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Tensionsapiens are a species from an unknown planet.


Tensionsapiens look like black humanoids with greenish-white ropes over their bodies.


Tensionsapiens are known to be skilled alpinists and born explorers. They like to vacate on the mountains or hills of their planet.

Powers and Abilities

Tensionsapiens can generate ropes from their back, which can form fingers or make a thicker body.

Tensionsapiens can mix multiple ropes into one stronger and more resistant. They also can use the ropes to reattach lost limbs.


Tensionsapiens are vulnerable to teir natural predator, the Compressor.

Notable Tensionsapiens

  • Bind Limb (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Tensionsapien)


The name "Tensionsapien" comes from tension, a pulling force in physics, and sapien, standing for sapient.


  • The home planet of Tensionsapiens is unofficially named Tensilia, but its real name is yet to be discovered.