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Ten Plus Twenty is the eighth episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open with Nigester's outstretched arm smacking Nightcaster down a street in Downtown Bellwood, surrounded by a crowd of Super Ben fans kept away from the battle itself by Bellwood police officers. With Nightcaster knocked out, Nigester transforms into Obsorber. He creates a metal airless box around Nightcaster, knowing he doesn't need it to breathe, but does need to be able to escape a trap to teleport. Obsorber stands before his fans, calming them.]

Obsorber: Well, all you Super Ben fans, which alien do you want to see today before I require you guys to leave the vicinity?
Fans (yelling out an assortment of names, but ending with the chanting of a single alien's name): Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!
Obsorber: Oh, have all of you seen my battle with Dr. Animo somehow? Whatever, Ditto it is! Smacks the Omnitrix on his chest.
Ditto (raising his hands, and splitting in two): Yes, thank you, my great fans! Bows as the fans cheer him on for the transformation. Alright, everybody, follow Officer Gamby and his team away from here. Time to finish the job here. The crowd respects the Dittos' wish, and follow a few officers standing by, the whole of the officers led by a heavy black man in the standard blue officer's uniform and cap. Meanwhile, Ditto touches his finger to the Omnitrix, unifies, and hails the Plumbers. Yeah, Omnitrix, I'm going to need you to call the Plumbers, whether it's Patelliday or whoever. Maybe a friend? Cooper even? We need to lock up Nightcaster, apparently the guy's been walking through time trying to eliminate Azmuth, smartest being in, like, 10 galaxies.
Omnitrix: Command received. Distress call sent to nearest Plumbers.
Ditto: Great. Now I'll have to wait here till they come back. Runs over to the metal cage created by Obsorber and knocks on it. You better know you're not getting out of there until you get to jail or something, Nightcaster. No response. Yeah, you better not say anything...

Three Plumbers' ships appear out of nowhere in the air over the street. Two of them surround the center one, likely housing the captain for the teams as it is much larger than the others. The two smaller ships land around the cage, and Plumbers ranging from Human to Piscciss Volann to Kineceleran march out with blasters in-hand. They arrive at Ditto's side.

Ditto: Hey, guys. I got the scary shadow bad guy in here. I'd ask you guys for a medal, but I'm pretty sure my closet's full of 'em by now.
Blonde Human Male Plumber: It's fine, Mr. Tennyson. This was a basic job and medal distribution is undoubtedly unnecessary.
Ditto: I'll take it you're the captain, then?
Blonde Human Male Plumber (placing his blaster in a weapons pouch mounted on his back, hailing a few other Plumbers to haul Nightcaster's cage over to his ship): No, Mr. Tennyson, she would have to be on the last ship left airborne. In the background, the captain's ship's descent can be seen. As it touches down, smoke fills the surrounding area when the door is opened and the stairs are let out.
Ditto: "She"? Oh, please don't tell me it's--
Female Captain: Ben, am I happy to see you! Runs over to Ditto and gives him a big hug, despite having to bend down to do so. She appears to be a human. Her uniform is much like Helen's, but she wears a Kineceleran helmet and has visible black skin through her gloves.
Ditto: You!
Female Captain: What, you don't remember my name, Ben?
Ditto: I do, but I didn't exactly mean to invite you here, (the Female Captain removes her helmet, revealing a black--as in, dark brown--human face, long black hair over her head, green eyes, a nose like Gwen's, and lips of a bit of a darker shade than Gwen's as well) Karin.
Karin: After so many dates with me like this, I would've been pretty mad if you didn't remember this look.
Ditto: Please, do get mad, leave even. Karin (getting back up on her feet): You're funny, Ben. It looks like my squad's got Nightcaster bottled up in their ship properly. You need anything else?
Ditto: Yeah, can you guys get a containment suit on him?

Lightning strikes behind Ditto, leading to Karin's squad, Karin herself, as well as Ditto, averting their attention to the blast in broad daylight. They find that a small glowing ball has appeared where on the ground the lightning struck. It shrinks, until it's the form of a Galvan, of Azmuth.

Azmuth: Well, hello, Ben.
Ditto (excited): Azmuth! Now without any tone of excitement. What in the world are you doing here? I thought Nightcaster was keeping you locked up somewhere. I was going to interrogate him as soon as he was locked up.
Azmuth: No, no, don't make it top priority to ask him before you caged him. I was in his clutches, inside him, when you killed him.
Ditto: Killed him?! No way, all I did was knock him down the block a bit.
Azmuth: Nightcaster's quite fragile around his species. War on his own planet, when it existed, was rare, as it would normally lead to both parties' destruction, unless one had ended up with some form of armor.
Ditto: So, wait, how do you know so much about his home now? A few days ago you didn't even know what Nightcaster was.
Azmuth: Research, Ben. When he managed his way into my headquarters, his DNA was scanned, put in the Hidden Universe's Codon Stream, and sent to be reviewed in my lab. This was no ordinary review, though. When you killed him, I asked Paradox to give me a week to look over all the details. I only needed about a few hours to assess that he's of a species from a galaxy no Galvan has ever even heard of, and his home world has long since been destroyed. Believe it or not, he never did make it to those very few years ago where we battled again. Their life span is about a few thousand years, and the original Nightcaster, Nightcaster the first, was half-Anodite. He gave birth to two children, Nightcaster the second and Raycaster.
Karin: Alright, enough of the story, Galvan, what's his family history got to do with him now. He's dead.
Ditto: I've got to agree with Karin on this one.
Azmuth: It's just trivia. But hear me out. Nightcaster's last name is Arkvarius, a once-royal surname on his species' home world. Raycaster Arkvarius was born nearly 1000 years ago, and Nightcaster died 800 years ago. Nightcaster the second took his father's place of hunting me for the last two millennia, while Raycaster sought a life of good. He took on a new first name, "Murmadan," took refuge here on Earth. Raycaster sought better control over his powers after you and your future self stopped him. In 20 years, when he is left out of his imprison, he will seek out forgiveness from everyone he's harmed, and Paradox will agree to help him by making him his servant. To disguise his existence from you, Raycaster became known as "Long Ron Silver."
Karin: Wait a second, the knight I saw Tennyson and his team with when we came to pick Dr. Crazy-in-a-bottle?
Azmuth: If you're referring to the human Dr. Animo, then yes. That knight was indeed Long Ron Silver, son of Nightcaster. Nightcaster did some good in his life, like protecting Earth, but he lied to his two childrens for a long time. He made them think they were just simple mana-harnessing aliens with unique powers from Ledger Domain, but they were not. They were born in Ledger Domain, and their powers were unique, but not to the entire universe, just Ledger Domain itself. Nightcaster's children were born there, but Nightcaster himself was not.
Ditto: Whoa...that's a great story, Azmuth. mean last week, Murmadan helped me fight Animo?
Azmuth: Precisely.
Ditto: Wow...and you came here to tell me all this, and just that? Nothing else? Azmuth: Well, there is something else. I'd like to remove Nigester from your Omnitrix. Ditto: Wait, what?! Nigester the king of kicking bad, or killing bad in this case. Why would I let you take him away? Imagine how much good it could mean to have him. Azmuth: There is a lot of good, Ben, but there are hazards. It turns out, the only way my headquarters was able to scan a copy of Nightcaster that was stable enough for use in the Omnitrix was to force the DNA it copied to reproduce. Nigester is actually Nightcaster the second's son.
Ditto: Eww, no way. Alright, take him. He drops on his stomach with his forehead available for Azmuth to control the Omnitrix. He turns the dial a couple times in either direction, with Karin in the background tapping her foot. Her squad has loaded Nightcaster's cage into their ship and is waiting to say bye to Ben. Exceedingly impatient, she decides she'll take off without a hug goodbye.
Karin: Ben, I have to go.
Ditto: Alright, bye. Karin shows an expression of annoyance from his simply response and boards her ship. The captain's ship leading the other two, the Plumbers speed off. At the same time, the Omnitrix completes the removal of Nigester.
Omnitrix: DNA sample of unrecognized DNA sample in playlist 7 removed.
Azmuth: Good, all is good. You can stand up.
Ditto: Gonna need a little help. Splits in to another Ditto that comes out with his back on the floor. He stands up, and pulls the original Ditto back on his feet. Thanks, man.
Ditto (#2): No problem, man. High-fives the original.
Azmuth: It appears the locals have a few questions for you.
Ditto (both in unison): Huh?

Azmuth points in the direction the Dittos' backs are facing. They turn their heads to see a crowd of news anchors, interviewers, and even fans coming towards the two with microphones. They turn back around to Azmuth, but he's already teleported away. One woman in an all-red anchorwomen's ensemble approaches the Ditto's, placing her microphone between the two's heads.

Anchorwomen: So, Ben Tennyson, you've defeated aliens, but even though you aren't of age to vote, what is your view on President GrandSmith?
Ditto (#1): Well, I've always been one for the Republican party.
Ditto (#2): And I've always been one for the Democrats.
Anchorwomen: Well, which one of you symbolizes the truth behind the real Ben Tennyson's opinion?
Ditto (both in unison, facing each other): Only one way to find out! A third Ditto splits out of #1's body.
Anchorwomen: And would you be the extraterrestrial embodiment of Ben Tennyson?
Ditto (#3): Sure.
Anchorwomen: So, what do you expect going into the midterms? Which is *your* party?
Ditto (#3): Well, Diane--can I call you Diane?
Anchorwomen: My name is Whitney.
Ditto (#3): Alright, Helen. Well, you see, if there's any party I'm always for, it's got to be...He takes a long pause.
Anchorwomen Whitney: Yes, yes?
Ditto (#3): It'd have to be a house party! All three of the Ditto's become hysterical with laughter. They all high-five each other, then morph back into one. As they do so, the remaining Ditto transforms into Echo Echo then Ultimate Echo Echo.
Ultimate Echo Echo: See you all again sometime. This was truly entertaining. Flies off into the skies. He watches from overhead the commotion where he had just been, reports angrily stomping off to their vans and driving off, but suddenly, everything slows to a stop--everything, except himself, who continues to fly on. Huh? Oh. Oh, please no. We really don't need to have another of these--Suddenly, the world around Ultimate Echo Echo, like glass being broken, shatters, leaving black nothingness behind him. He stops flying, and manages to drop on his feet on a platform that blends in with the black area.
Voice from behind Ultimate Echo Echo: Hello, Ben.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Oh, please, no. Turns around to see Professor Paradox, strolling up to him.
Professor Paradox: Boy, has it been a while.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Yeah, a while since you put me on a mission to stop zombies with the enemy.
Professor Paradox: Ex-enemy, or rather, to-be ex-enemy. At this very moment, his present self is attempting escape on Chronospect. It'll be a while before he figures out he won't be making it out until his designated time.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Are you ever going to tell me how Chronospect works?
Professor Paradox: Probably, either when you visit or unlock Atomhammer. I cannot remember which one comes first with you.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Thanks, because I'm pretty sure you remember everything with pretty great detail.
Professor Paradox: No spoilers, Ben. Anything I say could alter your future, and you'd like to turn into the Ben that saved your life and Elena's life back in the Vyvid, yes?
Ultimate Echo Echo: Wait, did you just say Elena? I didn't--or, I won't--save Elena's life.
Professor Paradox: Oh, did I say that? Do pardon me. With age and knowing so many people across crosstime, I do mix names up.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Okay, then.
Professor Paradox: But know this, Ben, you will save Elena's life a lot in the future, time and time again, as a matter of fact.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Great...Guess I can't stop it not knowing when it'll happen.
Professor Paradox: Precisely. Now, I believe you'd like to know why you're here.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Kinda. With time frozen and me stuck wherever we are, I really don't have any other choice but to know what the task for today is.
Professor Paradox: Great to see that type of enthusiasm in you, Ben. A gleaming yellow portal appears next to Ultimate Echo Echo, subtly sucking air in from the area. Please enter this portal and all you need to know will be explained. While inside, I'd recommend you transform into Rath.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Great, another battle.
Professor Paradox: I didn't say that.
Ultimate Echo Echo: But you didn't not say it. I guess I better get ready then. Faces the portal. So, just go in this?
Professor Paradox: Of course. You, first, Benjamin.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Alright...Jumps in, followed by the portal closing up.
Professor Paradox: I sometimes doubt the intelligence of that boy. After all my time with him, he still can't spot a trick of mine a mile away. I guess he must deal with what's on the other side of the portal, (pulls out his pocket watch, and opens it up) just on schedule, too. He flashes away.

[We open on a night in Downtown Bellwood. The other end of the yellow portal opens up a few inches over the street, shooting Rath out of the portal, Ben having transformed midway through. He arrives on all fours, but after growling at the nothing in front of him, the portal closes, and he stands up straight.]

Rath: Paradox lied! Threw Rath in here on his own. Guess Rath gotta fight somebody now, don't he? Charmcaster flashes into the area, hovering a few inches over the street herself, donning a new pink cape. Oh look it's Charmcaster! Looking for a beatdown while Rath pulls your cape?!
Charmcaster: Has your voice changed, Rath? It seems a bit more masculine today.
Rath: What?! Rath's voice's always been like this! Running on all fours towards Charmcaster now. Stop distracting Rath, Charmcaster!
Charmcaster: You seem off your game, a bit. Maybe you need a spark. She blasts, with one hand, at Rath, missing him as he flips away from the blast and closer to her. Advancing on me, ey? Guess you've got a better understanding of how to control that tiger alien thing.
Rath: Stop talking to Rath like he has no experience! Rath's been fighting you like this for two years! Cut some slack!
Charmcaster: You're a smart person, I expected you to have mastered this thing's powers, but I guess not. Kamm!

A small, glowing pink ball of mana floats out of the ground, hovering over Rath's head. It floats there for a few seconds, but Rath, out of curiosity, eventually tries to grab it, only ending up being electrocuted by it and knocked over onto his back. As he tried to cock himself back up, he merely lifts his head, getting a glimpse of his car driving up towards Charmcaster.

Rath: Hey, Rath's car! As he tries to stand back up, the mana ball continues to halt his progress by shocking him. He watches as his car makes it up to a few inches away from Charmcaster, before drifting to a stop. Its shape then changes to that of a Galvanic Mechamorph. A Glovini--(is shocked) A Galvi--(is shocked once more) An Upgrade?! Why Rath's car?! He is shocked one more time.
Charmcaster: Who's this, a clone of yours? Maybe Echo Echo transformed into Upgrade? Again with one hand, she seeks to blast the Galvanic Mechamorph, who shoots into the air at her, but she still misses, this time purely due to poor aim. The Mechamorph, high enough in the air, shoots an electric green blast at Charmcaster, pushing her deep into the ground. The Mechamorph rushes over to Rath's side, but doesn't seek to help him. The Mechamorph's body changes into that of a female's, and notable now on her chest is the Omnitrix symbol.
Rath: Hey, where'd you get that cheap knock-off?
Female Upgrade (in a voice like Myaxx's): Where'd you get yours?
Rath: Rath's is the real deal, whoever you are. Take yours off and watch the hero show you how it's done! Runs over to Charmcaster, fallen but returning to strength, and swipes at her, scratching a cut into her face. Angered by the attack, she blasts him, with two hands this time, knocking him back about 10 feet. Even when he lays on his back now, smoke made of what appears to be mana flows from Rath's body.
Female Upgrade (facing Charmcaster): Not sure who this person is, but he seems to be on my side. Time to finish you off. Transforms into a Female Terraspin as Charmcaster attempts to bombard her with mana attacks.
Female Terraspin: Sorry, this species is immune to mana. You should know that after so many battles where you swore you knew everything about every one of my aliens.

