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The Terrorists are Islamic terrorists appearing in Season 4 of Ben 10: Multi Trixes and its sequel, Ben 10,000: Multi Trixes.


None of the members are named, not even the leader.


Their first and only appearance in BTMT was in Nuke on Steroids, in which they were given a powerful bomb that would destroy the planet should it be dropped. Naturally they try to drop it on America. But NRG stole another user's idea and "ate" the bomb, letting it blow up inside him. END.

They make a cameo at the beginning of BTTMT's movie pilot, in which the leader comes in on a giant robot. But Ben takes control of it as Upgrade, and uses the robot to literally throw the leader in jail.


  • They will play a very major role in the future... (Spoilerrr!!!!!1!!eleven)
  • Only when their creator becomes good enough to make pictures of them will they get pictures.
  • They are rumored to be the terrorists that appeared in Ben 10: Ultimate Army, though that movie was not part of the BTMT storyline at all, and the newer terrorists were only based on the older ones.