. Reeves? You can talk to my partners about your proposal.

Mr. Reeves: Very well then...

Mr. Reeves then leaves the area, pushing past guests including Kate.

Drake: Mr. Murphy. Drake- (thinks for a short moment) Reed... Central News.

Mr. Murphy: Central News, you said? I haven't heard of that one.

Drake: It's uh- not from around here.

Mr. Murphy: Right... So, what's your question, Drake?

Drake: What's your stance on the new Vigilante in the city?

Mr. Murphy: (dry chuckle) Vigilante?

Drake: Guy in the helmet.

Mr. Murphy: Yeah. Well, he hasn't been around for too long, right? Maybe he's doing could just pass over.

Drake: It's been a few weeks, hasn't it?

Mr. Murphy: You're the news guy. You tell me.

Drake: It's your city and I'm asking the questions.

Mr. Murphy: Okay, I think this interview is over.

Kate, approaching Drake: Drake, what are you doing?

Drake: I'm interviewing-

Kate: No (chuckles at Mr. Murphy) I meant everyone but him.

Mr. Murphy: Do you two know each other?

Kate: Yeah, he's my uh- protege.

Mr. Murphy: I take it you're a journalist.

Kate: Reporter-in-training.

Mr. Murphy: Isn't that the same thing?

Kate: Look, so, whatever he said, I just wanna say, that doesn't represent the company, at all.

Mr. Murphy: Then maybe you should.

Kate: Me? Mr. Murphy, I-

Mr. Murphy: Call me Emmett.

Kate: Uh, yeah sure. Um- Thank you, Emmett. I'm Kate. Kate Wilson.

A beeping is heard. Emmett looks down and sees his watch, its alarm activated.

Kate: Is there something wrong?

Emmett: Yes. Well- no, not really I just- I have to go. Maybe we can save this interview for tomorrow.

Kate: Oh um- yeah, of course.

Emmett: Where are you staying so I can pick you up.

Kate: I'll uh- come to you.

Emmett: Oh... alright. Does 2:45 work out for you?

Kate: I'll be there. (smiles)

Emmett smiles back and makes his way inside the building. He passes by Mr. Reeves, who glares at Emmett, climbing the stairs. Across the room, a camera is seen aiming for Mr. Reeves. After the shot is taken, the camera lowers and the figure holding the camera walks out of the view. Following Emmett, he proceeds into a room, closing the door behind him. Inside the room, it is dark. Emmett moves to a cabinet with some type of electronic lock, his breathing getting heavier. He inputs a code and the door unlocks. He opens the cabinet door, revealing a vial inside filled with turquoise-colored liquid. He takes the vial and drinks it. His breathing then starts to stabilizes after a short moment. He then sighs in relief. The scene then cuts to later. It is currently night, with the view showing the outside of Murphy Tower. However, the scene cuts to the lower sections of the building, where lab equipment is seen.

Murphy Tower: Laboratories
November 21, 23:11 EDT

The view continues panning throughout the room, showing more advanced machinery. A big, hunched figure then moves into view, taking a machine in its grasp, and turning around with it, revealing itself to be one of the Unknown Mutants. It then proceeds forwards with the machine in hand causing the view to pan back, now showing the Unknown Mutant Leader.

Mutant Leader: Yes, that will work just as planned. While this is not what we are accommodated to, this facility has a decent amount of technology for us to finish reproduction.

The Mutant then starts speaking in an unknown language.

Mutant Leader, in response to the Mutant: Yes, I am well aware of his presence. The pheromone we left behind must not be strong enough for him. Unless we give its victims... a push of power.

The scene then cuts to the outside of the building, now morning.

Murphy Tower
November 22, 14:34 EDT

On the street level, Kate is seen, standing outside of the building's entrance, waiting. A short moment later, Emmett emerges from the entrance.

Emmett, noticing Kate: Oh, you're early.

Kate: Yeah. Hey. Didn't want to miss you or anything. 

Emmett: Miss me?