As Charmcaster fires one last disc-shaped mana blast at the Female Terraspin, but the blast is reflected with gusts from the alien. Charmcaster falls once more, the Female Terraspin transforms into XLR8, rushes over to Charmcaster, transforms into Obsorber, whose body is shaped more like a model's, and creates shackles around her wrists. One more transformation into Manodite (or more appropriately, Womanodite) binds the shackles to Charmcaster, inhibiting Charmcaster's powers. Rath, finally able to get back up on his feet, sees Womanodite hover over to him as her Omnitrix beeps and glows red. When the Womanodite finally reaches him, her Omnitrix times out, revealing the user to be--

Rath: Gwen Tennyson?!


Part II

[Rath is standing before Gwen in her familiar blue-topped uniform, with the Omnitrix latched onto her left wrist.]

Rath: How does Gwen Tennyson have the Omnitrix? The Omnitrix belongs to Rath!
Gwen: Nice try, Albedo. I'm not sure how you managed to transform into an Appoplexian, get out of jail, or get a green hourglass on your Omnitrix, but I'm removing your watch right now. Raises her arm towards Rath's Omnitrix, but Rath defends himself by hitting Gwen's wrist.
Rath: Stop it, Gwen Tennyson. It's Rath, I mean, it's--Smacks the Omnitrix with the side of his left fist, reverting back to human.
Ben: It's me, Ben, how could you think it was Albedo?
Gwen: I don't know what trick you're pulling or who you are behind that mask but time to show yourself. Puts her wrists together, the opposite sides of her hands facing opposite directions, and faces Ben. Nemi Concealus! She claps, and a wave of mana shoots in the surrounding area, knocking Ben over onto his feet. Ben's Omnitrix responds by shooting pink sparks.
Ben's Omnitrix: Anodite energy detected in range.
Gwen: Hey, that's a real Omnitrix! Where'd you get it? Who are you?
Ben: Don't you see me, Gwen? It's me!
Gwen: But it can't be. Raises her left arm, pulling down her sleeve to reveal the entirety of her Assault Omnitrix, which exactly mirrors Ben's. I have the Omnitrix, and Zenith said if he needs to make any adjustments that he'd send the upgrades to me. It's kinda part of the new system he worked out.
Ben: What are you talking about? I've had the Omnitrix for the last 7 years, give or take the few I had it off for, but--
Gwen: Wait, I know who you are now.
Ben: You should, I'm your cousin, the one you've known for, like, ever.
Gwen: No, you're not my cousin.
Ben: Yes, I--
Gwen: Listen. You're not my cousin, but you are Ben Tennyson, just not the Ben Tennyson from around here.
Ben: Uh, explain?
Gwen: Welcome to my timeline, Ben 10.
Ben: You must have me confused, I'm Super Ben.
Gwen: Oh. Even better. Puts her arm out for a handshake. I'm Gwen, Gwen Twenty, wielder of the Omnitrix in this timeline. Ben awkwardly shakes her hand. Don't be shy. I know who you are, and you're a lot like me. The two withdraw their handshake.
Ben: But...I've never heard of a "Gwen Twenty," only a Gwen 10.
Gwen: with you, there's kind of a main timeline version of each wielder of the Omnitrix. Like Ben 10 is the original you, Gwen 10 is the original for me and all the alternates existing throughout crosstime.
Ben: So...why not Super Gwen?
Gwen: Well, I guess I never really had the same experiences you did. I believe Paradox said you thought of that from Ultra Ben, a fantasy you had while you were 10. Both you and the original share that memory, but you were fonder of it.
Ben: Paradox sure has said a lot about me, but nothing about you.
Gwen: It's fine. We've met now, and it's way cooler meeting an alternate in person than being constantly told about how amazing they are.
Ben: Wait, (Puts on a great big grin, one that he cannot conceal as hard as he tries) Paradox calls me amazing? I thought Ben 10 was his favorite.
Gwen: Well, that's the thing with him. I can never really tell. There's a whole bunch of different Paradox's out there, and I can never tell the difference between them all. It's like they all met at some point and agreed to wear the same clothes and act nearly exactly the same, except with how they express their opinions for each wielder of the Omnitrix, or whoever they're acquainted with.
Ben: Whoa, really? You mean I might have met more Paradox's than one in the last 2 years?
Gwen: It's possible. I'm not saying I'm sure about this, but it sure is possible. I've noticed it with the ones that have met me though.
Ben: You've got to teach me their differences, then.
Gwen: Will do, at another time. Mind telling me why you're here?
Ben: I don't, but to be honest, I don't even know why I'm here.
Gwen: Huh?
Ben: I shoved off a few interviewers in *my* Bellwood, flew away as Ultimate Echo Echo, and suddenly I was in his endless room that crosses time. He told me to go in through this portal and that he'd follow me, but I guess it was a trick, because here I am now, alone on the other side.
Gwen: So they trick you, too...
Ben: Yeah. I'm beginning to think they all see us as stupid.
Gwen: Nah, you ever seen how they act when our future selves are around?
Ben: With one future, yeah.
Gwen: You've only met one version of your future?
Ben: No, I've met three, but I've only seen Paradox around the second. The third, my most likely future, I still haven't seen Paradox around, but I think he was talking about him before he sent me, well, here.
Gwen: you remember anything else that Paradox said? Maybe he mentioned me, or something about what'll happen while you're here?
Ben: Sorry, nothing.
Gwen: Maybe if we use Clockwork.
Ben: Or Streak.
Gwen: Or both of them. Maybe we can open up a portal to where Paradox is, and see the past.
Ben: But that's only if we knew where the portal came from. I've tried with Clockwork before, and Streak can't sense where a portal came from in the past.
Gwen: Then you're stuck here, until whatever has to happen happens.
Ben: Kinda like what happened when I met Rex Salazar.
Gwen: I get what you're saying. I haven't met whoever that is, but I think I've met his counterpart.
Ben: I guess everyone's got an alternate out there somewhere, even the guys who don't know that crosstime exist, like everyone in Rex's world.
Gwen: Don't even get me started on Holiday. Every time I tried to explain crosstime to him, he went berserk.
Ben: Him?
Gwen: Oh, guess it was a woman in your version.
Ben: Yeah.
Gwen: Hmm...well, I guess while you're here we better wrap up Charmcaster.
Ben: Send her to the Null Void?
Gwen: We could do that...or we could send her to Ledger Domain with the illusion that all the mana has been stolen.
Ben: How do you do that?
Gwen: Nigester and Womanodite work well together.
Ben: Womanodite? You mean, Anos?
Gwen: Is that your Anodite? Because if yes, then I guess we don't share all of our alien names. You've got Nigester, right?
Ben: Not exactly. Azmuth just removed him from the Omnitrix. After I killed Nightcaster--
Gwen: You killed somebody?!
Ben: It was by accident; I didn't realize how powerful Nigester was against him!
Gwen: You fought him with Nigester?! Are you crazy? You're lucky you weren't killed in the process.
Ben: I understand why, but Azmuth didn't tell me about how I could've till after the battle.
Gwen: Wait, why did Nightcaster go for Azmuth?
Ben: Why not? He's the one who stopped him in the past after all.
Gwen: No, he isn't. Zenith is.
Ben: Zenith?! Zenith left Azmuth over a thousand years ago.
Gwen: No, she didn't. Azmuth left her, and came back about a hundred years ago. Get your facts straight.
Ben: Well that's not how it worked out where I come from. Azmuth made the Omnitrix and--
Gwen: Azmuth made the Omnitrix?! With his feeble mind?
Ben: He may be old but he's the smartest Galvan in--
Gwen: 12 galaxies? Nope, that title belongs to Zenith, at least, here it does.
Ben: I guess we can find a ton of issues to argue over what with all the differences between our two timelines. But it's not getting me out of yours and back to mine.
Gwen: Right. So, I guess I should take you back to my house. Mom and Dad should be alright with you staying. After all, once in the past, they even let an alternate me stay there.
Ben: Don't they hate me?
Gwen: Hate you. Sometimes I think they like you even more than me since you're so normal.
Ben: Normal? Wait, you mean the Ben here doesn't have anything special about him?
Gwen: can fight? I don't know about you, but here, you're not the best with mana.
Ben: I'm not, but I know a future mine that knows how to use magic, maybe it's possible you'll rub off on the me here enough for him to learn too?
Gwen: I can't say, Ben. Let's just go home and try to deal with this when Grandpa and Kevin come over.
Ben: At least those are two people I'm glad to hear about.
Gwen: Race 'ya to my house? Assuming you know your way around Bellwood... Ben: Of course I do, but problem is...The Assault Omnitrix dial pops up, and he immediately smacks down on it before a hologram even appears.
XLR8: Can you keep up? Ready, set (Gwen hurriedly activates her Omnitrix) Go!

As Ben dashes off, Gwen smacks down on her Omnitrix, becoming Upgrade. As she runs in XLR8's direction, she transforms into her car, which exactly mirrors Ben's DX Mark 10, speeding after him. After only a couple minutes, XLR8 arrives at Gwen's house, or at least, where her house should be. Removing his visor, he analyzes it, seeing that it looks nothing like Gwen's in his timeline. Gwen's DX Mark 10 pulls up, screeching to a stop, with any green coloring flashing red as Gwen timed out. She gradually reverts to Upgrade, and finally reverts to human. With her wrist at her face, she sighs to see it's timed out. She approaches XLR8.

Gwen: Why are you looking at my house like that?
XLR8: looks nothing like your house where I come from.
Gwen: Oh. Yeah. After having it like this for the past few years, I totally forgot what my house looked like. Anyway, what I've done is created the perfect shield. I've made the house look entirely different, solely because the surface portion isn't really the house. The real bit of home is underground.
XLR8: Gwen, even here you're don't cease to amaze. Show me inside?
Gwen: Sure, but without my Omnitrix, I'm going to need to get in the old-fashioned way. Omnitrix, activate universal voice command. XLR8's Omnitrix beeps. Alright. Ben, come over (walks to a spot dead center in the middle of the stone path between the sidewalk and the front door) here. XLR8 races over, and stands directly over the spot.
XLR8: What now?
Gwen: I hope it recognizes this command. Omnitrix, proximity signal GH-002.
Omnitrix: Access denied; unrecognized commands cannot be carried without Master Control.
Gwen: Wait, you don't have Master Control, yet?
XLR8: You do?
Gwen: Sure. Zenith is nice like that.
XLR8: I really have to talk to Azmuth about this...
Gwen: I imagine. He's almost as annoying as Albedo.
XLR8: Speaking of Albedo, what's he like here?
Gwen: What do you mean? To tell you, I'd really have to know what his story is where you come from.
XLR8: Well, when I was 11, I met him and he fixed Malware's helix, or something like that. And when I was 15, he tried to make his own Omnitrix and ended up copying my DNA, making that his default. Azmuth came and removed his Omnitrix's core after he got turned into a kind-of negative version of me, and well, he was sent to a prison somewhere in the Null Void. He's tried taking my cred as a hero before with a show called Super Ben Live, and I accidentally gave him the ability to transform into anything I have access to. To top that off, he's working with this guy, I don't remember his name, but he looked like a Benmummy, who I'm guessing you called "Gwenmummy," since we seem to just as unoriginal as each other. He's also working with Elena.
Gwen: Well, he did basically the same thing to me, except replace every bit of you with me, and "Super Ben" with "Gwen 20."
XLR8: Guess no matter where he is, he has the same plans. Do you know which Mummy I'm talking about?
Gwen: Not really. I haven't heard of Elena or a Mummy working with Albedo.
XLR8: Guess I'm better than you, because I'm fighting them right now.
Gwen: Are you, now? So I'm guessing you took a well-deserved break to come here?
XLR8: Well, no...
Gwen: Then you just started learning about the team-up?
XLR8: Well, maybe...
Gwen: It's alright. I'll always be better than any Omnitrix-wielding Ben.
XLR8: What was--
Gwen's Omnitrix (Gwen's voice): Recharged.
Gwen: Perfect. Omnitrix, proximity signal GH-002, recognition key: Gwen Tennyson.
Gwen's Omnitrix (Gwen's voice): Accepted. Beginning transport to Gwen's Home Version 2.

A green energy sphere quickly grows and encompasses the two, afterwards transporting them elsewhere. The sphere shrinks, and they've disappeared. Now, we have entered Gwen's base and true home, first floor, which greatly resembles the headquarters we've seen many times before, home to Plumbers of all different species. XLR8 and Gwen are beamed inside.

Gwen's Omnitrix: Transport complete. Would you like to--
Gwen: Yes.
Gwen's Omnitrix: Report sent.
XLR8: Report?
Gwen: Yeah. It just sends Zenith the results of the transport, like how long it took and if there were any problems. Helps her squash any of the bugs.
XLR8: Cool. So...Reverts to human.
Ben: This place is your house, and your mom's fine with this?
Gwen: Well, not really. She prefers the actual house upstairs, so we left the furniture up there for her to live like she wants. But a perfect copy of everything exists downstairs.
Ben: Isn't this place supposed to be with Grandpa Max?
Gwen: Kinda, but, just about everyone knew about Grandpa's headquarters. From Eon--you know, Eon, right?
Ben: A little bit. He showed up with an old future of mine, the second Ben 10,000 I've met, and we fought him together, got rid of the Hands of Armaggedon and that stuff.
Gwen: Similar things happened to me, but there's more to the story. Since there's no telling when Paradox'll show up to tell us why you're here, I think you've got time to spare for some storytelling, right?
Ben: I guess. Just let me do a bit of multitasking. Slaps down on the Omnitrix, which does not have its tower popped out, and transforms into Ditto. He immediately splits in two. One crosses his legs as he sits to attentively listen to Gwen's story, while the other walks over to the Plumbers in the room and asks about their jobs.
Ditto: Alright, go!
Gwen: Alright, so, there's a timeline where you, or some version of an Omnitrix-wielding Ben, first fought Eon across any crosstime. He knew where the Hands were, and that was originally in the base under Max's Plumbing.
Ditto: I did not know that.
Gwen: Yeah, well, it's not really common knowledge. Well, you see, since he knew, we all knew that it just wasn't the safest place to leave the base in case anyone else in the galaxy knew of its location.
Ditto: moved this place? How? Upgrade? "Womanodite"?
Gwen: No, we built it by hand. Just like apparently I'll have to build something by hand with many alternate versions of me in the future.
Ditto: Sounds like Paradox feeds you a lot more info about your future, past, and the crosstimes than his does me.
Gwen: Probably. You probably couldn't handle it.
Ditto: Hey! I have emotions, you know!
Gwen: Let's not act like 10-year olds, we're better than this. Now, got any other questions. Ditto jumps up onto his feet.
Ditto: Yeah, I do, I wanna know why you think us Bens aren't as intelligent or as amazing heroes as you Gwens. I mean, have you girls saved the universe a million times?
Gwen: Yeah, and once, I did it on my own.
Ditto: Pfft, I've saved the universe on my own, too!
Gwen: That's not what the research says.
Ditto: Pfft, research, shmesearch. You can't possibly know everything about my life! That's creepy, cousin or not, especially with us technically not being related thanks to the fact that we're from different timelines.
Gwen (holding her hand over her Omnitrix): You want to fight and see who's the best hero then? Ditto smacks the Omnitrix badge on his chest, pulling the other Ditto towards him, and transforms into Swampfire, immediately inflaming his hands, arousing the attention of nearby Plumbers.
Swampfire: Sure, I've got charge to spare. Just as Gwen smacks down her Omnitrix, transforming into Four Arms, whose uniform still mirrors that of her 10-year old self's with her body being shaped more like Princess Looma's, a gleaming white portal appears and Professor Paradox comes rushing out of it. The portal closes after him, and he stops the battle before it starts.
Professor Paradox: Please, stop, you two. This was not the intention of bringing you two together.
Swampfire: Oh, yeah, then what was it?
Professor Paradox: I can't say words do it justice to explain. You'll have to see it to believe it.
Four Arms: To believe what?
Professor Paradox: To believe the future of this timeline.

