Teenage Alien Windy Turtle
Teenage Alien Windy Turtle.png
General Information

Geochelone Aerio

Home Planet:



Humanoid Tortoise

Alternate Counterparts Terraspin
Other Info

Air Suction
Rapid Spinning
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Sharp Claws
Selective Mana Immunity
Selective Magic Immunity
Poison Gas Immunity


Getting Stuck
Low Agility
Slippery Surfaces
Getting Dizzy

Teenage Alien Windy Turtle is the Dimension 23 equivalent of Terraspin. He is a free use Ben 23 alien made by Alan.


Teenage Alien Windy Turtle appears just like Terraspin, but he has teal-grey skin and a darker shade of it for his shell. He also has cyan eyes and the Hero Watch on his chest.


Teenage Alien Windy Turtle has the powers of his species.


Teenage Alien Windy Turtle has the weaknesses of his species.


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Teenage Alien Windy Turtle’s name is obtained from the popular show “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels”.But the “Mutant” is replaced with “alien”, and the “Ninja” is replaced with “Windy”

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