General Information
Species Phobosapien
Home World Phobiuan
Body Mothman like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Control fear, read minds, invisibility, intangibility and pyrokinesis
Terrorstorm is a Phobosapien from Planet Phobiuan in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Terrorstorm looks like Big Chill with Purple wings. There are slight changes to this alien. The first change was that the Ultratrix symbol is near his neck. The next change was that his eyes when he fires glows red.

Species and Planet

Species: Phobosapien

Phobosapiens are rare and ancient race existing at the birth of the galaxy being born with other entities, Relief, Love, Hate, Fear and Determination. Phobosapiens derived from Fear thus able to manipulate illusions nad such.

Planet: Phobiuan

Phobiuan is one of the planets where Phobosapiens reside. The presence of Phobosapiens caused leaves to wither and dry thus destroying the enviroment of a planet. Since Phobiuan has no enviroment just a hot plain, this allows Phobosapiens's permanent residence.



  • Sometimes, he is afraid that he might be afraid (Phobophobic)
  • Some artifacts can direct his fearoid powers to him

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