Kate: Yeah, y'know, blow off an interview.

Emmett: The only thing I'm blowing off is the meeting I'm supposed to be at right now.

Kate: Wait, you- you're skipping a meeting just to talk with me?

Emmett: Yep. Sometimes you just wanna get out of the office, y'know?

Kate: (chuckle) Yeah, I guess so but I work in the news not a multi-billion dollar company.

Emmett: Then maybe we should go inside. You could take a look at my stocks and such. Sit in during a meeting. Whatever you want.

Kate: Why?

Emmett: Why? What do you mean, why?

Kate: Why give all your attention and resources to me? I mean that information could-

Emmett: Make you a full time reporter? Front page, respect, finally the opportunity in media to present yourself with something you earned? I'm giving you what you want, aren't I?

Kate: Yeah but I didn't really earn it, now did I? Besides, what I really want right now is just know the real you. The guy behind the company.

Emmett: (chuckles) You know you're the first actual person to say that. I went through tons of reporters but they all said the same thing. I had to pay off a few just to not publish some undermining stories about me because of my little tall tale.

Kate: Wait, you were lying?

Emmett: Well, not exactly, just redirecting the truth to see how you would react. I was testing you.

Kate: I guess that shows you have difficulty trusting people.

Emmett: Like you said, I run a multi-billion dollar company. A company that produces resources to the public, beyond the city, beyond the state. Murphy Industries helps people survive. That's where my main focus is, helping people and fighting for the greater good. Sadly, not a lot of people can see that and only notice the wealthy side of myself.

Kate: Haven't you tried reaching out to the people? Try showing them who you are.

Emmett: (chuckle) Half of the time I'm not even sure what I am. (changing the topic) Come on, you're probably hungry with all that waiting. I know just the place.

The scene cuts over to, later on, at a small cafe. Kate and Emmett are seen seated across from each other, outside at a table. A waitress comes along, serving them their meals and then leaving. Emmett takes his cheese steak and starts to eat it while Kate does the same to her own.

Kate, after swallowing her food: So what's it like being you?

Emmett, finishing bite: Being me? Well, running a company can be challenging-

Kate: I meant being you, the real you.

Emmett: You did say that, didn't you? (sighs) Well, that's also challenging. I'm an open guy, well I try to be. Most of the time I just hope things work for the best. Like this meal we're having. (noticing Kate's cheese steak) You know you didn't have to have the same thing I am, right? You could have anything on the menu, price doesn't matter.

Kate: I know. But I trust you enough to choose for me.

Kate returns to her meal while Emmett gives her a thoughtful expression.

The scene cuts over to Emmett's building. Sky is getting darker than before.

Murphy Tower
November 22, 18:45 EDT

Inside, Emmett and Kate are seen sitting on a couch together, laughing.

Emmett: So then I said, why not?

Kate laughs.

Kate: Yeah, no, I totally get that.

Sweat moves down Emmett's face as his body shakes subtly.

Kate: Hey, are you alright?

Emmett: Yeah, why wouldn't I-

Emmett touches his forehead and looks down at his hand, seeing the sweat on his fingers. He then looks up, surprised.

Emmett: Oh no... Sorry, Kate, but I have to do something. You're going to have to- (suddenly grabbing his side) ACK!

Emmett drops to the floor with Kate going to him.

Kate: Emmett, are you okay?

Emmett: No, not really. I didn't want this to happen with you here, I must have lost track of time.

Kate: It doesn't matter. What do you need me to do? Should I call someone?

Emmett: No! No. Uh- there's uh a room where- No, wait. I used the last vial. The rest are downstairs.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Emmett: I need you to take me to my study room. I'll show you where it is.

Kate: Okay.

Kate helps Emmett up, finding it a bit difficult but managing. They then move across the room, into another room. There are bookcases, chairs and lamps as well as a green carpet.

