Creator The Blacksmith
Azmuth (base technology)
User(s) Techadon Degradations
Type DNA Alterer
First Appearance Ben 10: Road Trip
Life On Earth
Preceded by Omnitrix
Succeeded by Negativitrix

The Techadon Genetic Matrices, or Techtrixes, are a series of mass-produced genetic transformation devices reverse-engineered from Omnitrix technology by The Blacksmith in Earth-1010.


Unrefined and inelegant, the Techtrix gauntlets are harshly cut metal panels bolted together and fused into the wrists of the wearers. Some of them have their metal painted crimson-pink. The irregularly shaped face panels are white.


The Techtrix was built using displaced Technology acquired by both Chronosapien villains;

Both of these two technologies were further developed and refined by the Blacksmith in Undertown. The Techtrix technology was a stepping stone that helped the Blacksmith perfect the Negativitrix.

After the latter device was completed and handed off, Albedo and Kai Green put an end to the production of the Techtrix devices while the Plumbers neutralised any remaining wielders.


The Techtrix contains a number of alien DNA samples acquired primarily from three sources:

  • stolen from the aliens converted into Techadon Degradations
  • provided by Timekiller for inclusion in the Negativitrix
  • acquired from elsewhere in Undertown

A number of DNA samples were not utilised in the active models due to requiring more advanced thought processes than the equipped Techadon Degradations were capable of.

Species DNA Source Notes
Bovenent Wielder Species
Fulmini Provided by Timekiller
Glasscrest Provided by Timekiller Unused DNA Sample
Hivemind Left by Ben
Hyperphysical Sapioid Provided by Timekiller Unused DNA Sample
Kerotops Communication Module Provided by Timekiller Unused DNA Sample
Millganite Provided by Timekiller
Petrosapien Harvested from Undertown
Pisciss Volann Wielder Species Unused DNA Sample
Sentient Chemicoal Provided by Timekiller Unused DNA Sample
Sentientsapien Provided by Timekiller Unused DNA Sample
Transylian Wielder Species Unused DNA Sample
Unknown Provided by Timekiller Unused DNA Sample


Ben 10: Road Trip

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