Four Arms and Swampfire pull themselves back, Swampfire cutting off his flame, and Four Arms opening her fists. The two stare at each other for a moment, then turn to Paradox and nod. Assured that they were in for the mission ahead, Paradox opens his stopwatch and the three immediately flash away, leaving a disturbed group of Plumbers chattering about what had just unraveled.


Part III

[The area is covered in garbage, middle of nowhere, and in the background, the final remaining walls of lost buildings are left standing. Poles, presumably once topped off with traffic lights, are half as tall as they should be, their remainder having been destroyed by something. People limp through the streets, moaning, not a single person wearing a piece of clothing that's not ripped or stained. Robots which resemble humans walk where sidewalks once were, and possibly are still hidden, deep below the layers of trash. They hold advanced Ulam weapons, not only in-hand, but attached to their back. Managing to appear behind a wall, and under a not-so safe roof which was once a second floor, the trio of Paradox, Gwen as Four Arms, and Ben as Swampfire flash in. Paradox signals them to crouch down and whisper as they speak.]

Four Arms (whispering): Paradox, where are we?
Paradox (whispering): Where did I say we were going?
Four Arms: But...but how is this the future of Bellwood? Everything's...destroyed.
Paradox: That's something you two are here to figure out, and deal with as soon as possible.
Four Arms: But, how? Why can't you just do this yourself?
Paradox: I have matters to attend to as it is. There's only one me, and I can't just depend on my counterparts to save the day. I must be off.
Four Arms: But wai--Paradox snaps his fingers and flashes away as Four Arms attempts to jump for him. Lying on her stomach on the trash, she's quick to get up after realizing her position. She stares at Swampfire as she gets up, who shakes as he points to something behind her. What? She turns around to see a pair of the robots staring straight over their heads. She whispers to Swampfire: We have to stay absolutely silent, and walk away.
Swampfire (whispering): Okay. Stepping backward without looking, he steps on a bag of chips. Oh, great. The two robots stare off above them for only a few more seconds, then turn down to look at them.
Police Bot #1: Spotted Tetramand and Methanosian with Omnitrix energy signals. Sending report...
Swampfire: Not on my watch. Flips into the air and lands drop-kicking Police Bot #1, which cracks the shell protecting a set of wires tangled together like a human brain. Sparks fly out, and the robot's red eyes shut off as it falls over on its back. Timber! Police Bot #2 pulls its gun up and points it at Swampfire's face. Do you really think you're going to get away with hitting me?
Four Arms (standing up straight, a few inches taller than Swampfire): Hey, leave some pounding for me! Swampfire moves aside for her to punch Police Bot #2 in the face, but the robot dodges the attack, dropping its gun as it does so, leaving Four Arms to fall into the garbage once more. Swampfire then takes a swing at the back of its face when it's not looking, but it crouches to dodge, then swiftly punches Swampfire's ankles three times. Writhing in pain, he falls on his back. Four Arms gets up, wiping trash off her face.
Four Arms: Alright, you may have 1-up'd me there, but you're not getting another opportunity.
Police Bot #2: Tetramand defense failed. Guard 008 detected as inactive. Much like Ditto's cloning, the Police Bot splits into two. The new clone, #3, picks up #2's gun and points it at Four Arms, as #2's eyes begin to glow red, obviously charging a laser.
Four Arms: Uhh, you guys wouldn't hit a lady would you?
Police Bot #2 and #3 (in unison): Yes, we wou--From nowhere, someone in a white cloak swoops down, knocking #2 over onto #3 on the ground. The two's "brain shells" pop off like #1's and sparks fly once more. Their eyes shut off, but as #2's does so, the sound of its laser beginning to fire is heard. #2, even down on the ground, faces Four Arm's feet.
Cloaked Figure (young-adult female voice): Watch out!
Four Arms: Huh? Four Arms turns to see the broken #2's head about to fire. She jumps over to the head, picks up the head, and tosses it a few miles into the air. Even with the height, it begins to fall, and just as the Cloaked Figure and Four Arms begin to fear that it will blow them up when it falls, it blows up just a few miles off the ground.
Four Arms and Cloaked Figure (in unison): Whew.
Four Arms: Thanks for the help back there. Mind me asking who you are?
Cloaked Figure: Sure, as soon as we get him (facing Swampfire, lying on his back on the garbage) somewhere safe.
Four Arms: There're safe places in this place?
Cloaked Figure: Yeah, but it's a way's off from here. You up to the walk?
Four Arms: Sure, but maybe there's a faster way. Smacks her Omnitrix, transforming into XLR8. The difference in her appearance, compared to Ben's, just allows her to mirror Helen's appearance.
Cloaked Figure: A Kineceleran? Nice.
XLR8: Not even going to ask how I'm able to transform?
Cloaked Figure: I'm totally aware of how.
XLR8: Alright, as soon as we get Ben to wherever you live, you're telling me who you are.
Cloaked Figure: I promise.

XLR8 picks up Swampfire over her back, then rushes over to the girl. She's about Gwen's height, which XLR8 realizes only as she is able to pick her up.

XLR8: Where to?
Cloaked Figure: Already programmed it into your Omnitrix.
XLR8: Wait, what?! Looks down at her Omnitrix to see it beeping.
Gwen's Omnitrix: Turn left.
XLR8: You have quite the explaining to do.

XLR8, with Swampfire and the cloaked figure over on her back, rushes down the trash-covered streets, over a rickety wooden bridge, and over to a gas station.

Gwen's Omnitrix: You have arrived.
XLR8: Since when did this thing give directions like a GPS?
Cloaked Figure: Sorry, thought you'd like to have instructions like that. I'll turn it off. XLR8: Stop touching this thing. Puts the figure down on her feet. She walks over to the one door left protecting the station and knocks on it. A small opening appears, with eyes peering out at the three.
Figure Behind the Door: We're not buying; go away.
Cloaked Figure: It's me. It's me.She partially removes the cloak from her head, revealing her orange hair to person inside.
Figure Behind the Door: Oh, you know you're being followed, right?
Cloaked Figure (covering her head a bit more): Yeah, they'
Figure Behind the Door: But, how?
Cloaked Figure: I'll explain everything to everyone as soon as you let me inside.
Figure Behind the Door: Alright.

Whatever covered the opening in the door is slid back on, and the door opens up. The cloaked figure turns around and gestures XLR8 to come inside. XLR8 rushes in past the cloaked figure, entering into a poorly-lit room with three tables and an empty yet rather clean stage in the front. The floor is riddled with trash, but not so much as outside. There are two people inside, one in a cloak with a flame design on it but with the cloak removed from her head to reveal her face which greatly resembles Eunice's except with black hair; and the other a male with green skin, in a ripped white sweater with black hair, and ripped jeans. While the girl sits at a table in a nice little wooden chair, the boy pulls a black-seated stool up to the table, followed by two more stools for the cloaked figure and XLR8, and one wooden chair to seat Swampfire so he doesn't fall off. XLR8 puts Swampfire down on the wooden chair, then reverts to human. She walks up to her own stool next to Swampfire's unconscious body, and to make sure Ben has as much charge as possible, she smacks Swampfire's Omnitrix symbol, reverting him to human. The cloaked figure approaches her own stool, and seats herself. The green boy and the flaming-cloaked girl look on in awe at Ben and Gwen. The cloaked figure removes the cloak from her head, revealing a face much like Gwen's own.

Gwen: W--who are you?
Cloaked Figure: Mom. Mom, I'm your daughter, your future daughter, Jennifer-Mercedes Tennyson, after your best friend in the future. And these are my friends. Pointing to the green boy. This is Mitch, but we call him Pitch because of his powers. Pointing to the flaming-cloaked girl. This is Inferna, we call her Flare. She puts her hand down, and now faces Gwen. She hugs her while still sitting, and Gwen, albeit unsure of the situation, hugs her back. Jennifer quickly withdraws herself.
Jennifer-Mercedes: Sorry. Umm, my friends call me Jen, or Sorcera because of my natural powers. But, like you, I'm not bound just to magic. She pulls the cloak off from her left arm, revealing an Assault Omnitrix which appears to have no upgrades added to it.
Gwen: But, but then where am I?
Jen: I...She drops her head as she relieves the painful truth about Gwen. I don't know. You went missing years ago.
Gwen: How old am I now?
Jen: 47, 48 tops.
Gwen: You don't know?
Jen: When your mother leaves you when you're only 12, it's difficult to remember. 12 years might be a lot, but it still wasn't enough for me to really know. The past few years without you, I've tried to forget you, but it's impossible. After Dad died, you were all I had.
Gwen: Dad? I'm married, to who?
Jen: Sorry, I can't tell you; I can tell Uncle Ben, though.
Gwen: Why not? Why only Ben?
Jen: Well, if I tell him, I stop existing. It changes the future, and I want to be your daughter, and I know that one day I'll find you and that all will be well again. I can't tell you, Mom, but you will get married.
Gwen: So, what's happened, what's caused all this?
Jen: Flare, help me answer this...Flare nods, and walks off behind the stage curtains and comes out a moment later with a large piece of paper. She lays it down in front of the now closed door. Let's do this.

Flare nods once more, and immediately her whole body goes up in flames, and she begins to levitate. Floating, she twists and turns as she blasts balls of fire or short beams at locations on the paper, leaving burns through it. After a few minutes of painting with fire, she slowly drops on her feet, gradually reverting to her human likeness. As she steps back away from the burning paper, Jen uses a spell to dismiss the remaining smoke.

Jen: Tur-bo!

The smoke clears out entirely, revealing what appears to be a Galvanic Mechamorph on the piece of paper, painted in rips straight through the paper. The Mechamorph wears a necklace, which at the very end, features a floppy disk-esque piece.

Jen: This is our ruler, the one who took over Earth.
Gwen: An Upgrade? Who is he?
Jen: His name's D-Soft. He's the one who...She turns away once more, audibly weeping out of Gwen's sight. She turns back after a moment of wiping her eyes. When she does so, visible is her makeup washing down her eyes. He's the one who...
Pitch: He's the one who got rid of her dad. He fought in the war that could've saved the humans from all this. Like her Dad asked, you and Sorcera were on another planet being taken care of by Galvans.
Flare: We don't know that he's gone. No one's seen him since the war. He might be one of those people who were turned into one of D-Soft's slaves, and given armor like the robots outside so no one can tell people or robots apart.
Gwen: So, maybe I'm here to stop him.
Jen: Maybe, but not even I've been able to, us three together, even.
Gwen: Wait, how old are you?
Jen: I'm 20 years old.
Gwen: Omnitrix, chronal warp time, sub code F.
Gwen's Omnitrix: 30 years from designated present. Last hub update was on--
Gwen: I don't need that, thanks. Alright, I'm ready to help, however I can.
Jen: Thanks, mom. How old are you now?
Gwen: Younger than you. I'm 17.
Pitch: Whoa, Jen. You're older than your Ma.
Jen: Not here I'm not.
Gwen's Omnitrix (deep, disguised voice): At last, I've found you, Gwen Tennyson. It took me 8 years to find your Omnitrix's signature, and now you've made yourself useful and given up. A batch of my best men and robots will be out to get you shortly. Have fun.
Pitch: What?! She's going to get us caught!
Flare: Even worse, we're going to lose our home!
Pitch: Look what you did, Jen! You brought your mom here and now we're compromised!
Jen: No, I didn't mean to, I--
Pitch: It's too late, now. Let's get out of here. He knows this place is ours by now.

Pitch walks up to the door to open it, and turns the knob. Just as he does so, the door is blasted off its hinges with Pitch holding onto it, him and the door being thrown across to the other side of the room. Outside the door, at least a dozen robots are visible, and behind them, one tank and robots who have Hulk-like armor.

Flare: We're toast.
Police Bot #4: This is Officer 1043. We are asking you to peacefully leave this base and hand it over to the Lord D-Soft. Do you accept this offer?
Jen: No, we don't.
Police Bot #4 (deep, intimidating voice): Then prepare to be eliminated.

The sound of each and every robot pulling out their guns and beginning to prep their lasers can be heard. The tank outside can be heard rolling over the garbage.


Part IV

[We open with the entire gas station starting to fall apart. As if the robots are creating an earthquake, everything around Pitch, Flare, Jen, and Gwen is trembling. Gwen rushes over to Ben and shakes him violently until he finally wakes up.]

Ben (still slouching in his chair): Where are we?
Gwen: I'll have to explain later. Just help us stop everything at the door.

Ben shakes his head, and jumps up onto his feet. He faces the door, and the robots attempting to make their way in.

Ben: You guys look like you're having fun shaking us down. But you know who could do a better job at this? His Omnitrix tower pops up, and he smacks down on it. He transforms into Armodrillo.
Armodrillo: FORGE!
Gwen: Forge? That's Armodrillo!
Forge: Well, I call him Forge.
Gwen: And you're probably the only alternate to do so.
Forge: Less fighting each other, more fighting them. He rushes over to the door, transforms his right hand into a drill, and twists it through the robot, tossing its shattered remains all around the area. He then bashes his way through the remaining robots, knocking some of them over, until he reaches the much tougher robots, who greatly resemble Techadon robots, in the back. He begins to shake the ground to try and get them to fall over, but they remain still. The tank has its sights on Ben. Oh, this is going to hurt.
Jen: Not on my watch!
Forge: Hey, I already used that l--Interrupting him, the tank's laser is shot at Forge. At that very moment, Jen smacks down on her Assault Omnitrix. In the dust that spreads through the area after the tank's blast, the sound of something rolling around is heard. After the dust begins to clear, the sound of Ben's Omnitrix timing out goes off as well.
Gwen: Tur-bo!

One larger-than Cannonbolt-sized yo-yo-esque alien comes rolling out of the smoke as it clears out. It rolls over to Gwen, Inferna, and Mitch, then stops immediately. The two merged sides of the yo-yo push apart as it stands on its feet. Its hands appear, and Ben falls out of its shell. Ben immediately gets up, wiping some goop, much like that of what Stinkfly fires, off his clothes. He then looks up at the alien that saves him.