Emmett: Over there. (points to one bookcase in particular)

Kate moves Emmett over to the bookcase. He leans against it, taking his weight off of Kate and opens a book without removing it from the shelf, revealing a panel for an electronic lock. He inputs a code into the panel while Kate notices this, expressing a slightly surprised expression. Once the lock accepts the code, the panel lights up green and the bookcase slides open, revealing an open elevator behind it.

Kate: What-

Emmett: Just take me in, please. I'll try and explain this later.

Kate does as Emmett asks, moving them both inside the elevator. The doors then close and the bookcase slides back together, concealing the lift. Inside the elevator, Emmett is seen leaning against the elevator walls, his breathing getting heavy. The elevator then slowly stops and the doors open. Kate then takes Emmett and moves them out of the elevator. She looks up, still walking into the new area. She looks shocked. The room appears like a large chamber with metallic walls. There are various computer screens at the sides, tables, a refrigerator, shelves with equipment, various crates filled with scrap and a closed tall container. Kate guides Emmett to the refrigerator where he closes it and removes a vial from inside, similar to the one from before. He drinks it and, shortly later, stabilizes.

Kate, looking around: How are you feeling?

Emmett, breathing normally: Better.

Kate, looking around: Good 'cause now you can start telling me why there's a secret area in your tower?

Emmett: It's a long story.

Kate: Yeah but why do you need all this space?

Emmett: For testing. Testing my... abilities.

Emmett walks over to the closed container. He presses a button on a panel at its side which opens the container, displaying the uniform of the new Vigilante. Kate, seeing it, looks surprised.

Kate: You're-

Emmett: Yeah. I'm the new Vigilante.

Kate: I just- wow. You? But you're-

Emmett: What? The owner of a company?

Kate: Yeah. I mean- why do this when you said this was your way of helping people?

Emmett: Because my company isn't helping people as much as it needs to. When I heard what happened to New York last year, I felt helpless behind a desk so I decided to try and get out there and help people physically. That's when I started to notice I had these powers. So I tried keeping it under wraps, worked on this room to try and test my limits. But I realized that this city needed someone to protect it from the criminals, the Mutants, the Vigilantes.

Kate: So you became a Vigilante?

Emmett: I'm not trying to be a Vigilante. I'm trying to be... a hero. Someone people can look up to.

Kate: It's hard for someone to look up to you when they barely see you to begin with.

Emmett: You saw me. Back at that abandoned facility.

Kate: I saw you fighting the Vigilante and throwing a Mutant into my van.

Emmett: Sorry but he and the Mutant needed to be stopped.

Kate: What about the other times? I heard about your damages to the city.

Emmett: A little over-exaggerated but yeah. I have these powers but I'm still trying to control them. Every time I use them, I get these pains like I'm not worthy of having these abilities. I'm not really a scientist but I know a thing or two from working with this stuff. I managed to create a substance that nubs the pain but when it wears off, it gets worse.

Kate: Look, I don't know what's happening with you but I have experience when it comes to dealing with guys with Mutant powers. And judging based on what I've been through today, you have problems trusting people. I get it though, people are dishonest and it's hard to know who to trust but trust yourself with your abilities and you'll probably be better at helping people. Then they'll start to look up to you.

Emmett looks at Kate, thoughtfully. An alert goes rings through the systems. Emmett turns his attention to one of the computer screens and sees an layout of the entire building with one of the lower sections highlighted in red.

Kate: What is it? What's wrong?

Emmett: There's someone in the tower, in one of the tech labs. Come on.

Emmett makes his way back to the elevator, with Kate following behind. The scene then cuts over to the laboratory section of the tower. Kate and Emmett are seen walking through a hall, entering the room.

Murphy Tower: Laboratories
November 22, 19:37 EDT

They turn the corner and see an empty space.

Emmett: Someone took my machinery.

Kate, noticing something: There's something else.

Emmett diverts his attention what Kate is looking at. His eyes widen. There are several pods planted in the laboratory. They are roundish, midly-transparent with a figure curled up inside. The shell has veins on it and small bubbles on its exterior.

