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Tempest is an alien that appears in Figy 10.



Home Planet[]



something the size of a garden gnome with a tail. He was dark gray and and had a yellow, blue, and green lightning shaped pattern that makes a V on his chest with blue and green. There is also a yellow lightning shaped pattern going down his arms and legs. He has a regular gray cloud that covers his wrists, ankles and is also has a little cloud cover like what wrestlers' wear. His face has two bright green, circular eyes and a small mouth, that looks like half a smile. He also has a small cloud compainion that changes color and what kind of storm it is depending on its mood, that can help with battling.


Figy 10[]

Lunch Brawling, then a Brother?


  • Storm Control
  • Lightning
  • Flight (By Clouds)
  • Can slip into small spaces
  • His tail is like a lightning rod


  • If he is using lightning and he gets wet, he will zap himself
  • His clouds can easily be destroyed
  • His tail only helps in storms


  • He was originally supposed to be a big, bulky alien
  • His original name was typhoon