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General Information
Home Planet Aquillis
Body Humanoid Eel
Gender System Binary
Diet Carnivore (Predator)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Enhanced Agility (in water)
Enhanced Speed (in water)
Enhanced Swimming
Water Respiration
Slippery Body
Sharp Teeth
Weaknesses Limited Land Mobility
Alternate Weaknesses Limited Air Respiration (C10:UA)
Present In Omnitrix
Appears in Curtis 10
Curtis 10: Ultimate Alien

The Teslamorpha are Eelectricity's species. They live on the planet Aquillis.


Teslamorpha are large light-blue humanoid eels. They have sharp teeth and bolt-shaped scars around their eyes. This bolt colour can either be dark blue or yellow


Teslamorpha are incredibly skilled swimmers, boasting great speed and agility under the waves. They move with surprising ease in and around underwater rock formations for their size.

They can generate powerful electric attacks, similar to electric eels on Earth.

their bodies are covered in a lubricating slime, which both aids with mobility around underwater formations and helps prevent capture.


Their mobility is greatly hindered on land.

In the Curtis 10 continuity they cannot stay out of water for too long (about 5 minutes).

Known Teslamorpha


Teslamorpha is a combination of 'tesla' (named after Nikola tesla, a man who spent a lot of his life researching electricity and related technologies) and 'elopomorpha' the superorder that eels fall under.


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