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  • Physical appearance

Teru Hikami is a former citizen of Ateria and a member of a joint police-military training program in Attack on To'kustar on Earth-404. After the To'kustars surrounded Ateria, Teru moved to Teviv to begin to his basic training.

Physical appearance


Teru is a very introverted, and according to Michael James, he is also very lazy; however, is also very smart.


===Early life

Return of the To'kustars

Training in Teviv

Battle of Teviv


Sven Schmidt

Teru does not seem to like Sven because he is weird and impatient, but it is currently unknown what Sven thinks of Teru.

Michael James

Michael and Teru are friends, but they could not be more different; while Teru is very introverted and lazy, Michael is very extroverted and patient.



  • According to the creator of the series, Teru's name is a reference to Teru Mikami, a character from Death Note.
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