Technowarg is a villain in Jane Smith 10 on Earth-68, the universe owned by Dioga beta. They are created by Nailah, the Queen of the Loboans.


Technowarg is a robot exoskeleton, in the shape of a bipedal wolf. Their hands are large, with giant claws, though they don't function as fingers.

Powers and Abilities

Technowargs have enhanced strength, agility and reflexes. They have sharp claws. They see life forms through heat signatures, able to track life forms.

They have to merge with living life forms, taking control of them. The target may take control, if their emotional state is strong enough. They are completely obedient to Nailah, their creator.


The Technowargs are easily destroyed. They have been destroyed by sound attacks, not water resistance and not strong against energy attacks. It is possible to force the Technowarg off the target host, at least partially. If the host grows inside the Technowarg, it'll break as they expand.


Technowargs are the primary fighters of Nailah, sent to retrieve the Omnitrix from Xylene's ship. After the ship is destroyed, they start falling onto Bellwood to get the Omnitrix. Jane defeats two of them, then one finds its way to Tiffany, merging with her. Tiffany becomes manic, power hungry and revenge driven, going to kill Jane. After the first failed attempt, she meets with Volug, Nailah's vassal. The two work together to get Jane, but they are defeated when she teams up with Michael.

Nailah uses another Technowarg and merges it to Jane, taking control of her. After fighting against Lucy, Ben and Rook, Lucy is able to get it off enough for Jane to use the Omnitrix, breaking it as she transforms.

The Technowarg returns with Tiffany's return. They first return together in a dream, part of Jane's nightmare. When Tiffany encounters Proctor Servantis, he activated the Technowarg to erase Tiffany's emotions.



  • Technowarg's design is based off Biowulf from Generator Rex.
  • Technowarg is Nailah's version of Vilgax's Drones. They can also merge with living beings.
  • The Technowarg is similar to Cybermen from Doctor Who, able to overwrite the host, and uses humans to become stronger. They can also erase the person's emotions.
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