Emmett: What- is this?

Voice: It is life.

Kate and Emmett turn around and see the Unknown Mutant Leader.

Emmett: What are you and what are you doing here?

Mutant Leader: I am one of many and w are using your resources for own our purposes.

Emmett: Well you can stop because I will not allow you to use my technology for whatever it is you're doing.

Mutant Leader: Just as we can not allow you to stop our plans.

Two of the Unknown Mutants then enter the laboratory, standing by the Mutant Leader.

Emmett: You guys are messing with the wrong person.

The Mutant Leader nods and the two Unknown Mutants approach Emmett and Kate. As one is about to strike him, Emmett reaches out, blocking its arm and punching it in its side, throwing it across the room. The other engages for him but Emmett grabs both its arms, trying to hold it down. The Mutant throws Emmett up into the ceiling, breaking it upwards. Emmett then falls to the floor. He tries to get up but the Mutant picks him up and throws him into a piece of machinery, instantly breaking it. Kate then runs across the room as the Mutant turn around, attempting to get her. Emmett crawls out of the machine and onto the floor, trying to get up. Kate helps him up.

Kate: We need to get out of here.

Kate and Emmett escape the laboratory while the Mutants turn to their leader.

Mutant Leader: Stop them. I will be here for the reproduction.

The Mutants then move out of the room, after Kate and Emmett, who are running through the hallways. Kate, while running and holding onto Emmett, pulls out her cellphone. The scene cuts over to the city skyline with Drake looking out, squatting on a ledge, in his Vigilante suit. An alert goes off, diverting Drake's attention. He puts his hand against the side of his face, activating his comms.

Drake: Yeah?

Kate, over the comms: Drake, I need you to get to Murphy Tower.

Drake: Did you find the Mutant?

Kate, over the comms: Kinda. Look, there are some Mutants here and they're chasing us.

Drake: I'll be there.

Drake deactivates his comms and leaps down onto a blue platform. He then runs across it towards another building. The scene then shows the building he's currently on which is Philadelphia's City Hall. The scene then cuts back to the laboratories with Kate and Emmett hiding behind some lab equipment.

Kate: We should be fine here.

The steps of the Mutants are then heard as they enter the room, looking around. Their mouthparts move as if sensing the air around them. Kate peeks from behind the equipment, seeing the Mutant at the close distance. She pulls her head back in, leaning against the equipment. Emmett is leaning against the wall, his breathing getting heavy. Kate turns to Emmett, noticing his condition.

Kate, quietly: What's wrong?

Emmett, in pain: My substance must be wearing off.

Emmett then winces as he holds his side. He then groans in pain. The Mutants then turn their attention towards their direction, apparently hearing Emmett's groans. Their feet are shown, approaching forwards, heading towards the lab equipment. One of the Mutants then grabs the equipment, throwing it across the room, revealing Kate and Emmett. The Mutant is ready to strike down Kate.

Voice: Hey!

The Mutants turn around and see Drake standing across the room.

Drake: Don't you touch her.

The Mutants grunt in surprise.

Drake: You want me? I'm right here.

Drake then activates his plant-like ax forms and charges for the Mutants who charge for him. Drake then blocks their attacks with his axs as barriers. He uses his leg to kick at one of the Mutants, diverting its attention. He then swings his right arm at it, hitting its side. He then throws his left arm down and attacks it with, pushing the second Mutant back. The Mutant then turns back and grabs Drake, throwing him into the wall. Drake falls to the floor and attempts to get up only for the Mutant to jab its arm into his side. The Mutant continues attacking Drake until it is hit with a microscope. The Mutant turns and sees Kate with the microscope in hand.

Drake: Kate... (attempts to get up)

The Mutant then advantages towards Kate and smacks her across the room, causing her to drop the microscope. Kate hits the wall and holds her shoulder as she winces in pain. Emmett then looks up and sees Kate against the floor.

Emmett, weakly: Kate...

