Terradino is the home planet to the Vaxasaurians, and Astrodactyl's species.


The maximum technology level of Terradino, for now,  is now lower than the technology levels of the Roman and Egyptian Empires. Not all of species even have evolved to meet the max, this has result in many primitive tribes fighting over for control of major sections of the planet. For now, the Vaxasaurians who are the only species that have created a civilization on the planet have stepped in to stop these wars because of their brute strength and them being the smartest species on the planet. Currently, the planet is at peace, but many conflicts might restart these wars. 


It heavily resembles a primitive Earth in the days of the Pangea landmass.

Notable Inhabitants


  • Vaxasaurians
  • Astrodactyl's Species


  • Tyrannopede's Species
  • Astrodactyl's Predator  (TBN)
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