Ben: What in the--?
Gwen: Ben, this is my daughter, from the future. Her name is Jennifer-Mercedes, and she lost her dad who died in a war with the guy who orders all these robots around--D-Soft--a little after she was born, and she lost me 8 years ago when I went missing. She has her own Omnitrix, and I guess this is a unique alien of hers.
Large Yo-Yo Alien: Not quite, Mom. This is Combustiball, one of your favorites. I can say you're going to unlock it before me since it shouldn't disturb the timestream, seeing as that leaves a 22-year gap between your present and when you went...missing...
Ben: Whoa! Do you know if I turn into that?
Combustiball: You will, and around the same time Mom does, too.
Pitch: Less chitchat, more combat, guys.
Combustiball: Have you used your powers yet, Pitch?
Pitch: Nah, but I guess it's a better time than any to show 'em off.

Hair grows all over Pitch, giving him an appearance like a Luna Loboan. Most of the hair is black, but there are patches of dark gray here and there. He opens his mouth wide, which splits into 4 separate mouths upon opening, and blasts purple rings at all the robots. Upon touching their surrounding area, some robots are knocked over, while the rest remain immobile for a few seconds.

Pitch: Flare, fly me over there!
Flare: Got it! She transforms into her Pyronite form and is quick to fly over him. Grabbing Pitch by the arms, she holds him as she allows Pitch to shoot the robots with a few of his high-frequency blasts from above. Time to drop some powerful beats, Pitch!
Pitch: Alright!
Gwen: Guess we should get into action, too.
Combustiball: Yeah, I should really be helping them. Compressing her yo-yo-like shell into one merged piece, rolling her legs up and allowing her arms to disappear, she rolls away after her friends in the heat of battle.
Ben: Ready, Gwen?
Gwen: Wanna see who'll take down the most robots?
Ben: Oh, you're on! Smacks down at the Omnitrix at exactly the same time as Gwen on hers. He transforms into Diamondhead, while Gwen into Upchuck.
Diamondhead: Look how got the best guy this time.
Upchuck: Hey, it doesn't matter who you are, just that you can take the most guys out.
Diamondhead: When it comes to diamonds vs. eating your opponents, I think it matters who you are.

While Flare flies overhead with Pitch still being held, she occasionally lets go of one of Pitch's hands to get her own taste at battle with a fiery Pyronite blast. Most of the time, though, Pitch manages to neutralize some of the robots, but even when they're taken down, they rise back up and return from paralysis only a short moment later. Meanwhile, Diamondhead launches some of the robots straight into space by creating diamond platforms from directly underneath them and suddenly pulling them out of the ground. Every now and then, he also attempts to pierce some of the robots' armor, but they merely absorb the diamonds into their shell, seemingly strengthening it. Taking on the lighter side of the battle with her slow form, Upchuck runs as fast as she can, picking up trash from underneath her and converting it to sizable green blasts of destruction aimed at the robots. These blasts are just as effective as Pitch's and Flare's, merely temporarily immobilizing them, or sometimes even being entirely ineffective if she hasn't eaten or redirected a great enough amount of garbage. Combustiball also attempts to launch robots into the air by rolling into them, picking them up in her shell, and opening her shell when aiming at the sky. Some are sent away, but most return after a brief walk from wherever they landed. After twenty straight minutes of their greatest efforts, everyone but Diamondhead begin to feel the weight on their shoulders, the weight of constantly dealing little-to-no damage to the robots. At this time, though, Diamondhead only begins to realize that his own blasts are weakening as he gradually tires out. Flare, dizzy and tired from all of her flight, is the first to fall in battle. Still holding onto Pitch, she faints mid-air, dropping to the ground. Diamondhead lunges into the air to catch her, and leaves a diamond slide for Pitch to come down on. He leaves Flare down on the slide with Pitch, but only a moment later, left with only three people in battle, Ben's Omnitrix finally times out after intense battle. One of the Techadon-esque robots approaches Ben, and powerfully backhands him, sending him down the street in agonizing pain. Another robot approaches Gwen, and simply kicks her into a building. Combustiball hides in the heat of things, though. Out of sight, the robots go for Pitch and Flare, but after immediately realizing that they are unconscious, they take them, throw them into their tank, and teleport away. Upchuck, who immediately reverts back to human, walks with Combustiball over to Ben to check on his status.

Combustiball: He's out cold.
Gwen: way, he's taken worse.
Combustiball: How do you know so much?
Gwen: Paradox told me.
Combustiball: You knew Paradox? Oh, so cool!
Gwen: Not cool, Jen. We have to get Ben back up.
Combustiball: Well, just wake him up like you did before.
Gwen: Maybe...Crouches over to direct Ben's face at hers. She starts slapping his face back and forth, but he doesn't wake up, simply dropping his head after the session. Useless. Smacks her own Omnitrix, transforming into Big Chill. She then creates a huge ice cube in her hands, and lays it down on Ben's body.
Combustiball: Want me to heat him up? This girl doubles as a Heatblast replacement, not just a Cannonbolt one.
Big Chill: No, thanks. I bet this'll wake 'im up much fast--Ben's eyes fly open, and he flips over, sliding the ice a short distance away from it. Alright, now you can melt it. She hits her Omnitrix badge with the side of her fist, reverting to human. She walks over to Ben and gets him to stand up straight and halt his fighting pose.
Gwen: It's alright, Ben. You fainted, but we had to wake you up with some ice.
Ben: *Some* ice? *Some*?!
Gwen: Alright, maybe a little more than average, but calm down, you're awake now.
Ben: Grr...I liked it better when I was the only wielding an Omnitrix.
Gwen: So did I, but you don't see me complaining!
Combustiball (rolling back over to Gwen and Ben, in the background, the ice cube, now melted into a puddle, can be seen): Guys, calm down. We can't be fighting with each other. We have to get my friends.
Ben: What happened to your friends?
Gwen: After you decided to take a nap, those Techadon robots took them. Good job just leaving them out on the open on a diamond platter.
Ben (pulling the Omnitrix over in front of his face): Well, I oughta--
Gwen: Oughta what? Your Omnitrix timed out!
Ben: So what? I know the code to disable the timeout.
Combustiball: Guys.
Gwen: No, you don't. Azmuth probably doesn't even trust you with it. Zennith barely trusts me.
Combustiball: Guys...
Ben: After wearing this thing for two years straight, Azmuth knows how much good I can do. I don't know how many times you've saved the universe, or if you even have Kevin around, but you better realize I'm the baddest Ben in town.
Combustiball: GUYS!
Ben and Gwen (in unison, both with their Omnitrixes in front of their faces): WHAT?!
Combustiball: Stop fighting! We need to get my friends, and if you two can't be up to that, I'll find a way to send you two back to where you belong and save my friends on my own. You two are cousins, even if you're both from different places in crosstime. For my Mom and Uncle, one of the two guys who acted like a dad all my life, you two are pretty childish.
Ben and Gwen (in unison): Nuh-uh!
Combustiball: Then make up you two.
Ben: Not happening. Let's just go to this D-Soft guy's headquarters and get your friends back.
Combustiball: It's not going to be so easy, Ben.
Ben: Why not?
Combustiball: Because it's a few hundred miles away from here. And then some.
Gwen: A few hundred miles? You don't mean his castle is in...
Combustiball: It is. Reverts to human.
Jen: We need to head to Washington, D.C.
Ben: But how am I supposed to get there? My Omnitrix timed out, unless one of you wants to drag me there as XLR8 or that Cannonbolt copy.
Jen: *Replacement*, and no need. There're only a few more family members I have left in the Bellwood area, and only one with some way of getting us to Washington, D.C.
Ben: Is it me?
Gwen: Say it's not him.
Jen: It isn't. It's my Great-Grandpa Max.
Ben: Great-Grandpa?
Gwen: Yeah, since she's a generation below us, doofus.
Jen: Will you two stop? Why are you acting so much like kids?
Ben and Gwen (in unison): We have no idea what you're talking about.
Jen: Ugh, let's just go.
Gwen: How far is Grandpa's?
Jen: Uncle Ben should know. After all, this gas station used to be in his favorite place to hang out.
Ben: No...No way...Runs over to the gas station, and looks up at the roof where a logo can be spotted. Omnitrix, deactivate recharge mode, Code 10, Recognition Code AB.
Omnitrix (hourglass turns green): Ready for activation.
Ben: Omnitrix, bounce. Omnitrix: Activation code accepted. Deactivated Safeguard 19.
Ben (Omnitrix in front of his face): Alright, please give me what I want. The tower pops up, revealing a hologram of Crashhopper. This is going to be one of those one-in-a-lifetime things, Omintrix. I only want Crashhopper now. Just for this. Gimme what I want. Smacks down on the tower.
Humungousaur: Crash--osaur. Sighs.' I guess we're back to this again, Omnitrix. Alright, whatever. I'm still tall enough to read this thing. Squinting, he looks dead ahead at the logo on the roof. He mumbles for a moment as he reads it, then stops mid-sentence. He then abruptly reverts to human, turns around and walks over to Jen.
Ben: Why, Jen, why?
Jen: It had to be done.
Ben: Nothing ever has to be done. They made good smoothies for everyone and they turned it into a gas station!
Jen: Well, I guess this place never collected enough regulars, if any traffic.
Ben: But what about he spoke, he realized the problem.I never had any fans...not here. They never got any real business, other than Gwen, Kevin, and me. Jen: I guess so. We better get walking.
Ben: Do we have to walk?
Jen: It's best we get some exercise, Uncle. You said so yourself, just before you went into hiding a couple months ago.
Gwen: Of course he went into hiding. Without the Omnitrix, an old Ben probably isn't capable of much.
Jen: You'd be surprised, then, Mom. He's like a dad, I'm telling you. He taught me how to ride a bike, and everything. He even told me he'd be going into hiding. Great-Grandpa and I--by the way, we should probably get walking to the Rustbucket--tried to persuade him not to but--
Ben: Wait, wait, wait. Did you say Rustbucket?
Jen: Yeah? Surprised it's still around?
Ben: Bright girl. Yeah. And how? If he has gas, why doesn't he just leave?
Jen: No idea. We can find out when we get there. Let's get going. Lockdown's in a few hours, and we have to get to Great-Grandpa before we can even head off.
Ben: Why don't we all race each other?
Jen: C'mon, really?
Gwen: Oh, be honest, Jen. You never had other fast aliens at your side to race with. You must be dying to try and beat someone.
Jen: I don't know. I don't have any experience.
Gwen: Speed in battle's all the experience you need. Who are your favorite aliens?
Jen: Heatblast and XLR8.
Ben: Whoa, nice pick, Jen! XLR8's my favorite too, well, one of my favorites. It's between him and Upgrade, really; could never choose.
Jen: Same with my two.
Gwen: So you up to the race?
Jen: If it means no fighting while we head to Great-Grandpa's, then sure. Ben: Then let's pick our speeders. I'll go first. Smacks down on his Omnitrix, first accidentally transforming him into Fasttrack, then he smacks Fasttrack's badge transforming into XLR8.
XLR8 (Ben): Ready.
Gwen: My turn. Smacks her own Omnitrix, transforming into Upchuck, sighing at the sight of her, and then smacking into XLR8 as well.
XLR8 (Gwen): Ready!
Jen: Guess I should be the one to go with a different speeder. Smacks her Omnitrix, and by completing the set, she transforms into Combustiball.
Combustiball: Guess I'm the only one with an Omnitrix that likes the user.
XLR8 (Ben): Hey, mine's acting out even though I shut off the wrong alien safeguard.
XLR8 (Gwen): Well, of course, you couldn't properly maneuver the codes for that thing.
XLR8 (Ben): Says the Omnitrix user who swears she's got full Master Control.
XLR8 (Gwen): Pfft, I changed into Upchuck of my own accord to make you feel better.
XLR8 (Ben): Sure you did.
XLR8 (Gwen): I did!
XLR8 (Ben): Oh, Jen, let's just get this started.
Combustiball: Alright. 3.
XLR8 (Ben): 2!
XLR8 (Gwen): 1...
Combustiball (rolls up into a ball): GO!

The three race off down the trash-covered streets into the distance, Combustiball speeding ahead of the two XLR8s for a mile, then slowing down a bit as she tires out, allowing both XLR8s, each running at their top speed, to run side-by-side for the Rustbucket.


Part V

[We open with both XLR8s quickly stopping in front of the Rustbucket, with Combustiball arriving shortly after. When they've all regrouped, they revert to their human forms.]

Jen: Alright, let me knock. She walks up to the side passenger door and knocks three times. The sound of things being thrown around immediately is heard.
Ben: Sounds like something's in there.
Jen: Nah, it's just...he's been really messy with not having anyone around in the Rustbucket all the time.
Gwen: But just to be safe in case there really is something in there. Smacks down on her Omnitrix.
Swampfire: Swampfire! Alright, let's see who's in there...
Ben: I'm not going to let you take all the glory for this, Gwen. Smacks down on his Omnitrix.
Obsorber: Because when it comes to glory, I'm just the right kind of guy the fortune it comes with! The door is pulled open slowly. The lights are off inside, but shortly after opening the door, Max turns on the light. He appears at the door, skinny like a future once before.
Swampfire: Grandpa?
Great-Grandpa Max: Uh, who's there? Who are you two?
Swampfire: Grandpa, it's us. Smacks down on her Omnitrix, reverting to human. A second after, Obsorber follows suit.
Great-Grandpa Max: Wha-wha-what is this? How are you two here?
Jen: They were sent here by Paradox, Great-Grandpa.
Great-Grandpa Max: Paradox...a sight not even blind eyes would want to see.
Ben: What? Why not?
Great-Grandpa Max: He stood by as all this unfolded. As D-Soft took over. He was the time walker. Gwen may not have been able to stand for us, but he...he could control time and change everything. And now Earth's been reduced to this. I'm just lucky the Rustbucket V10 is still a degree.
Gwen: What's wrong with it?
Great-Grandpa Max: Absolutely nothing. Used to help get upgrades from Kevin Levin...before...
Gwen: No...Kevin...He didn't...
Great-Grandpa Max: He was in the war.
Gwen: Was...was he who I married?
Great-Grandpa Max: Ah--
Jen: We can't say, Mom. You're not supposed to know this much as it is. Who knows how crazily the timestream must be flowing right now.
Great-Grandpa Max: If I know my Gwendolyn, she'll be wanting all this not to happen, to save us from his control...By being here, she's saving us.
Gwen: But Grandpa...Paradox is the one who sent us. Remember? He must be trying to make up for what happened with us.
Great-Grandpa Max: I don't care what he does now. He's twenty long years too late. I won't be getting back my granddaughter as soon as he takes you back. You're gone forever. And your cousin Ben...who knows what happened to him...
Jen: He went into hiding, Great-Grandpa.
Great-Grandpa Max: He did, did he? Must not have told me...
Jen: He did tell you. Don't you remember trying to get him to stay with us?
Great-Grandpa Max: I think I'd remember something like that. You three, come inside. I'd like to know why exactly you're *here*, not just who sent you here and how you know nothing of the mission you were sent to carry out.
Ben: Come on. Ben attempts to walk in first, but Gwen shoves ahead of him, with Great-Grandpa Max leaving space for everyone to come inside and sit in the half-circle seats near the window behind the front passenger seat.
Gwen: Ladies first. Jen, follow me inside.

