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Crimes: Attempting to use a doomsday device and start an invasion on Earth
Goal: To use Brandon and his Omnitrix, make him into one of his kind, make him open a portal in time and start an invasion.
Abilities: Time Manipulation

Time Rays


1st appearance: Brandon 10: Alternate Chaos
Arch-enemy: Brandon 10
Henchmen/Leader: Tempus' servants
Tempus is a villain in Brandon 10.


In The Original Series, Tempus resembles a humanoid in a dark trench coat with a stuck out neck piece over purple armor. He wears a mask which only covers half of his face which exposes a wrinkled, grey and pale chin and neck. He has black leggings with plated boots. He also wears purple gloves.

In Ultimate Hero, his appearance doesn't differ much from his Alien Force appearance however he now wears a full helmet and a slightly different styled coat.

Powers and Abilities

Tempus has the power to manipulate temporal energy and create time rays which can disintrigrate anything that they impact with. He can also create temporal shields to protect himself from attacks and temporal bubbles to trap his enemies in. He also has the ability to travel throughout time and space however, at his weak stage, he is limited in that power. He also has the power to absorb the temporal energies from entities with such energies such as crosstime gateways, which increases his power.


Tempus is weakened by heavy attacks and electrocution but his ultimate weakness would be the Apocalypion which technically destroys him. He also affected by temporal attacks from another temporal being.


Tempus' past is complicated. He is the last of his kind which destroyed themselves with their unstoppable power in battles and wars. He travels to Brandon's dimension in other to use his Omnitrix to activate a portal in time and space which would let his brothers and sisters come through and survive on Earth. Unfortunately for him, Brandon gains control of his new alien form and sends Tempus into the Apocalypion which seemingly destroys him.


Tempus' goal was to make Brandon into one of his kind so he can open a rift in space and time which would allow his people to live on Earth and wipe out the human race. After escaping crosstime, Tempus changed his goal and wanted to convert Timeline B into his own vision.


Ultimate Hero



  • Tempus is the first live-action villain in Brandon 10.
  • Although little is known about Tempus, it is known that he is the last of his species and from an alternate dimension.
  • Ironically, Tempus uses the Apocalypion, a doomsday machine, to bring his species back to life.
  • The name, Tempus, is the Latin word for Time.


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