Drake gets up and tackles the Mutant, knocking it over. He then chops at its front but its durable skin doesn't take too much damage from the strikes. The Mutant manages to grab Drake by the neck and starts squeezing with its claws. Drake resists but starts to do so less and less, choking from the Mutant's grasp. The Mutant is then pushed away with incredible force, breaking through one of the lab's walls. Drake drops to the floor, breathing. He then looks up and sees Emmett standing by him. Emmett helps Drake up who instantly goes over to Kate.

Drake: Kate!

Kate: I'm fine.

Drake helps Kate up and looks at Emmett.

Drake: Thanks.

Emmett: Yeah. I never thought I would be the one to save the Vigilante.

Drake: Good thing I didn't listen to your warning.

Emmett looks confused then realizes.

Drake: When you pushed the Mutant, it gave it away.

Emmett: Right... The exit's this way. Come on.

Drake and Kate follow Emmett through the hallways. The scene cuts to a short moment later, outside of the tower, where the three of them exit. As they leave, a car is seen being thrown across the street past their direction. They turn and see a Mutant similar to the Badger Mutant but with blue and purple colored fur with a strange shape covering its face, extending towards the back of its body. It roars out and the citizens, running for their lives, as it attacks more objects and people.

Emmett: Oh no. The city is being attacked.

Drake: Get her somewhere safe. I've got this.

Drake then runs off towards the Mutant.

Emmett: He's going to need some help.

Kate: But you just recovered.

Emmett: I know my limits. This is my chance to trust myself. I'll be right back. There's a storage room back there, you'll be safe there.

Emmett goes back inside the tower, leaving Kate outside. Drake is then seen being thrown into a car by the Mutant, who roars out afterwards. Drake gets up from the car and activates his blade form. The Mutant jumps at him, pinning him to the ground, but Drake pushes it off, using his arm to block off its attack. Drake slices at the Mutant, cutting at the substance covering its fur which seems to reform. Drake looks surprised only to be hit by the Mutant's tail, throwing him into the street. Drake gets up, shakes his head then looks up as the Mutant approaches him. Drake runs forwards, jumps onto a car and jumps up, with his blade facing down but the Mutant grabs him and slams him against the ground, causing Drake to tumble back, down the street and slip into unconsciousness. The scene then fades into a flashback where Drake is seen leaning against the bunker next to a woman, whom he must have pulled out from the bunker. She is leaning against the bunker as well, her head hanging low.

Omni-Labs Facility
8 Years Ago

Drake looks out as the woman starts to awake, her head rising. She looks up, holding her head. She's wearing a brown jacket with blue sweater underneath. Her hair is brown and her eyes are brown. Drake turns to face her.

Young Drake: Mom?

Drake's Mom: (groggy) Drake? (actually seeing him) Drake! Oh! (hugging him) You're okay. (looking at him) What happened? Where's your father?

Young Drake: I don't know.

Drake's Mom: Oh baby. (holds him) (looks around) Oh baby...

Young Drake: I don't know what to do, Mom.

Drake's Mom: You stay strong. We'll get through this... together.

The scene then returns to the present where Drake is laying against the street. The Mutant is seen approaching him from the distance, getting closer to Drake. Drake starts to stir awake, seeing the Mutant approach him, until a figure lands between them, creating a small dust cloud upon impact. When the dust dissipates, Emmett is seen standing there, in his Vigilante outfit. The citizens stop and look out at him.

Emmett: You won't be causing any more trouble in my city, Mutant.

