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Terrifiants are a species from the Semblant Tear, and are Mimecraft's species.


Terrifiants appear as disproportionate mime-like creatures with monochromatic outfits and emotionless facemasks.


Nothing has ever been officially documented for the society of the Terrifiants, as their planet sits in a tear in reality, which is thought to be the source of their powers.


Terrifiants are silent and non-emotive by nature, making it hard to understand what they want or what they're feeling.


  • Terrifiants have the ability to create whatever they desire out of essentially nothing, although it appears invisible to every species other than themselves. They cannot be seen by Opticoids or Merlinisapiens, or be smelled by species like Vulpimancers. These mysterious constructs are also capable of coming in physical contact with intangible creatures.
  • Terrifiants are masters of stealth, given their silent nature, combined with their extendable limbs, flexibility, and speed.


  • Terrifiants are not as useful against one another, as, while the constructs can still hurt them, they can see each other's constructs.
  • It is difficult for Terrifiants to interact with other species, both due to their behavior, and the location of their planet.

Notable Terrifiants

  • Mimecraft (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Terrifiant)

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