Jen and Gwen head into the Rustbucket, and after assuring himself that there's no other lady who feels like appearing to enter before him, he gets in, shutting the passenger door behind him. Inside, Jen immediately sits down at the half-circle seats at the window near the passenger door. Meanwhile, Ben and Gwen simply stand up as they look on in awe at the mess as well as the interior changes that had been made.

Gwen: Grandpa, where did you get all this?
Great-Grandpa Max: From your old boyfriend, Kevin Levin. He, uh, used to help me every weekend with fixing the old girl up, and even tossing on some upgrades. Without him, I lost the will to do it on my own in my old age, and Ben never was the type to help.
Ben: Hey!
Great-Grandpa Max: Well, you're helpful, just not with this kind of thing.
Gwen:, what happened to Kevin?
Great-Grandpa Max: He suffered the same fate every other 1/2-Human kid was forced to go through. 20 years ago, even as the valiant, noble, and powerful man he'd become, he went missing during the beginning of the war with D-Soft, and we haven't seen him since. After all this time, it's impossible for him to still be alive, unless he's living as one among D-Soft's brainwashed army of robot-lookalikes.
Gwen: Oh no...She drops her head in disappointment. Ben pats her back.
Ben: We can save this future, Gwen. Then, we can stop this all from happening. As if I'm not sorry enough about saying something about Kevin before, how you don't have it turns out you really don't, at least not here and now.
Great-Grandpa Max: You three say you're here to save this? To stop this? How do you expect to reach D-Soft?
Gwen: No idea. Our Omnitrixes aren't working too well here in this future, like the battery's been cut off just by coming here.
Great-Grandpa Max: I see...then you'll have to make the best of it and make the trek to D-Soft's.
Jen: Well, you see, Great-Grandpa, we were hoping you could get us there.
Great-Grandpa Max: That's impossible. The Rustbucket is barely up to driving up to Mr. Smoothy's Gas Company, let alone the hundreds of miles we're apart from D-Soft's headquarters.
Gwen: So, is that why you don't just leave the planet?
Great-Grandpa Max: Precisely, pumpkin. Boy, I'd forgotten how smart you were for your age. Your daughter's a chip off the old block, Gwen.
Gwen: I can't take the credit, Grandpa. That's my future, the future here.
Ben: Wait, Grandpa. If you can't just leave Earth with the Rustbucket, you should just try contacting the Plumbers? If you've still got your badge, or even just your uniform, you should be able to reach them.
Great-Grandpa Max: Don't you think I've tried, Ben? 20 years gives you time to think, and in all that time, I must try to contact them once every couple of days, just to see if the wall is down.
Ben: If the wall is down?
Great-Grandpa Max: Yes, the wall.
Jen: He wanted you to explain, Great-Grandpa.
Great-Grandpa Max: Oh, sorry, when you're actually from your time, you don't know what some have missed, what some don't know about the present. The wall is a piece of tech that keeps regions of Earth in their own little bubble, preventing them from sending signals using Plumbers' badges out of the wall. D-Soft made it with that one goal. It's the only piece of technology Earth's got left to contact the Plumbers, so people like us here on Earth haven't felt safe in a long time.
Gwen: Grandpa, why don't you just buy gas? There's a station right up the--
Great-Grandpa Max: A standard for fuel arose those two decades ago. Took a bit of taking the car apart as well as some help from Gwen 20,000, but we finally had a more efficient form of fuel set as the default for the Rustbucket V10. How disappointing is it that the last gas station left standing is the one that uses such an old form of gas...
Jen: That's why we're here, Great-Grandpa. I know it'll drain this thing like crazy, but...but I want to contact Zennith, to transfer power.
Ben: Transfer power?
Jen: Yeah, and I get a few seconds to fire the power into something that runs on its type of fuel.
Gwen:'re firing it? It won't damage the Rustbucket, will it?
Jen: Can't be 100% sure, Mom, but the worst it can do is leave a little hole wherever I aim it at.
Ben: And you're sure it won't bounce around like a bullet in here?
Jen: Again, can't be 100%, but chances are it won't bounce around. I'm a smart girl, Great-Grandpa said it, and my Mom knows it.
Great-Grandpa Max: Well, if you really feel you'll be able to do this, there truly is nothing to lose.
Gwen: Well, you could end up with a huge hole in the side of the Rustbucket, Grandpa.
Great-Grandpa Max: It really doesn't matter nowadays. Plus, your daughter's got her own little home with her friends. If the Rustbucket ever becomes an unsafe place to live in, I'll move in with my great-granddaughter, until this madness is all over, one way...or another...
Jen: Don't say that. It'll end today, Great-Granddad. Let's do this. I probably only have one shot, assuming D-Soft will probably pick up on such a concentration of unsigned energy in this area. Throwing her arm into the air with her fist pointing up at the ceiling, her Omnitrix begins to glow white at the hourglass. After a few moments of Ben, Gwen, and Max slowly approaching her Omnitrix to analyze the new function, a gleaming white beam is shot straight up in the air out of the Omintrix.
Great-Grandpa Max: A hole in the ceiling might not be good for all the weather conditions...
Gwen: But look at the beam...if you look closely, you can see right through it, and the ceiling's still there.
Ben:'s going through the ceiling?
Gwen: I guess so.
Ben: Now that's a feature I want Azmuth to throw in on my next Omnitrix.
Gwen: Maybe when you're 18--
Great-Grandpa Max: No fighting, you two.
Ben and Gwen (with Gwen trailing a few syllables behind): Sorry, Grandpa.
Ben: Haha, I said it first!
Gwen: It wasn't a contest, dweeb.
Ben: Of course it wasn't, 'cause you lo--
Jen: Stop it! The beam falls back into her Omnitrix, returning the hourglass to green. The hourglass then glows green, and the tower pops up.
Jen's Omnitrix: 15 seconds remaining to set direction of power transfer.
Jen: Alright, stand aside. Ben and Gwen part from the door, and Jen rushes outside to the side of the Rustbucket where the gas tank once was.
Jen's Omnitrix: 10 seconds remaining to set direction of power transfer.
Jen: Only one shot at this...She aims her wrist at the gas tank, twists the dial, and a ray is shot at the Rustbucket. The section of the Rustbucket with the gas tank glistens for a few seconds.
Jen's Omnitrix: Transfer complete. Sending success report. Jen rushes back into the Rustbucket.
Ben: Jen, why don't you just call the Plumbers with your Omnitrix?
Jen: It's a deprecated function in this thing. I think D-Soft's signal reflector picks up on using it as a badge.
Great-Grandpa Max: So now you see just how clever D-Soft is, as well as how far ahead he's planned everything out.
Gwen: Yeah...Not sure we can take on someone like this guy.
Great-Grandpa Max: Not to mention, he's a Galvanic Mechamorph. If he gets a hold of any of your Omnitrixes, he could replicate its primary function of transformation. Or even worse...
Ben: There's worse than that?
Great-Grandpa Max: Of course, Ben. He could set off the SDM, he could destroy all three of your Omnitrixes or even the entire galaxy, maybe even the whole universe.
Gwen: But that would destroy his home world, and Earth, with him here.
Great-Grandpa Max: If he does it, he's likely to have a plan. Or he could just know a transformation for a fast ship, maybe one of the newer FTL Takion cruisers.
Jen: I doubt a Mechamorph can transform into one of those. Maybe one of the older FTS Takions, but no way could it be an FTL.
Ben: I would agree with you guys, but I have no idea what you're talking about. So I say it's time we get a move on. Let's head to D-Soft's. He could have the upper hand all he wants with his army, but we've got our Omnitrixes. We could win because we have them or be taken out trying, but we have to try. We've all got Alien X as a transformation, right?
Jen and Gwen (in unison): Right.
Ben: So we head to him and try our luck as Alien X.
Gwen: As a matter of fact, that gives me a great plan, Ben.
Jen: Are you able to control Alien X? Because I've never been able to get Bellicus and Serena to agree on anything.
Ben: Neither have I. The one time I was able to control Alien X was when this clone of mine shut off Bellicus and Serena, but before I got here, Azmuth fixed a few things, and I'm 99% sure one of the things he fixed was Alien X.
Gwen: It doesn't matter. The plan has to work. Like you said, win or lose, we have to try.
Great-Grandpa Max: Then if we're all settled on going, you three'll have to buckle up. Rules of the skies are like the rules of the road.
Jen: But they're no officers in the skies?
Great-Grandpa Max: Who's to tell? Not me. And I'm not going to risk it. D-Soft could have his army posted all over the planet to make sure the moment someone's caught not following the rules, they can confiscate their vehicle, and even lock the passengers up, permanently.
Gwen: Buckle up, it is.
Ben and Jen (Ben trailing half a word behind): I call shotgun!
Ben: Darn it.

Ben and Gwen head over to the half-circle couch. Upon sitting down, holographic X-shaped seatbelts lock them in place. Jen rushes over to the front passenger seat as well, but has to manually lock herself in. Great-Grandpa Max's seatbelts lock him in place automatically, but resembles "old-fashioned" seatbelts (not X-shaped).

Great-Grandpa Max: Everybody in?
Ben: Yeah.
Gwen: Yep.
Jen: Snugly in place, even if I was the only one who had to put on their seatbelt manually.
Great-Grandpa Max: Alright, old girl, let's hear a sound neither of us have heard in a while...He reaches for a compartment under the radio, pulling it open and removing the keys from it. He shuts the drawer, and puts the keys in the ignition. He quickly turns the Rustbucket on, the sound of the engine being music to his ears. What a sound for soar ears.
Gwen: How long has it been since you last turned the Rustbucket on, Grandpa?
Great-Grandpa Max: I turn it on every so often for a bit of heat, maybe every couple of months? Last time I did it was about a week or so. It's been pretty impossible keeping track of dates nowadays, what with the only way of telling time is taking down one of D-Soft's men and checking their clock chip. Even then, though, it's hard to tell the exact time since you have to pry their helmets off and then manage to hack the chip. Takes a bit of time. It's come to the point where I've retired from being a Plumber because of my age. Can't do that stuff anymore, so I'm not sure if I'll even be able to help you three.
Ben: It's no problem, Grandpa. When you went missing, you helped us to be able to learn to fight on our own, and by the time the Highbreed Wars ended, the time without you really helped us. We can do this on our own.
Great-Grandpa Max: I know you can, kiddo. Let's do this.

Max, with right hand gripping tightly onto the shift, drops his boot onto the brake, shifts into the Rustbucket's future equivalent of Drive. It begins to hover, signifying its successful startup, then blasts off into airspace, its powerful exhausts reducing a nearby D-Soft robot to pieces.

[After less than an hour of flight, the Rustbucket nears its destination, Washington, D.C., when an Araschnichimp falls from nowhere onto the Rustbucket's windshield, hissing at Max inside. He veers to the left at wild speeds in an attempt to shoo the alien, but its webbing keeps it attached to the windshield like a bug. He initiates the windshield wipers, which do nothing but tap the alien then return to their origins. Tired of his week attempts at removing the alien, he pulls out a blaster from a compartment and aims it at the windshield. Without even having to fire, it leaps off the windshield. He assumes he's safe at first, but is soon disturbed when the side passenger door is suddenly torn off. The Araschnichimp lands inside, waking Ben, Gwen, and Jen who managed to sleep through the greater part of the ordeal.]

Ben: Time for me to get into the limelight, and the best way to is going Monkey a Monkey. Smacks down on his Omnitrix, transforming into Eye Guy.
Eye Guy: Or eye alien a Monkey. Whatever, Omnitrix. Even if you're just trying to humiliate me, you're going to find out just how a great a hero I am no matter what you give me. Runs after the Araschnichimp, but just as he reaches him, it jumps to dodge the heads-on attack. He laughs at the fallen Eye Guy then rushes after Gwen. Just as she smacks down on her Omnitrix before the attack, Eye Guy's arms appear wrapped around the alien. Holding him tightly, Eye Guy walks the alien over outside the door and lets go of it, leaving it trying to find a place to hold on as it plummets to the ground. So, Gwen, I think that makes it Ben - 2 to Gwen - 0. Reverts to human.
Ben: But who's counting?
Gwen: Apparently you, Ben. Grandpa, who was that?
Great-Grandpa Max: Likely one of the mercenaries spotted around the world's capitals.
Jen: What do you mean?
Great-Grandpa Max: In reality, Bellwood took on the lighter side of D-Soft's power. When D-Soft took over, he gave away capitals all over the world to any alien mercenaries who wanted them. Groups from all around the galaxy came but quickly became bored, and at this point, it's only Araschnichimps, Vaxasaurians, and Pyronites left with major control over sections of Earth, so we probably just got rid of one of D.C.'s head mercs.
Gwen: Think that'll be a problem?
Great-Grandpa Max: No way to tell, but these chimps aren't the biggest threat, neither are they major associates of D-Soft.
Jen: Do you think we could use the cloaking device?
Great-Grandpa Max: Looking at everything else this girl's still got working on 'er, it wouldn't be a surprise if it still functioned properly. Reaches for a touch display on the dashboard, inputting a password through tapping locations on it with different fingers. Soon enough, it glows, and text on it reads "Password accepted. Mode 4 active."
Jen: Mom, Uncle Ben, stay quiet. Nothing outside can see us or the Rustbucket, but they can hear us.
Gwen: Is that a bug or something?
Jen: Yes. They made a fix a little while back, but Great-Grandpa hasn't found it in himself to enjoy fixing up the Rustbucket without, uh, that guy.
Gwen: Kevin, Kevin Levin. He's my boyfriend.
Ben: Never heard you be so open about it, Gwen. Normally, you make it so secret that not even Kevin knows if you two are together sometimes.
Gwen: If this is the future I have to look forward to, I have to enjoy the time I have left with him. Jen, are you sure you can't tell me who I marry?
Jen: I'm absolutely future. You know how crosstime works, Mom; if I tell you something, there's no guarantee it'll happen, and if you're told, you might just try and force it to happen.
Gwen: But you can tell Ben?
Jen: Yeah. Her eyes glow as she telepathically gives Ben the answer as to who Gwen marries. Don't tell her.
Ben: Oh, trust me, I won't. But can you tell me who I marry? After all, this is cross time where things happened so differently in my life that maybe it's not even the same person.
Jen: I guess...You're 17?
Ben: Yeah.
Jen: Your current girlfriend.
Ben: Wait, what if the Ben from here was dating another girl at my age?
Jen: That's why I didn't tell you about my Uncle Ben. I told you the answer to who Super Ben marries. Paradox has told me all about you, and what he's told me doesn't even compare to what my Mom's told me.
Ben: Wow, so she's going to end up Mrs. Ben Tennyson some day...Thanks, Jen.
Jen: No problem.
Gwen: So you can tell Ben who he marries and not me?
Jen: Mom...Mom, I believe one day I'll find you again, that today we'll defeat D-Soft and my mom will come out of hiding. I want to be known as Gwen 20's real future daughter, not just an alternate. If I tell you who you marry, I disappear forever...
Gwen: No, you--
Great-Grandpa Max: We're here, kiddos. We're going to land on the roof of D-Soft's rendition of the home of our national leader. Shifting to "D", Max lowers the Rustbucket to the surface of the roof. This is where you three let off. Be careful. Ben and Jen step out, but Gwen remains inside, staring at Max. What?
Gwen: Are you sure that you can't come with us, Grandpa? That you can't come to the final battle?
Great-Grandpa Max: I can't even shoot a standard issue blaster in a straight line. I've served my time as a Plumber, now it's my grand children's turn. Gwen walks over to him with a smile, parting ways with a hug.
Gwen: You be careful, too, Grandpa. We won't be around if there's anything else in the skies.
Great-Grandpa Max: Then I'll keep the old girl running till you three need to get back on. You better get going. Didn't you say you only have so much battery left?
Gwen: Oh, yeah. Thanks, Grandpa. Jumps out of the side door, walking up to Jen and Ben who are leaning over a window on the roof. They see directly into a large lobby that precedes a spiral staircase to double golden doors guarded by D-Soft's robot guards.
Ben: He's probably in there.
Gwen: Then it's time for us to get stealthy with our aliens.
Ben: Time to make it Ben - 3. The three smack down on their Omnitrixes in unison. Jen receives ChamAlien, Ben Big Chill, and Gwen Ghostfreak.
Ghostfreak: Let's make that Gwen - 1.
Big Chill: I'm still ahead by one.
ChamAlien: But she got the best alien, so she's going in.
Ghostfreak: Finally someone that agrees.
ChamAlien: We'll stay up here and watch from above.
Ghostfreak: Attempt to watch what you can (fades to entirely invisible and intangible), but I'll be out of sight and out of mind.

