General Information
Species Vesparum Tonitrui
Home World V740
Body Insect
Powers and abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis

Energy Shields
Enhanced Agility

First Appearance Past and Present

Teslasp is the Ne-O's DNA sample of a Vesparum Tonitrui from Xerafron's moon, V740. He is one of the aliens in Genesis: Chronocle.


Body-wise, he resembles a moth-like creature. He has a black and yellow color scheme with the exception of the top of his torso, which is grey, his wings and his stinger, which are cyan-colored. He has two cyan eyes on his head and two horn-like structures on both sides. His upper body is black with two cyan stripes on the side. His lower torso is striped black and yellow and ends with a sharp and long cyan stinger. He has six cyan wings with three on both sides.

Powers and Abilities

Teslasp possesses electrokinesis, which allows him to shoot bolts of electricity or absorb nearby power. He usually does this from his stringer but can also do it from his eyes. He can also create energy shields.

Similar to Lodestar, he has magnetic powers, but his are much weaker than Lodestar's. He can lift nearby metallic objects into the air and launch them at whatever direction he wants. He can also use his magnetic powers to destroy machines with little to no effort.

He can fly exceptionally fast.

His wings can produce a buzzing sound which can deafen other creatures.


He is not suitable for physical combat. If his wings are damaged he will lose control and won't be able to move around properly.


  • Past and Present
    • Teslasp's DNA was acquired when the Ne-O scanned the female Vesparum Tonitrui. He makes his debut by Nick and is used to destroy the mechanical lizards and later to free the Vesparum Tonitrui from its containment.
  • The Breakout: Part 2
    • Nick used Teslasp to knock out a few of the Exilists while he was escaping.
    • Later, Nick used Teslasp again to open the prison cells.


  • His design is based on Volcarona from Pokemon.


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