Technova PD


General Information
Species Fused Human
Home World Earth
Age ~15 Minutes (Technically)
~20 (Physically)
Status Unfused
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Celestial Magic Use
Limited Time Stop Immunity
Equipment StarTrix Requiem
Swarm 2
Regenerative Nanomachines
Associated Tarot The Wheel of Fortune/The Star
First Appearance If: Part 1
Technova is a character from Tech 10: Star Spirit. They are the fusion of Theodore Logical and Nova Eldridge.


Star Spirit

Technova was first formed in If: Part 1, where Theo and Nova fused and transformed into Sunstone to battle Orion.

Technova's human form was revealed in If: Part 2, where they took on Orion, almost dying multiple times before finally defeating him with the power of Over Mt. Zion.

Technova was formed in Libera Me From Hell to fight Lord Kucorbian but ended up losing and being forced to split.

Project Deca

Technova was formed one last time in Starman to take on the Anti-Life Entity, eventually defeating it using All☆Star Cosmic.


Technova is a tall human with a general appearance that seems to be a fusion of Theo and Nova's appearances. They have light brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin. Their outfit is a combination of Theo's Winter Outfit and Nova's Summer Outfit, with Theo's hat and coat, and Nova's shirt, shades, and pants. Their belt and shoes seem to be a fusion of each separate outfit's.


Technova generally has the same abilities as an average human, albeit with some enhanced strength and durability. They are also presumably able to use celestial magic and move for a short period in stopped time if Theo's adapted abilities are assumed to have carried over.


Technova, despite only existing for a short period so far, has displayed quite a bit of personality, plainly coming off as blunt, rude, and crass. They're more than willing to trick and mock their opponent in battle if it means getting the upper hand and generally have very little patience for generic villain gestures like monologuing.

As they have only interacted with a single villain thus far, it is currently unknown how they interact with normal people in general.


Technova's equipment includes:

StarTrix Requiem

Technova wields the StarTrix Requiem, which allows them to transform into various aliens.

Swarm 2

Technova wields Swarm 2, which allows them to create nanomachine constructs and transform into a different set of aliens.

Regenerative Nanomachines

Technova's body is imbued with regenerative nanomachines, which can heal grievous injuries and assume an "Attack Mode" in which they form growths that can be used for offensive purposes.



  • Technova's name is not "Theonova" because A: Their first opponent did not know Theo's real name, only knowing him as "Tech", so "Theonova" would've just been confusing, and B: "Technova" just sounds better.
  • Technova was partially inspired by the character Stevonnie from Steven Universe.
  • Being literally two people in one body, Technova is referred to with "They/Them" pronouns.
  • Technova's defeat of Orion bears similarities to Isaac Logical's defeat of the Anti-Life Entity, a villain with similar abilities to Orion's Zenith form.
    • Technova would later go on to defeat a revived version of the Anti-Life Entity itself.

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