Albeit unseen by ChamAlien and Big Chill, Ghostfreak phases through the floor. Starting with the guards in front of D-Soft's door, she takes out the guards 2 by 2 by knocking heads together, until one is seen coming out of the shadows firing a liquid around that brings back visibility to any invisible specimen. Ghostfreak becomes visible under sticky purple netting.

Big Chill: Looks like your mom needs some help.
ChamAlien: And it doesn't mean you're getting a point because of this.
Big Chill: Of course not. Now, you go in with ste--He is interrupted when what sounds like a bomb ticking down begins. He and ChamAlien flip around as they watch the Rustbucket flash back into visibility. It explodes only a moment later. GRANDPA! While he flies around to the entrance of the RV to search for Max, ChamAlien slips over to see inside. The two spot no body.
Voice from behind them: We have your pops. Now it's time for you to join him.

The two aliens turn around slowly to find the kidnapper, who appears to be none other than Sunder on his hoverboard, with Max held tightly by an energy rope, tape covering his mouth and his eyes closed, likely from being unconscious. Sunder pushes a button on a remote in his other hand, and sparks fly from the burning Rustbucket, reaching Big Chill and ChamAlien and electrocuting then, timing them out and setting them unconscious.

Sunder: Oh, D's going to be ecstatic when he learns he gets to add you two to his collection, not to mention Gwen 20K's past down there.


Part VI

[We are in the eyes of someone just waking up. We're shackled to the wall by our wrists, ankles, stomach, and our forehead. We look around and see the bodies of our friends to our sides, also hung up, but still asleep. We look up, and just inches away from our shackled wrists is the ceiling, while looking down leaves us watching large pots filled to the brim with a steaming, bubbling, and boiling orange liquid. To our right, Gwen, Ben, and Max; to our left, Mitch and Inferna. That makes us the sole remaining member of this team.]

Sunder: Jennifer-Mercedes Tennyson. What a surprise.
Jen: What, that I didn't try and come after your boss earlier like my mom would have?
Sunder: No, the fact that you were put to sleep last and you're awake first. You're friends with some really heavy sleepers, and even your mother and great-grandfather are that type. Tell me, how are you the exception?
Jen: Stop playing with me. Just let me see D-Soft, and let us fight him.
Sunder: Wouldn't that be the stupid thing to do?
Jen: Well, you're not the brightest apple in the bunch.
Sunder: Ooh, I can tell you get that tone from your father.
Jen: What do you know about my father?
Sunder: Just enough.
Jen: He's alive, isn't he?
Sunder: That's classified. If he would be, you'd go searching. And even if he isn't, you'd still go searching, eventually coming to the conclusion you'll never find him.
Jen: You really know how to beat around the bush, don't you?
Sunder: Years of experience, decades through crosstime.
Jen: So what are you going to do with us?
Sunder: As soon as my boss is ready, he will introduce himself to you six. He wanted to say one last thing to you people before you're all dropped into the liquid below you.
Jen: And what is this orange stuff?
Sunder: He wouldn't s--er, classified, little Missy.
Jen: You know that if he drops my Mom in here before the future comes, that this future ceases to be.
Sunder: Oh, your mother will go free.
Jen: Then she'll make sure none of this ever happens.
Sunder: That's why she goes free without any memory of this entire day. We've got the best tech for erasing the mind, the best in class. No amount of further study could possibly recover the lost memories. So you could say the effects are permanent, just like that of which will happen to the rest of you.
Jen: What about my Mom from this time? She still exists, in hiding, and as soon as you guys think you have the upper hand, she'll come out with her secret weapon and stop you.
Sunder: We've got a secret weapon, too, and we wouldn't want to spoil it. A phone locked onto his belt begins to ring. He taps the screen with one hand without even removing it from the belt, and an arm extends from the belt that is attached to the back of the phone, moving it to Sunder's ear. He listens to the call, nodding and mumbling "Mhm" every so often. The call ends, and the phone retracts to the side of the belt. Looks like he's ready for you. I hope you've enjoyed your 20 years, because you're not going to live to see 21.
Jen: You're not going to get away with this. My Mom's out there. Sunder laughs at her.
Sunder: Sure, she is. Let yourself believe that. Besides, we've already succeeded. Pulls out his remote, and presses a button on it, this time shocking everyone but Gwen into waking up. Good morning, sleepy heads. It's time for you all to meet D-Soft, for the first, and last, time.
Mitch: Who are you?
Sunder: Sunder, the Hired Hand. He puts his remote away, and speeds off into the shadows behind him on his hoverboard.
Inferna: Wha--what's going on?
Jen: The end's going on, Flare.
Inferna: What do you mean?
Jen: We were captured, we lost. Game over.
Inferna:, your Mom's right there, her past self. She can prevent this.
Jen:, she can't. He's going to wipe her memory and send her back to her time, then he's going to get rid of all of us so the future's set in stone.
D-Soft (coming out of the shadows): Nothing's ever set in stone, my dear.
Jen: Then you're not cleaning my Mom's memory?
D-Soft: Oh no, we are. And you five are being eliminated as well, but nothing's ever won till the end. While your mother's past will fate this future as soon as we send her back, we'll still need to find your current mother. But, oh wait, what's this...

A light turns on, revealing a half of the room that was previously made of pure darkness. Someone in a blue shirt, with light blue trailing from their elbow to their wrist, with black gloves, pants, and high-heels, is being shackled as well. Like Jen and her friends, she is shackled on every part of her body, even on her forehead, where a crown-like piece of headgear prevents the use of any natural abilities as well as messes up that person's orange hair. They wear a golden bar on their wrist.

Jen (beginning to cry): went into hiding...
D-Soft: Forced hiding, my dear. She was kidnapped, because one little girl forgot to turn on the alarm in their fabulous headquarters that night.
Jen: No...I didn't mean it...I didn't know...
D-Soft: What better example to lead by for your children to remember to leave the alarm exists than this? All hope for humanity--lost, because a 12-year old held the responsibility of protecting the greatest hero this section of crosstime will ever know. Picture it: "R.I.P. Gwendolyn 'Gwen 20,000' Tennyson, death due to irresponsibility of her daughter." Could go for something less cheesy, but I haven't the time to iron out all the kinks in that trivial part of the plan.
Inferna: How could you be so cruel?
D-Soft: Because your mother made me this way. As if it wasn't enough that Gwen Tennyson defeated my father, the Plumbers contained him in the form of (points at the floppy disk-like item hooked onto his necklace) this.
Mitch: That's a floppy disk. My grandfather had a bunch of those in his old house before you tore it down.
D-Soft: And this "floppy disk" is a primitive piece of technology. I don't even understand how the humans have advanced so quickly from this piece of tech, but it doesn't matter now. Because of your mother's and the Plumbers' failure to realize how things would turn out because of what they did, I win. And this victory shall be dedicated to my father.
Inferna: And who exactly was your dad?
D-Soft: None of you would know him. Well, actually, maybe the Tennyson boy over there might, seeing as in his crosstime he's already dealt with my father, just not in the same fashion as his alternate cousin Gwen.
Ben: So who is he?
D-Soft: You don't remember? Maybe I can shine a little light on the situation...He rips the necklace of his father from himself. He holds it up in the air, transferring energy into it. It glows red for a few moments, then D-Soft drops it to the floor. A hologram shines over it, revealing D-Soft's father to be an altered Galvanic Mechamorph with a hunchback, large teeth and a fiery mouth, with a rocket in place of one of his hands.
Ben: That's Malware. But how are you...
D-Soft: Inside this piece of tech is a my father, but it's far more advanced than I thought. It's no mere floppy disk with his life inside it.
Ben: Then let me get him out for you.
D-Soft: I'm not going to fall for one of your tricks, Ben Tennyson. I know how you work. The Ben Tennyson from this world is just as foolish as you, but at least he knows when he's defeated. Well, half of the time, he does.
Ben: You know a lot about us. How?
D-Soft: How else? Before I took over, I was a Plumber, purely to help the greater cause. When my father was reduced to this, I removed myself from the Plumbers. I put aside all my feelings for them, and decided they were done for. I fought them and lost. I then began to the weak species of Chronosapiens to harness time-warping abilities. I redid the battle over and over until I had won, which is the memory everyone is left with. That one Chronosapien knows about the mission, but he's tied up or dead in my dungeon downstairs. Cliche, I know, but what's a villain of these times to do? It's hard to come across the unique bad guys, but then again, I'm the big bad around these parts.
Jen: These parts? You mean there's somebody worse outside Earth?
D-Soft: Far away from here, yes, but they wouldn't dare deal with the one who exposed the Plumbers to the humans then defeated every last one of 'em for about a light year away from here. Or at least, that's what I'd thought. Then your great-grandfather RV came on my radar earlier today when a massive surge of power was signaled for transfer. I intercepted your message, by the way. The one known as "Zennith" never received it.
Jen: But then, how did we get power?
D-Soft: The same way I was able to track you four.

We see a flashback to when Jen was signalling for power from Zennith, but we zoom out to standing outside the Rustbucket when the surge goes through the Rustbucket and up into the skies. A member of D-Soft's army sees the opportunity to alert D-Soft of this, and the robot is led to its goal. It locks a tracker module on the back of the car that uses energy from the car. Jen's light drops back to the Omnitrix, as the tracker has redirected Jen's signal back to it. Jen exits the Rustbucket and the robot enters stealth mode, becoming totally invisible and intangible as she blasts the car with power. She runs back inside, and the robot exits stealth mode as it watches the tracker receive power and also give the Rustbucket some power to take off. As the robot watches the Rustbucket become slightly airborne, it attempts to run away from being blasted by the exhausts, but is reduced to pieces. We return to the room where Jen, Ben, Mitch, Max, and Inferna are still in their predicament with D-Soft.

D-Soft: So, you see, I knew you were coming. That little ambush of yours was staged. Those robots outside, they've got the powers of every last alien in your Omnitrix, with the exception of the super intelligent ones, such as Brainstorm and Grey Matter, as well as the time- and space-controlling ones, like Alien X. I don't want to be overruled by them, so they're all able to be easily destroyed with the press of a button. Again, cliche, and any hero smart enough could easily just denote them all, but there's a failsafe for this. Destroy the robots, destroy the planet. Only my FTT Takion ship transformation is capable of leaving this cesspit fast enough to avoid the 3-second self-destruct.
Ben: You villains don't know how to shut up, do you?
D-Soft: I'd say to watch your tone, but it's pointless. You're the most arrogant out of all the Tennysons. A chip off your grandfather's block more than your own father's, I'd say. Not to mention, all is lost for you five.
Great-Grandpa Max: That's where you're wrong. These power inhibitors on our foreheads are meant to disable any natural abilities, but I've got a few unnatural powers in my arsenal. His right arm extends down to the boiling pot, the hand transforming into a cup. It scoops up some of the liquid, then flips it in D-Soft's direction. Blinded, he begins to malfunction, reducing himself to a puddle. Time to get out of here, kids. His cup reverts to a hand, with his arm retracting and beginning to punch his forehead in an attempt to destroy the band. It finally breaks off.
Jen: Great-Grandpa, break me free. I can use my powers to break us all free in an instant.
Great-Grandpa Max: Oh, I guess you can, dear. Always forgetting how much more of your powers come from your mom and not your dad.
Jen: Stop spoiling it. If my mom hears anything, this future ceases to be.
Great-Grandpa Max: Alright, alright. His hand extends and begins to bash through Jen's headband, first destroying the pink crystal at the center of the crown, then destroying the crown itself, its remains dropping down in the boiling liquid.
Jen (eyes glowing pink now, bent into anger): EVICTUS! Everyone but Gwen's shackles are broken, and everyone begins to fall into their boiling pot. Verdanica! Vines push out of the wall behind them, creating a moving platform that lowers them carefully onto the floor in front of the pots. Alright, guys, let's do this. Smacks down on her wrist, only to realize a golden bar still remains over her Omnitrix. D-Soft returns to full strength, standing up and laughing maniacally.
D-Soft: Silly Tennysons. I guess your great-grandfather can show his foolishness even despite the wisdom all these years should've brought him. Max extends his arm to try and punch D-Soft, but D-Soft grabs Max's hands when it reaches him, and twists it 360 degrees, then flips Max down onto his back. For a 97-year old man, you sure can take a punch. I guess with the aid of a cybernetic arm, you can do anything at any age. I'll have to look into banning that from use by humans...
Ben: D! Remove these things and let's fight!
D-Soft: Oh, shut up, Tennyson! Realize that you're defeated, and no amount of Anodite powers can defeat me now.
Jen: Maybe not, but you also have to realize something.
D-Soft: Oh? Go on, I'm very intrigued.
Jen: You know how you intercepted my power transfer to Zennith?
D-Soft: Fully aware, yes.
Jen: Well, you should know letting me have a bit of that power from that signal forced the Omnitrix to sent a proper message.
D-Soft: What? What do you mean?
Jen: The message you received for a power transfer was a basic one, completely encrypted to save power in the message. But when you put that tracker on the Rustbucket, the Rustbucket wasn't the only thing that got power. The Omnitrix was too, just mine, for some reason. So, I kept it a secret. I assumed I can use it later, was wondering why I got the power, but I couldn't share. I wanted to take you down.
D-Soft: But you can't. Your Omnitrix is barred.
Jen: Yeah, but the Omnitrix sent a signal. To Zennith. And she's on her way thanks to the fact that she received the decrypted message over an hour ago. A fleet of Galvan vessels should be here any moment. And in case you weren't aware, ever since my Mom defeated the Highbreed, the Galvan adopted ships even more power than the ships the Highbreed used to wipe out Galvan Prime.
D-Soft: No, no!
Jen: And that's just talking about the new Galvan cruisers. You don't even want to see their attack ships.
D-Soft: You're bluffing! Any signal that was sent through the Omntrix while you were inside that retched RV was sent to me! No decrypted message was sent, received, or intercepted!
Jen: Don't believe me. But as soon as Zennith gets here, believe me when I'm kicking your butt with Adversitoy, which will really be all I need when the Galvans take you on.

