Techadonian Mechanoid is an alien species (iMan's species) from Techadon in BATO.

iMan, a Techadonian Mechanoid


Techadonian Mechanoids look like bulky metal creatures with a dark pallete, and a striped white body.


Techadonian Mechanoids are actually a collection of living nanbots, all commandeered by a hivemind existing at the head.

The white stripes on their chests are actually optic sensors that help them see things in an infrared vision. Thus, they have a wide angle of vision.

Techadonian Mechanoids are able to send out their nanobots to create weapons around their body, or modify a pre-existing machine.


The Techadonian Mechanoids were created by the Techadon weapon masters in response to the Galvans creating Galvanic Mechamorphs, and only exist to be servants for the Techadon weapon masters.

Techadonian Mechamorphs learned to speak by at first projecting sound waves through the black stripes on their chests, and have very limited speech abilities.

Techadonian Mechamorphs spend their lives in slavery, doing jobs such as building, lab assistance, test subjection, and even bodyguards.

They have no chance to expand their horizons or create art, nor create a legitimate caring enviroment. However, Techadonian Mechamorphs have a level of superiority among themselves depending on how talented builders they are, and how many weapons they can improvise. 

They reproduce asexually, and do not have genders.

Notable Techadonian Mechanoids


  • The idea for Techadonian Mechanoids first came, admittedly, as a rip off from Galvanic Mechamorphs. Then, we came to realise that that is fine, as the Techadon weapon masters seek to be superior above Galvans.
    • This also seeks to justify that they are somewhat overpowered in comparison to Galvanic Mechamorphs.
  • They may be used in your series.
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