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Techadon 2.0, "Technodon," robots are the new version Techadon models in Tennyson Force.


Voice Function - The new voice feature makes Technodons have a freedom of thought and feelings, as well as speech. Their voices sound like a robotic DNAlien.

Remote Function - The remote control feature makes Technodons controlable by their portable controler for up to a three galaxy radius. However, due to bugs in the system, Technodons are only 50% controlable.

DNA Function - Alien DNA is also implanted in Technodons, making them compatable to cure diseases and DNA infections, store DNA, Translate languages, and partially transform into active species. It is unknown how Weaponmasters managed to give it trix-like abilities, but they most likely stole the technology.

Detection Fuction - Able to detect itself, other Techa/nodons, and any lifeform within its universe in a few seconds with a high-speed GPS. This isn't compatable for detecting parallel dimensions or anything within them.

Enhancing/Adapting Abilities - They also have every single Techadon ability, but more enhanced. Along with that, they can enhance their natural abilities slightly or adapt them to the environment.

Tech Compatability - Technodons can communicate with alien technologies as well as upgrade, hack, and merge with them. Since they are from space, they haven't been aquired any Earth style technology, so they aren't compatable with any of it.

DNA Filters[]

The DNA filters scan the alien DNA and produce it by cloning it. This way, they can transform, cure and disinfect, and translate with the same species infinitly, without the DNA going bad.


​Tennyson Force[]


  • They think some of the Techadon abilities are useless or pointless.


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