General Information
Species Quirk Human
Home World Earth (Universe 1178)
DNA source Multiple
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Quirks
Equipment Omnitrix


If you want you to use this transformation please don't he is only for When worlds collide.


when worlds collide.

Power and ability:

  • superpowered quirks:
    • 1-A.
    • 1-B.
    • UA teachers (except for thirteen's for world-ending .reasons).
    • support classes.
    • quick copying.
    • self quirk manipulation (once they get it they can use it in different ways).
      • Heatblast: an altered version of half hot half cold they can now shoot both elements out of either side of there body.
    • quirk fusion.
      • acid explosive: acid+explosion explosions that also launches acid.
      • soft body's: squish clones of themself.
      • solid steel: steel+Harding super durable.
        • +razor sharp can summon blades.
    • quirk restoration.
    • turning quirks on and off.
  • enhanced physical ability.
  • fluent in multiple languages.


  • copying there quirks cause physical pain.
  • amnesia. he does not remember he is ben 10 or that he is from the wrong universe
  • memory flashes.

etymology: he forgot his name so they named him after the writing on his shirt also 10 was the only thing he could remember.

appearance: pink Ben with a gigantic mouth pure black Sclera green iris and pupil, horns hidden under the hair.


  • toxic rush: exhausted pipes grows from his legs he uses them and explosion (along with weaker acid) to glide around. he can explode the acid at a later date
  • solid steel style: turns into a super hard super durable metal.
    • solid steel blades: grows blades from body parts
  • Heatblast: fire blast can also be used for ice blast but that hasn't been seen yet.
  • Echo Echo style:
    • Echo Echo Sonic DOOM: makes clones and amps (along with a) mics then uses earphone jack to increases the volume of the next attack that volume is already increased thanks to voice
  • Way Big style: grows in size to 100 feet hardens some skin turning other bits into metal and grow blades
    • Way Big king kong style: picks up enemy

      way big

Solid steel with blades

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