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General Information
Species Terralifter
Home Planet Non Precipi
Body Armoured Hippopotamus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Strength
Pyro Immunity
Enhanced Tremor Detection
Weaknesses Cold-Blooded
Cryo Vulnerability
Weak Spot (armour gaps)

 Terralifter is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Terralifter from the planet Non Precipi. It is an Erodinian's natural predator.


Terralifter has the general squat body shape of a Hippopotamus, and is about as large as a short bus (if a bit wider). His head is flat and wide, with large protruding tusks in the front of his mouth. His body is covered in an incredibly tough plate-like hide. The Nemetrix symbol is on top of his head.

Powers and Abilities

Terralifter can sense even the tiniest of movement beneath the surface, especially if said surface is made of sand.

Terralifter's powerful jaw is specially designed to dig into the ground and bring anything beneath to the surface. This makes him especially dangerous against Erodinians, who hide themselves beneath the surface and are made of sand. As with his Tremor detection, Terralifter excels at doing this on surfaces made of sand.

Terralifter's armoured hide is near-impenetrable, and takes incredible force to break through.

Terralifter is also very strong.

Having evolved under the intense heat of the Precipi star, Terralifter is highly resistant to any kind of heat-based attack.


Terralifter is cold-blooded. While his armour is thick enough to hold in body heat while on a planet as cold as most of Earth, any kind of ice or cold-based attack is incredibly dangerous to him. Being exposed to such colds for too long is enough to cause Terralifter to fall into hibernation or even die.

Even though his armour is very resistant, the gaps between the plating structure is very fragile. Since these spots are mostly joints, attacking them could potentially cripple Terralifter.


Terralifter is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series


  • Terralifter's design and, to a lesser extent, powers are inspired by the Pokemon Hippowdon.
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