Terroranchula Smashing.png
General Information
Home World Unknown
Body Four-legged giant spider
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Creating force field webs
Sharp Legs
Fitting into small spaces
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability

Terroranchulas are the predatory species of Ball Weevil's species.


Terroranchulas have a giant four-legged spider with a body of a silverfish with four pincers with one claw on each and a silver colored exoskeleton, the lower half of her legs and back of her head is covered with light brown hair. Her eyes are red and have black slits which resemble that of Shocksquatch's.

Male Terroranchulas and female Terroranchulas look identical.

Powers and Abilities

Terroranchula creating force field webs

Terroranchulas can make force field like webs that neutralize Ball Weevil's explosive goo balls.

Terroranchulas can coat themselves with these webs and deliver a jolt of energy to anyone who touches her.

Terroranchulas have legs that have sharp points make for offensive weapons able to launch multiple strikes in short amounts of time.

Terroranchulas can squeeze through small spaces seen when Ball Weevil escaped through a narrow pipe and Terroranchula followed through the same pipe.


Terroranchula's webs can easily be neutralized by Conductoids.

Notable Members

Fan Fiction

  • Scarox 1/6 Mutant Terroranchula
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