Teleportal is an alien from A-Nine


Teleportal is a Voran from the planet Yamagado. Teleportal is a small yellow alien with two tails.


Teleportal has a special ability to cut holes/portals in reality to teleport from one place to another, has prehensile tails he uses as whips, has super strength, is very agile and acrobatic, and has keen senses. He can project energy blades from the palms of their hands for use in combat and can climb wallls like spider man but most the just run up the walls instead the musteline are a warrior type race that most resemble ninjas of ancient japan and are notorius bounty hunters in the milky way galaxy due to expert assassination and un match stealth.
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  • When Teleportal creates portals, he uses super speed to go into it fast.
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