General Information
Species Thiara'an
Home World Thiara
DNA source Unknown/Unnamed Kamanasapien
Body Humanoid Insect
Alternate Counterparts N/A
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Size Alteration
Venomous Bite
Venomous Sting
Enhanced Hearing
Acute Senses
Sharp Claws
Limited Telekinesis
Equipment Alphatrix
Voice Actor Ron Perlman
First Appearance TBD

Teeni is an Alien in the Alphatrix in Sif 100: Alienated!


Look at picture for now.

Powers & Abilities

Teeni has the ability to change his size, from being 1/4th of an average Humans size, to being as small as Nanomech. 

Teeni has bug-like wings, that give him the ability to fly. He can fly 2x faster than an average fly.

Teeni has a very strong and extremely deadly venom inside his mouth and stinger. He can sting his enemies, which gives them less than an hour to live unless taken away with a bite from Teeni that sucks it all out. He can change the power of the venom, to make you die in less than 5 minutes, or even just really sick. He can also venom bite you, which is more deadly, to killing you almost instantly.

Teeni's antennas give him the ability to sense a lot of things around him, and even sense threats, even invisible ones. He can also transfer his thoughts through his antennas to peoples heads. With the acute senses, also comes enhanced hearing.

Teeni has sharp claws, that can equal to a tigers claw.


Teeni's size can be a disadvantage. He can be crushed and defeated easily like that.

Teeni is very vulnerable to loud sounds, as such, sonic screams are deadly to Teeni.

Jokingly, he may or may not be vulnerable to bug-killing sprays.

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