If it'll let me save those people...then I'll do it!

–Teresa accepting the CrossTrix.

Teresa Challice
Teresa Challice.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Alias Tech
Personality Type ESFP-T (Entertainer)
Friends None
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Age 17
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Equipment CrossTrix
First Appearance New X World (Tech Cross)
Von Zehn in die Zukunft (Project Deca)
Last Appearance TBA

Teresa Challice is the main character of the series Tech Cross.


Teresa was born on July 12th, 2002. Her father died at a young age, leaving her mother to care for her alone. Because of this, her mother took on a higher-paying position at her work that required them to move around the country every several months, making it difficult for Teresa to establish meaningful friendships.

Eventually, when Teresa was old enough to take care of herself, her mother purchased a permanent house in Salt Lake City, a growing hub for air travel and technology. This allowed her mother to leave on extended business trips while giving Teresa a far more stable life.

Despite this, years of not being in the position to make friends left Teresa unable to socialize properly, and with her mother now leaving her to do business, Teresa was left extremely isolated. This drew the attention of the CrossTrix, a sentient Omnitrix looking for a wielder without any close relationships that could be jeopardized by its presence.


Teresa's primary concern in life is the wellbeing of others. She doesn't particularly like conflict and will try to end any confrontations peacefully if possible; that said, if someone else is in danger, she won't hesitate to step in and take on whatever is threatening them.

Privately, however, Teresa has severe self-doubt and is cripplingly lonely. She has trouble making friends and gets very little contact from her mother, leaving her well and truly alone most of the time. Though these circumstances are what ultimately draws the CrossTrix to her, this isolation has left her with a greatly diminished self-worth.


Teresa lacks any natural abilities of her own, instead relying on the CrossTrix to transform into aliens with their own powers.




The CrossTrix is a sentient Omnitrix created under mysterious circumstances. Based on the same technology as the EvoLock system, the CrossTrix is able to transform its user into ten different aliens depending on their selection.

411 Cross Bullet

411 Cross Bullet.png

The 411 Cross Bullet is a hovering bullet train stored inside the CrossTrix as a literal bullet. After being fired, the Cross Bullet expands using mass-shifting technology into its full form, allowing it to be used as a fast and efficient method of travel across long distances.



  • Teresa Challice's name can be abbreviated as TeCh, which is where she gains her nickname.
  • Teresa Challice's outfit references the outfits of the previous three Techs while introducing some unique elements of its own.
  • Teresa Challice is the first female main Tech, cameo-appearance AU Techs notwithstanding.
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