The upper half of the room is lifted off the building, and we can see into the night sky as Galvan ships, some as far away as in space but still visible due to their size, fly overhead. Gwen falls, nearly landing in her boiling pot, but instead slipping down the vine slide left by Jen's spell, yet she remains unconscious/asleep.

Ben: Jen, I think I have a plan.
Jen: We don't need one, the Galvans are here.
Ben: Then you don't want your Mom awake?
Jen: You mean, my present mom?
Ben: Yeah. Boy, you should really let people explain their plan before you start questioning them.
Jen: Hey, you're the one that raised me.
Ben: You've said...
Mitch: Oh, stop chit-chatting, and tell us the plan!
D-Soft: Yes, do tell as I escape this planet.
Jen: Uncle B--
Ben: Jen, just call me Ben.
Jen: Ben--wow, does that sound weird--you need to go after him! I know what needs to be done to wake up my mom.
Ben: Are you going to wake up present Gwen, too?
Jen: As much as I want to be the future for my mom...I have to let her wake up. I don't care if this future stops existing.
Ben: What do you mean "stops existing"?
Jen: Paradox told me. If something is altered from the past, the future ceases to be. We all disappear. So that's why I need to make sure my Mom's future is sealed. But I don't want this to be the future, for anyone, not for me, not for her.
Ben: That's noble, kid. But, you have to know that, when the past is changed--
D-Soft: You haven't seen the last of me! He runs down his elegant stairs with robots left in his path.
Ben: I'll tell you later. I have to go after D before he gets away.
Jen: Go, Ben. Hug goodbye?
Ben: Well, you are just my niece. The two hug, where it's noticeable that Jen is the exact same height as Ben. Good luck, Jennifer-Mercedes.
Jen: You, too. Ben salutes her, as he dodges some robots' gunfire, knocking them over and destroying them as he rushes down the steps after D-Soft. Meanwhile, Jen begins to think about the situation. She looks around at the Galvan ships above her, and at her friends who are obviously happy to be alive, but also at the two versions of her mother. She contemplates saving herself by simply saving her current Mom and sending Gwen back without memory of the day, or letting the past change by waking her mom's past and sending her back just like that. Guys, help me out here.
Inferna: With what, Jen?
Jen: I'm not sure if I should let this future happen. Do I send my Mom back with no memory of today, erase us from existence, but save this future from happening...or send her back with memory of today, get her to stop all this...
Mitch: That's a moral thing, Jen. We can't decide that for you. Plus, I'm pretty sure Flare would be totally against my opinion, anyway.
Inferna: Depends on what your answer would be. Mitch: Which is why I'm not telling you, or Sorcera.
Inferna: Jen, just do what you have to do. If you just look at what's right to you, you'll know what to do.
Jen: Thanks, Flare. I think I've made my decision.

Gwen 20,000's body begins to glow, just as Jen's own does. Jen begins to levitate, floating upwards until she is far up in the sky, just barely visible by Inferna and Mitch down on the second floor of D-Soft's castle, yet still lower than most of the Galvan ships, any ship at her level simply being pushed away like the same sides on magnets. Soon, Jen begins to chant something. Gwen 20,000 opens her eyes. Her shackles are broken, and she floats forward, still in the position as if she was still in shackles. When Gwen 20,000 assumes a position more suited for the fact that she was out of her shackles, her eyes reverted to normal, and she was waking up. She lost her glow, as did Jen, who came crashing down head-first at the ground, being saved by Gwen 20,000 creating a looping tube-shaped mana slide for Jen, dropping her peacefully on a pillow-like mana platform.

Mitch: Is she alright?
Gwen 20,000: And as for you two--Her eyes begin to glow as she aims her hands at Mitch and Inferna. The two begin to hover themselves, their energy being drained from their bodies into Gwen. Jen gets up and looks at Gwen 20,000. Gwen drops the two and her eyes return to normal. Jennifer?
Jen: Mom! The two run up to each other and wrap their arms around each other, Gwen hugging Jen to the point of holding her a few inches off the ground. Gwen is noticeably taller, probably around the same height as age-17 Kevin. I missed you, Mom...
Gwen 20,000: How long has it been? You look so grown up.
Jen: It's been 8 years, Mom. Gwen stops hugging Jen, shocked at the statement. Gwen 20,000: Oh, my, have I missed so probably already went through your willy-nilly dating phase.
Jen: Not at all, Mom. There was never any time for dating, not when your Mom disappears and you have to take care of her legacy.
Gwen 20,000: What's that on your wrist?
Jen: A cover. D-Soft put it on. Moves her left arm next to her mother's. It's the same as yours.
Gwen 20,000: Since when did you have an Omnitrix?
Jen: Since Zennith managed to sneak it onto the planet around the time she learned you went missing.
Gwen 20,000: Where's your father?
Jen: What do you mean? Are you trying to make me cry, Mom?
Gwen 20,000: What do *you* mean? Where is he?
Jen: He died before I was born, Mom. Don't you remember?
Gwen 20,000: No, he didn't.
Jen, Mitch, and Inferna (in unison): What?!
Gwen 20,000: It was before D-Soft got to me...I found out about him...he's alive, Jen, and who I'm guessing are her friends.
Mitch: Yeah. Name's Mitch.
Inferna: Inferna. I prefer "Flare", though.
Gwen 20,000: I guess you two have worked really hard to maintain your friendship with my daughter these past years. I'd love to hear the tale of how you three met, how it's been, but I'd much rather get you to--
Jen: Mom, did you completely gloss over what you just said?
Gwen 20,000: What do you mean?
Jen: You just said my father is alive, the man I never met who died in battle.
Mitch: Wait, you mean this whole time you really didn't know who your dad was?
Jen: hurt my Mom just as much as it does for me to talk about him, so she never told me.
Gwen 20,000: Well, he's alive, and I see it more fit to go find him now before we keep talking.
Jen: Shouldn't we save you and Great-Grandpa first?
Gwen 20,000: Your great-grandfather is here?
Jen: Well...turn around. Gwen 20,000 turns around to see Max, lying on his stomach, unconscious, possibly d--
Gwen 20,000: Why is your 96-year o--
Jen: 97.
Gwen 20,000: Why is your 97-year old great-grandfather here?
Jen: He came along.
Gwen 20,000: He should not be out fighting at his age.
Jen: It wasn't his choice. He was captured by Sunder.
Gwen 20,000: Sunder's here, too? As if my day wasn't already being made. And what's this about saving me? I'm already out of my shackles.
Jen: Well, you're not the only Gwen Tennyson in this room.
Gwen 20,000: What?!
Jen: Look. Pointing further into the distance, near the boiling pots, Jen makes Gwen's 20's presence known to her future.
Gwen 20,000: Oh my. She rushes over to her younger self, picking her up and holding her in her arms. What is she--I mean, I--doing here?
Jen: Paradox sent her, as well as an alternate version of Ben Tennyson known as--
Gwen 20,000: Super Ben?
Jen: How do you know?
Gwen 20,000: It's a guess. He's really the only alternate Ben I've gotten to know outside of one mission. It was amazing. About twenty years ago, all the--
Jen: Tell me later, Mom. We have to get these braces off our Omnitrixes, wake up your past, and save Great-Grandpa.
Gwen 20,000: Dear, we can't get these off. They're Antidite braces, can't be controlled by the wearer or any Anodite.
Mitch: Wait a second. Antidite? As in, the braces made by Vecks Keeber?
Gwen 20,000: That's the one.
Mitch: They always had this one weakness. You're going to owe me later for reading into it. He opens his four mouths, also forcing him to grow back his Loboan hair, and faces Gwen 20,000.
Gwen 20,000: What is he about to--Mitch sends a line of sonic rings that hit Gwen 20,000's brace, that then bounces off of hers and hits Jen's, then Gwen 20's. The blast continues to reverberate until a visible purple triangle appears between the three. All three braces are broken, falling on the floor and turning red from their golden color. Wow, we've got a pretty smart Loboan in the room.
Mitch (hair disappearing): You recognize my species?
Gwen 20,000: Of course. Gwenwolf's come in handy quite often, so I ought to know where she's coming from, other than the Yenaldooshi.
Inferna: Alright, you guys. I think we should really start paying attention and speeding this up.
Gwen 20,000: She's right. And speeding this up has to start with waking me up.
Adorman! Gwen 20's eyes tighten as she return to consciousness, and she opens her mouth. Gwen 20,000 sets her upright in sitting position as she opens her eyes to see the four standing around her: Gwen 20,000, Jen, Mitch, and Inferna.
Gwen 20: Who--where am I?
Gwen 20,000: She could have amnesia...
Gwen 20: No, no, I'm fine. Lemme see...I'm Gwen Tennyson, 17 years old...Omnitrix wielder. That right?
Gwen 20,000: Well, then you're fine. Get up.
Gwen 20 (gets up as she looks straight up at the Galvan ships then back at Gwen 20,000): I'm going to guess you're me, my future, at least. And that we're in a bit of a pickle.
Gwen 20,000: Smart girl. But I guess you better be; you're me after all.
Gwen 20: Oh, please don't tell me I start to act like my cousin when I'm older.
Gwen 20,000: Maybe. Smacks down on her Omnitrix.
Heatblast (Gwen 20,000): Heatblast! The differences in her appearance are slightly differing from her 10-year old form, mainly in that there are holes in her shoulders where fire shoots out from, and that she is notably taller. Jen, me, transform!
Gwen and Jen (in unison): On it! Each smack their respective Omnitrixes.
Echo Echo (Gwen): Now she should do just fine.
Combustiball (Jen): Aww, man! I was hoping for Alkamine!
Echo Echo: Is that another rename for Armodrilllo?
Combustiball (Jen): No. Guess you haven't unlocked her either. You and Ben unlock her/him at around the same time...I think.
Heatblast: If we're all ready, let's do--
Inferna: Umm, excuse me, Gwen 20,000.
Heatblast: Yes?
Inferna: I'm a natural Pyronite, and I feel that if you're one too, I'm basically useless on this team.
Heatblast: Oh...Well, sorry, little girl.
Inferna: I'm 20.
Heatblast: I'm 47. Smacks her Omnitrix, transforming into Diamondhead, who looks exactly like she did at age 10.
Diamondhead (Jen): Let's work our magic.

[Downstairs, we are inside a completely dark room. For a few moments there is absolutely peace, but then one wall is knocked down from the outside. Diamondhead, Inferna, Mitch, Combustiball, and Echo Echo walk inside.]

Echo Echo: Do we have the right place?
Diamondhead: 99% sure.
Echo Echo: Alright.
Diamondhead: Flare, was it?
Inferna: Yeah.
Diamondhead: Need you to shed some light on this room. The amount coming in from the hallway definitely isn't enough to know if this is the right place to look. Inferna nods, and the room completely lights up as she goes into her Pyronite form. Hanging on the walls are two people, one in a blue naval uniform, and the other hanging in a tux. There they are!
Mitch: Wait, a second...I know who that is.
Diamondhead: I'd assume so, Mitch. Transforms into XLR8 and rushes over to the two bodies, jumping up and yanking them down off their shackles. She rushes back over to the team and lays the body down. She reverts to human.
Gwen 20,000: Adorman! The two shake their heads as they wake up, throwing themselves quickly onto their feet.
Tuxedo Man: Where am I?
Navy Man: I share Harry here's question. State your names.
Gwen 20,000: You don't recognize me, do you?
Navy Man: I am sorry, I d--My God. Yes, yes, I do recognize you, Ma'am.
Gwen 20,000: Then stop calling me "Ma'am."
Navy Man: It's only been twenty years (cries as he speaks) but boy, did I miss you, honey.
Gwen 20,000: It's great to see you too, Kevin.
Echo Echo and Combustiball (in unison): KEVIN?!
Mitch (to Harry/Tuxedo Man): I guess you must know who I am.
Harry/Tuxedo Man: I do. And I missed you just the same as the man who hadn't seen his wife in twenty years. Give your old dad a hug, Mitchell.
Mitch: I will dad. Harry, who stands about an inch taller than his son, gives Mitch a hug. Combustiball, at the same time, reverts to human and walks up to Gwen 20,000 and Kevin as they hug, interrupting them.
Kevin/Navy Man: Yes, ma'am?
Jen: Dad. It's me. It's your daughter, Jennifer.
Kevin: Jennifer...Oh, you must think I'm the worst dad in the world. I missed the best years of your life--what could have been the best years of all of our lives.
Jen: It's alright. It's gone now. Let's just get out of h--

Taking down the wall to the left of all the room, Kickin Hawk is ramming through with his arms wrapped around D-Soft. When he enters the room, he stops bear-hugging D-Soft, and launches him across the room, landing him with his head bumping the ceiling and his back sliding slowly down on the wall into a puddle.

Echo Echo: You like that guy?
Kickin Hawk: I swear I was going for Rath.
Echo Echo: Suuuure. Just go after him.
Kickin Hawk: Yeah, thanks for helping me.

Kickin Hawk rushes after D-Soft as he slides into a puddle. As he gets closer, he transforms into Benvicktor. When he finally arrives at D-Soft, he charges up his conductor coils as well as his hands as he prepares to temporarily knock D-Soft out through an electric pulse, but just as he's ready to fire, D-Soft transforms quickly into a wall-mounted Galvan laser and blasts Benvicktor, just barely missing the opportunity to strike directly at Benvicktor's Omnitrix symbol. As Benvicktor goes flying through the air with everyone watching, he begins transforming in an attempt to get something that will slide to a stop before crashing into a wall. He becomes Fasttrack, Jury Rigg, Bloxx, and finally Shocksquatch, who is quick to plant his feet into the floor and stop upright.

Shocksquatch: I ask for XLR8--no, not even--I asked for XLR8 *four times*, and you gave me all the wrong guys straight outta the playlist I don't even use. At least I know I can give D an EMP or something thanks to Shocksquatch.

Shocksquatch quickly charges up, taking one more electric blow at D-Soft, firing a thin charge over in D-Soft's direction, but just before hitting the weapon-shaped Mechamorph, it dodges yet again, this time by becoming no more than a wire-thin body that wreathes around the blast as it approaches Shocksquatch, at last reaching Shocksquatch. Now as if in slow motion, Shocksquatch watches D, who he wasn't able to see before due to the brightness of his own blast, fabricate his own brand of multicolored blasts aimed at the Omnitrix. Direct hit. Shocksquatch's Omnitrix begins to wig out, moving position on Shocksquatch's body, changing colors (swapping green and black sections), and even appearance (hourglass becoming that of the selection screen for the prototype Omnitrix and back). Shocksquatch suddenly looks drained of all his energy.