The Mutant then roars out at him and charges for him. Emmett then stands his ground and grabs the Mutant when it comes for him. He then pushes down and manages to lift the Mutant over his head and slam it against the street. The Mutant then rolls around, getting back up. Drake then gets up. The Mutant notices this, looking back at Drake then looking ahead at Emmett. It then launches at Emmett with its mouth open wide, sharp teeth showing, ready to bite. Emmett grabs the Mutant at its mouth and pushes it back. The Mutant then falls towards Drake who throws his arms out and closes his eyes, bracing for impact. When nothing happens, he looks and sees a barrier emitting from his body with small fractures of orange armor pieced together to form some type of shield, blocking the Mutant from hitting him. The Mutant then falls off of the shield and onto the street. It attempts to get right back up but Emmett punches it in the face, knocking it out. Drake then drops his arms, causing the fractures to detach from each other and fly onto Drake's body. Drake then deactivates his form and moves over to the Mutant. He the kneels down and places his hand on the Mutant, attempting to cure it. However, it doesn't seem to be working, causing Drake to throw his hand off quickly.

Emmett: What is it?

Drake: I was trying to cure it.

Emmett: You can do that?

Drake: Yeah but it's not working. It's like something is blocking me.

Emmett: What's blocking you?

Drake: I don't know...

The scene cuts over to Drake entering the laboratory. He looks around and the Mutant pods are gone, leaving behind only a faint green stain on the walls and floors. Drake then clutches his fist as Kate and Emmett enter the room.

Emmett: They're gone.

Kate: Yeah, they are.

The scene shows Drake's angry expression underneath his hood and googles. The scene then transitions to later on with the city shown above. Murphy Tower is then seen among the other buildings in the city with the sky being brighter with the sun out and only a couple of clouds.

Murphy Tower
November 27, 9:50 EDT

Inside the building, Emmett is seen in a bedroom, presumingly his, taking some folded shirts from a drawer. There's a suitcase on his bed. A knock is heard and Emmett looks up at the open door, seeing Kate in the doorway, leaning against it.

Kate: Hey.

Emmett: Hi.

Kate: I just wanted to say thanks for letting us stay here and paying for the van repairs.

Emmett: I wrecked your van. It was the least I could do besides I had to make sure you didn't just leave with a pretty detailed article ready for publishing.

Kate: After carrying you through elevators and laboratories, you still think I'm going to tell people you're a Vigilante?

Emmett: I guess not, seeing how well you managed to keep your friend's secret.

Kate: (chuckle) Wh-What secret? Friend? Who exactly are we-?

Emmett: I know Drake is the Vigilante. I may be an entrepreneur but I can still piece things together.

Kate: I guess all I have to do now is worry.

Emmett: Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. And I'm not against him either. Well, I may be against how he does things but I can see that he wants to keep save people too.

Kate: Okay. You're more trusting but you're still secluding yourself. We barely see you in your own home.

Emmett: Yeah. I've actually been testing myself in my lair. Lair sounds cool, right?

Kate gives Emmett an uncomfortable look.

Emmett: Anyways, I noticed that since that night, my pains have gone away. I guess what I really needed was to accept that it was there instead of pushing it away. Like the Vigilante. I mean, not that he's a pain to me, I was just doing a-

Kate: Metaphor. Yeah, I know what you mean. So, does that mean you're going to show off the Vigilante to the people?

Emmett: (sighs) No. Not yet, anyways. I still have some self-discovering to do which is why I'm leaving the city.

Kate: What about your company?

Emmett: It can run without me. At least for a good while, anyway.

Kate: Where are you going to go?

Emmett: I dunno. I guess I just need some time away, time to trust myself again and get better control over being... Leviathan.

Kate: Catchy.

Emmett: Really? (chuckle) Thanks.

Kate: Well, we're here for you. I don't know how but if you're in the area, you can always drop on by.

Emmett: Not literally, I hope. (chuckles)

Emmett finishes packing the suitcase and closes it. He then looks up at her, grabbing the case in his hand.

Emmett: Thanks, Kate. You really helped me out.

Kate: I'm glad.

Emmett walks over and hugs her. He then makes his way outside the room and sees Drake leaning against a counter.

Drake: Where are you going?

Emmett: Away. I need to take care of things.

Drake: So do we. These Mutants aren't going to stop anytime soon.

Emmett: Then I hope you catch them and stop them from doing any more harm to our cities.

Drake nods.

