General Information
Species N/A
Home World N/A
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Time Manipulation

Time Energy Projectiles

Equipment Armor



First Appearance Brandon 10: Alternate Chaos
Tempus is an alien transformation from the series Brandon 10 .


Tempus looks like a humanoid with purple alien armor on. His face seems some what tired-like and he has raggedy, black hair as well as a beard. He wears a long, black trench coat with a stuck out neck piece and a purple chest plate underneath. Over the chest plate is a brown strap with bronze clockwork gears built into it. Around his waist is a grey belt with white tubes at its side which contain flowing, green substances; also on the belt is the Omnitrix symbol at the center. Tempus then has black legs with purple armor plates on some parts of it; the boots then have two green lines on its end.

Powers and Abilities

Tempus has the ability to manipulate time by slowing, fast forwarding, rewinding or stopping time completely. He can also teleport from one place to another.


In Alternate Chaos, Brandon is forced to transform into Tempus by Tempus and ,since Tempus had disabled the fail-safe in the Omnitrix, Brandon had no control over Tempus and willingly helped Tempus open a portal and begin an invasion. Even though the issue was fixed, it is unknown if it could happen again. And although Tempus can teleport away from attacks, he can still get hit by them.


Original Series


  • He was the first live-action movie alien to debut in the series
    • He is also the first time traveling alien that Brandon has unlocked
  • He might be very intelligent since he found out how to revert from alien to human using the Omnitrix
  • He has the same name as the source who he got his DNA from
  • It is unknown if Brandon deleted him from the Omnitrix and if he will return in the series
  • Tempus and Way Big are the only alien transformations to only appear once in the Original Series.


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