Shocksquatch (struggling to stand up straight): Wha--what did you do to me?
D-Soft: Nothing you need know about.
Shocksquatch: You--you won't get away with this, D.
D-Soft: Quite the contrary. Your family's still standing in awe down there at what just transpired, leaving me with the opportunity to introduce the end of Earth.
Shocksquatch: Not with me here to stop you.
D-Soft: You've probably got a minute left on your charge before it goes out.
Shocksquatch: I only need five seconds to beat you t--to the punch.
D-Soft: You apparently need the same span of time just to speak.
Shocksquatch: Grr...His body charges up again slowly, the hair on his body raising and the bolts on his neck sparking every few seconds. He unleashes the last bit of power he has into firing D-Soft, who watches the blast come for him, then abruptly transforms into a puddle to avoid the blast, causing his computer to be hit by the blast instead. Ya--you're in for it now. Your computer's going to go up in flames.
D-Soft: Think again.
Shocksquatch: Na--no, *you* think again. Look at those screens on your computer. The 9 monitors mounted on the wall and connected to the computer all read "Overload!" on a background that glows blue and red. They're rigged to blow, I think, and you know it!
D-Soft (laughing maniacally at first): You've doomed Earth. This computer here isn't the weapon that destroys Earth, by the way. I am that weapon.
Shocksquatch: Then what's the computer for?
D-Soft: That's the weapon that'll allow me to take over the rest of this galaxy. Manipulating the computer, which is sparking and surrounded by a field of electricity, D-Soft has a thin rectangular port on the computer open. He releases his technopathic control and returns to his Galvanic Mechamorph body. He rips his necklace off and plugs Malware's floppy disk into the port that opened up. He then presses a button that causes the disk to descend into the computer and close the port from use. Goodbye, Ben Tennyson.
Shocksquatch: Not gonna happen! He attempts to charge up once more, but the computer strikes him with lightning, hurting him just a bit despite his control over electrokinetic abilities. Shocksquatch begins to levitate up to the low ceiling as the computer keeps an electric link between itself and Shocksquatch, stealing energy from the Omnitrix, the hourglass slowly fading to red. A empty battery icon appears on the screen, but quickly fuels up from the use of Shocksquatch's Omnitrix. When it reaches 100%, it drops Shocksquatch, who lands on his side and times out to human. Time for my father to return from the light at last.

The floppy disk port opens up, and it ascends back into visibility. D-Soft watches as a wire of electricity fires itself right next to the fallen Ben. The hologram of Malware is built up once again at the place of the shot. D-Soft smiles as he pushes a few buttons, a password screen appears, and he inputs the 8-character term "takeover." The hologram begins to rotate as if it's standing on a spinning platform, but it stops, facing directly at Malware. Two conductor coils emerge from the floor, and Malware completes the operation by plugging two wires from the computer into each coil. After moments, the coils are charged up. Malware absorbs the power, aims it at the hologram, and blasts him. Malware slowly comes into real being, starting at his feet, and at last completing at the limit of his head.

Malware: The mission was a success?
D-Soft: Indeed, my father.
Malware: The neutralized prize is behind me?
D-Soft: Somewhat.
Malware: I'll take it.
D-Soft: The ones you'll really want are down there, but I'm sure you'll take this is an appetizer. You haven't had a thing to eat in years.
Malware: True. He turns around and finds Ben lying on the floor. He picks him up with his one claw-fingered hand, holding Ben by his shirt. He smacks Ben awake with his rocket hand.
Ben (sounding weak): Malware...
Malware: Yes, Tennyson. I woke you up to say...Goodbye. He points his gun in the weakened Ben's face. Ben watches before his life's end. Moments of his life go past his eyes in the blink of an eye, and he returns from the reminiscing to find Malware's gun charging up, glowing redder and redder. At last, he blasts. Ben turns his head away from the blast, hears the blast.

But nothing. He turns his head back to see the blast immediately in front of his face, everything frozen in time like how he arrived. From the sparks residing mid-air on the computer to D-Soft mid-maniacal laugh in the background, to Gwen 20 as Fasttrack, Gwen 20K as XLR8, and Jen as Combustiball who just barely missed the opportunity to stop Malware, sitting just inches away from Malware's body in the middle of their race to save Ben, everything is still. Professor Paradox arrives, with a female Galvan, Zennith, on his shoulder.

Ben (still weakened): Paradox...What are you doing here?
Professor Paradox: Ending this before something bad happens.
Ben: Oh, thanks, man. You were almost too late, but you came to rescue me.
Professor Paradox: Now, we can't have you being presented to Zennith for the first time with this attitude. With the snap of his finger, Ben is sent away, but then appears right next to Paradox, who stands behind Malware.
Ben (suddenly reinvigorated): Whoa, now that was a burst!
Professor Paradox: Always tends to be. Don't think I'll do it again, though, Benjamin.
Ben: Do what again? Save me from a situation you put me in?
Professor Paradox: Well, when you put it like that, it was my fault. But then again, so is everything else. For better or for worse, I'm helping you, Ben.
Ben: Helping me how? What was the point of all this?
Professor Paradox: There's only so much I can tell you. You were brought here to let you see that you have only seen the lighter side of the battle, Benjamin. You were inches--or should I say nanoseconds--away from being, dare I say, killed.
Ben: Well, something like that would never happen. You put me here, without my team.
Professor Paradox: You won't always have your team, Ben. One day, you're going to have to figure out how to work on your own, like that future of yours. And besides that, you sometimes won't even be paired with your dream team. You know this, though, but you must realize what you nearly caused.
Ben: The end of this world...I know...
Professor Paradox: There's a lesson to learn here, Ben. Besides just the two I've given already.
Ben: Oh yeah? What are they?
Professor Paradox: I have absolutely no idea. Figure it out.
Ben: So what about these guys?
Professor Paradox: Ah, yes, Gwen 20 and her most likely future self and daughter. With the snap of his finger, time moves forward. Malware is seen reduced to his floppy disk, with his son permanently locked into a DVD form (a dead format by this time). Ben's body is seen on the floor, everybody surrounding the lost hero. Again, time is frozen.
Ben: that me?
Professor Paradox: That is the Ben that had to be left there so as to not arise suspicion. Ben: So...they think I'm dead.
Professor Paradox: Not only that, but Gwen 20K is expressing how depressed she is with the fact that because you've passed that she is no longer Gwen 20's future, because well, it was the true Super Ben that met Gwen 20 on future occurrences. Jen is also talking about how they will all disappear now that they are no longer the set future.
Ben: Yeah, about that, why does she think that? She knows that's not how crosstime works right? Or else she'd be gone already?
Professor Paradox: It was to help her. She would work harder and harder until she was guaranteed to be the future for Gwen 20, or told that she was no longer Gwen's true future offspring.
Ben: Do you know which she is? Like, whether she is her future or not?
Professor Paradox: I do. But let's both get the answer right now. With another snap of his finger, Gwen 20, Gwen 20K, and Jen appear standing upright across from Ben.
Gwen 20K: Whoa, what just--Ben, you're alright!
Professor Paradox: Of course, he is.
Jen: Then I'm still Gwen 20's future daughter.
Ben: Paradox? What about the answer?
Professor Paradox: Oh, yes. Gwendolyn.
Gwen 20K and Gwen 20 (in unison): Yes?
Professor Paradox: Just the adolescent.
Gwen 20: Okay, Paradox. Full attention.
Zennith: I love that enthusiasm, that attentiveness, that respect in this girl, Paradox.
Jen: Zennith?
Zennith: You're Gwendolyn's daughter? Yes, you are. You take so much from your mother. We can't discuss much now. Another time, maybe?
Jen: Yeah...I guess...
Professor Paradox: Well, then. Gwen, I am going to give you a choice between what you want to become of your future.
Gwen 20K: What?! You can't leave that kind of a decision in my hands. You know how I was when I was her age!
Professor Paradox: Oh, Gwendolyn, you don't give yourself enough credit. If the smartest Galvan around can trust her, why not you?
Gwen 20: Thanks for the confidence-building.
Gwen 20K: Hey, you'll understand what I'm saying eventually, when you become a mother.
Professor Paradox: If she decides upon it. Her future is entirely up to her. So give me the time to give you the choice. You can be sent back and prevent this future entirely, with a chance that your daughter may become the total opposite of the hero she is here. Or, you can be sent back, without your memory--
Jen: WHAT?! That was D-Soft's original plan!
Professor Paradox: Yes, but mine is slightly different. Had we gone along with his, none of you would be alive right now, which would mean the true Super Ben would have never met Gwen 20, preventing this future from coming.
Ben: So had D-Soft been able to go along, he'd still only be an alternate.
Professor Paradox: Precisely. With that knowledge, he'd destroy this area of crosstime and try to rule another. Now to give you your other option, Gwendolyn, once more. You can be sent back, without your memory of this day, leaving yourself vulnerable to this future.
Gwen 20: Do I have to choose now?
Professor Paradox: You have as much time as you need, but I'd prefer you picked out an answer quickly. I've got a schedule, you know.
Gwen 20: Then I'll choose now. I'll have to go with--

[Through Ben's eyes, we watch everything shatter like a TV being broken. The picture is lost, everything turning black. The pieces are slowly fixed again and fly to the background, creating a new location, in an alley in the daytime, in Ben's own timeline. Moving away from Ben's own point of view, we see Ben alone in this alley, but there are two exits from the alley, one leading into a populated street and another into a less populated area. Ben looks onto the populated street for a second, only to observe his earlier actions. He watches as the three Dittos high-five, just as they had after Ben's earlier joke, and then like before, Ditto rushing away from the interviewers as Echo Echo and then Ultimate Echo Echo. As Ultimate Echo Echo flies away, Ben covers his head, trying to protect himself from being frozen in time like everything had been before. But time doesn't freeze. He watches Ultimate Echo Echo simply disappear in the sky. Professor Paradox appears behind Ben.]

Professor Paradox: You busy, Ben?
Ben: Well, after seeing whatever I just saw, not at all.
Professor Paradox: Good, now--
Ben: Before you say that, why did you just take me away from Gwen?
Professor Paradox: You need not know about Gwen's decision, yet. Don't worry, though. You'll see her again, and when the time nears, I'll inform you.
Ben: Some advance notice? Thanks. Kinda makes up for taking me away from seeing her choice in action.
Professor Paradox: As a matter of fact, I should head to your future and inform you now.
Ben: Wait, before you go, I have two questions.
Professor Paradox: Again, I'm on a schedule. Shoot.
Ben: First question--
Professor Paradox: I can't reveal whether or not you'll be having children, other than Ken.
Ben: Okay...second question--
Professor Paradox: Mercedes? That's Gwen 20K's best friend, or at least she was. During D-Soft's reign, she was supposed to have her first son, but during pregnancy, she was starved. Her husband went missing.
Ben: Can I ask one more--
Professor Paradox: Maybe, but know that nothing's ever set in stone. You meeting Mercedes in this timeline is totally theoretical. Pulls out his pocket watch and reads it. Now, I must head off. See you some time soon, Benjamin. He waves as he disappears, leaving dust in his tracks.
Ben: Guess if this is where I fought Nightcaster, then my car's right down this alley. He heads down to the less populated area through the alley, emerging across the street from the DX Mark 10, just as the crowd of interviewers appears yet again.
Female Interviewer: Michelle Zhang, can you comment on a report of three missing children found fighting in your area?
Ben: Uh, sure. He puts him a finger, connoting"one sec," as he tries to dial in an alien, as he realizes the Omnitrix still being timed out. Oh, Paradox is seriously getting dealt with after this.

[Moving to one final scene transition, we find ourselves aboard the Thep Khufan Commander's ship in his command room. His door opens and Sii in her human disguise steps inside.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Was the mission a success?
Sii: Of course, m'lord.
Thep Khufan Commander: Then allow me to read through the requirements of the mission.
Sii: All ears. She approaches Thep Khufan Commander's chair, and bows down before it.
Thep Khufan Commander: Have they been planted?
Sii: Across the entirety of the Vaxasaurian armada.
Thep Khufan Commander: Good...And the coordinates?
Sii: 1605, -5, 306, Squadron 3.
Thep Khufan Commander: Ahh...good. Your mission was simple, but apparently undergone perfectly. I'm beginning to think I should've sent you on the mission to Pyros. Another opportunity should come up in time. Maybe you'll join the team to acquire the Rexahegen.
Sii: Thank you, m'lord.
Thep Khufan Commander: Send in our newest member...
Sii: Of course. She walks up to a keypad next to the door and presses a button, and begins to speak into it. After a few seconds of speaking, she releases and walks back to the Commander. Shall that be all, m'lord?
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes. Sii stands up and prepares to leave, but Thep Khufan Commander stops him. If you wish, you may sit in on this meeting. You have proven your loyalty. I'm quite pleased with your performance.
Sii: Well...thank you. I shall. Opportunities like these don't pop up all the time.
Thep Khufan Commander: Take a seat right here. He pats his right armrest. Sii walks up to the armrest and sits on it, legs crossed as she and the Commander await the "new member." The member enters again, with the same cloak from before. Well, Mistress, your mission is approaching.
Mistress: How much closer am I to the start?
Thep Khufan Commander: Squad Alpha has one final mission before you're added onto them.
Mistress: I can't wait for my first briefing, master.
Thep Khufan Commander: And it won't be your last. Depending on their performance in their next mission, you may join them on the mission to Terradino. Likely, the performance will be poor, so expect to be a shoe-in, possibly even joined by Sii here.
Mistress: This is Sii? A pleasure to meet you, ma'am.
Sii: Uh...yeah, you too.
Thep Khufan Commander: A simple meeting, but the goal in it was complete. You two are dismissed. Prepare Squad Alpha for the coming mission.

Sii and Mistress line up next to each other, bow to the Thep Khufan Commander and turn around and leave the room. The Commander turns his chair around to look out into space, where hundreds of Vaxasaurian ships can be seen in the distance. Thep Khufan Commander presses one button on his large chair. Every ship is destroyed his before his eyes, leaving an enormous explosion that even rocks the Commander's ship. Just visible thanks to the light shining on his face is the smile on his Thep Khufan as he watches the destruction.




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Nigester
  • Obsorber (x2)
  • Ditto (x2)
  • Echo Echo (briefly)
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Rath
  • XLR8 (x2)
  • Swampfire
  • Forge (first re-appearance)
  • Diamondhead
  • Fasttrack (both times: accidental transformation, selected was XLR8; second time: brief) (x2)
  • Humungousaur (accidental transformation; selected was Crashhopper)
  • Eye Guy (accidental transformation; selected was Spidermonkey)
  • Big Chill (accidental transformation)
  • Kickin Hawk (first re-appearance) accidental transformation; selected alien was Rath)
  • Benvicktor (first re-appearance)
  • Jury Rigg (first re-appearance) (accidental transformation, selected was XLR8; brief)
  • Bloxx (first re-appearance) (accidental transformation, selected alien was XLR8; brief)
  • Shocksquatch (first re-appearance) (accidental transformation, selected alien was XLR8)

(by Gwen)

  • Upgrade
  • Terraspin
  • XLR8 (x3)
  • Swampfire
  • Obsorber
  • Womanodite
  • Four Arms
  • Upchuck (first re-appearance) (accidental transformation, second time: selected was XLR8) (x2)
  • Ghostfreak
  • Echo Echo
  • Fasttrack (brief)

(by Jen)

  • Combustiball (first appearance; fourth time: accidental transformation, selected was Alkamine) (x4)
  • ChamAlien (accidental transformation)

(by Gwen 20,000)

  • XLR8


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  • Throughout Part V, the species "Arachnichimp" is misspelled "Araschnichimp."


  • The episode sits as the second 6-parter (following Hit and Miss).
  • The episode featured the longest premiere cycle, lasting over three weeks. It caused the next 5 episodes to be pushed back into five straight days of premieres.
  • The episode featured the most unique transformations, as well as the most first re-appearing aliens, in one episode (just counting Ben). It also features the most characters outside of aliens used.
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