General Information
Species Kanipoto
Home World Kinzesu
Body Heavyset Shelled Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Temportal
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Portal Creation
Hard Shell
First Appearance The Measure Of A Man: Part 1

Temportal is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.

His evolved form is Ultimate Temportal.

You may be looking for the Temportal from the original Tech 10 continuity.


Temportal's abilities include:

  • Portal Creation
    • Temportal can psychically levitate small debris in the area and form it into an ovular shape to create a portal through spacetime to another location.
  • Tough Shell
  • Water Breathing


Temportal is a 7.5 foot tall humanoid alien with a crab-like shell surrounding most of his body.


Temportal's portals only have a range around the size of the Earth, and he must be able to properly envision the area he wants to create a portal to.

His portals also require a ring of material to form in, and if there aren't any loose items to create a ring from, such as dirt or sand, then he will not be able to create a portal.

Due to this, his portals also must be empty in order to disperse; if there is something in the portal, it will block the portal's natural collapse.

Planet and Species Information

Temportal is a Kanipoto from the planet of Kinzesu. Kinzesu is a somewhat barren planet, meaning there is very little food to go around, and constant fighting ensues between most of the various species. The Kanipoto have evolved to avoid this by developing a very niche diet; specifically, the metallic sand at the bottom of Kinzesu's various oceans.

The metal in the sand helps their tough metallic shell develop, and their advanced digestive system enables them to siphon enough nutrients from the various organic matter in the sand to sustain a good-sized population. Their portal creation ability allows them to move through various location rather quickly, an important skill to have considering that their flesh is prized as a delicacy on Kinzesu, specifically for its nutritional value and unique taste.




Star Spirit


  • It's a running gag throughout the series that Tech keeps forgetting he has Temportal on his roster. Even when he does remember, he usually forgets that its powers are unaffected by teleportation signal jammers.

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