Tempeter is a Cerebrocrustacean from Planet Encephalonus V. He is a plumber to went on a mission to fight Fear (aka) Phobus with Stan Li and was trapped in Pit of Fear. He is fourth intelligent Cerebrocrustacean in the Universe, by knowing all species in the Universe and knowing infrastructures in another Dimension. He is also Septilingual, knowing, Ancient Egyptian, Sanskrit, Celestialian, Phasmonourite, Coptic, Omnilingua (a system of language which every species in Milky Way is spoken) and Omnimeda (system of language in Andromeda Galaxy)

Before Events of Ultimate Omnitrix

Tempeter and his family lived in Terradino. Tempeter met a Plumber who saw his abilities so Stan Li asked him to come along with him to Dimension Phobon. They were captured by minions of Phobus.

During the events of Ultimate Omnitrix

Tempeter was rescued by Thanatos and Phobus was defeated. The dimension exploded and they were sent to Earth. Later, Tempeter realized that he had lost his capability to fire mental electricity. Gwen helped him and now he is capable to firing mana. Tempeter during the events in Pits of Circles Trilogy, he revealed that he is now Septilingual capable to speaking Seven languages. He and Aguas revealed that Bayouio had lost and Ben defeated him. He witnessed the final battle with Bayouio and Ben.

The Events of Ultimate Omnitrix 2

He is now very funny and make jokes, though no one acknowledge it. His mana is now yellow, like other Cerebrocrustacean. He hates the name "Tempt" which Ben calls him.


  • Tempeter was the last candidate for a character. Others are Kineto, the Kinetcelleran, Opton, A Scleran, Dynas, A Vaxasaurian, Bia, a Tetramand and Cerebon, a Galvan.
  • Tempeter was the only character, who doesn't go unconscious even in I,Villain, he was taken by Force.
  • It is unknown if he can cast a spell.
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