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Tennyson Force: Time Build is a special movie dedicated to the one-year anniversery of the series Tennyson Force. The movie is the first Tennyson Force movie to not have a specific spot in the episode timeline. The movie was orginally set to be complete by the anniversery of the airing of The Good, the Bad, and the Omnitrix, or the same week of the date, but, as all of Redo's projects at the time, was set back in planning due to his unexpected departure... Though he's back now! :D


Starting at the end of Ultimate Alien, watch Ben, Gwen, and Kevin's next adventures before the horrible disaster. Meet new villians, new heroes, new aliens, and even discover the secrets behind the mysterious Techadon bomb, as time builds, leading up to the events that came to be Tennyson Force.

Full Plot[]

Coming soon...


  • Ben
  • Kevin
  • Gwen
  • Julie
  • Grandpa Max
  • Helen Wheels
  • Manny Armstrong
  • Alan Albright
  • Cooper Daniels
  • Sunny
  • Azmuth


  • Eon
  • Hope (neutral for most of it)
  • Techadon(s)
  • Hex
  • Aggregor
  • Vreedle Brothers
  • Ssserpent
  • Nanochips
  • Elena Validus