General Information
Species Not Named
Home World Psionith
DNA source N/A
Body Humanoid Machine
Alternate Counterparts Technius
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technology Control
First Appearance Spend The Night

Technius is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.

You may be looking for the Technius from the first Tech 10 continuity.


Technius's abilities include:

  • Technology Manipulation
  • Data Storage
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Blasts
  • Forearm Drones

After the SpecTrix 2.0 was put into service, Technius's form was updated to a newer model, with more powerful and reliable abilities.


Technius is a large, humanoid alien mostly covered with blue, lime, and green circuitry patterns; however, the arms attached to his back are made of dozens of wires and motors, forming the need for the green casing.

His single eye has five pupils, with the largest one being in the center of the eye. The pupils can move around the eye for more accuracy while aiming.

His forearms are disconnected from his main body, as they actually function as separately moving drones.

In the newer model, he has a more streamlined look, with a somewhat less saturated color scheme.


Technius's delicate circuitry can be damaged by heavy blows, and contact with water will short him out.

In the updated model, these weaknesses, though not gone, are much less of an issue.

Planet and Species Information

Technius is a techno-organic maintenance droid created on Psionith by the Psioknights. Psioknights, though brilliant, have an arguably unhealthy curiosity, and often forgo proper maintenance on their already existing creations in favor of making new ones.

To combat this, one Psioknight had the idea of creating self-sustaining machines that could perform maintenance for them. Thus, Technius's species was created, being around three-quarters mechanical, but still functioning on a digestive system rather than conventional mechanical power supplies. While these maintenance droids have proven to be self-aware, they don't seem to mind performing these tasks, and in fact, rarely display any emotion at all.


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