Terromini, formerly known as Gliderat, is an alien that anyone can use.

General Information
Species Petoristinian
Home World Sciuridia
Body Flying Squirrel
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flying, Powerful Bite, Enhanced Speed
First Appearance --


Terromini appears to be based off a flying squirrel. Terromini is about 3 feet tall has a rodent-like head with two "horns" and a pink nose. His eyes are green with lightning bolt-like marks below and an arrow-like mark on his forehead. His wings look strikingly similar to Jetray's. he has a stubby tail and legs. He also has a marking on his chest that looks like a thick line with a triangular point on the bottom and a round bulge on the top.


Original Appearance

Gliderat Back

Terromini Back View


Terromini glides in the sky similar to a flying squirrel. He also has sharp and powerful teeth that he uses to gnaw on stuff and open or break them. He also has enhanced agility.


Terromini isn't very muscular and take a hit very well. Terromini can't fly unless he jumps off of something tall like a building or tower, or if there is wind blowing by. Terromini can't glide well if one of his wings is hurt or if his body isn't evenly balanced.
Gliderat Redesign

Terromini redesign


  • Terromini's name is the word pteromyini (scientific name for flying squirrels) with a more simplified spelling.
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