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This template is used for labeling series, video games, movies, crossovers, and potentially episodes with ratings based on what ages they are appropriate for. To use this template, add the following source code to a page:

|rating = (TV ratings: 1 for TV-Y, 2 for TV-Y7, 3 for TV-G, 4 for TV-PG, 5 for TV-14, and 6 for TV-MA 
game rating: E for Everyone, E10 for Everyone 10+, T for Teen, M for Mature)
|dialogue = (1 if suggestive dialogue, otherwise do not include this parameter)
|language = (1 if profanity, otherwise do not include this parameter)
|sexual = (1 if minor romantic content, 2 if sexual content, otherwise do not include this
|violence = (1 if fantasy violence, 2 if violence, otherwise do not include this parameter)
|l1 = (the first secondary label)
|l2 = 
|l3 = 
|l4 = 
|l5 = 
|l6 = (you can add up to six secondary labels)}}

The dialogue, language, sexual, and violence parameters will not display on the template if you input a video game rating. Instead, all labels should be included in the secondary labels section.

The secondary labels are as follows:

|A = Assault
|AB = Abuse
|AU = Alcohol Use
|B = Blood
|CA = Child Abuse
|CH = Crude Humor (Video Games only)
|D = Depression
|DU = Drug Use
|DV = Domestic Violence
|FV = Fantasy Violence (Video Games only)
|GV = Graphic Violence
|M = Murder
|MI = Mental Illness
|ML = Mild Language (Video Games only)
|MODL = Moderate Language (Video Games only)
|S = Suicide
|T = Terrorism
|V = Violence (Video Games only)

If you add the Assault, Murder, or Terrorism labels, the content must be rated at least TV-PG or E10+. If you add any of the other labels, your series must be rated TV-14 or TV-MA depending on the severity. Mild Language, Crude Humor, or Violence makes a video game at least E10+; Moderate Language or Blood makes a video game at least T.

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