Emmett: Where's uh-

Drake: John's in the van. He wanted to be there during the repairs so they don't see uh-

Emmett: I get it. Well we should definitely do this again maybe without the fighting and Mutant problems.

Drake: Probably not.

Emmett: I dunno. I'm still hopeful about it.

Emmett presses the elevator button. The doors open and he steps in, turning around to face Drake and Kate.

Emmett: See you around.

The doors then close. Kate then turns to Drake.

Kate: Hey, I'm sorry for pushing you away for the past few days.

Drake: I get it, Kate. Central News needs you to do your thing and that comes before us.

Kate: Um... Us?

Drake: Yeah, me, you and John.

Kate: Oh right. Drake, I'm not putting Central News before you and John. I'll always be here for you. And John. We're in this together.

Drake nods.

Kate: C'mon. Let's get out of here before John takes off without us.

The scene then cuts ahead to the news van being parked in front of Murphy Tower. John is seen in the driver's seat, patting his hands against the steering wheel. Drake and Kate then exit the building and head for the news van. Kate leans against the passenger side door, talking to John. While Drake looks around. He sees a man looking at him then disappearing behind the corner.

Drake, to Kate: Hey, I'm going to go check on something. I'll be right back.

Drake walks down the sidewalk and turns the corner. He sees Mr. Reeves standing in the alleyway.

Drake: I've seen you before.

Mr. Reeves: At the party. Drake, was it? I'm Anton, Anton Reeves.

Drake: What do you want, Anton?

Anton Reeves: Your attention. Looks like I got it. I know you're with Central News. You and the girl. I also know Central News is from New York. Why anyone from New York would come here is anyone's guess but I know the Vigilante was here and he's from New York as well. So it's pretty obvious that you're apparently tracking down the Vigilante. Yes. He's a hard man to find but you seem to be doing a good job at it. That's why I want you to give him something.

Anton removes a small flash drive from his coat pocket and shows it to Drake.

Anton Reeves: This.

Drake: What is it?

Anton Reeves: If you must know, it's a device containing files that my- people, have been collecting about these new Mutants popping up all over the country. Something I believe the Vigilante would want to have.

Drake: Why are you doing this?

Anton Reeves: Let's just say we want the same thing. Now you look like an intelligent young man so I can count on you keeping this between me, you and the Vigilante. Do we have a deal?

Drake looks up at Anton then takes the flash drive.

Drake: Deal.

Anton Reeves: Pleasure doing business with you.

The scene then cuts back to the news van where Drake is seen entering the back of the van.

John: Where'd you go?

Drake: Just checking something.

John then shrugs and starts the van which drives off away from the building. Anton is then seen looking out at the van from the alleyway. He then smirks and walks through the alleyway, disappearing into the darkness.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and the others meet Emmett Murphy
  • Drake and the others encounter a new type of Mutant
  • Drake forms a deal with Anton Reeves

Minor Events

  • Kate gathers information from the party
  • Drake unlocks a new form
  • Emmett learns that Drake is the Vigilante
  • Emmett decides to leave his city


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Emmett Murphy/Leviathan (First Appearance)
  • Anton Reeves (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


  • Unknown Mutant Leader
  • Unknown Mutants
  • Mutant Badger (First Appearance)
  • Corrupted Mutant (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Acidic Thorns (x3)
  • Stone Slicer (x1)
  • Sonar Scales (x1) (First Appearance)



  • The opening scene needed to be rewritten due to technical difficulties.
    • Originally, Drake and the others had already visited Aerospace Innovations, not finding anything which fills Drake with doubt. Kate moves to the back of the van to reassure him when the news van is attacked is by a Rabbit Mutant, slamming the van into a tree. Drake defends them from the Mutant which is easily subdued by Leviathan.
      • While the rest had not been written, it was planned similarly to the current outcome of the episode except with John hurt from the attack and Kate being fine because she wasn't in the front of the van. It was decided that this scene would probably work better showing their arrival to Aerospace Innovations instead.
  • Drake, Kate and John visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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